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The only thing to fear is... opinion polls about...


Global fear of coronavirus on the rise, new poll shows


People are taking the threat of COVID-19 increasingly seriously, according to a new Gallup survey. The pollster's president spoke to DW about how the world views the pandemic and its impact on democratic values.


DW: Global concern about the spread of the coronavirus is growing. In addition, worries of an economic and social crisis are deepening. These are only some of the conclusions from the second "snap poll" by the Gallup International Association. The survey was carried out in 17 countries around the world, including Germany, India, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, the United States and others. What is new in this second poll, compared to the first one your organization conducted in March?

Kancho Stoychev: Over the last few weeks, fear of catching the coronavirus has increased in almost all of the surveyed countries. For instance, with the spread of the virus in the US, the share of those who express their worries that they or a member of their family may actually catch the coronavirus has increased by 25 points. More people are afraid now in Thailand, Switzerland, Argentina, Austria and Japan.

On the contrary, it turns out that the population in Italy has become more accustomed to the situation, as now the share of those concerned about catching the virus has decreased by nine points. It seems that Italian society has overcome the peak values of fear.

People in India (91% agree that their government is handling the situation well), Malaysia (91%, up from 77%), Austria (86%), Pakistan (82%) and the Philippines (80%, up from 70%) seem to be very satisfied with the way in which their governments are handling the crisis. There is a significant increase in approval of the implemented measures among other countries as well — in Germany, 75% agree that their government is handling the situation well now, compared to 47% few weeks ago. In Bulgaria, the share of approval is 77% now, compared to 60% in March.

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The survey shows that an increasing number of people accept the coronavirus threat is real. Are there any countries where this belief has changed compared to the first snap poll?

Almost two-thirds (63%, up from 59%) of respondents around the world do not think that the threat of the coronavirus is exaggerated. One-third (down from 38%), however, still believe the opposite; 4% cannot decide. With the global spread of the virus and corresponding government measures our survey shows that more and more people accept the threat is real.



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sacred fun to be deemed satire...

A viral video of a group of British nurses dancing and chanting against Covid-19 was deleted from Twitter after complaints that it amounted to mockery of a sacred tradition of the Maori natives of New Zealand.

Over 600,000 people viewed the video, posted on Saturday by nurses working at Tavistock Hospital in Devon, England. It shows them attempting to do a ‘Ka Mate’ haka while wearing headbands and face paint.

“This is the message we wish to affirm, you'll never beat us – we hate you, you germ,” one of the nurses can be seen chanting. “Together we'll triumph with the strength from within. Mankind will destroy you, mankind will win.”

The performance was “absolutely offensive and degrading,” Maori cultural adviser Karaitiana Taiuru told New Zealand outlet Newshub. “It is distasteful and disrespectful to the descendants of Ngati Toa and to all Maori.”

This is blatant cultural abuse that is verging on being racist.


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the other thing to fear is... statistics...


Covid-19: Neil Ferguson, the Liberal Lyssenko

by Thierry Meyssan

In the past, European political leaders yielded to the orders of their astrologers. Today, they refer to them identically to the statisticians of the Imperial College. In the past, the latter have provided them as much justification as they needed for their liberal hospital policy. Today, they predict millions of deaths without any scientific rigour. Thierry Meyssan reveals how these charlatans have taken control of the policies of the European Union, the United Kingdom and certain states of the United States.

In the early days of the Cold War, it was customary in the West to make fun of the blindness of the Soviets who believed in the nonsense of Professor Trofim Lyssenko. The First Secretary of the Party, Joseph Stalin, had banned the teaching of genetics and used Lyssenko as a scientific justification for Marxism, but he drew no practical consequences. Today the same mental illness has reached the West. Professor Neil Fergusson assures that statistics can predict the behaviour of living beings. This is stupid, yet many high-ranking political leaders believe it. Unfortunately, unlike the Soviets, they draw political consequences that ruin their countries.

The Creation of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

For the past two decades, Western political leaders have been trying to use statistical knowledge of epidemics to determine the right decisions to be made in the event of danger. Following the SARS outbreak in 2003, the European Union established the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDPC) in 2005. During the second half of 2008, this centre and the French rotating presidency organised a colloquium to study the advisability of closing schools to combat a flu epidemic and to determine when it should occur and when it should stop. There was still no talk of widespread containment of the entire population.

The main contribution was made by Professor Neil Ferguson and Simon Cauchemez from Imperial College London. It compared statistical data on school closures in Hong Kong in 2003 and 2008, on the impact of the teachers’ strike in Israel in 2000, on the impact of zonal holidays in France from 1984 to 2006, on the closure of schools infected with influenza in France in 1957, and on the impact of Spanish influenza in some US cities and in Australia in 1918. And it pointed out the inequalities and injustices associated with school closures in the UK and the USA.

From that point on, the problem was turned upside down. Experts had observed that school closures did not have a significant impact on the final number of deaths, but only on the speed of the spread of the disease. Their task was to provide a solution to the closure of hospital beds that were not occupied on a day-to-day basis. Statistics were no longer at the service of the health of Europeans, but of an ideology, that of the liberal management of the state.

Bernard Kouchner, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs who organized this symposium, was the one who, when he was Minister of Health (1992-93, 1997-99, 2001-02), began the reorganization of the French hospital system no longer according to medical criteria, but according to a logic of profitability. In about fifteen years, France has thus been able to make substantial savings by closing 15% of its hospital beds; savings that are derisory compared to the current cost of containment.

Professor Trofim Lyssenko claimed that, by applying Marxist dialectics to the natural sciences, he had demonstrated that petty-bourgeois genetic science was wrong. On this point, he said that just as the Party generated a new man, it was possible to modify the genetics of plants according to the organization of the fields. His nonsense became the official truth in the USSR during the Stalinist period. Science and ideology are always a bad combination.


Professor Neil Ferguson’s Charlatanism

Professor Ferguson is still the European reference for epidemic modelling. 

- Yet it was he who, in 2001, convinced Prime Minister Tony Blair to have 6 million cattle slaughtered to stop the foot-and-mouth epidemic (a decision that cost 10 billion pounds and is now considered an aberration). 

- In 2002, he calculated that mad cow disease would kill about 50,000 British people and another 150,000 when transmitted to sheep. There were actually 177. 

- In 2005, he predicted that bird flu would kill 65,000 Britons. There were a total of 457.

Regardless, he became an adviser to the World Bank and many governments. It was he who sent a confidential note to French President Emmanuel Macron on March 12 announcing half a million deaths in France. In panic, the latter took the decision for generalized confinement that same evening. It was also Professor Ferguson who publicly announced on March 16 that, if nothing was done, there would be as many as 550,000 deaths in the United Kingdom and as many as 1.2 million in the United States, forcing the British government to review its policy.

Simon Cauchemez, who was his right-hand man in 2009, now heads the modelling unit at the Pasteur Institute. He is, of course, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Élysée, where he proposed generalized confinement. This committee was set up by the Director General of Health, Professor Jérôme Salomon, the spiritual son and former technical advisor to Bernard Kouchner.

The Ferguson team’s seizure of power was based on an intellectual swindle. Mathematical biology" (sic) could justify the liberal management of health services.

Unfortunately, while statistics can be used to evaluate the effects of this or that measure after the fact, they cannot predict the behaviour of a living organism, a virus. A virus seeks to spread, not to kill, which it unintentionally does when the species in which it nests does not yet have appropriate antibodies. No virus will eliminate any species, including humans, because if it killed them all, it would disappear with them.

Incidentally, extrapolating influenza measures to the Covid-19 epidemic is absurd: influenza affects many children, not Covid-19, which in demographic terms only kills elderly people or people with diabetes or high blood pressure. Children infected with Covid-19 have a very low viral load, it is not even known to this day whether they are contagious.

Professor Ferguson admitted on March 22 that he had carried out his calculations on the Covid-19 epidemic exclusively with a 13-year-old database of influenza epidemics.

In fact, one cannot help but notice the drift of this guru, who is no longer content to justify liberal policies applied to public health, but has come to advocate depriving entire peoples of their freedom. To hide the reality of this drift, Professor Fergusson’s supporters distract the public’s attention by proposing the use of surgical masks, which we have already explained are of no use in the face of the epidemic [1].

Professor Didier Raoult’s results speak for themselves. Also, a communication campaign was orchestrated against him by the disciples of Professor Neil Ferguson exactly as Soviet geneticists were persecuted by Lyssenko’s supporters.


The Polemic with Professor Didier Raoult

These explanations shed new light on the polemic that opposed the disciples of Professor Neil Ferguson to those of Professor Didier Raoult [2]. Contrary to what has been said, this is not a problem of methodology, but of finality.

Neil Ferguson is a charlatan caught up in his swindle, while Didier Raoult is a clinical doctor. The followers of the former need dead people to believe in their religion, those of the latter care for their patients.

The problem we are facing is not a scientific debate, but a war of repeated errors against the scientific approach. It is astounding to hear members of the Scientific Council of the Élysée reproach Professor Raoult for not conducting comparative studies with a control group. In times of crisis, should a responsible doctor fail to treat some of his patients and deliberately sacrifice them?

Thierry Meyssan



Roger Lagassé



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Shhhh... Don't mention reality... Statistics was more or less invented by Gerolamo Cardano so he could cheat people when playing cards...


Gerolamo Cardano was an Italian polymath, whose interests and proficiencies ranged from being a mathematician, physician, biologist, physicist, chemist, astrologer, astronomer, philosopher, writer, and gambler. He was one of the most influential mathematicians of the Renaissance, and was one of the key figures in the foundation of probability and the earliest introducer of the binomial coefficients and the binomial theorem in the Western world. He wrote more than 200 works on science.

Cardano partially invented and described several mechanical devices including the combination lock, the gimbal consisting of three concentric rings allowing a supported compass or gyroscope to rotate freely, and the Cardan shaft with universal joints, which allows the transmission of rotary motion at various angles and is used in vehicles to this day. He made significant contributions to hypocycloids, published in De proportionibus, in 1570. The generating circles of these hypocycloids were later named Cardano circles or cardanic circles and were used for the construction of the first high-speed printing presses.

Today, he is well known for his achievements in algebra. He made the first systematic use of negative numbers in Europe, published with attribution the solutions of other mathematicians for the cubic and quartic equations, and acknowledged the existence of imaginary numbers.


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sadly, giulietto chiesa is dead...


Giulietto Chiesa died a few hours after concluding the April 25th International Conference “Let’s Get Rid of War Virus” on the 75th Anniversary of Italian Liberation and the End of World War II. The streaming conference was organized by the No War No Nato Committee – Giulietto was one of its founders – and GlobalResearch (Canada), the Centre for Research on Globalization directed by Professor Michel Chossudovsky.

Several speakers - from Italy to other European countries, from the United States to Russia, from Canada to Australia - examined the fundamental reasons why war has never ended since 1945: the Second World conflict was followed by the Cold War, then by an uninterrupted series of wars and the return to a situation similar to that of the Cold War, with increased risk of nuclear conflict.

Economists Michel Chossudovsky (Canada), Peter Koenig (Switzerland) and Guido Grossi explained how powerful economic and financial forces are exploiting the coronavirus crisis to take over national economies, and what to do to thwart this plan.

David Swanson (director of World Beyond War, USA), economist Tim Anderson (Australia), photojournalist Giorgio Bianchi and historian Franco Cardini talked about past and current wars, functional to the interests of the same powerful forces.

Political-military expert Vladimir Kozin (Russia), essayist Diana Johnstone (USA), Secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Kate Hudson (UK) examined the mechanisms increasing the chance of a catastrophic nuclear conflict.

John Shipton (Australia), - father of Julian Assange, and Ann Wright (USA) – former US Army colonel, illustrated the dramatic situation of journalist Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder detained in London at risk of being extradited to the United States where a life or death sentence awaits him.

Giulietto Chiesa’s participation focused on this issue. In summary, these are some passages of what he said:

“Someone wants to destroy Julian Assange: this fact means that we too, all of us will be fooled, obscured, threatened, unable to understand what is going on at home and in the world. This is not our future; it is our present. In Italy the government is organizing a team of censors officially charged with cleaning up all news differing from the official news. It is State censorship, how else can it be called? Rai, public Television, is also setting up a task force against “fake news” to erase the traces of their everyday lies, flooding all their television screens.

And then there is even worse, mysterious courts far more powerful than these fake news hunters: they are Google, Facebook, who manipulate news and censure without appeal with their algorithms and secret tricks. We are already surrounded by new Courts that cancel our rights.

Do you remember Article 21 of the Italian Constitution? 
It says “everyone has the right to freely express its thought.” 
But 60 million Italians are forced to listen to a single megaphone that screams from all 7 Television channels of the Power.

That’s why Julian Assange is a symbol, a flag, an invitation to rescue, to wake up before it’s too late.

It is essential to join all forces we have, which are not so small but have a fundamental flaw: that of being divided, unable to speak with a single voice. We need an instrument to speak to the millions of citizens who want to know.”

This was Giulietto Chiesa’s last appeal. His words were confirmed by the fact that, immediately after the streaming, the online conference was obscured because “the following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

Manlio Dinucci

Il Manifesto (Italy)



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ichbinanderermeinung .de/Dokument93...

Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. med. Gunter Frank, Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. rer. pol. Dipl.-Soz. Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn, Prof. Dr. Stefan W. Hockertz, Prof. Dr. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas S. Lübbe, Prof. Dr. Karina Reiß, Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher, Prof. Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen, Dr. med. Til Uebel, Prof. Dr. Dr. phil. Harald Walach are signatory to a document published on 9 May 2020, that was passed on by an employee of a German Interior Ministry department called unit KM4, in charge of protecting critical infrastructure, to the liberal-conservative magazine Tichys Einblick.


This was an internal document challenging the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. The ministry immediately denounced the leak as expressing the opinion of only one official and not that of the government.

Shortly thereafter, the people who co-drafted the report publicly spoke out against the government’s management of the pandemic.

The dangerousness of covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level considering it has killed less than the 2017-18 flu.

The report focuses on the heavy consequences of the corona measures and warns that these, indeed, are “grave”.



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