Sunday 12th of July 2020

the porkologist.

the porkologist

Zero tolerance?

"Renae's old headmaster, Father Ted, has vouched for the boy's upright devotion, so I will intervene personally to save him from the bullet."

Isn't it sweetly ironic that the eeevil mohamedans have bagged an ABC, a Chan, no less, and his funloving dinkum Aussie crew, to extract some more ritual atonement for East Timor? Is Suharto still alive? With a bit more luck, they will be able to rope some godless Hindoos and Boodists into the plot.

Young Andrew, by now, will have heard how the generals in Rangoon have nothing but the kindest regards for his family in Sydney. And how they will be able to make it easier for him to succumb to a fatal illness, if his lips start to itch. Meanwhile, Andrew will be hoping for a brace of sleepy guards and conveniently placed keys. Either way, he won't have to face Colonel Bang-bang.

These blue-eyed boys are not terrorists like David Hicks, they are just high-spirited lads out for adventure.


My goodness me, am I prescient, or what?

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