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loosing our footing...


The origins of populism partly lie in the humiliations associated with the uphill struggle to become, at best, an inferior copy of a superior model.

This quote appears in an Austrian publication, iwmpost, the magazine of the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen / Institute for Human Sciences, in an article The Dying of the Light by Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes

Why did the West, after winning the Cold War, lose its political balance? In their latest book The Light that Failed, Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes argue that the supposed end of history turned out to be only the beginning of an Age of Imitation. Reckoning with the history of the last thirty years, they show that the most powerful force behind the wave of populist xenophobia that began in Eastern Europe stems from resentment at the post-1989 imperative to become Westernized.

Fair enough and as posted by the authors, there are many complex dynamics in the process. One aspect is a dictatorial demand for such individuals to adapt to change from one political system to another. It’s not as simple as it looks for some people. One important point which is often overlooked by Western analysts (because we’re so right and we’re so good) is that though a different life may have been sought-after by the easterners, this imposed change can devalue the life that they have lived so far, even if under a draconian regime. You were wrong, we are right syndrome. Ahah... Yes it could be humiliating. But it is not so much a humiliation than an enforced devaluation of one’s previous life. The new ways may not also fit the dream that they had of the new system (capitalism and "freedom") they have to now live in. It demands a new form of brainwashing: your life is going to improve but you will have to change your operational and thinking ways, while being faced with a multitude of equivalent choices. Now you work harder for money, while in the past you lazily worked for the system… Do you feel any improvements in your way of life?

This is going to be exciting… It often is not. It’s confusing and the weather is still the same in winter: cold and miserable. The changeover tends to leave people unemployed — and devalued, because they don't have the general greed element fully developed in their life so far. They have the power of invention, but not the drive to become beasts of burden under capitalism. It feels wrong. Furthermore, historically, having switched from Nazism to Communism, switching to Capitalism can feel like an intellectual downsizing, despite the freedom, rather than an improvement of ideal. 

And there are the “gangs”. Especially for the unemployed youth. But even in higher Capitalism, there will be allegiances to the Mafia, to the Freemasonry, to the Bilderberg group, to the banking system, to the churches, to a political party, before professing a direct allegiance to the people. This goes hand in hand with our superiority complex that we cultivate within our various subgroups, whether these groups are ethical or not... 

This is the problem with having to deal with religious extremists. The war in Afghanistan has been such an example where the West supported these extremists to prevent them falling to the ideal of socialism. Now, after 19 years of reversed conflict, the war is a mess. The West has lost the will to fight its long ago former allies and loose more soldiers to a cause the moral of which have been sold to NGOs with little economic value, except freedom for women, while our warring ways have helped the locals reinforce their religious prejudices “by hating us” patiently... 

So, how can we improve? At the moment, we think that bashing Russia and China makes us look good. It is short sighted and lacks self-confidence. We do this because we’re afraid of competition when we should value cooperation for a relative improvement of the human condition rather than a capitalistic thrust of greed, which due to the virus, has taken a major beating — necessary or not. We have not taken a reality check on our general humanistic values, except "saving lives when we can”. Mistakes have been made. Patents have been breached. Economies have been smashed — and not that of governments which can always be fiddled with, but that of the little people — the artists, the trades people, the restaurants, but especially the life of the casually employed... All will come out in the wash.

More to come…

Average humanist.

neoliberalism flirts with authoritarian liberalism...

Across the West, hard-right leaders are surging to power on platforms of ethno-economic nationalism, Christianity, and traditional family values. Is this phenomenon the end of neoliberalism or its monstrous offspring?

 In the Ruins of Neoliberalism casts the hard-right turn as animated by socioeconomically aggrieved white working- and middle-class populations but contoured by neoliberalism's multipronged assault on democratic values. From its inception, neoliberalism flirted with authoritarian liberalism as it warred against robust democracy. It repelled social-justice claims through appeals to market freedom and morality. It sought to de-democratize the state, economy, and society and re-secure the patriarchal family. In key works of the founding neoliberal intellectuals, Wendy Brown traces the ambition to replace democratic orders with ones disciplined by markets and traditional morality and democratic states with technocratic ones. 

Yet plutocracy, white supremacy, politicized mass affect, indifference to truth, and extreme social disinhibition were no part of the neoliberal vision. Brown theorizes their unintentional spurring by neoliberal reason, from its attack on the value of society and its fetish of individual freedom to its legitimation of inequality. Above all, she argues, neoliberalism's intensification of nihilism coupled with its accidental wounding of white male supremacy generates an apocalyptic populism willing to destroy the world rather than endure a future in which this supremacy disappears.

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Why do we no longer trust experts, facts and statistics? Why has politics become so fractious and warlike? What caused the populist political upheavals of recent years? How can the history of ideas help us understand our present? 

In this bold and far-reaching exploration of our new political landscape, William Davies reveals how feelings have come to reshape our world. Drawing deep on history, philosophy, psychology and economics, he shows how some of the fundamental assumptions that defined the modern world have dissolved. With advances in science and medicine, the division between mind and body is no longer so clear-cut. The spread of digital and military technology has left us not quite at war nor exactly at peace. In the murky new space between mind and body, between war and peace, lie nervous states- with all of us relying increasingly on feeling rather than fact. 

In a book of profound insight and astonishing breadth, William Davies reveals the origins of this new political reality. Nervous States is a compelling and essential guide to the turbulent times we are living through.

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call us stupid or irresponsible, but not illegal...



Reichstag (picture by Gus Leonisky).



New Normal Gleichschaltung

Or “The Storming of the Reichstag Building on 29 August, 2020”


CJ Hopkins


On March 21, 1933, the Nazi-controlled Reichstag passed a law making it a crime to speak out against the government. The “Regulations of the Reich President for Defense from Treacherous Attacks against the Government of the National Uprising” made even the slightest expression of dissent from Nazi ideology a criminal offense.

This new law, among other totalitarian measures, was part of a process known as Gleichschaltung…the process of achieving rigid and total ideological coordination and uniformity in politics, culture, and private communication by forcibly repressing (or eliminating) independence and freedom of thought and expression.

GloboCap hasn’t done anything that heavy-handed in the course of rolling out the New Normal totalitarianism, but that’s mainly because they do not have to. 

When you control the vast majority of the global corporate media, you don’t need to pass a lot of ham-fisted laws banning all dissent from your totalitarian ideology. This isn’t the 1930s, after all. 

Over the last ninety years, the arts of propaganda, disinformation, and perception management have advanced to a point that even Goebbels couldn’t have imagined.

The skill with which GloboCap and the corporate media delegitimized the anti-New Normal demonstrations in Berlin, London, and other cities last weekend is a perfect example of the state of those arts.

I’ll focus on Berlin, as that’s where I live, and the so-called “Storming of the Reichstag” incident, but it works pretty much the same way everywhere. I believe there was a curious incident involving a person with a fascist flag in London, and that the UK media have now officially chosen David Icke to be the movement’s figurehead.

In Berlin, in the days leading up to the protests, government officials and corporate media propagandists did what officials and propagandists do … they relentlessly repeated their official narrative, namely, that anyone protesting the New Normal (or doubting the official Coronavirus narrative) is a “violent neo-Nazi extremist,” or “conspiracy theorist,” or some other form of existential “threat to democracy.”

This official narrative was originally disseminated following the August 1 protest in Berlin, the scale of which took the authorities by surprise. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people (depending on whose narrative you believe) gathered in the city to protest the New Normal and its increasingly absurd “emergency measures.” 

The German mediaCNNThe New York Times, and other “respectable news outlets” uniformly condemned them as “neo-Nazis,” or insinuated that they were “neo-Nazi-sympathizers.”

Despite the finding of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution that only “individual members of far-right-groups” had taken part in the August 1 protest, and that “far-right extremists had no formative influence on the demos,” both the German and international corporate media pumped out story after story about the ultra-violent neo-Nazi hordes that were about to descend on Berlin, again!

Der Tagespiegel, a major German newspaper, reported that the demo was being “infiltrated by Nazis.” Die Tagesschau, the German BBC, shrieked that “neo-Nazis are mobilizing!”

RBB, another public broadcaster, reported that the “traveling circus of Corona-deniers” was heading straight for the city! (N.B. Any reference to any kind of “deniers” in Germany evokes Holocaust deniers, i.e., Nazis). Ver.di, the German journalists union, warned their members that they were expecting reporters to suffer “double-digit physical attacks.” And these are just a few of countless examples.

The American and UK corporate media also did their Gleichschaltung duty, disseminating the official “Nazis are Coming!” narrative. (I don’t need to do the citations, do I?) And, of course, Antifa joined in the chorus.

On Wednesday, three days before the demo, having successfully whipped the New Normal masses up into a state of wide-eyed panic over the imminent neo-Nazi invasion, the Berlin government banned the protests. The New Normal masses celebrated.

A few concerns about…you know, democracy, were perfunctorily voiced, but they were quickly silenced when Interior Senator Andreas Geisel explained that abrogating the people’s constitutional right to freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech, and to petition their government, was not in any way a totalitarian act, but was purely a matter of “protecting the public health.”

For good measure, Geisel also added:

I’m not willing to accept a second time that Berlin is being abused as a stage for Corona deniers, Reichsbürger, and right-wing extremists.”

Then, in a particularly Orwellian twist, although the protest itself had now been banned, the Berlin government decided to approve a “counter-protest” against the banned protest. I’m not quite sure how that was supposed to work.

The night before the demo, an administrative court overturned the protest ban. It didn’t really matter, as the authorities knew they couldn’t stop the demo in any event. Banning the protest was just part of the show (and the Gleichschaltung process the show was part of), meant to emphasize the existential threat posed by the bloodthirsty Nazi legion that was on its way to sack the city.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of protesters (the overwhelming majority of whom were not neo-Nazis, or Nazi-sympathizers, or any other kind of monsters) poured into the streets of central Berlin. The police surrounded them, trapping them on the avenues, closed off the side streets so they couldn’t get out, and, once again, tried to ban the protest on the grounds that they weren’t “social distancing.” Everyone sat down in the street.

Cops stalked around in their masks and body armor, sweating heavily, and occasionally pushing people. Lawyers made phone calls. It was very hot. This went on for quite a while.

Eventually, the court instructed the police to let the demonstration go ahead. And the rest is history … except that it isn’t. According to the official narrative, there were no hundreds of thousands of protesters. There were “tens of thousands,” and they were all “neo-Nazis,” and “Nazi-sympathizers,” and “Coronavirus deniers,” and “stark-raving mad conspiracy theorists.” 

(Full disclosure: I was there with them, and, yes, indeed, there were some neo-Nazis among the hundreds of thousands in the streets, but, just like at the August 1 protest, these far-right boneheads were a small minority and not at all welcomed by the majority of the participants, no more than the Trotskyists and anti-Semites were welcomed at the 2003 anti-war protests before the US invasion of Iraq, although, yes, they were definitely there.)

In any event, hundreds of thousands of protesters made their way down Unter den Linden, through the iconic Brandenburg Gate, and onward to the main demonstration, filling the Straße des 17. Juni from the Brandenburg Gate to the Siegessäule. By now, I assume you’ve seen the pictures. Or maybe you haven’t. It’s actually fairly hard to find any photos in the media that give you any real perspective.

And, finally, we have come to the main event … which, of course, was not this enormous gathering of totally non-violent, non-Nazi people peacefully protesting the New Normal totalitarianism, nor the speech of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. No, the “story,” the official main event, was the “Storming of the Reichstag building by Nazis.”

I’ll let Mathias Bröckers handle this part. Here’s an excerpt from his recent blog post:

Storming of Reichstag Averted – Democracy Saved!

How do you manage to delegitimize a peaceful mass protest against the corona measures in such a way that the media report not about a protest by hundreds of thousands, but about the “storming” of the Reichstag?

Quite simply: you approve an application by a group of Reichsbürger to assemble directly in front of the Reichstag (N.B. the official applicant for this assembly was Ex-NPD-member Rüdiger Hoffmann) and station only three policemen in front of the west entrance despite the large police presence everywhere in the area. 

Then you let a crazy Q-Anon-chick scream into the microphone that “Donald Trump has declared freedom,” that “the police have laid down their weapons,” and that “everyone should now occupy the steps of the Reichstag,” and, presto, you have the images you need to dominate the coverage…a mob of a few dozen people with Reichsbürger flags “storming the Reichstag.”

Never mind the fact that the massive demonstration at the Siegesäule (i.e., Victory Column) organized by Querdenken 711 had absolutely nothing to do with this incident, which was carried out by a right-wing-extremist splinter group. 

The demonstration had already been delegitimized as a protest staged by Reichsbürger extremists and tin-foil-hat lunatics in the days leading up to it, and now the visual confirmation was provided.

In a video of the lead-up to the “Reichstag storming” incident, Tamara K., a natural health practitioner, and pretty obviously a far-right wacko, is the “crazy Q-Anon-chick” in question. You can clearly hear her advising the crowd that “there are no more police here,” which the video confirms.

Or rather, the few police that were there had left the building completely unguarded and pulled back to well behind this assembly of obviously far-right-extremist-type clowns (who, remember, had been granted official permission to stage their assembly at the steps of the Reichstag). This, despite the days and weeks of warnings of a “neo-Nazi invasion” from government officials and the corporate media.

Go ahead, call me a “conspiracy theorist.”

Anyway, once the Reichstag steps were thoroughly occupied by far-right loonies and the Reichsflagge were in the right positions (approximately four minutes into the video), the police finally arrived to mount their defense. It was touch-and-go there for a while, but at the end of the day, democracy triumphed. 

Naturally, there were plenty of journalists on hand to capture this historic drama and broadcast it all around the world.

And there you have it, the official narrative, which Saskia Esken, SPD co-leader, succinctly squeezed into a tweet:

Tens of thousands of far-right radicals, Reichsbürger, QAnon followers, Holocaust deniers, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, and esoterics, who declare the media, science, and politicians ‘guilty’ and openly call for the storming of the Reichstag and a coup d’état. That is the 29 August Berlin demonstration.“

Oh, and yesterday, as I was writing this column, I saw that the Berlin Senate had passed a new regulation requiring the participants of any future protests to all wear masks…so I take back what I wrote in the beginning. It looks like GloboCap, or at least its German branch, has some ham-fisted totalitarianism left in it.

I’ll keep you posted on the Gleichschaltung process, and the advance of the New Normal totalitarianism, generally. In the meantime, remember, this is just about a virus! And the Nazis really are coming this time!

And looting is a powerful tool to bring about real, lasting change in society…oh, yeah, and the chocolate ration has been increased!


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german police

German police (picture by Gus Leonisky)


a blue rinse too many...

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday refused to apologize after a video showed her unmasked inside a San Francisco hair salon, flouting not one but two of the city’s coronavirus regulations, and instead called it a “set-up” — going so far as to demand an apology from the small business.

The California Democrat was caught on camera Monday walking around bare-faced inside eSalon, drawing charges of hypocrisy in light of her frequent calls to take the pandemic seriously.

But on Wednesday, Pelosi claimed she was the victim of an elaborate sting by the salon, the incensed owner of which notified the media of her visit.

“I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I’ve been to … many times,” she told reporters at an unrelated press briefing in San Francisco. “It was a set-up. I take responsibility for falling for a set-up.”

Pelosi went further, saying that it was on the small business to issue a mea culpa.

“I think that this salon owes me an apology,” she said.

A spokesman has insisted that Pelosi followed the rules as laid out by her stylist, who told her that salons are now able to have one customer inside at a time.

In fact, it remains against San Francisco regulations for hair salons to allow customers indoors, though they are free to conduct business outside.


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Has this human planet gone mad or was it loony way before this? Yes we know... God is more loony than anyone of us... for having created hair growth...

terrible optics...

Victoria police is facing criticism for its arrest of a 28-year-old pregnant woman in her Ballarat home on Wednesday over a Facebook post, with the Victorian Bar labelling it “disproportionate”.

The criticism comes after the assistant police commissioner, Luke Cornelius, defended the arrest, saying officers acted “reasonably”.

Cornelius admitted that the arrest of a pregnant woman made for “terrible optics”, but defended the heavy-handed approach, warning that hundreds of officers would be deployed to make arrests on the weekend.

Police arrested Ballarat resident Zoe Buhler after she created a “freedom day” event on Facebook encouraging people to protest against lockdowns in the regional town on Saturday.

She was arrested and charged under section 321G of the state’s Crimes Act 1958, which makes it an offence for a person to “pursue a course of conduct which will involve the commission of an offence”.


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This story went around the world and made Australia appear as a fascist nation... Not a good look...

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A Victorian woman whose live-streamed arrest for allegedly organising an anti-lockdown protest went viral has apologised for her “bimbo moment”.

Zoe Buhler said she didn’t realise she was doing anything wrong by starting a Facebook event asking people to meet in Ballarat, west of Melbourne, to protest against lockdown restrictions.

“Sorry about my bimbo moment,” she said on Thursday.

“I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to.”

Police arrived at the 28-year-old’s home in Ballarat on Wednesday afternoon.

Ms Buhler started live-streaming before she was handcuffed, read her rights and taken into custody.

“Excuse me, what on earth?” she asks in the video.

“Can you record this? I’m in my pyjamas.”

The video was viewed at least 5 million times within 24 hours of being live-streamed.


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authoritarian australia...

Coronavirus has fuelled authoritarian trends around the world, Australia's Dfat warns

Officials acknowledge ‘clear differences’ exist in Australia’s relationship with China as they prepare to spell out how Covid-19 is reshaping the global order

Covid-19 has fuelled protectionist and authoritarian trends around the world as some countries take advantage of the pandemic to erode the rule of law, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade warns.

As officials prepare to face a parliamentary hearing on Wednesday, Dfat has also acknowledged “clear differences” exist in the relationship with China, while insisting Australia seeks a constructive partnership “that is not defined by those differences”.

Dfat representatives are expected to spell out how Covid-19 has reshaped the global order and increased disruption and uncertainty when they address the joint standing committee on foreign affairs, defence and trade.

But in a written submission to the committee ahead of the hearing, Dfat says the pandemic has heightened pre-existing risks to Australian interests.


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In regard to the story above (terrible optics...), Australia has joined the club of authoritarian regimes... 



the covid degringolada on TV...

A brand new TV show has just been announced called Hancock’s Half-Hour. Over the course of 30 minutes the main character, Hapless Hancock, playing the part of the Health Secretary, will highlight all the government’s absurd policies and fake facts and figures surrounding the covid situation.

Some of the highlights of the show have already been leaked. One of the stories featured will be that of the Seagull on Brighton beach who is believed to be covid positive. In an interview, a public health official claims that the seagull definitely has covid as a local resident called Bob witnessed the bird regurgitating some chips it had stolen from a couple of pensioners sitting on a bench. This combined with the fact that another witness said it had beady eyes was enough to convince the authorities of its covid positive status.

As a result of this spike in cases, Brighton beach has been sealed off, The Golden Cod chip shop where the pensioners purchased the chips has been demolished, the bench on which they sat has been removed and the surrounding area has been carpet-bombed. 

The pensioners themselves have been placed in quarantine for six months and anybody returning from Brighton in the last few days have been told to put a cardboard box over their head whilst self-isolating for fourteen days.

As a precautionary measure all purchases of potato products in and around the South coast region have been banned with a prison term of three months and confiscation of their deep fat fryer for anyone that defies the new law. The head of the local police force was quoted as saying, “We will enforce the law with the utmost vigour. People have got to realise that cooking or consuming chips at this time could kill someone.”

The seagull at the centre of the storm was not captured but authorities did manage to fit it with a track and trace ankle bracelet before it escaped. It is hoped that all the birds it comes into contact with will be able to be traced and locked into special nightingale aviaries that have been specifically set up for this purpose. Hapless Hancock was quick to point out that although the new facilities are called nightingale aviaries all species of birds can be accommodated.

As a result of this terrifying event, all local bird owners are now required to ensure their pets have beak coverings when they cannot social distance from other birds. Canaries, cockatoos, parrots and budgies are all subject to the new law but mynah birds are exempt as it was thought that putting a mask over their beak and preventing them from speaking for any period of time would cause them too much anxiety. 

In the first show it is also believed Hapless Hancock will announce new, stricter measures to prevent the spread of corona virus. According to the latest science, the virus can now make its way into a person’s system via the skin, hair and ears and so it will become mandatory to wear full body coverings when indoors. Recommended coverings are hazmat suits, suits of armour, circa 16th Century or a beekeeper’s outfit purchased from a reputable supplier. In the event that you do not own any of these, a home-made body covering will suffice and can be made out of any household material including old rags, toilet rolls or bits of coal. To help with designing your own body covering, a new billion-pound website has been set up by the Department of Health and Social Care. 

As well as full body coverings the latest expert advice is that a kipper placed strategically in one’s underwear should help prevent the spread of the virus. A study carried out by Poppycock University in Cambridge has shown that the viral load of the virus is inversely proportional to the size of fish used but it is only true for kippers. Other piscine species have been used but without success. Members of the public visiting their local fishmongers will be reminded to stay at least 10 salmon lengths apart at all times.

As new cases and fatalities are falling every day it is thought that the corona virus has mutated to become craftier due to a hitherto unknown gene called the sneaky gene. It is now believed by experts to have changed its modus operandi and is causing a completely different set of symptoms. These new list of symptoms will be revealed on the show but are known to include, ‘looking slightly bewildered, walking with an odd gait, looking at other people in a funny manner and talking with a strange accent.’

The police are due to organise a press conference in the next few days where they will be encouraging the public to report anybody showing any of these signs to the authorities, emphasising it is now everyone’s public duty to spy on their neighbours and be wary of anyone new in the area, particularly if they have a limp and sound a little bit foreign. 

As an incentive, a new scheme is to be introduced called, ‘Squeal for a meal,’ whereby any member of the public that grasses on another for acting oddly will get a voucher for a free meal at any local restaurant.

The programme will also feature the new virus behaviour modelling expert, Madame Zaza, who will predict the course of the virus by various methods including reading tea leaves whilst blindfolded, counting how many natterjack toads will gather on the trunk of a fallen oak tree before sunset, recording how long it takes a piece of cheese to go mouldy in an enclosed environment and seeing how many boiled sweets she can suck in an hour whilst wearing a Mickey Mouse mask. Madame Zaza’s essential work will be sponsored by Mint Imperial college, London.

The latest science says these are the most accurate ways of predicting the behaviour of the virus as opposed to the previous method of thinking of a number, subtracting it from the average height of a giant sequoia tree, multiplying it by the distance between the moon and the earth at the time of a lunar eclipse and then adding a squillion to get the final figure.

This, of course, was the method employed by Fiddler Ferguson, the professor guilty of fiddling with the figures whilst he fiddled with his mistress.

The programme will also cater for the musically minded as it will feature BoJo the clown, doing a cover version of the Fun Boy Three’s hit, The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum, on a dither. (A dither is another form of the zither but is used solely by those who haven’t got a clue what they are doing). Accompanying him will be the Health Secretary and the Chief Medical Officer. It is thought The Glum Boy Three will have a regular slot on the programme.

Despite all the measures that will be highlighted in the show, a leaked document from the cabinet office has predicted that the only way to truly eradicate the virus is by culling the entire population so that it has no more potential hosts. To this end, another scheme is being advised where you can commit suicide to avoid catching covid. It will be called, ‘Check Out to Help Out.’ 

It is envisaged that there will be a large uptake as many members of the public desperately want to stay covid safe. However, if demand does not meet the required level, the scheme will become mandatory. Those unwilling to comply will be effectively water-boarded into submission by being forced to wear a dirty, homemade facemask during a heavy rainstorm.

Happy viewing.


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Degroginloda: a stupid funny situation that goes from bad to worse than the "theatre of the absurd" in 1936 Germany... You will be lucky not to be shot or imprisoned for laughing.


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