Wednesday 21st of August 2019

in ironic water...


From the ABC

Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce says comments he made yesterday poking fun at the Productivity Commission were meant to be ironic.

In his new role as Opposition spokesman for regional development, infrastructure and water, Senator Joyce has been quick to have a crack at the Government.

But already he has had to qualify his comments.

Yesterday he joked that he used Productivity Commission reports when he runs out of toilet paper.

"These people actually did read the Productivity Commission reports," he said. "I use them when I run out of toilet paper, but they actually use them."

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott agrees that Senator Joyce's comments were made in jest, but reiterated the Coalition's respect for the Productivity Commission.

He told ABC local radio that Senator Joyce's comments were a "sort of a joke".


Soon, Barnaby is going to find himself on the back bench... with his head pushed down a toilet bowl by Mr Thug himself...

nice and sedate...

Senator Joyce on Wednesday defended the remark and said if people wanted him to be "nice and sedate" in his comments, then he'd be happy to oblige.

"Of course, (the report) will be read," he told ABC Radio on Wednesday.

"It's ridiculous to think that as the shadow minister for water I won't be reading it.

"If that's too hard to handle, then we won't do that, we'll go back to (being) white bread politicians and all be nice and sedate."


Good one, why dont you "go sedate" and look nice on the back bench...?

a sad joke...

Laugh at your peril: Joyce is not a joke

Gerard Henderson

The National Party's "you can change your world" advertising campaign started on television last night. Its message is: you do not have to live in the big cities to be heard. The Nationals claim credit for changing the Liberal Party's position on Rudd Labor's proposed emissions trading scheme, leading to its defeat in the Senate.

Barnaby Joyce, the Nationals' leader in the Senate, led the political attack. Warren Truss is the parliamentary leader of the Nationals. He is a politician of some ability but little charisma. In other words, if the National Party cannot market Joyce they will make little progress in rural and regional areas.


Joyce is his own man. But he does reflect certain Santamaria positions, much more so than Tony Abbott. Joyce is no fan of free enterprise or globalisation and believes in a degree of protectionism. He is a patriot and has a genuine concern about the communist regime in China. What's more, Joyce has empathy for the down and out, and expresses traditional Catholic views on such issues as abortion.

He does not appear to be able to say "no" to a media appearance and is yet to constrain his language when a microphone is present. Yet his problem is not language or occasional bad taste but a lack of policy depth and a tendency to exaggerate. And he has been in national politics for only five years.


Gus: Ah Gerard, Your tactical "praise" of Joyce is full of thorns and your advice not to ignore Joyce is taken... But let us laugh. The man is a political joke... Should he accede to real power, we might be lucky that the heads of public service departments give him a script like a straightjacket, otherwise Australia might die, laughing.

joyce up the creek..

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce says he was not acting irresponsibly when he drove his taxpayer-funded four-wheel drive into floodwaters just before Christmas.

The Queensland Senator got bogged in Burren Creek, in northern New South Wales, while driving from St George to a family property while on holidays.

His $95,000 Toyota Landcruiser stalled in the creek and Senator Joyce had to climb through the driver's window to escape.

He says he is embarrassed but did not break any laws.

"It's not my finest moment in politics, but the road was open and the sign that leads to the water said 'drive slowly'," he said.

"Unfortunately I obeyed that road sign and drove slowly into the water until the car stopped.

"We got the car out and turned it over, but when the water goes into the electronics of the car the price of replacing airbags and the computers and everything else that goes with it is approximately the price of the car."


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lowering the politcal level below crap...

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce has given his strongest hint yet that he is considering contesting a Lower House seat after being approached by colleagues to run against key independent Tony Windsor at the next federal election.

The Queensland Senator told the Nine Network he would consider taking on Mr Windsor in his central New South Wales seat of New England if his party wants him to.

"Of course I would consider it - I'd be foolish not to," the Tamworth-born, Queensland-based, Opposition spokesman for regional development told Channel Nine.

Mr Windsor holds New England by a healthy margin of 21.5 per cent.


Joyce is so un-intellectual, so un-informed that he may have a chance fudging it like Abbott fudges it daily...

wallow with your own kind...

If Barnaby Joyce believes he can waltz into New England and campaign against Tony Windsor on a single issue – Windsor’s support of Labor – he has seriously misread the electorate. Such a campaign strategy is doomed to fail.

Joyce doesn’t seem to have the where-with-all, or the ability, to filter his erratic thought-process before speaking. What he does have is a history of gaffes and incoherent ramblings. This makes for good newspaper copy, and it’s fun to watch from the sidelines, but only while he is in the “unrepresentative swill” of the Senate. It won’t serve him at all as Nationals leaders in the lower house.

My advice to Barnaby Joyce is this. Forget New England. If Tony Windsor runs again, you won’t beat him. Challenge Rob Oakeshott instead. They are your people.

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comment from the ritewingnut gallery...

But Joyce's Q&A appearances have become increasingly nuanced, mixing warmth, passion, humour and error-free common sense. His weekly piece in The Canberra Times is one of the few original columns by a serving politician one can read for the pleasure of the writing.

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Ross Cameron, the writer of this comment, is a businessman and the former Liberal member for Parramatta...
Of course, silly Ross Cameron also bags Swan, while Swan, Labor and present finance minister, is doing a fine job against international trying circumstances. In conclusion Ross Cameron offers this packaged gem of crap:

Moderates may worry about the influence of two Riverview old boys at or near the top of their respective parties, guiding the fortunes of the nation, but Barnaby has earned the right to be seen as the next Nationals leader and - like Abbott - has transformed from an unpredictable renegade to a disciplined and effective electoral asset.
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Asset? more like an ass... The imbeciles ritewingnuts are winning the heart of the nation? The silly nasty sociopaths are winning the leadership of what one was a party of liberal (conservative) thinkers?... Is the Murdoch media fighting on the side of Darth Abbott or is it lauding Tonicchio the pranskter to the heights of Julius (Caesar that is)? These days, like Abbott, many ritewingnut people, including Joyce, don't think. They just break loose and smash the family crockery to appear doing sumpthin' while making a loud noise... to the applause of a Murdoch driven drivel.
And the sheer madness of a rabid Abbott stains the rest of them.
Joe Hockey, this morning on Fran, was turning rabid crimsom like his leader, loosing his jovial cool in an attempt to shed blood... without understanding one bit of the drama this planet as a whole is facing. And listen Joe, puppets made of wood like Tonicchio don't bleed... And as you know, Joyce has problems adding millions... What appears like Barnaby's "common sense" on Q&A is pure illogical sophistry with a bit of a laugh thrown in... Con artists!...

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