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donald trump nach der us wahl der hausbesetzer....


In the history of the U.S., no president has ever moved from the White House into prison. But after four years of Trump, that scenario is not completely implausible.


"The possibility that Trump will face criminal prosecution is quite high," says Bennett Gershman, a legal professor at Pace University and a former New York state prosecutor.


In recent years, numerous Trump loyalists have faced legal difficulties. His former campaign chief Paul Manafort was handed a lengthy prison sentence and Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen was also locked away. New York state prosecutors have charged former chief strategist Steve Bannon with fraud and he is now out on bail.


During the investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 election, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team looked into 10 different incidents where Trump himself may have obstructed justice. Because Trump was a sitting president, Mueller did not pursue prosecution. But with the end of his tenure, Trump would lose such protection. Federal prosecutors and a new attorney general could revisit the work of Mueller and of various Congressional committees.


All of that raises the question as to how Trump might use his pardoning powers as his tenure approaches its end. He has already issued 44 pardons, including controversial ones such as the pardon of Roger Stone, who was facing three years behind bars.


The central question, though, is whether a president who has lost his re-election bid can pardon himself. "That is absurd," says Philip Bobbitt, a Constitutional lawyer at Columbia University in New York. The issue has never been decided by the courts, but Bobbitt cites the established legal principle that nobody can act as judge in their own case and also refers to the position taken by Richard Nixon's Justice Department. In the 1970s, Nixon had asked the judiciary to explore the question. The answer was a resounding no.


Nixon managed to avoid prosecution by a different path. After his resignation following the Watergate Scandal, Vice President Gerald Ford took over, and then pardoned him in September 1974 for all crimes he had been accused of committing while in office.


In Washington, that past has triggered intense speculation this week if something similar could be repeated. The idea is that Trump would resign prior to the end of his term so that Mike Pence could be president for a few days, or maybe just a few hours, so that he could pardon his former boss.


According to Bobbitt, who worked as a legal advisor to Ford's successor, Jimmy Carter, in the White House, it is unclear if such a move would be legal. In the case of Nixon, there was no pre-arranged agreement, he says. Ford decided on his own to pardon his predecessor in order to preclude harm to the office of the presidency and to put Watergate in the rearview mirror. A "corrupt deal" between Trump and Pence, though, he says, could likely be challenged legally.


But the greatest danger for the president could be lurking in his home state of New York and not in Washington. New York Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance are investigating Trump for business deals Trump engaged in prior to becoming president.


Vance could prove to be the greatest threat to Trump. He is investigating hush money payments allegedly made to porn star Stormy Daniels and one other woman, both of whom say they had affairs with Trump years ago. The investigations have recently been expanded to include possible banking and insurance fraud committed by the Trump Organization, the holding company for Trump's business empire.


Joe Biden's team has apparently prepared for the eventuality that the transfer of power may not adhere to past norms. According to media reports, his advisers believe that the normal meetings between the outgoing White House team and the incoming administration won't take place this time around. It would likely be his final effort at taking revenge against the man who forced him out.





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Meanwhile: would it be possible that the last "TRUMP CARD" is now in the hand of the DoJ? Although dismissed by the Main Stream Media, "documents have appeared" in regard to the Bidens' activities in China and Ukraine. Until Joe Biden is sworn in as president in January next year, he still is vulnerable to a lengthy court case that could eventually show him as a "felon" — thus ineligible to be president. This would be the revenge of the Donald... Be prepared... 



Exclusive: How The Bidens Made Off With Millions In Chinese Cash

New documents show that as regulators closed in, Hunter struck a fresh deal with his Chinese partners


Adapted translation of the title: (could) Donald Trump, after the us election become a squatter...


reversing of extremes...


Berlin would also be misguided in hoping that a Biden administration will show more understanding for the natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea, an almost completed project known as Nord Stream 2. One of the few things that Congressional Democrats and Republicans agree on is that the pipeline is a completely unnecessary gift to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Even leftist senators like Bernie Sanders have little understanding for why Germany should shower money on Putin, who is doing everything in his power to weaken American democracy. "There are both environmental and geopolitical objections to Nord Stream 2, and they are shared by the left wing of our party," says Matt Duss, Sanders' foreign policy adviser.

Domestically, though, this election has made the political map of the United States even more complicated. Trump didn't just attract support from a large share of his base in the white working and middle classes. He was also able to convince new voters who had traditionally been seen as belonging to the Democratic camp, including Black men and Latinos.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, was able to make advances into traditionally Republican strongholds, including among white voters. In the Atlanta suburbs in the state of Georgia, for example, and in Arizona. He was able to win over conservative voters who weren't impressed by Trump's political style.


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bah blah blah...

While most (all) media outlet talks of this republican versus democrats dichotomy, the final result is — ACCORDING TO SOME NAUGHTY sources — between who has the most dirt on whom... At the top I mentioned the last Trump card:


Meanwhile: would it be possible that the last "TRUMP CARD" is now in the hand of the DoJ? Although dismissed by the Main Stream Media, "documents have appeared" in regard to the Bidens' activities in China and Ukraine. Until Joe Biden is sworn in as president in January next year, he still is vulnerable to a lengthy court case that could eventually show him as a "felon" — thus ineligible to be president. This would be the revenge of the Donald... Be prepared... 


BUT! And this is why the full "client list" of Epstein has never been released apart from a few royal bums here and there... The same caper "may have" happened in Australia under Joe and also under Rich...on... You understand what I mean? Apparently some State governors are compromised and owe favours... Who knows. This could be idle gossip but as we know gossip is never idle...


So who has the most dirt on whom — especially amongst the second fiddles? Dirt? 


No-one's clean... MEANWHILE:



The richest and most powerful country on earth — whether due to ineptitude, choice or some combination of both — has no ability to perform the simple task of counting votes in a minimally efficient or confidence-inspiring manner. As a result, the credibility of the voting process is severely impaired, and any residual authority the US claims to “spread” democracy to lucky recipients of its benevolence around the world is close to obliterated.

At 7:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, the day after the 2020 presidential elections, the results of the presidential race, as well as control of the Senate, are very much in doubt and in chaos. Watched by rest of the world — deeply affected by who rules the still-imperialist superpower — the US struggles and stumbles and staggers to engage in a simple task mastered by countless other less powerful and poorer countries: counting votes. Some states are not expected to finished their vote-counting until the end of this week or beyond.

The same data and polling geniuses who pronounced that Hillary Clinton had a 90% probability or more of winning the 2016 election, and who spent the last three months proclaiming the 2020 election even more of a sure thing for the Democratic presidential candidate, are currently insisting that Biden, despite being behind in numerous key states, is still the favorite by virtue of uncounted ballots in Democrat-heavy counties in the outcome-determinative states. [One went to sleep last night with the now-notorious New York Times needle of data guru Nate Cohn assuring the country that, with more than 80% of the vote counted in Georgia, Trump had more than an 80% chance to win that state, only to wake up a few hours later with the needle now predicting the opposite outcome; that all happened just a few hours after Cohn assured everyone how much “smarter” his little needle was this time around].


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a lonely petal...

Landing a job at the White House can be lonely, according to US President Donald Trump, who lamented during a campaign stump speech that old friends have become overly formal and uptight with him since he took office.


Trump told a rally in Wisconsin on Thursday that he knows “a lot of very successful people,” but that they treat him differently now that he’s president.

“Now they call me up: ‘Mr. President, sir, would you like to get together sometime?’ I say: ‘Loosen up. Call me Donald, you’ve known me for thirty years.’”

He bemoaned how “respect for the office” has made personal relationships far more difficult. “I lost all my friends,”Trump told the crowd. “They used to be loose. They used to be great. I’m not a drinker but you can sit back and have a drink, whatever you’re drinking. Now you can’t do that anymore.” 

Perhaps most distressing, Trump claimed that now he “has to rely on people in Congress” to be his friends – humorous given the legislative branch’s notorious unpopularity, not to mention the president’s seemingly endless squabbles with lawmakers. The joke garnered laughter from the audience...


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