Thursday 28th of January 2021

donald is "an embarrassment"...

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President-elect Joe Biden says Donald Trump's refusal to concede the election "will not help the president's legacy"

He also spoke in defence of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and said he had spoken to six world leaders

President Donald Trump is refusing to admit losing the election, making unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud

The US justice department has given federal prosecutors an unusual go-ahead to investigate alleged vote irregularities

Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell says the president has every right to pursue legal challenges

Democrat Joe Biden was projected as the election's winner, with an unassailable lead, on Saturday

Results from the states of Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina and Alaska are still outstanding

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I don't think Trump is trying to help his legacy... He could not care less. All he wants to do is annoy the pundits and the Democrats, until some non-existent proofs of dubious voting are unearthed... 
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the puritans versus the jacksonians?...

by Thierry Meyssan


The result of the U.S. presidential election marks the triumph, not of the Democrats and a senile senator, but of the Puritan current over the Jacksonians. It does not reflect the political views of American citizens and masks the crisis of civilization in which their country is sinking.


The U.S. presidential election of 2020 confirms the general trend since the dissolution of the Soviet Union: the U.S. population is going through a crisis of civilization and is inexorably heading inexorably towards a new civil war that should logically lead to the partition of the country. This instability should result in the end of the West as a hyper-power.


In order to understand what is happening, it is necessary to overcome the fear of the European elites in the face of the impending disappearance of the power that has protected them for three-quarters of a century; and to look honestly at the world history of the last thirty years. It is necessary to go back into US history and reread its Constitution.



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Trump administration removes senior defense officials and installs loyalists, triggering alarm at Pentagon


Washington (CNN) The Trump administration has carried out sweeping changes atop the Defense Department's civilian leadership structure, removing several of its most senior officials and replacing them with perceived loyalists to the President.

The flurry of changes, announced by the Department of Defense in a statement roughly 24 hours after President Donald Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, have put officials inside the Pentagon on edge and fueled a growing sense of alarm among military and civilian officials, who are concerned about what could come next.
Four senior civilian officials have been fired or have resigned since Monday, including Esper, his chief of staff and the top officials overseeing policy and intelligence. They were replaced by perceived Trump loyalists, including a controversial figure who promoted fringe conspiracy theories and called former President Barack Obama a terrorist.
A senior defense official told CNN late Tuesday that "it appears we are done with the beheadings for now," referring to the wave of ousted civilian leaders, including Esper.
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Is the president (still Trump) trying to protect "his" peace?... We shall see....

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biden absolve himself after the sins of war...

Republican Sen. Rand Paul advocated for President Donald Trump’s re-election by portraying him as someone who wants to end wars and casting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as someone "who consistently called for more war."

"Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War, which President Trump has long called the worst geopolitical mistake of our generation," Paul said Aug. 25 during the second night of the Republican National Convention. "I fear Biden will choose war again. He supported the war in Serbia, Syria, Libya."

Is the senator from Kentucky right about Biden’s record? Biden voted for a resolution that paved the way for the Iraq War, and for a non-binding resolution to authorize military air operations against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro). The conflicts in Syria and Libya happened when Biden was vice president and followed the policies of President Barack Obama.

Biden ‘voted for the Iraq War’

This checks out. In 2002, President George W. Bush argued that Iraqi president Saddam Hussein had chemical and biological weapons, sought nuclear weapons, supported terrorism, and threatened peace.

In October 2002, then-U.S. Sen. Biden voted in favor of a resolution that authorized Bush to enforce ''all relevant'' United Nations Security Council resolutions on Iraq and if needed, to use military force against Iraq.

In a Senate floor speech before voting for the resolution, Biden said that "failure to overwhelmingly support" the resolution was "likely to enhance the prospects that war will occur." The objective of the resolution was to compel Iraq to destroy its weapons of mass destruction, Biden said. He left open the possibility that Hussein might "miscalculate" and "misjudge" U.S. resolve. In that event, use of military force might be needed, Biden said. The United States invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003, and the war officially ended in late 2011. No weapons of mass destruction were found.

In 2005, Biden was asked in an interview if his 2002 vote was a mistake.

"It was a mistake," Biden answered. "It was a mistake to assume the president would use the authority we gave him properly. … We gave the president the authority to unite the world to isolate Saddam. And the fact of the matter is, we went too soon. We went without sufficient force. And we went without a plan."

Biden ‘supported war in Serbia, Syria, Libya’

Serbia: Biden voted for a 1999 concurrent resolution authorizing President Bill Clinton to conduct military air operations and missile strikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), in cooperation with North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies. (Concurrent resolutions express the sentiment of Congress, but are not signed by the president and do not carry the force of law.)

Clinton in March 1999 ordered air strikes in response to Yugoslavia’s campaign of violence against ethnic Albanians in the province of Kosovo.

The Kosovo conflict erupted in the 1990s between two groups within the former Yugoslavia — Kosovars, who are primarily ethnic Albanians, and Serbs, who are of Slavic descent. The two groups long disputed the territory known as Kosovo. After greater Yugoslavia fractured in the early 1990s, the dispute over Kosovo became violent, pitting the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army against the Serb-dominated government of what remained of Yugoslavia.

Paul’s office referenced conflicts in Syria and Libya that started in 2011, when Biden was vice president.

Syria: Syrians began protesting their government in early 2011, calling for political and social reforms and the ouster of their president. The protests prompted a violent response from the Syrian government. The conflict escalated as different groups within the country, foreign countries, and terrorists became involved. The United States since 2011 has called for Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad to step aside. The Obama administration in 2014 launched air strikes against the Islamic State in Syria and in 2015 deployed troops there to fight the terrorist group.

Libya: The United States, as part of a NATO operation, provided air support in an intervention that resulted in the ouster of the country’s longtime dictator, Moammar Gadhafi. Obama said Gadhafi was launching military actions that were causing civilian deaths and forcing ordinary Libyans to escape to neighboring countries, threatening a humanitarian crisis within Libya and instability for its neighbors, Egypt and Tunisia. The U.S. military spent about $2 billion and several months backing the Libyan uprising against Gadhafi. The uprising — part of the Arab Spring — toppled Gadhafi in August 2011, and rebel forces killed him that October.

Paul’s office sent us as a 2011 fact-check of Biden as evidence for his support of the U.S. intervention. In that fact-check, we examined Biden’s claim that in Libya, "America spent $2 billion total and didn’t lose a single life." We rated that Mostly True. (The fact-check did not focus on Biden’s own position on the issue.)

Biden’s campaign, however, pointed to a 2016 Politico report that referenced an interview Biden gave to journalist Charlie Rose in which he said that intervening in Libya was wrong. The Politico story said that Biden told Rose that he had "argued strongly" within the White House "against going ... to Libya." Politico reported that Biden in that interview also said the United States should not use force unless the interests of the country or its allies are directly threatened, whether it can be done "efficaciously" and whether it can be sustained.

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Ergo sum: Biden lies possibly more than Trump, after the facts...


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Progress here will require changing course on an issue that went almost entirely unmentioned during the run-up to the election: our nation’s disastrous affinity for war. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, war has become the principal signature of American statecraft. Over the course of three decades of sustained military activism, U.S. troops have suffered terrible losses while winning few conclusive victories. “Forever wars” in places like Afghanistan and Iraq have added trillions of dollars to the national debt.

Responsibility for this record of squandered blood and treasure rests with both parties. Democrats and Republicans have squabbled over any number of issues. But when it comes to military power and its utility, a broad consensus has prevailed. That consensus finds expression in ever-increasing Pentagon budgets, an expansive global military presence, and a penchant for armed intervention in distant places.

In Washington, everyone supports the troops. Too few bother to think critically about what the troops are actually doing, where, and at what cost. Patriotism carries the taint of militarism.

On that score, Donald Trump was an exception. If the train wreck of his presidency has any redeeming feature, it is found in his recognition that “endless wars” do not serve the national interest. Of course, Trump being Trump, he demonstrated neither the attention span nor the constancy of purpose to make good on his vow to end them. Even so, his repeated promise to do so resonated with his followers. Put simply, Trumpism contains a strong antiwar component.

So if President-elect Biden is serious about bringing the country together, here is one place where he might find common ground with the 70 million who preferred his opponent. Pro-Trumpers will never agree with Biden on abortion, gun ownership, climate change, or “socialism.” But if a Biden administration restores a measure of prudence to U.S. military policy, they just might respond favorably.

What might prudence look like in practice? Greater restraint in the use of force offers one obvious example. Abandoning regime change as a foreign policy objective offers another. Reducing military spending in favor of addressing neglected needs at home offers a third.

Nothing in Joe Biden’s long career suggests that he will become an overtly antiwar president. But should he foster an approach to national security that emphasizes military restraint and creative diplomacy, he just might make a first step toward healing a broken democracy.


Andrew Bacevich is president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft and TAC’s writer-at-large.


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Many media pundits are starting to make noises about Trump doing something stupid like starting a nuclear war or giving the US nuke codes to "hostile" people like Putin... Wake up boys, Trump may be a stupid clown but he's not a traitor nor an idiot. And the US nukes codes are already known in Russia... But that is the media, whose bread is buttered with the spoils of warfare... Actually it seems that Trump fired the warmongers at the Pentagon to replace them with his more peaceful mates...

the biden magic wand...


Joe Biden's call for unity is more than merely disingenuous, it is also completely detached from reality, according to media personality Megyn Kelly on Newsmax TV.

"Biden tweeted out late Saturday night, 'a nation unified, a nation strengthened, a nation healed' — OK, so, no it isn't!" Kelly told Monday's "Greg Kelly Reports." "It's not even close.

"That was written by a man in his basement for the past year," she continued to host Greg Kelly, no relation. "Because the nation's extremely divided right now, extremely divided. And you need to look no further than Joe Biden's own party."

Biden's speech Saturday night was called out by Megyn Kelly as being hypocritical, because he alienated all those who voted for President Donald Trump while claiming he can bring them to support him.

"Biden's been saying this all along: He's the unifier, he's the one that's going to bring us together," she said. "It sounds delightful. It sounds great, and I want that. I want world peace and I want all the puppies and kittens to be adopted.

"But, let's get real. It's not connected to the reality on the ground in this country right now. And the only reason you're hearing Biden and all these Democrats calling for it is because they won. It's only the person that wins that says, 'let's have unity.'

"But what has he been doing for the past four years, Greg? They have been calling all of the Trump supporters — not just Trump, that would be bad enough — all his supporters racists, bigots, xenophobes, misogynists, sexists, transphobes.

"Now it's: 'That stuff we said, we're good, right? Aren't we good? Get over here — group hug.'"

Megyn Kelly rebuked Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for calling to put Trump backers on an "accountability list."

"The people who voted for Trump now need to be on the accountability list," she rebuked. "And what are they going to do? They're going to try to stop you from getting a job. They're going to try to blackball you.

"They're going to try to stop you — they said it explicitly — they're going to try to stop you from getting any sort of a publishing deal."



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joe biden is god...

meanwhile the zionists can't wait for biden's blessings...

Several Syrian army soldiers have been killed after the country's air defense systems responded to an Israeli attack near the capital, Damascus, Syria’s SANA news agency reported. Tel Aviv confirmed the raid.

The attack took place in the early hours of Wednesday as the city remained plunged in darkness.

“At about 3:11 am this day, the Zionist enemy launched an air aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan on the southern region,” SANA reported, citing a military source. 

Explosions rang out in the skies over the Damascus area, and the country's air defenses intercepted “a number of missiles,” it added.

The attack claimed the lives of three soldiers, according to the military source. One serviceman was injured in the incursion, which also inflicted material damage.


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As mentioned on this site too often, attacking and bombing Damascus is going to be the pass-time of Joe Biden, delegating the work to the Zionists and some US "troops" if needed. Here the JEWS of the zionist state have gone ahead, though the US elections are not finalised and won't be until Donald has exhausted all the US courts into the ground.  If you think it's stupid, it's more clever than a cactus with a bunch of flowers. By refusing to concede and by challenging the result under the law (not under the mainstream media that have hanged him already) HE REMAINS PRESIDENT and can reshape the Pentagon, order the withdrawal of US troops and fire officials who defy him. Boom... And this is going to go until all the votes are officially counted, as some legal votes for Trump are resurfacing by accident...


And why did the Jews attack at 3:11 am precisely? I have a theory that at that time of the night, people are less aware than at other times. The Jewish pilots have been prepared for this early hour and are fully awake — trying to take the "others" by surprise. One day these Jewish excursions into Syria will blow back in their Zionist faces, and they will rush to mummy, now led by Old Joe who can't tie his shoelaces in the dark...