Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

fighting the US army and capitalism with spoons and forks?

fighting   OffGuardian has an ambiguous — bordering on bitter silliness — article about global warming by John Steppling. In short Steppling tries to pass the concept of global warming as a fake-ish white man’s creation in order to fob off the rise of colourful races, and maintain white superiority, through a revitalised capitalism.



Steppling goes around the composting dirt plot, but along the way he lets us know that the global warming fight has become an industry, with its “priestesses", such as Greta Thunberg, leading the charge. OffGuardian’s article ends up with an ambiguous assessment:


You are about to get slammed by 2 globally orchestrated campaigns 

1. #GlobalGreenNewDeal

2. #NewDealForNature & People

And when I say slammed – I mean slammed. Like a hammer over your head. Another campaign to assist both is #SuperYear2020.

Goal: obtaining the social license required to re-boot / save the failing global capitalist economy. To usher in an new unprecedented era of growth. The monetization of nature, global in scale (new/ emerging markets)(see past posts). That is, the corporate capture of nature. Those with money – will literally buy nature.

The pitch: The ruling class, corporations, capital finance – all those that have happily destroyed the planet in pursuit of relentless profit have learned their lesson.They have magically changed. Those that destroyed the biosphere will now save it. And save you. All they need is your consent. Forget that capitalism devours everything in it’s path. They can work around this inconvenient truth. But it’s going to take everyone. There are no class divisions, we are all in this “together”. Yesterday’s capitalists are today’s activists. Accept. Join hands.”


This seems to have been written as if global warming was a hoax...

The article starts by cajoling the “left”:

"Many on the left seem to have forgotten that capitalism is actually bad. That the reason the planet sinks under the weight of pollution and militarism is because of capitalism.

Nothing that works within the capitalist system is going to save anyone and will only reinforce the existing problems and further the suffering of the poor and disenfranchised."

Yes we know this. And we also know that traditional socialism would not solve the problem of global warming either, nor the complexity of poor and disenfranchised people’s own illusions. So what is the problem? According to the OffGuardian’s article by John Steppling we’re being conned by the capitalists through becoming believers in “a Green Action” and “Saving the Planet” — by following an army of former capitalists who are still capitalists…

Yes, we know this as well. and we have already pointed out back then in 2015 some of the “new green” deals that are there to make money rather than save the planet ( But what is our main option? Fighting the US army and capitalism with spoons and forks? Be run-over by belching bulldozers, like little flowerpots? Make people more aware of the scientific gamut about global warming? 

Unfortunately, John Steppling does not propose any better solutions or actions to prevent “global warming” — as if global warming had been invented as just a ploy to maintain white ownership of the loot. Tell this to the thousands of people who have lost their houses in the recent Australian bushfires and they might cry some more. Yes, some of them will blame the greenies for “preventing burn-offs during the winter months” which is a furphy as explained here, but most have recognised that a long drought induced by climate change plus higher temperatures of global warming are not a good combo, even if you do “winter back-burning”. And it’s not going to get better…

Yes, some capitalists are trying to highjack the issue in order to make a profit, and according to OffGuardian, Greta is at the forefront of this new swindle. I personally do not think so — all I know is that global warming is real and anthropogenic (yes the white fellows have burnt too much fossil fuels and we should find alternatives, no need to feel guilty) and that we cannot fight the might of the US army and capitalism with spoons and forks… We need to be somewhat organised, or at least be aware, like I hope we were, when we flooded the streets against the war in Vietnam. 

The Western media played its part in reporting the ugly “truth” about this Vietnam war, but since then, governments have learnt their lessons. The Western media has been embedded (even The Guardian) with the capitalistic system of loot and destroy for profit. 

On the global warming front, most of the Western media (including OffGuardian) have gone asleep on the issue, while the scientists are sending many messages of panic. The anthropogenic changes, from climate change, overpopulation to the destruction of nature, on this little planet cannot be ignored much longer. And between you, me and an Obeid lamppost, whether nature survives and whether the planet’s atmosphere survives, because of a protective capitalistic switch of purpose, it’s not a problemo per se, as long as most people’s live of whatever colour or creed improve in the said switch. 

The alternative would be to immolate ourselves at the altar of delusions. We could also fight the might of the US Army and global capitalism with a few choice words. We know that, so far, this has been futile.

We are fighting massive government machines and their armies, global ruthless enterprises, deceiving Hollywood, embedded media and our own aspirational divisions, with “integrity” from the top of soap boxes… Please don’t make me laugh…

"Capitalists are no more capable of self-sacrifice than a man is capable of lifting himself up by his own bootstraps.”?
Lenin – Letters from Afar

Yes we know this yet again. But self-sacrifice isn’t the issue here… What is, is sharing the planet with better equanimity and fairer options, without destroying the place. We know that communism has the same problem as capitalism on the bootstraps issue. We know that the bootstrap issue is part of human nature and that we need to find ways to bypass it...  Yet as long as the USA leads the fray — Republicans and Democrats alike — we have no chance of improvements. The USA have bigger guns than our dessert spoons. They have to be infiltrated and Greta is getting under their skin. 

We will have to make a new social deal that involves awareness of the planetary natural parameters nonetheless, whether John Steppling likes it or not...

Gus the poor bugger


stop breathing or we kill you...

‘They’ll soon demand we stop breathing’: Moscow slams Nord Stream 2 sanctions, says US hinders economic growth...

The US, a country with a mammoth national debt, is trying to prevent others from growing their economies, the Russian Foreign Ministry said following actions taking aim at the Russo-German Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova lashed out at the US’ crippling sanctions regarding the pipeline this Friday.

“A state with a $22-trillion national debt prohibits creditworthy countries to develop the real sector of their economies!” she wrote in a Facebook post, adding that the “American ideology of living on loan has not withstood global competition.”

They will soon demand we stop breathing immediately. And many will obey, after all.

Russia “has implemented, and will continue to implement, its economic projects regardless of any sanctions,”but the whole affair will show whether European countries are ready to sacrifice their own energy interests for those of the US, the Foreign Ministry added later in a statement

The sanctions package specifically targets companies involved in building the last remaining leg of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that runs between the Russian and German coastlines through the Baltic Sea. Berlin has already expressed unease over the US’ move, calling it interference in their domestic affairs.


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an expert windbag on wind...

He says he knows more about Isis than his generals, and claims to understand politicians “better than anybody”. Now there is another subject in which Donald Trump’s expert knowledge surpasses that of everybody else: wind turbines, though he calls them windmills.

“I’ve studied it better than anybody I know,” the president asserted in a bizarre segment from a weekend speech to young conservatives in West Palm Beach, Florida, close to his winter retreat at Mar-a-Lago where he is spending the holidays.

“I never understood wind. You know, I know windmills very much. They’re noisy. They kill the birds. You want to see a bird graveyard? Go under a windmill someday. You’ll see more birds than you’ve ever seen in your life.”


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Is this satire or is this for real? Is The Donald confusing his own farts with the planet's gentle breezes? Has he learn the history of wind from that other windbag Prue Goward? Do we have to suffer these fools because they have been elected by fools? Are birds committing suicide at human windmills to escape the heat and the dead-end future? Who has ever seen dead birds at the foot of wind turbines that have not been placed by duck-shooting windmill-haters? Is the farmer's windmill in Shawn-the-Sheep a figment of some crazies' imagination? So many questions and so many silly answers!


I see... The Donald has studied the wind better than anybody he knows... which means he does not know many people with degrees in atmospheric global warming studies... I have studied the winds since 1954... after having done my first cartoons in 1951... I have studied global warming since 1979 and I can say without laughing that:





not the best puppy from the litter...


After the constitution was created, Benjamin Franklin was asked, "What have we got, a republic or a monarchy?"

To which Franklin replied, "A republic if you can keep it."

For over two hundred years, America has kept it.  America kept it through World War One, World War Two, and during the contentious years of the Vietnam War.  It even kept it after the Civil War. 

Through all this turmoil, through all this strife, through all the hope and desperation, the Republic was kept.

How ironic that, without a shot being fired and in the absence of a conquering foreign enemy, the Republic is about to be destroyed, all because a corrupt cabal of myopic, self-serving, amoral politicians are more than willing to place the creation of the monarchy of Donald J. Trump before the good of the nation.

David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Report


David R. Hoffman is a bit of a hypocrite... Yes, we know that Trump is not the best puppy from the republic litter, and tends to soil the "constitution" with an infantile intestine, but he is hardly the first to fiddle with the US nation... It's most likely that had La Clinton won the presidency, the planet would be a rubble of cinders — after having (un)declared war on anything that moved contrarily to the US interests. Trump is a bit more restrained due to Rand Paul being his Gemini Cricket... In recent times, we can mention the George Bushes, senior and junior, Bill-Dicky Clinton, Obama and the other few "presidents" in between from Nixon onwards. Even Carter was influence by the worst warmonger possible, Zbigniew Brzezinski...  They all did what "the deep state" wanted, including invade other countries at the whim of the profiting arsenalists (weapon merchants). Trump is a lunatic that has decided he would not follow the "deep State" though from time to time he does exactly as required to be a truthful lunatic. Removing Trump would not help the US nation one step towards sanity...



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