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covid-19 versus mass shootings...

gunsDave Chappelle has been one of the biggest, loudest and and most acerbic comedian, yet he is wrong...

A Land in Decay
Where Did America Go Wrong?

By Philipp Oehmke

Despite Donald Trump's defeat, the United States still appears to be in a state of moral decay. A DER SPIEGEL correspondent reflects on his five years in America.

26.11.2020, 12.59 Uhr…

During the opening of the recent "Saturday Night Live” he hosted, comedian Dave Chappelle, asked if anyone could still remember what life was like before COVID-19. Joe Biden had addressed the nation two hours earlier for the first time as president-elect. People were celebrating in the streets of cities and Biden wanted to spread a sense of optimism.

Then came Chappelle.

It probably says something about the country that the most important political commentators at the moment are late-night presenters and stand-up comedians. In Germany, comedians tend to occupy a niche, but in the United States, they are among the most important voices in society – and Dave Chappelle has been one of the biggest, loudest and and most acerbic of them for years running.

In his opening monologue, Chappelle recalled life back in pre-COVID-19 times. "You guys remember what life was like before COVID? I do,” he said. "There was a mass shooting every week. Anyone remember that? Thank God for COVID. Someone had to lock these murderous whites up and keep them in the house.”

America has survived Donald Trump for now. 

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Quite funny but :

Between April 1999 and June 2015, there was, on average, a (big) mass 
shooting event every 84 days
From June 2015 until now, there has been,on average, a mass shooting event every 47 days

On average, before june 2015, 4 people died per mass shooting. Since then the average has gone up
Meanwhile, should we BELIEVE the stats, Covid-19 has killed more than 280,000 people in the US in less than a year. 417 people died in 2019 from “mass shooting”… while in 2018 there were only 337 deaths. In 2020 so far it seems that only 592 died in mass shootings (including family feuds)...

Despite the US response to the coronavirus pandemic using sporadic stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, as at November 26 2020 there have been 592 mass shootings death so far this year. The death by gun shots in the US is more than 15,000…. According to data provided by the Gun Violence Archive, which records mass shooting deaths, this is already significantly above the 417 mass shootings deaths recorded in the whole of 2019.

In fact, by August 2020, mass shootings in the US had already exceeded the year-end totals for each year from 2014 to 2018. Mass shootings in the US have continued the general year-on-year increase in terms of frequency, fatalities and injuries – but 2020 has been far worse than usual.

The Gun Violence Archive defines mass shootings as a minimum of four victims shot (either fatally or not) excluding any shooter killed or injured in the attack. GVA’s definition of mass shooting includes incidents related to criminal activity, family disputes or gangs.

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So mathematically Covid-19 is the equivalent of more than 5000 years of mass shootings. And Covid-19 has killed more ethnics — Latinos and Blacks — and older people than White privileged younger dudes.

So, relatively, we’re in deeper shit should we have colored skin.

But the good news is that Trump did not create this shit. It started a long time ago. And Obama did nothing about it. The US citizens are weirdoes. We’re all weirdoes , but the US weirdoes are weird. And the guns don’t help the statistics...

Guns don’t kill people, but they sure do help make more damage... And the fact is that unless the mass shooting is huge, it won't make any headlines in the dumb media...

Peaceful dude.

breaking records...

Just one week after the United States broke a daily record for coronavirus deaths, it did so again on Wednesday, when officials across the country reported at least 3,011 new fatalities.

Last week’s record — 2,885 deaths reported in a single day — was a milestone because not since the pandemic’s first peak, in spring, had so many deaths been reported. The high point then was 2,752 deaths, on April 15.

As a brutal surge gathers speed across the country, the country went on last week to record its most coronavirus-related deaths over a seven-day period.

With a seven-day average of 2,249 deaths, the U.S. broke the previous mark of 2,232, set on April 17. Seven-day averages can provide a more accurate picture of the virus’s progression than daily death counts, which can fluctuate.

And all the while, the United States is speeding toward another stunning total: 300,000 total deaths since the coronavirus slipped into the country at the beginning of the year and began laying siege. At least 288,000 deaths have been recorded, according to a New York Times database.

The milestones are being toppled as U.S. officials race to approve and distribute a Covid-19 vaccine for Americans. Britain began vaccinating its own citizens this week, and Canada appears near to doing the same.

But things have moved more slowly in a country still mired over a presidential election that took place more than a month ago, with many Republicans refusing to acknowledge the results and some working actively to undo them.


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Of course we need to breakdown this stat with pre-existing condition such as gun-shots from mass shooting, lung cancer and ingrown toenail cases. Furthermore, we need to know how many poor people have died, how many ethnics and how many oldies in chicken-coops have gone to the better pastures in the sky...


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