Saturday 6th of June 2020

Bobo for PM

Bobo for PM

the ghost of crappy tony is still lurking...

All in all, since departing the political landscape in Britain in 2007, Blair has never been more prominent, presented by the country’s liberal establishment as the man who will save Britain from a Brexit process that, unless stopped, will lead the British people off the edge of a political and economic cliff without a parachute. Though many may agree with the second part of the preceding sentence (myself included), the prospect of Blair returning to mainstream political life is an insult to the indescribable suffering his messianic and fanatical belief in the virtues of regime change produced in the former Yugoslavia and, of course, Iraq, the consequences of which the world is still dealing with today.

Blair’s role in helping to facilitate Washington’s disrespect and disregard for the UN and international law must never be forgotten either, helping set a precedent that remains entrenched within a toxic US political culture; with Obama and most recently Trump demonstrating a brutal and callous willingness to resort to aggression and brute imperialism whenever the mood takes. In fact, Blair’s slavish embrace of US hegemony reminds us that it is not the relationship with Brussels from which the British people need to be liberated, but its relationship with Washington.

On the issue of the EU specifically, who will gainsay the fact that Blair is the very embodiment of the free market neoliberal status quo, premised on globalization, which has fueled support not only for Brexit, but also the emergence and rise of anti-EU parties and politicians throughout Europe. The abandonment of the working class and their communities in service to the super-rich, to global corporations and the banks, allowing them free rein, led directly to the global economic crash of 2008, which plunged millions of people into poverty and despair.

And yet despite this we are expected to believe that Blair and his ilk hold the solution to the very problems they created? Are they mad?

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twelve years between the top toon and today... The man has no shame...