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the end of reality?...

bill leak�s

We have got rid of the real world: what world is left?  The apparent world perhaps? … But no!  Along with the real world we’ve done away with the apparent world as well.


           Friedrich Nietzsche, in Twilight of the Idols...



The End of Reality?

I am comforted that Edward Curtin asks this as a question rather than making a statement… We know the answer to this one… It's another question: What is reality?

Reality is defined by what we perceive and possibly remembering what we have perceived. Beyond this we try to add decoration to the caper. Humans are stylistic animals, that is to say we change our feathers according to a choice on the day, rather than carry a unique plumage given to us by nature… Being naked, being fur-less, possibly unloved by evolution, humans had to be creative to survive — and a lot of creativity relies on deceit. We create illusions in order to manage stylistic relationships. An idea and a symbol are not reality but a trick of memory which can be different for each of us. We needed to creep on other animals to feed and clothe ourselves. Some people transformed this early necessity into an order of godly proportion. Go and populate, etcetera… Suddenly, we have a major deceitful proposition to explain our position which led to the rise of superiority amongst humans and of humans over nature. How far can we push this trick is for us to discover by observations.

Please, don’t asked me to tell you about what I should remember of what I don’t know… Reality is a flicker of many realities.

We don’t know all of reality, only the glimpses that are often unreal but suitable for us to survive — and then we only accept the flimsy part of which where we invent styles of whom we can be. We are never what we seem to be or should be. We make choices that may be or not be in line with our understanding of reality — in which the only two things that are at the source of our primary protein reactions are pain and contentment...

Beyond this, we can follow the flock or be a loner by choice, or by accident of external event. Our ideas are rarely individually our own because of our social constructed needs, which often are cultivated and ordered wants.

Reality is in flux like a bunch of fresh flowers that within a week will have faded, the water in the vase will stink and is now brown. So we sometimes replace these with “artificial” flowers, made of silk, rubber, paper and plastic. They last longer and from time to time will need a dusting. 

Even our entertainment is fake. It’s false representation of reality, often created as an escape from reality — and we accept silly cops and robbers show to be amused or emotionally aroused in another mindpsace than the real one. Our news are a notch above this deceit.

We live in a world where proteins are the reality. We are made of proteins of various sizes and kinds, the interactions of which give us life and consciousness. We know these assemblages are transient and are in a flux with set patterns and variable limits, of birth and decay.

We have created a new longer-lived reality based on electronic variations, rather than protein variations. We have refined the pixels and the “virtual” reality to such an extend that we have approached the domain of Artificial Intelligence which we hope, when allied with our protein intelligence will give us an extended individual and social scope. We have already entered this new world, that is an illusion of reality — a creative deceit — with machines that can perform better than people. We would not go without our washing machines, our computers, our LED lighting which have helped us create this new reality. 

Meanwhile some of us still dream of the old legends to explain what we don’t known. 

At some stage in history, someone made a choice that defined the course of history as we try to remember it, but it’s always subject to our choices and interpretations of the moment past. Our social needs invented the political deception. Most political associations have distorted reality and maintained secrets in order to stay king of the castle. The list of such deceit — the bastardisation of what should be a lovely reality — is as long as the number of individual humans born on this planet that from time to time has a few sideralistic burps (meteorites), storms, earthquakes and volcanoes… Nothing to do with the gods, but something to do with quarks and photons

How long do pentaquarks exist? Do they exist? In what form? In this domain of interpretations which eventually will lead us to the super qubits computers, this isn’t an idle question. We will use graphics and words to describe the pentaquark, yet these are only deceitful unrealities. in our explanations thereof we will need a new abstract language to link what we think we observe and what we think is our reality. 

Meanwhile in our political arena, deception is the name of the game. We have been at it since the rise and fall of previous civilisations, while hoping that the civilisation of the present is the real cobber.

Is global warming real or not? Some alternative information channels like RT and OffGuardian are sceptical about it because their nemesis, the Guardian and much of the Western liberal media are harping about it and are forceful about our need to do something about it. Who is right? Who is wrong? A lot of deceitful argument will be used on both sides of the idea.

For example when Bill Leak did the cartoon at top in 2009, the full-on blown-up panic was on, a bit like the Covid-19 situation in which we have taken drastic steps to achieve zero tolerance of the virus — which is a combo of opportunistic proteins that could destroy us — or not. On global warming, the Greens and some nasty little people like Gus, have warned about the danger. Some have gone overboard. We have tied to stick to the scientific reality, which to say the least is dependent of observations that are difficult because they are on a global scale. Some scientists dispute this scientific reality. We can dismiss their opinions, but too often their interpretations of events and observation values are under the threshold of credibility. 

The treatment on offer to allay global warming as defined by most of the sciences mostly demands a reduction of fossil fuel usage in order to reduce CO2 emissions. This reduction is actually drastic, like say zero by 2050, not more than 30 years. When some scientists and politicians object to this, they are often dependent of the fossil fuel industry which does not want to know about cuts in their (profitable) operations. It is understandable. But at which point will we accept that the recorded parameters of change in the climate is going to go against our comfort — or will we adapt our comfort to suit the new set of parameters, such as higher sea level, higher temperature and the loss of ice? How far are we prepared to gamble on this possible reality?

How long do we have to wait for the idea in the cartoon at top to become reality? 50 years? 357 years? We know that in past eons, the sea level was 75 metres above that of the present.  Are we on the way there, slowly but surely, due to a simple carbon equation which eventually balances on another level as the entire atmospheric system changes as plants cannot absorb the excess carbon dioxide produced by fossil fuels which were created by warmer events long ago? 

Will our idiotic leaders blow up the planet first in a hissy fit, because they cannot be top dog anymore? Of course they will use less brutal and more deceitful hubris to let us know the moral side of the destruction, but the result could be the same. 

Many realities of survival would fall upon us, individually and like in the past battles, such as Waterloo, pain and the destruction of our proteins will take their tolls. 


Would this be the end of reality? By then some people-protein allied with their Electronic/Qubits artificial intelligence might have reached Mars to start a new reality in which conditions of survival would demand far more precise sets of behaviour, from recycling wastes to create new ideas in order to avoid loneliness and boredom… Exciting.

Complete lunatic.

remembering gaddafi...



Amusing, from David Rowe, 2009, then the future — far less amusing than this cartoon — came along... Peopled died under moral bombings...



From Curtin:


Of course, Nietzsche did not have the Internet, but he lived at the dawn of the electric era, when space-time transformations were occurring at a rapid pace. Inventions such as photography, the phonograph, the telephone, electricity, etc. were contracting space and time and a disembodied “reality” was being born. 

With today’s Internet and digital screen life, the baby is full-grown and completely disembodied. It does nothing but look at its image that is looking back into a lifeless void, whose lost gaze can’t figure out what it’s seeing.

Take, for example, the phonograph, invented by Thomas Edison in 1878.  If you could record a person’s voice, and if that person died, were you then listening to the voice of a living person or one who was dead?  If the person whose voice was recorded was alive and was miles away, you had also compressed earthly space.

The phonograph suppressed absence, conjured ghosts, and seemed to overcome time and death as it captured the flow of time in sound. It allowed a disembodied human voice to inhabit a machine, an early example of downloading.

“Two ruling ambitions in modern technology,” writes John Durham Peters in his wonderful book, Speaking into the Air, “appear in the phonograph: the creation of artificial life and the conjuring of the dead.”


Note: The Bill Leak cartoon at top was done before he joined the evil media of the Murdoch empire.

"depose the tyrant and save the free world"...


The War on Populism: The Final Act

CJ Hopkins


So, it appears the War on Populism is building toward an exciting climax. All the proper pieces are in place for a Class-A GloboCap color revolution, and maybe even civil war. You got your unauthorized Putin-Nazi president, your imaginary apocalyptic pandemic, your violent identitarian civil unrest, your heavily-armed politically-polarized populace, your ominous rumblings from military quarters…you couldn’t really ask for much more.

OK, the plot is pretty obvious by now (as it is in all big-budget action spectacles, which is essentially what color revolutions are), but that won’t spoil our viewing experience. The fun isn’t in guessing what is going to happen. 

Everybody knows what’s going to happen. The fun is in watching Bruce, or Sigourney, or “the moderate rebels,” or the GloboCap “Resistance,” take down the monster, or the terrorists, or Hitler, and save the world, or democracy, or whatever.

The show-runners at GloboCap understand this, and they are sticking to the classic Act III formula (i.e., the one they teach in all those scriptwriting seminars, which, full disclosure, I teach a few of those). They’ve been running the War on Populism by the numbers since the very beginning.

I’m going to break that down in just a moment, act by act, plot point by plot point, but, first, let’s quickly cover the basics.

The first thing every big Hollywood action picture (or GloboCap color revolution) needs is a solid logline to build the plot around. The logline shows us: (1) our protagonist, (2) what our protagonist is trying to do, and (3) our antagonist or antagonistic force.

For example, here’s one everyone will recognize:

A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.”

In our case, the logline writes itself:

After America is taken over by a Russian-backed Hitlerian dictator, the forces of democracy unite to depose the tyrant and save the free world.”

Donald Trump is our antagonist, of course. And what an antagonist he has been! As the deep-state spooks and the corporate media have been relentlessly repeating for the last four years, the man is both a Russian-backed traitor and literally the resurrection of Hitler! In terms of baddies, it doesn’t get any better.

It goes without saying that our protagonist is GloboCap (i.e., the global capitalist empire), or “democracy,” as it is known in the entertainment business.

Now, we’re in the middle of Act III already, and, as in every big-budget action movie, our protagonist suffered a series of mounting losses all throughout Act II, and the baddie was mostly driving the action. Now it’s time for the Final Push, but, before all the action gets underway, here’s a quick recap of those previous acts. Ready? All right, here we go…

Act I

(status quo/inciting incident)

There democracy (i.e., GloboCap) was, peacefully operating its de facto global capitalist empire like a normal global hegemon (i.e., destabilizing, restructuring, and privatizing everything it hadn’t already destabilized and privatized, and OK, occasionally murdering, torturing, and otherwise mercilessly oppressing people), when out of nowhere it was viciously attacked by Donald Trump and his Putin-Nazi “populists,” who stole the 2016 election from Clinton with those insidious Facebook ads. (For you writers, this was the Inciting Incident.)

(new situation/predicament/lock-in)

GloboCap did not take this well. The deep state and the corporate media started shrieking about a coming “Age of Darkness,” “The death of globalization at the hands of white supremacy,” “racial Orwellianism,” “Zionist anti-Semitism,” the “Bottomless Pit of Fascism,” and so on. 

Liberals festooned themselves with safety pins and went out looking for minorities to hide in their attics throughout the occupation.

According to GloboCap, every “populist” that voted for Trump (or just refused to vote for Clinton) was a genocidal white supremacist undeserving of either empathy or mercy. Somewhere in there, the “Resistance” was born. (This is the plot point known as the Lock-In, where the protagonist commits to the struggle ahead.)


Act II (a)


As is traditional at the opening of Act II, things were looking promising for GloboCap. The “Resistance” staged those pink pussyhat protests, and the corporate media were pumping out Russia and Hitler propaganda like a Goebbelsian piano. Yes, there were obstacles, but the “Resistance” was growing

And then, in May of 2017, special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed, and “Russiagate” was officially launched. It appeared that Donald Trump’s days were numbered!

(rising action/first culmination)

But, no, it was never going to be that easy. (If it was, feature films would be less than an hour long, not to mention incredibly boring.) There was plenty of action (and an endless series of “bombshells”) throughout the ensuing two years, but by the end of March 2019, “Russiagate” had blown up in GloboCap’s face.

“Populism” was still on the rise! It was time for GloboCap to get serious. (This was the classic first culmination, sometimes known as The Point of No Return.)

Act II (b)

(complications/subplots/higher stakes)

In the aftermath of the “Russiagate” fiasco, the GloboCap “Resistance” flailed around for a while. An assortment of ridiculous subplots unfolded … Obstructiongate, Ukrainegate, Pornstargate (and I’m probably forgetting some “gates”), white-supremacist non-terrorist terrorism, brain-devouring Russian-Cubano crickets, Russian spy whales, and other such nonsense. 

Meanwhile, the forces of “populism” were running amok all across the planet. The gilets jaunes were on the verge of taking down Macron in France, and gangs of neo-nationalist boneheads had launched a series of frontal assaults on Portlandia, GloboCap Anti-Fascist HQ, which Antifa was barely holding off.

(second culmination/major setback)

All wasn’t totally lost, however. GloboCap sprang back into action, successfully Hitlerizing Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of leftist “populism,” and thus preventing the mass exdodus of Jews from Great Britain. And the US elections were on the horizon. 

Trump was still Russian-agent Hitler, after all, so he wasn’t going to be too hard to beat. All that GloboCap had to do was put forth a viable Democratic candidate, then let the corporate media do their thing. 

OK, first, they had to do Bernie Sanders (because he was another “populist” figurehead, and the point of the entire War on Populism has been to crush the “populist” resistance to global capitalism from both the Left and the Right), but the DNC made short work of that.

So, everything was looking hunky-dory until — and you screenwriters saw this coming, didn’t you? — the pivotal plot-point at the end of Act II, The Major Setback, or The Dark Night of the Soul, when all seems lost for our protagonist.

Yes, implausible as it probably still seems, the Democratic Party nominated Joe Biden, a clearly cognitively-compromised person who literally sucked his wife’s fingers on camera and who can’t get through a two-minute speech without totally losing his train of thought and babbling non-sequiturial gibberish.

Exactly why they did this will be debated forever, but, obviously, Biden was not GloboCap’s first choice. The man is as inspiring as a head of lettuce. (There is an actual campaign group called “Settle for Biden!”) GloboCap was now staring down the barrel of certain swing-voter death. 

And as if things weren’t already dire enough, the “populists” rolled out a catchy new slogan: “TRUMP 2020, BECAUSE FUCK YOU AGAIN!”



So, all right, this is part where Neo orders up “guns…lots of guns.” Which is exactly what our friends at GloboCap did. The time for playing grab-ass was over. Faced with four more years of Trump and this “populist” rebellion against global capitalism and its increasingly insufferable woke ideology, the entire global capitalist machine went full-totalitarian all at once. 

Suddenly, a rather undeadly virus (as far as deadly pestilences go) became the excuse for GloboCap to lock down most of humanity for months, destroy the economy, unleash the goon squads, terrorize everyone with hysterical propaganda, and otherwise remake society into a global totalitarian police state.

And that wasn’t all…no, far from it. GloboCap was just getting started. Having terrorized the masses into a state of anus-puckering paranoia over an imaginary apocalyptic plague and forced everyone to perform a variety of humiliating ideological-compliance rituals, they unleashed the identitarian civil unrest

Because what would a color revolution be without rioting, looting, wanton destruction, clouds of tear gas, robocops, and GloboCap-sponsored “moderate rebels” and “pro-regime forces” shooting each other down in the streets on television? (In an homage to Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, the corporate media, with totally straight faces, have been describing this rioting as “mostly peaceful.”)


That brings us up to speed, I think. The rest of Act III should be pretty exciting, despite the fact that the outcome is certain. One way or another, Trump is history. Or do you seriously believe that GloboCap is going to allow him to serve another four years? Not that Trump is an actual threat to them. 

As I have said repeatedly over the past four years, Donald Trump is not a populist. Donald Trump is a narcissistic ass clown who is playing president to feed his ego. He is not a threat to global capitalism, but the people who elected him president are

In order to teach these people a lesson, GloboCap needs to make an example of Trump. Odds are, it’s not going to be pretty.

See, they have him between a rock and a hard place. As CNN’s Fareed Zakaria explains, on election night, Trump will appear to have won (because the Democrats will all be mailing in their votes due to the apocalyptic plague), but later, once the mail-in votes are all counted, which may take weeks or even months, it will turn out that Biden really won. But, by then, it won’t matter who really won, because one of two scenarios will have already played out.

In Scenario Number One, Trump declares victory before the mail-in votes have been tallied and is “removed from office” for “attempting a coup.” In Scenario Number Two, he doesn’t declare victory, and the country enters a state of limbo, which the Democrats will prolong as long as possible. Either way, rioting breaks out. 

Serious rioting … not “peaceful” rioting. 

Rioting that makes the “BLM protests” we have witnessed so far look like a game of touch football.

And this is where the US military (or the military-industrial complex) comes in. I’ll leave you with just a few of the many ominous headlines that GloboCap has been generating:

This Election Has Become Dangerous for the U.S. Military”
Foreign Policy

Al Gore suggests military will remove Trump from office if he won’t concede on election night”
Fox News

Former ambassador warns of election violence”
The Guardian

All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”: An Open Letter to Gen. Milley (“If the commander in chief attempts to ignore the election’s results, you will face a choice.)”
Defense One

Is Trump Planning a Coup d’État?”
The Nation

Trump could refuse to concede”
 Washington Post

What happens if Trump loses but refuses to concede?”
Financial Times

White Supremacists, Domestic Terrorists Pose Biggest Threat Of ‘Lethal Violence’ This Election, DHS Assessment Finds”

Trump’s Attacks Put Military In Presidential Campaign Minefield”

Trump’s Election Delay Threat Is a Coup in the Making”
Common Dreams

What If Trump Won’t Leave?”
The Intercept

How to Plan a Coup”
Bill Moyers on Democracy

It can happen here: A Trump election coup?”
Wall Street International Magazine

Whose America Is It?”
The New York Times

Does it sound like GloboCap is bluffing? Because it doesn’t sound like that to me. I could be totally wrong, of course, and just letting my imagination run away with itself, but if I were back home in the USA, instead of here in Berlin, I wouldn’t bet on it.

In any event, whatever is coming, whether this is the end of the War on Populism or just the beginning of a new, more dramatic phase of it, the next two months are going to be exciting. So, go grab your popcorn, or your AR-15, and your mask, or full-body anti-virus bubble suit (which you might want to have retrofitted with Kevlar), and sit back and enjoy the show!



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you really must?...


Rod Dreher tells us via a reader:


The fragmentation, the fear, the disorientation — all of it is accelerating. We know this in our bones. The world is changed. A new world is emerging from the death of the old. Murtaza Hussein is a progressive, but he knows that the passing of Christianity will not guarantee a better world for progressives. If you haven’t read the (secular) historian Tom Holland’s book Dominion: How The Christian Revolution Made The World , you really must. Holland argues that all the good things that we associate with liberal modernity came out of Christianity. “Human rights” mean nothing outside of Christianity. Holland is very clear that Nietzsche was right on this point. The “self-evident” truths of the Enlightenment were only “self-evident” to people of a culture that had been shaped by Christianity.

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Yes Rod… And this is not the first time that a change in the polarity of civilisation is made. And evil does not exist as an intrinsic entity, only in our invention of god in order to untruthfully explain pain and death.

One can argue till the cows get lost in the paddock, about the role of Christianity in shaping the Enlightenment. One does not know why some people chose not to believe in god. Well I know. God does not make sense. It’s a simple realisation. Even in the middle ages, there were many people who did not believe, but they could not be overt, otherwise the church men would have cut their heads off, like they do in Saudi Arabia, should you be atheistically inclined. 

All the fancy fairy tales and tall tales and legends of religions may not have influenced the development of the Western world much, contrarily to what think some historians... What developed our world, first and foremost, was greed. Religion, say Christianity was used as a fake but strong morality crutch to justify horrendous behaviour… Following greed as a shaper of civilisation, came superiority complex and envy which engendered wars, religious or kingly conquering, that were fought under the dangerous Christian morality banner. 

So as soon as god got dismissed by enlightenment, the steam engines could replace the work of 2000 godly horses. We developed better ways to measure stuff, than horse-shit in a bucket. 
We measure thrust with pounds per square inch, we use Newtons, Joules, Watts and some other weird stuff...

On or about September 1927,” wrote the philosopher Ray Monk, “the physical world changed.” Until then, according to Robert P. Crease and Alfred Scharff Goldhaber’s rich and entertaining new book, “The Quantum Moment,” we lived in a homogeneous, continuous, Newtonian world in which all objects moved seamlessly from the past to the future, governed by universal mathematical laws. 

But in that fateful year, everything changed: Objects now follow different rules depending on their size, and we can never be sure where they are or what they are doing

In fact, we can’t even say what they are, because that depends on how we observe them. Our reality became one of unpredictable “gaps, inconsistencies, warps and bubbles,” as John Updike put it, and we are still struggling to find our way in the quantum universe.

Dr. Crease is a philosopher and Dr. Goldhaber a physicist at Stony Brook University, and their book is an introduction to the brave new world we inhabit. The harmony of the Newtonian universe, they argue, began to fray in 1900, when Max Planck discovered that to correctly describe “black box” radiation, he had to make a radical and unwarranted assumption: that light radiation was not continuous, but came in discrete and irreducible packets of a fixed size, or quantum.

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Robert Crease: Heisenberg thought the attempt to construct a visulizable solution for quantum mechanics might lead to trouble, and so advised paying attention only to the mathematics. Michael Frayn captures this side of Eisenberg well in his play Copenhagen. When the Bohr character charges that Eisenberg doesn’t pay attention to the sense of what he’s doing so long as the mathematics work out, the Heisenberg character indignantly responds. “Mathematics is sense. That’s what sense is.”

This came from The Uncertainty Principle by Philip Moriarty…

Eisenberg is famous for having theorised the Uncertainty Principle… It’s a specific understanding of our ability to observe...It's powerful, yet much misunerstood.

The fragmentation, the fear, the disorientation — all of it is accelerating. We know this in our bones? The world is changed?

Sure. It’ not the world that is changing. It is our understanding of the reality through the prism of uncertainty, rather than through the certainty of religious delusion. Whether we blow each other up with atom bombs, or enjoy life, is for personal consumption. It’s all part of the management of pain and contentment. Are we at a cross-road?

Humans always have been at a cross-road and this is why we invented gods, gremlins, devils and the Middle Earth. We like to deceive ourselves and each other of our worth, because the truth is far more complicated than we wish, far more difficult than we are prepared to learn and too weird, so we simplify what is, into a fake flowery wallpaper and we denaturate the reality so we can have a barbecue on Sunday.

Nothing wrong with this… as long as we do not use it as gospel...


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sweet jesus versus bloody jesus...

Today we are confronted with the sweet face of a believer in an ABC article that is a glorious advertising piece for Christian Science… We all should of course follow the curious mind and unexplained ailments of her grandfather, Ronald Vickers and become a Christian Scientist. If you are not convinced after reading this piece, you have a heart made of smelly rubbish like that of Gus Leonisky.

Joy Hughes was born into the Christian Science church thanks, in part, to the curious mind and unexplained ailments of her grandfather, Ronald Vickers.

"He was actually an atheist," says Ms Hughes, a Sydney-based photographer.

"He loved reading and learning new things, and one book How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie mentioned Christian Science, so he'd thought he'd look more into it."

But the real catalyst for conversion came with a sudden illness.

The first doctor he saw couldn't figure out what was wrong with him.

So her grandfather tried another option: he rang for a Christian Science practitioner, whose role was to provide prayer, spiritual reassurance, and recommendations for scriptural study.

According to Mr Vickers, soon after, he was healed.

And from that point, Ms Hughes says, her grandfather became a devout Christian Scientist.

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Etcetera, blah blah blah… Not convinced yet? Geez, you’re hard to please… So let’s move on to the really hard stuff that really nailed it:


Actor Jim Caviezel has confirmed that a sequel to ‘The Passion of the Christ’ was in development – and inadvertently let loose thousands of Twitter comedians, riffing on the mere concept of such a movie existing.
Caviezel, who played Jesus in the 2004 feature, revealed to Breitbart on Monday that writer and director Mel Gibson had sent him a third draft of the script for the follow-up flick. “It’s going to be the biggest film in world history,” Caviezel proclaimed.
The online community, however, could not take the idea of the Bible adaptation becoming a franchise seriously – especially since Christ’s story in the film had a definitive ending, just like it did in the good book.
The main joke on Twitter was that ‘Passion of the Christ 2’ was going to be a ridiculously shoe-horned, commercialized sequel. Twitter wags workshopped taglines like “Crucify This” and “Just imagine the prophets.”

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Passion of the Christ 2 : No More Nails

Passion of the Christ 2 : Three Days Later

Passion of the Christ 2 : Now He's Really Cross

Passion of the Christ 2 : Palm Funday

Passion of the Christ 2 : Hot Crossed Guns


Pretty bad puns....

I would suggest to Gibson to actually do the return of Christ on Apocalypse day… in which the tables are turned and Christ nails all the bad Romans and us, the naughty ones, at the same time to a huge cross made of the wood of eternity...


We’re in for a treat. And of course, anyone saved from disease by Christian Science, eventually dies of old age, in a Covid-infected home for absent-brained oldies...


Please use your cell phone (mobile) to communicate to the old guy in the sky that you’re not ready to go, yet.


Gus is a rabid atheist. Thank you... You did not have to applaud nor jeers. Read from top.