Wednesday 15th of July 2020

said the sorcerer to his apprentice .....

said the sorcerer to his apprentice .....

The prime rattus has thrown his support behind his Minister for Discrimination, Kevin “Joe McCarthy” Andrews, who is facing calls for his resignation over his handling of the Mohamed Haneef case.

Former terrorism suspect Dr Haneef returned home to India early this morning & told reporters he had been "victimised" by authorities during his time in custody in Australia.

Joe has been under pressure to explain his handling of the bungled case against Dr Haneef & to reveal the reasons why he revoked the doctor's Australian visa.

But rattus says he had full confidence in Joe.

"I support Joe’s handling of this matter from start to finish," rattus said.

‘Earlier, with the 27-year-old Muslim en route to India, Joe - who cancelled Dr Haneef's visa soon after he was bailed - said the doctor's swift departure after his release from detention only made him look more suspicious.

"If anything, that actually heightens rather than lessens my suspicion," he told commercial television.

Dr Haneef's lawyers described Joe’s comments as "beyond bizarre".

"What we can't understand is how Joe can cling to a view that a man who had been detained for nearly a month on charges that proved to be baseless can continue to smear his good name through an executive decision based on secret material," Peter Russo said in a statement.’

But the little sorcerer, rattus, said mistakes happened from time to time & when dealing with terrorism, it was better to be safe than sorry. Never, ever, ever sorry …

"Australia will not be apologising to Dr Haneef," rattus told reporters in Sydney.

"Dr Haneef was not victimised & Australia's international reputation has not been harmed by this 'mis-start' to its new anti-terrorism laws."

Dazzling us with her legal credentials, Foreign Sinister, “Fishnets” Downer, said the case showed that Australia's legal system worked well.

Fishnets will speak to her Indian counterpart at the ASEAN Regional Forum in the Philippines this week.

"The fact that the charges against Dr Haneef were dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions & Dr Haneef was allowed to return to India, I would have thought would be, pretty much, the beginning and the end of it," she told reporters at Sydney Airport.

You wish …..


Judge overturns Haneef visa move

A court in Australia has overturned a government decision to cancel the visa of an Indian doctor briefly charged over failed bomb attacks in the UK.

The court ruled that the government had erred when it cancelled Mohamed Haneef's visa on character grounds.

Dr Haneef had been accused of links to failed bombings in London and Glasgow.

But charges against him were dropped after Australia's chief prosecutor reviewed the case and said a mistake had been made.

The BBC's Nick Bryant, in Sydney, says the court's decision will be a major embarrassment for the Australian government.

more government blots

Andrews to appeal Haneef ruling

Federal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews says he stands by his decision to cancel the visa of Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef, and will lodge an official appeal against the reinstatement.

proof of conspiracy

Govt, AFP 'conspired against Haneef'

from the ABC

The lawyer representing former Gold Coast-based doctor Mohamed Haneef, Peter Russo, says he has proof the Federal Government and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) conspired against his client.

Mr Russo says he used freedom of information laws to obtain copies of emails sent by the AFP before Dr Haneef's bail hearing in Brisbane.

He says the emails clearly indicate Dr Haneef would be detained under the Migration Act if he was granted bail.

The emails were reportedly sent between senior AFP officials in Brisbane and Canberra and an Immigration Department public servant.

Mr Russo says it undermines the assertion of Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews that revoking Dr Haneef's visa was unrelated to the court decision.

Andrews ignored department...

Haneef advice ignored by Andrews: lawyers

Lawyer Rod Hodgson says the papers show Mr Andrews wanted to keep Dr Haneef in Australia at any cost.

Lawyers for former Gold Coast-based Dr Mohamed Haneef say they have obtained new documents showing former immigration minister Kevin Andrews ignored advice from his own department.

The Indian doctor was arrested at Brisbane Airport in July last year on a terrorism-related charge, but the case against him collapsed.

Lawyer Rod Hodgson says Dr Haneef's legal team has obtained Immigration Department documents through a freedom of information request, and they will be used at the inquiry into the handling of Dr Haneef's case.


See toon at top

criticism from a dark luminary...

Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership has been openly critiqued by Tony Abbott loyalistKevin Andrews, as the prime minister prepares to fly back to Australia and an increasingly divided Coalition following another dual citizen resignation.

Stephen Parry’s late admission of a constitutional citizenship conflict, which came at a time most within the government believed they could close the door on the issue that has plagued the parliament since July, has revealed tensions and widening divides within party ranks.

Just hours after Turnbull again shut down calls for a citizenship audit of parliament, Andrews, a Liberal MP, said one was needed for “strong, decisive and stable leadership”.

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Kevin Andrews is a rabid. He should shut up. The press should not pay attention to his ramblings. He is not in cabinet anymore and to Gus, Andrews is not the brightest spark on the planet... Is a grand ignoramus of sciences and of processes...