Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

another bad actor: WADA...

what the US are worried about...    What the Olympics need is a clean start. By that I don't mean a "pure" start, as opposed to a "dirty" one, or any of the other uselessly simplistic terms used by the World Anti-Doping Agency to perpetuate its junk science. I mean a complete philosophical, ethical and scientific rethinking. The kind resisted by conflict-of-interest-riddled anti-doping bureaucrats, whose superficial "banning" of Russia from competition would be more meaningful if WADA was any better than, well, Russia. What you have here is a battle between crooked cops and creeps, with a lot of athletes caught in between.

To begin with, WADA has not really banned Russia from the Tokyo Games, it has merely banned its song and its flag. A melody and a swatch of cloth. Which is the perfect gesture from an organisation dedicated solely to cosmetics, and buttocks-covering. Scores of individual Russian athletes still can compete – and rightly so, given that they may have been non-complicit, or victimised by a state-sponsored system, or simply unwitting violators of a nonsensical banned list bereft of any scientific worth. WADA is not fit to sort out the guilty from the bystanders. It's just another bad actor.


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Image at top from MAD Magazine, 20 years ago, with mischief from Gus Leonisky 

back in history, when doping was a necessity?...

high jump


From MAD Magazine 20 years ago...

lab’s files were remotely altered ...

Moscow anti-doping lab’s files were remotely altered by its former director, Grigory Rodchenkov, and his unidentified associates from US and German IP addresses, Russian investigators confirmed.

Ex-boss of Moscow lab fled to US in November 2015 becoming a star witness and main source of information for World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in its case against Moscow.

Earlier in December, WADA introduced harsh sanctions against Russia over the alleged manipulations with the data handed over to it by Russian doping watchdog, RUSADA, as part of its reinstatement process.

But the laboratory information management system (LIMS) was accessed between 2015 and 2016 “from the IP-addresses registered and located in the USA and Germany,” Russia’s Investigative Committee said revealing their findings in the probe into the fugitive doctor.


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truncated competition...

From MAD Magazine 20 years ago...






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no protest allowed...

Athletes have been banned from making visible statements of protest while competing at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the International Olympic Committee has confirmed.

The IOC's published guidelines regarding athlete protest have detailed what athletes are not permitted to do while competing at the Games.

Under Rule 50 of the athlete guidelines, athletes are prohibited from making political statements akin to those made by Tommie Smith and John Carlos, whose "Black Power" protest was an iconic image of the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

Chairwoman of the IOC's Athletes Commission, Kirsty Coventry, said it was important to set the boundaries for athletes ahead of the games to avoid ambiguity.

"We needed clarity and they wanted clarity on the rules," she said.

"The majority of athletes feel it is very important that we respect each other as athletes."


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