Sunday 20th of September 2020

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Ministers voice support for Howard amid latest poll

Federal Cabinet ministers say another bad opinion poll for the Coalition has no bearing on their support for John Howard as leader.

Federal Cabinet meets in Canberra today and arriving at the airport, ministers were mostly asked about another poll pointing to a Labor government.

"Polls go up, polls go down. We're focused on running a good economy," Workplace Relations Minister Joe Hockey said.

AC Nielsen has Labor 10 points in front on the primary vote and 16 points ahead after preferences.

Human Services Minister Chris Ellison says there is no question about who should lead the Liberals.

"Do you think there's any contemplation in the Liberal Party about the leadership? None whatsoever," he said.

Ministers Voice Support For Howard Amid Latest Poll

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Speak up if I'm the problem, PM tells cabinet

Phillip Coorey and Stephanie Peatling
July 17, 2007

JOHN HOWARD invited his colleagues yesterday to tell him if they had a problem with the way he was doing his job.

According to a party source, the Prime Minister told a cabinet meeting that focused on trying to pare back Labor's crushing lead in the polls: "If you have a problem with how I'm doing my job, don't be afraid to say so."

But nobody spoke out and his leadership was not questioned.


Gus: Don't be afraid to say so? I can't see why some people don't want to see their guts hanging out the windows of parliament house, Canberra... or be made into violin strings for a concert at a Liberal Party non-raising funds function at Killibilli House.... Would be fun, though....