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peace prize

dynamite peace prize

From the Moscow Times:

Lower-ranking Russian politicians were quicker to weigh in, expressing everything from cautious congratulations to frustration about Obama winning the prize. They were virtually united in the opinion that the award went to the U.S. president as a downpayment on his future actions to reinforce global peace rather than for his accomplishments so far.

Many of them noted Europe's disappointment with the policies of Obama's predecessor, George Bush, and hope that the new White House would take a more peaceful approach to its foreign policy.

Konstantin Kosachyov, a United Russia deputy who leads the State Duma's Foreign Affairs Committee, called choosing Obama "rather an acknowledgment of the rightness of his intentions than certain results" and said it was "a reaction to the positive turn" in the U.S. foreign policy, Interfax reported Friday.

a surprise winner

From the BBC

US President Barack Obama has said he was "surprised and deeply humbled" to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, less than 10 months into his presidency.

Speaking at the White House hours after the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee named him as a surprise winner, he said the award should be a "call to action".

The world faced challenges that "cannot be met by one person or by one nation alone," Mr Obama said.

The committee said he won for efforts to boost diplomacy and co-operation.

"Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future," the Norwegian committee said in a statement.

white house improvements...

From Dionne at the WP

I truly hate to say this, but I wish the Nobel Committee had held off on giving President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course I am happy Obama has improved our country’s standing in the world and I do believe his approach to other nations is a big improvement on the eight years that came before him. That’s clearly the message the Nobel Committee was sending.

But our domestic politics are so rancid that I can imagine Obama’s foes using this against him, not only by emphasizing that he still has much to get done but also by trying to argue -- remember John McCain’s “He’s the biggest celebrity in the world” ads? – that we should be suspicious of Obama precisely because he is so popular overseas.

at another venue .....

Today the Spanish Senate, acting to confirm a decision already taken under pressure from powerful governments accused of grave crimes, will limit Spain's laws of universal jurisdiction.

Yesterday, ahead of the change of law, a legal case was filed at the Audiencia Nacional against four United States presidents and four United Kingdom prime ministers for commissioning, condoning and/or perpetuating multiple war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq.

This case, naming George H W Bush, William J Clinton, George W Bush, Barack H Obama, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Anthony Blair and Gordon Brown, is brought by Iraqis and others who stand in solidarity with the Iraqi people and in defence of their rights and international law.

Iraq: 19 years of intended destruction

The intended destruction - or genocide - of Iraq as a state and nation has been ongoing for 19 years, combining the imposition of the most draconian sanctions regime ever designed and that led to 1.5 million Iraqi deaths, including 500,000 children, with a war of aggression that led to the violent deaths of over one million more.

Destroying Iraq included the purposeful targeting of its water and sanitation system, attacking the health of the civilian population. Since 1990, thousands of tons of depleted uranium have been dropped on Iraq, leading in some places to a 600 per cent rise in cancer and leukaemia cases, especially among children. In both the first Gulf War and "Shock and Awe" in 2003, an air campaign that openly threatened "total destruction", waves of disproportionate bombing made no distinction between military and civilian targets, with schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, shelters, residential areas, and historical sites all destroyed.

Destroying Iraq included promoting, funding and organizing sectarian and ethnic groups bent on dividing Iraq into three or more sectarian or ethnic entities, backed by armed militias that would terrorize the Iraqi people. Since 2003, some 4.7 million Iraqis - one fifth of the population - have been forcibly displaced. Under occupation, kidnappings, killings, extortion and mutilation became endemic, targeting men, women and even children and the elderly.

Destroying Iraq included purposefully dismantling the state by refusing to stop or stem or by instigating mass looting, and by engaging in ideological persecution, entailing "manhunting", extrajudicial assassinations, mass imprisonment and torture, of Baathists, the entire educated class of the state apparatus, religious and linguistic minorities and Arab Sunnis, resulting in the total collapse of all public services and other economic functions and promoting civil strife and systematic corruption.

In parallel, Iraq's rich heritage and unique cultural and archaeological patrimony has been wantonly destroyed.

In order to render Iraq dependent on US and UK strategic designs, successive US and UK governments have attempted to partition Iraq and to establish by military force a pro-occupation Iraqi government and political system. They have promoted and engaged in the massive plunder of Iraqi natural resources, attempting to privatize this property and wealth of the Iraqi nation.

Humanity at stake

This is but the barest summary of the horrors Iraq has endured, based on lies that nobody but cowed governments and complicit media believed. In 2003, millions worldwide were mobilized in opposition to US/UK plans. In going ahead, the US and UK launched an illegal war of aggression. Accountability has not been established.

The persons named in this case have each played a key role in Iraq's intended destruction. They instigated, supported, condoned, rationalized, executed and/or perpetuated or excused this destruction based on lies and narrow strategic and economic interests, and against the will of their own people. Allowing those responsible to escape accountability means such actions could be repeated elsewhere.

It is imperative now to establish accountability for US and UK war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq because:

Every Iraqi victim deserves justice.

Everyone responsible should be accountable.

We are before immoral and unlawful acts, contrary to the basis on which the international order of state sovereignty and peace and security rests. Whereas the official international justice system is closed before the suffering of those that imperialism makes a target, through this case we try to open a channel whereby the conscience of humanity can express its solidarity with justice for victims of imperial crimes.

Ad Hoc Committee For Justice For Iraq

Press contacts:

Hana Al Bayaty, Executive Committee, BRussells Tribunal

34 657 52 70 77 or +20 10 027 7964 (English and French) hanaalbayaty@gmail.com

Dr Ian Douglas, Executive Committee, BRussells Tribunal, coordinator, International Initiative to Prosecute US Genocide in Iraq

+20 12 167 1660 (English) iandouglas@USgenocide.org

Amanda Nuredin, +34 657 52 70 77 (Spanish) justiciaparairak@gmail.com

Abdul Ilah Albayaty, Executive Committee, BRussells Tribunal

+33 471 461 197 (Arabic) albayaty_abdul@hotmail.com


cartoonist carnage...

Most of the cartoonists around the world agree: the Nobel Obama adulation is premature... At the New York Times' cartooning section, Tony Auth shows a Ruth Limbaugh's head exploding while being informed of the noble prize recipient, on air... Tom Toles shows a gold medal being awarded to a single competitor before the start of a race, Glen McCoy shows a narcissist Obama looking at his own refection in a pond, while the president of Iran is carrying a nuke in the background, Jeff Danzinger shows army troops being awarded purple hearts before a battle, Martin Rawson of the guardian, shows Obama trying to ride a peace dove while his feet are trapped in the rocks of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

Even Robert Fisk puts a dim view on the prize...

Robert Fisk: Obama, man of peace? No, just a Nobel prize of a mistake

The US president received an award in the faint hope that he will succeed in the future. That's how desperate the Middle East situation has become.


I did the cartoon above in the next two hours following the announcement of the prize... In it I placed a dynamite stick being presented to Obama... We all know of course that dynamite was invented by Mr Nobel... who later in his life became a strong pacifist and created the "Nobel Prizes". My cartoon is deliberately ambiguous as Obama is trying to estinguish the wick, which every one knows cannot be snuffed out by blowing on it. I have no clue as to what lurks in the mind of the nobel prize givers, but they did give Obama such dangerous stick, about to explode — as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are bound to do slowly but surely, whichever way one turns... unless....

I call these wars — "warettes" — they are little wars, they are little conflicts that fester like boils rather than a virulent small pox...

It is my humble view that Obama should have declined to accept the prize. By doing so he would have acknowledge his difficult position in regard to these "warettes" but at the same time he could have reiterrated his desire for peace, prepared to solve Iraq and Afghanistan in new inventive ways that only a person in his position can implement... His standing would have soared, despite the knockers who of course would have said he does not deserve it since he would have refused it...

I had another cartoon idea: as the prize is being pinned on his lapel, the pin pierces his heart like a poisoned arrow... But i favored the dynamite stick concept. The ambiguity is the sad part of this premature glory.

see toon at top.

from an expert in big shoes...

Former foreign minister Alexander Downer has taken aim at the Nobel Peace Prize committee over its decision to award the latest prize to US President Barack Obama.

Mr Downer described the decision 'a farce' and said Mr Obama should have refused to accept the prize.

"He has been in office for less than nine months when it is announced that he has won the prize, so they would have made the decision a few weeks ago I suppose. It does make the whole system a bit of a farce," he said.

Mr Downer says it is a pity Mr Obama did not refuse the award.


see toon at top and comment above this one. I believe there is still time for Obama not to accept the prize, gracefully nonetheless.

meanwhile, the nobel prize for war...

President Obama announced in March that he would be sending 21,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. But in an unannounced move, the White House has also authorized -- and the Pentagon is deploying -- at least 13,000 troops beyond that number, according to defense officials.

The additional troops are primarily support forces, including engineers, medical personnel, intelligence experts and military police. Their deployment has received little mention by officials at the Pentagon and the White House, who have spoken more publicly about the combat troops who have been sent to Afghanistan.

The deployment of the support troops to Afghanistan brings the total increase approved by Obama to 34,000. The buildup has raised the number of U.S. troops deployed to the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan above the peak during the Iraq "surge" that President George W. Bush ordered, officials said.

nobel prize for tr-oops...

OSLO — President Barack Obama arrived here on Thursday morning to formally accept the Nobel Peace Prize and to attend a daylong series of events to commemorate the award that was created 108 years ago by Alfred Nobel.

Mr. Obama stepped off Air Force One into the crisp morning air of this Norwegian city after flying overnight from Washington with his wife, Michelle, and a small group of friends and relatives who are accompanying him on a brief trip to Norway.

The president will have a morning meeting with Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and a private audience with King Harald V and Queen Sonja at the Royal Palace of Norway.

The day’s events culminate in the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, where Mr. Obama will accept the 2009 award and deliver a speech before an audience of about 1,000 people at Oslo City Hall. He will address members of the Nobel committee, who stunned the world and Mr. Obama himself on Oct. 9 by presenting him with the award only nine months into his presidency.

see toon at top..

no such thing as a "just war"

President Barack Obama has said the US must uphold moral standards when waging wars that are necessary and justified, as he accepted his Nobel Peace Prize.

In his speech in Oslo, he defended the US role in Afghanistan, arguing the use of force could bring lasting peace.

He also said his accomplishments were slight compared with other laureates.


Another delusional president sells his wares... "just trousers" — "just furphy" — "just fine" — "just silly"...

abolition of military forces....

More than half the Nobel Peace Prizes awarded since 1946 have been awarded illegally, says Fredrik Heffermehl, a Norwegian lawyer and peace activist, because they do not follow the expressed will of the millionaire inventor of dynamite. He says all but one of 10 prizes awarded since 1999 are illegitimate under Norwegian and Swedish law.

Mr Heffermehl's verdict, which caused controversy when it was set out in his book Nobels Vilje (Nobel's Will) published in Norwegian in 2008, is likely to stir up passionate discussion next month when Greenwood Press publishes Picking Up the Peaces: Why the Nobel Peace Prize Violates Alfred Nobel's Will and How to Fix It.

Mr Heffermehl's book emphasises that Nobel's will concentrated on rewarding the struggle to end wars through an international order based on law and abolition of military forces. Few of the recent winners can be seen to have engaged in that struggle. Among those awards he names as illegitimate are: Mother Teresa (1979); Lech Walesa (1983); Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin (1994); Iranian human rights activist Shirin Ebadi (2003); Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai (2004); and Al Gore (2007).


The last one awarded was to Obama... see toon at top...

artists of the world for peace...

Call for Peace on World Citizen Artists First Anniversary Event 

International musicians highlight growing contribution of artists to humanitarian causes at exclusive Paris performance on World Music Day
Paris, June 15 2015: Sunday 21st June will not be a typical Parisian Sunday evening. As the annual Fête de la Musique gets underway, World Citizen Artists (WCA), an international foundation headquartered in Paris, will be also staging its own unique one-year anniversary celebration, bring- ing together some of the rising stars of the international music scene for an important, and perhaps unexpected cause.

Supported by Radio France Internationale (RFI) and in partnership with International Day of Peace, and the Playing for Change Foundation, the musical soireé, which will be held at the prestigious Bataclan Café, will bring together a diverse range of international musicians committed to using their musical talents and influence to promote peace, tolerance and unity in the face of growing conflict and humanitarian crises around the world.
"World Citizen Artists is about making the world a better place for all of us, says artist and founder of WCA, Valerie Won Lee. “I believe the artistic community could show more solidarity with the people of the world and do so much more to bring about real change social change and raise awareness about all kinds of humanitarian issues through the power of our work. »

Playing under the banner of International Day of Peace ‘Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All’, the singers and musicians will entertain an expected crowd of artists, musicians, promoters and WCA fans at the historical Chinese-style Bataclan Café, opened in 1865 along with the Bataclan concert venue, today known for hosting eclectic events including rock and pop concerts, comedy and café-theatre. The event will also be followed around the world by fans on social media – in the past year alone, WCA has gained over 60,000 fans on Facebook.

The diversity of the growing WCA Movement is evident in the 2015 World Music Day line-up with upcoming artists such as Cachin Selis (Argentina),
Ricardo Moura (Brazil), BélO (Haiti), Ger Costelloe (Ireland), Kat & Tony (Canada) and more attending the event. "The beauty and magic of great art can bring people of all walks of life together,” says Won Lee. “Although we all come from different cultures and backgrounds, we are all united in the one belief that we want peace and jus- tice for each and every person. Let's use art to highlight humanitarian issues and provoke real change” "
Won Lee’s first launched WCA in 2014 with an inaugural art competition 'Compete for Peace - not War" which attracted over 3000 entries from over 20 countries. After a glamorous awards night at the Belgravia Gallery in Mayfair, London, the winners and finalists were celebrated for their efforts to provoke meaningful debate and social change. The event at the Bataclan Café on June 21st will be the first opportunity for the 2014 winners and WCAs growing global fan base to come together and carry on the momentum. 

Among the highlights of the event will be Haitian musician BélO whose songs about his country's political and social problems have attracted a growing global following. BélO was one of the first winners of the WCA awards that will be presented to him by Christian Renoux the prominent French historian and an activist for nonviolence. BélO will join the 2014 WCA finalists including Kat & Tony band from Canada, Brazilian singer songwriter Ricardo Moura and WCA members Ger Costelloe from Ireland and Cachin Selis from Argentina “One year after we started, WCA has gained thousands followers on social media and I’m excited about the potential the artistic community has to contribute to strengthening the humanitarian spirit in all of us” believes Won Lee “This event really is a first for the WCA community. I think it really reflects the growing interest from artists to get more involved in helping improve the worrying state of our world. We are looking to get bigger and bigger this coming year. Things need to change and we need to use our talents and our influence for the greater and future good."

World Citizen Artists First Anniversary Celebration
Sunday 21 June 2015 from 7pm to Midnight
Bataclan Café
50 Boulevard Voltaire
75011 Paris


seven years later, the dreadful reality...



By Martin Berger

It’s been seven years since Obama delivered his famous speech at Cairo University in June 2009, which at the time was quite ironically heralded as the “new beginning” since it was believed that it would open a new page in the US relations with the Middle Eastern and North Africa.

Back then, this speech was perceived as an actual program that Obama would be following, therefore many Muslim states embraced Obama’s vision as a game changer. According to this “new beginning” speech, Obama was going to depart from the Bush-era marked by aggressive policies, known by the armed aggression against Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq. The US president was also particularly vocal in declaring his support of mutual values most African and Islamic states share.

It must be understood that this speech has been instrumental in the Nobel Peace Prize that Obama was honored by the Nobel Committee with in its eagerness to show its unconditional support for Washington.

However, seven years later, even American experts only dare to mention this speech, proving the US has failed to fulfill any of Obama’s promises. It’s now a recognized fact that Washington’s “vision” of US relations with Middle East has been completely detached from reality, since the White House remains still a ruthless aggressor. But the Obama administration has taken it a step too far, going from simply intervening in the affairs of sovereign Muslim states to creating a dreadful reality, where civil institutions are now not simply undermined in the Middle East, they are replaced by brutal terrorist groups.

Today, Obama’s approach to the Middle East is often linked to Hillary Clinton’s belief about the need to impose total chaos across the region. The failure to deliver on his promises has recently been noted by  Newsweek, which would state:

When Obama took office, there were no major al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan. Now they are back… and-bringing the whole sad spectacle full circle-ISIS has expanded from Iraq and Syria and established a presence in Afghanistan, taking over villages and imposing rule so brutal it is actually making Afghans long for the days of Taliban rule.

The influential alternative media source Counter Punch would go a step further:

The cause of peace in the Middle East has not advanced under Obama. His decision to follow Hillary Clinton’s advice rather than his own inclinations and intervene in Libya after the overthrow of Muammar el-Qaddafi was disastrous. There, as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan, the peace process has collapsed and good governance is a distant dream.

According to his “new beginning” policy, Obama pushed for the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and the resignation of Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen, at the outbreak of civil war in Syria. All this resulted in the growing influence of organized terrorism and the rapid emergence and expansion of new and extremely dangerous radical groups like ISIS.

According to various American analysts, the origins of ISIS lie in Obama’s and Clinton’s policy of delusions and half measures regarding the Iraq and Syria conflicts. The recent release of an August 2012 classified memo to the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton indicated the presence of the organization that later became ISIS among the Syrian opposition forces supported by the West.

It’s clear now that in Cairo Obama has indirectly announced his support for organized extremism. At the time his team had already had been knee deep in supporting the idea that the the Muslim Brotherhood is a popular Arab movement that would be able to bring “a change” to the the countries of the region and transform the existing autocratic regimes into more democratic ones. One of these “supporters” was Hillary Clinton who made political deals with extremist groups a common practice among US foreign policy. Arabs still believe that Washington hasn’t given up this practice even now, although it was forced to take it a couple of steps back. It’s true that Obama’s reliance on elite forces and drones may reduce US casualties, but it still amounts to intervention and avoidance of peacemaking. Obama has also smashed records for selling weaponry and arms to America’s so-called Middle East “allies,” many of whom continue to wage their own wars of destruction.

The failed promise of the Arab Spring virtually everywhere has been equaled only by the US failure to find faithful partners amidst extremists. Therefore, as of now, the US has no reliable allies in the Arab world worth mentioning.

The only good thing American analysts can say now about Obama’s “new beginning” is that by 2020, the Clinton presidency most likely will make us all feel much better about Barack Obama’s failures in comparison.

Therefore, all of us are responsible in assisting US citizens in making an informed decision about who is going to run the White House in the years to come, since this choice will directly affect the development of the situation not only in the Middle East and Africa, but across the globe as well.

Martin Berger is a freelance journalist and geopolitical analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”  


See toon at top... See also article above posted in June 2015: artists of the world for peace... Gus is a member of the group

The Bataclan was the venue 
World Citizen Artists First Anniversary Celebration
Sunday 21 June 2015 from 7pm to Midnight
Bataclan Café
50 Boulevard Voltaire
75011 Paris

November 2015 Paris attacks

On the evening of 13 November 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in Paris, France and the city's northern suburb, Saint-Denis.[7] Beginning at 21:20 CET, three suicide bombers struck near the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, followed by suicide bombings and mass shootings at cafés, restaurants and a music venue in central Paris.[8]

The attackers killed 130 people,[2] including 89 at the Bataclan theatre,[9] where they took hostages before engaging in a stand-off with police. Another 368 people were injured,[4] 80–99 seriously.[5][6] Seven of the attackers also died, while the authorities continued to search for accomplices.[3] The attacks were the deadliest on France since World War II,[10][11] and the deadliest in the European Union since the Madrid train bombings in 2004.[12] France had been on high alert since the January 2015 attacks on Charlie Hebdo offices and a Jewish supermarket in Paris that killed 17 people and wounded 22, including civilians and police officers.[13]



the clinton's clayton...


Shortly after Barack Obama delivered his first (free) speech today since leaving the White House in Chicago before an invitation-only crowd of college students, community organizers and other fans, Fox News' Charlie Gasparino reports that in what may be his first paid speaking arrangement, Obama will be paid $400,000 to speak at Cantor Fitzgerald's healthcare conference this September, setting the benchmark for how much an hour of the former president's time will cost going forward.

#BREAKING @BarackObama has agreed to speak at Cantor Fitzgerald’s health care conference for $400,000! I discuss NOW on @FoxNews!

— Charles Gasparino (@CGasparino) April 24, 2017

Obama, who spent years bashing big banks (even if, like Trump, ultimately achieved nothing to halt Wall Street's dominance) will deliver the keynote address at the organization's lunch in what will be one of his first paid speeches.

"What sources are telling FOX Business Network is that former President Obama, now less than 100 days out of office, has agreed to a speaking engagement during Cantor Fitzgerald’s healthcare conference in September," FBN's Gasparino said. "We understand that he is going to be the keynote speaker for the lunch, and he’s going to receive a fee of $400,000. We should point out that that’s in line with what Hilary Clinton got... we should point out that Cantor will neither confirm or deny."

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and the nobel prize for sexism goes to ...

The Swedish Academy is considering cancelling the most prestigious prize in world literature for the first time since World War II, following the biggest sex scandal and power struggle in its history.

"We're thinking about it. We'll let you know soon," Anders Olsson, the academy's interim permanent secretary, told Swedish Radio on Wednesday.

The station reported that the prize could be held back for a year, with two laureates feted together for 2018 and 2019 next year.

READ MORE: Swedes may be charged with rape unless they get ‘explicit’ sexual consent under proposed law

"Given the situation the academy currently finds itself in, and given the best interests of the prize, it might be best to postpone it for a year," said Peter Englund, another academy member.

Comprising the elite of the country’s literary establishment, the 18-member academy has awarded every Nobel Prize for Literature since its inception in 1901.

Long-running grievances exposed

But the secretive organization was rocked in November last year, when Jean-Claude Arnault, the husband of poet and academy member Katarina Frostenson, was accused by 18 women of sexual harassment in the wake of the #MeToo scandal.

While Arnault is not himself a member, nor have any of the charges against him been proven, he was deeply involved in the academy as the owner of the Stockholm club where members met, which was part-funded by the academy. He was also later accused of leaking names of winners days in advance of the official announcements, although he denies this and all the other charges.

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meanwhile in the ticklish newsroom...

Linda Vester told Variety in an interview published Thursday that she was going public with the allegations because she was unhappy with how the network was handling sex-harassment allegations against former “Today” host Matt Lauer.

She alleged Brokaw tickled her in an NBC conference room in Denver in 1993 while they were covering a papal visit.

“I’m standing there, and Tom Brokaw enters through the door and grabs me from behind and proceeds to tickle me up and down my waist,” she says in a video interview.

“I jumped a foot and I looked at a guy who was the senior editor of ‘Nightly [News],’ and his jaw was hanging open. Nobody acted like anything wrong was happening, but I was humiliated.”

Vester also claimed Brokaw tried to kiss her in her hotel room in 1993, then again at a London restaurant the next year.

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As the men are being decimated, I make sure I keep my hands deep in my pockets, just in case I feel the urge to tickle some bottoms... but then apart from those in the glamorous news room, a lot of bottoms are ugly... and not really worth tickling... Read item above...

piss prize...

Eighteen House Republicans have nominated Donald Trump for the 2019 Nobel peace prize.

In a letter spearheaded by the Indiana Republican Luke Messer and sent to the Norwegian Nobel committee, the lawmakers claim that Trump should “receive the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his work to end the Korean War, denuclearize the Korean peninsula and bring peace to the region”.

The rules for a Nobel prize nomination are relatively loose. Nominations can only be made by people who belong to a handful of categories, including members of a national legislation body, university professors and former winners of the prize – but there are no other restrictions. In 2018, there were 330 nominees to win the award, which will be announced in December. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons was the 2017 winner. 

The Nobel committee operates under aegis of the government of Norway, but a 2009 justice department memo says the prize and accompanying $1.4m award does not qualify as a “emolument” from a foreign power, as the committee is independent from the government. Trump has previously faced criticism over foreign government spending at his hotels, which scholars have argued is an emolument. The Trump Organization has said that it has given all profits from foreign governments to the US treasury.

Although the letter copiously praises Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign and says there is “no one more deserving of the Committee’s recognition in 2019 than President Trump for his tireless work to bring peace to our world”, there may be political motivations at play as well.


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modestly jealous...

President Trump said Thursday that “everyone thinks” he deserves to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize when asked by a reporter if he thinks he deserves the prestigious award.


“Everyone thinks so, but I would never say it,” Trump said ahead of a historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“I want to get it finished. The prize I want is victory for the world, not even here. I want victory for the world because that’s what we’re talking about. So that’s the only prize I want,” Trump said. 

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of six awards given yearly by the Nobel Committee.

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Barack Obama for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

Obama was the fourth U.S. President to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, after Theodore Roosevelt (1906) and Woodrow Wilson (1919)—both of whom received the award during their term.


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