Sunday 20th of September 2020

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Up to 11,000 renewable energy workers are expected to lose their jobs over the next two years under current government policies, according to a university analysis.

If correct, the loss of jobs would be equivalent to the abolition of the domestic-focused coal industry, which employs a little more than 10,000 people in mining thermal coal for local use and running Australia’s coal-fired power plants.

Described as the first large-scale survey of renewable energy jobs in Australia, the research from the University of Technology Sydney found the industry would be a major source of jobs in the medium term, but its short-term future would depend on how Covid-19 stimulus packages were deployed.

About 26,000 people are employed in renewable energy, but the study found this would fall to about 15,000 by 2022 under existing policies, including the Morrison government not replacing the national renewable energy target. The target, which requires energy companies to source about 23% of electricity from clean sources, was reached last year, triggering a 50% drop in large-scale renewable energy investment compared with 2018.


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another scumdog rort, this time using women...

The department responsible for advising the prime minister on women’s policy was excluded from consultations about a $150m program to improve female participation in community sports that was subsequently caught up in the sports rorts saga.

The Female Facilities and Water Safety Stream (FFWSS) program, announced by Scott Morrison and then-sports minister Bridget McKenzie two months before the 2019 federal election, was designed to fund female change rooms and swimming pool upgrades for community sports clubs.

The scheme received attention earlier this year when it emerged the program was not opened to applications from the public, and that more than 40% of the fund was spent on projects in just two marginal Liberal electorates.

The health department has since become responsible for the program, with a spokesman acknowledging the scheme – which was included in the 2019-20 budget – was “not open to applications for grants” and that “the projects were selected as election commitments”.

Accusations that the government used the FFWSS scheme to channel money into marginal seats came after McKenzie resigned as Nationals deputy leader and minister for agriculture in February over her handling of a $100m community sports scheme – dubbed in the media as “sports rorts” – when she failed to disclose her membership to a gun club that received almost $36,000 from the program.

The community sport infrastructure program, which also saw a rugby union club in Adelaide receive a $500,000 grant for female change rooms despite not fielding a women’s team, and the FFWSS have both been examined by Senate committees earlier this year.

Labor asked the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet if the Office for Women – which sits inside the department to provide “strategic policy advice and support to the prime minister” and “progress policies and programs to advance gender equality” – was aware of the FFWSS scheme, and if the office was consulted in determining where to allocate the $150m.

“No,” the department responded.

Julie Collins, the opposition spokeswoman on women, said the government’s exclusion of the Office for Women “exposes the grant program for what it really was: sports rorts designed to help the Morrison government’s re-election prospects”.

“It beggars belief the Office of Women was not consulted on a sporting fund that was meant to support female sporting facilities,” she said.


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another wonderful musical...

Cathy Wilcox write the synopsis for Tradie — the musical...




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