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An article on the BBC website seems to have misunderstood what people search for in "secret societies”… What do you expect? Devil worshippers? Peace-mongers? Green-men from mars? Discordianism? All of it, sure. Freemasons and the Knights of the Round Table as well… What about the Holy Grail? and Christ’s Bloody Sandals Secret Walking group? If it’s secret, how can one know about it?… How can I join?

I have already made a joke about how to destroy secret societies or make a conspiracy fail: let women join. Few women can hold a secret. They blab. They gossip. If you want to reveal a secret to the whole wide world, tell a woman not to tell anyone… This is a joke, ladies. Here is part of the BBC article:

When most people try to look into the secret society’s history, they find themselves in Germany with the Enlightenment-era Order of the Illuminati. It was a Bavarian secret society, founded in 1776, for intellectuals to privately group together and oppose the religious and elitist influence over daily life. It included several well-known progressives at the time but, along with the Freemasons, they found themselves gradually outlawed by conservative and Christian critics and the group faded out of existence.


The Illuminati society's goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power… to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them. The Illuminati were outlawed through edict by Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria with the help of the Catholic Church. The group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed that they continued underground and were responsible for the French Revolution. Were they?… What about Voltaire and Rousseau and the poor peasants sick of eating cakes?

Yes, the Cathars also vanished, destroyed by the French kings and Popes armies… 

In regard to the illuminati, the society vanished by persecution rather than by lack of ideas. These were times when one could not be an atheist without loosing a head or two. The Catholics and other Christians were masters of the arcanical roost. They hated anyone that would reveal their secrets voodoo and challenged their comfortable silly beliefs. 

Yes many people are gullible to believe that secret societies still exist, even old Gus is marooned in believing that secretive deceit tends to rule the human world, but one cannot blame these simpletons and I for questioning the status quo of a religious-power duo. The author concludes:

The idea of an untouchable, secretive elite must resonate with people that feel left behind and powerless; Trump said he wanted to represent these people, especially the once-powerful industrial landscape of America’s Rust Belt. Yet instead of feeling better represented in the halls of power by a non-politician like themselves – and theoretically being less likely to feel powerless and vulnerable to conspiracies – it seems like some in America are more likely to believe in stories like the Illuminati more than ever before.

“If Wilson was alive today, he’d be part delighted, part shocked”, says David Bramwell. “As far as they thought in the 60s, culture was a little too tight. At present, it feels like things are loose. They’re unravelling.

“Perhaps more stability will come as people fight against ‘fake news’ and propaganda. We’re starting to understand how social media is feeding us ideas we want to believe. Echo chambers.”

Between internet forums, nods in popular culture and humankind’s generally uninhibited capacity for imagination, today’s truth-finders and fact checkers might debunk the Illuminati myth for good

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If you feel that you are in charge of your destiny and of that of this planet and that no secret organisation is stuffing this ideal, good for you… You are on top of the world like a Candide… 

The phrase "the best of all possible worlds” satirically used by Voltaire (French: le meilleur des mondes possibles; German: Die beste aller möglichen Welten) was coined by the German polymath Gottfried Leibniz in his 1710 work Essais de Théodicée sur la bonté de Dieu, la liberté de l'homme et l'origine du mal (Essays of Theodicy on the Goodness of God, the Freedom of Man and the Origin of Evil). "The world is the best of all possible worlds" is the central argument in Leibniz's theodicy in his attempt to solve the problem of evil. The Illuminati would have thought Leibniz to be a loony. Evil is a human-made concotion that is a stylistical distortion of animalistic aggressive defences. 

The illuminati were trying to prevent the control of the life of people by religions and ruthless despots. They wanted freedom in the days when it was illegal to think outside the confines of the feudal square. So what happens to people who want freedom from the system? You know as well as I do, I hope. Sometimes they revolt with a guillotine in hand with no idea how to restore order except through fear and organised murders… Revolutions do not work too well.

The Enlightenment was not a fallacy in Europe. It was not secret that people started to think outside the status quo, because most of the Enlightenment philosophers, mostly men, went from salon to salon run by entertaining blabbing women. The Enlightenment fizzled in England first because the government system was (and still is) still dependent on godly rights to rule and had already been toned down with privileged people power, in which the nobility and a few elected peasants had a voice through parliament. But Enlightenment mostly fizzled in Pommyland because its enlightenment personnel, such as Adam Smith, were more interested in investing cash than developing new social philosophies. 

In Europe, there was the French revolution. It happened because the king had absolute powers. This atmosphere of fear and chaos got soon settled by a smart guy, with an army, called Napoleonisky from Korsica who gave new rules and wars for people to chew (focus) upon. 

The UK had had its Cromwell experience a bit too soon in time — an experience that got thwarted by the godly-right-to-rule again. Many people — in Europe and in the UK — love this royal business, and this is why the women mags can’t have enough of this golden crap. There is a mild consuming conspiracy between the royals and the publishers to prevent a republican sentiment to rise. We are often told the publishers publish what people want… This is bullshit. People swim in the habit of being given fairy tales and illusions. Reality is hard work. We love to dream the easy painless life… An elitist republican golf course and plain denim frocks don’t seem to go as well with the poor masses than princesses and sleeping beauties with diamonds and crowns — or winning lotto… So we publish the dream which is becoming more and more crass by the WW weekly.

Meanwhile, the illuminati of today are not seen, nor would they seek to be seen seeking Enlightenment. Yuck… Illuminated enlightenment is in the open… It’s scientific observation and social conscience. That’s been done and gone. The new secret societies are organised to make money and hold power in the conservative manner. This is why there is a DEEP STATE. If we knew who these guys were, we could kick their arse… 

A few rich geezers and geezerettes who make cash by becoming netizen “influencers” do not make the real illuminati of the next. With the DEEP STATE, We’re talking of military hardware and core policies for using such to conquer the planet by selling an exclusively US Imperial de-mo-cra-cy — not selling fashion, nor a few swimsuits. 

The article by the BBC is thus disingenuous, somewhat misleading by trying to let you think that there are no more conspiracies on the horizon and that the sky is always blue, because the illuminati got defeated and we live in an open democratic system. 

Whether you call them the “illuminati” or the "secret pompom funny guys", there are some secret societies below the plimsol line of our democratic system that exist outside this fair system. Imagine, the DNC had its secret conspiracies designed to make sure Bernie did not get the presidential gig, BOTH TIMES… 

Yes the feudal system in Germania has bitten the dust and “everything is in the open and fair” in our democratic system. Nothing of the sort. There are lobbyists, some secret, some not, there is deep corruption of political intent. Some of it on a massive secret scale. We are swindled daily. We listen to the news and absorb it like milk. Sometimes it’s a bit off, but we cope. We blame the newsreaders. Not only our news are delivered on the hour, they also appear on our little boxes, our dumbPhones, with a vague resemblance to a reality that is lacking in facts — fake facts or real fantasies. We float in the Googli and gloat on our Factbook. They manage and censor our thoughts.

Secret societies have existed in every civilised epoch of humankind. The purpose of these is to be secret and to use various systems of influences (including front-shops) to control your cash, your ideas, your beliefs, your philosophies, your inventions and your wars. We know.

And there is not a single such society or organisations. There are many — each with their own defined purpose, cultural evolution and extinction — and secrecy — and they are possibly joined at the hip with secret super societies. Groups such as the Bilderberg do not exist to drink a couple of odd champagne bottles or swill whiskies on the rocks. These people meet in order to influence the future. Same with the Davos informal meets. These are known “groups”. There are others, as Rumsfeld would say that we know as unknown and unknown we don’t know about.

THEIR goals and decisions are to define YOUR future. Some business people will make secret alliances which from time to time are busted by governments for being “monopolies” — but these are the few we discover. The secret ones are still secret, thus the fact that modern days secret societies are not known, does not mean they do not exist. At present, the more powerful secret societies are likely to be more in step with right-wing conservative views (money and control) than progressive ones (philosophical and social advancement) even in the Democratic party. 

Meanwhile, we know about the CIA, the NSA, MI5, MI6, ASIO existence, but we have no idea what these really do, as they do unsavoury things that are secret to hide what governments are doing. the greater part of their job is to make the media publish palatable bullshit, via devious double-crosses — including demonising China and Russia, daily. Here the secret beans from these secret services are so valuable that an Assange is still in prison illegally and Snowden is still exiled in Russia. These guys, plus Chelsea Manning, are democratic heroes but they tell the truth. The democratic truth is anti-conspiracy and conspiracy rules. Otherwise why keep Assange in prison?… Oh, I’ve just woken up...

Say the court cases involving witness K and Collaery in Australia is one such case where the government is hiding MAJOR wrong-doings, like spying on another country while negotiating a crooked deal. So why do they want to keep this affair secret? It’s highly embarrassing for a few dudes whose hands are dirty with massive deceit, such as Alexander Downer and John Howard. 

This sort of capers is not new. In the early 1960s, when dealing with the Americans to end the Marshall plan which was a controlling noose for France, General de Gaulle had his a branch of his secret services to secretly inspect the briefs of the US negotiators before the start of the negotiations. This was revealed in the 1980s by the spy chief who did the deed, mostly to embarrass a government that had done the dirty on him.

The Jesuits and some religious organisations are also very secretive in their higher echelons. The oil, car manufacturers and tyre companies worked together in ways we cannot fathom to destroy the electric cars… Kennedy was shot by two gunmen. One was caught, then murdered so he could not tell why, the other one worked for the secret services. 

Presently some of the Western governments are trying to stop Huawei. Why? Are the Chinese conspiring to control our secrets or not? Are the Chinese the illuminaties of the present world since "we" say they are trying to take over the world while we trying to? Are they? Are we? Should the world be “multipolar”?

Secrecy is not new. Conspiracies are not new. If there were no such things as secrets to protect, there would be no conspiracies. That some of the conspirators try to control the world is possible, and many have done so through religious beliefs. There are secretive elites that do compete with each other. That they be untouchable is only due to their secrecy.  Freemasonry was such until it started to open its doors to more members, including women who blab… 

And by the way, I soon guessed that this story at the BBC had been written by a woman. Sorry folks. Then I read her name, Sophia Smith Galer, at the top. I have no idea who she is but in real terms she is naive and the BBC is dumb to publish her work on its site. 

As an expert on deceit, most of which is never mentioned on this site, I can assure anyone with a brains that there has been, are and will be secret (and not so secret) conspiracies to control politics and philosophies that have influenced, influence and will influence the future of humankind... 

The war on Saddam WAS A CONSPIRACY started by the PNAC, members of which went to become influencers and participants of President Bush’s administration. WW1 was largely a consequence of a conspiracy by Cecil Rhodes and his friends. All this is done by influencing the media that influence the people into believing into a specific political process — and hate of the “other” be Chinese, Germans or Ruskies. 

The major problem with Trump IS THAT HE does not appear to BE PART OF ANY CONSPIRACY or accepted system and he acts out of his own will — a fact that annoys everybody. He is thus presented by the media as dumb, evil, dangerous, etc… That there has been a few conspiracies to remove him from office is fact. Whether there is a single secretive elite behind all this is IRRELEVANT.  There are several single secretive elites which grease each other palms in order to benefit from the system or change the system to suit. The Frats in US colleges do not just exist to drink beer… They help form alliances between people who will become influencers at government level, beyond selling make-up to embellish pretty girls. End of story.

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