Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

republik in the ranks...


THE Coalition has begun talks with the Australian Republican Movement about potential changes to Australia's constitution, despite Tony Abbott, a staunch monarchist, being at its helm.

Frontbencher Joe Hockey has led the negotiations. He has taken over from Malcolm Turnbull as the torchbearer for republican sentiment inside the Liberal Party.

Mr Hockey indicated it was unlikely the Coalition would take a party position on a republic, but would allow individual MPs to take a position according to their beliefs.

Mr Hockey spoke to the Australian Republican Movement about the Coalition's position, as republicans hope to once again have bipartisan political support for the cause. He advocated a ''bottom up'' approach to constitutional change, urging the movement to raise the debate in the community.

The movement chairman Major General Michael Keating said 60 to 80 per cent of people were republicans ''and half of them vote for the Coalition''.

from the (flint) stone age...

Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy head David Flint said people should enjoy the Queen's Birthday public holiday tomorrow.

''Australia's dwindling republican movement is whingeing about the Queen's Birthday holiday instead of deigning to tell us how they want to change the constitution and the flag.''


Can the Australian people hope for the truth?

From the Goanna in the SMH.On Trial for Everything - is there any one defending Rudd?Our PM has had that sauce bottle snatched away from him. Instead of giving him a fair shake of it, the public and media are currently beating him around the head with it. Things are so much simpler for the public now that we can blame everything on Rudd. But if we're going to try him for everything a defence team is needed.

A breath of fresh air in the smaller half of the Corporation's media.  I was also pleased to read the majority of comments about the Murdoch Media Mogul's un-principled lies under the cover of "opinion".  But then, that is not getting Rudd’s message across either?

The Rudd government's strength is not only in Kevin Rudd but in the skills and abilities of his highly respected Cabinet and their exemplary economic policies.  Let us be careful not to lose them.

The only other time in my living memory that an intelligent and brilliant brain was media classed as anathema to good government was when the media executed the Whitlam government in 1975.  And I believe that, after all of these years the wisdom of Malcolm Fraser in resigning from the Corporation’s Liberal representatives in Parliament has hopefully helped his conscience with his courage to do so.

It is to be expected then that the Cartels; the Monopolies and the Conspiracies which so obviously are currently effective in controlling our hearts and minds is proving transparent by the absolute abused power of persuasion by the Murdoch media.

Think, reason and be logical.  Who would gain from the Rudd Government’s demise?  Certainly not the majority of all Australians.

We are undoubtedly in a Class War and we can only save our future by being righteously offended by the so-far unfortunately successful anti-Australian propaganda which is spewed out daily by the Murdochracy. 

It should be recognized that any government of any democracy (free press) in these corrupt US days, is subject to the “Town Crier” Murdoch, just as much as any Monarchy by birth, and Lords by birth, as it was in the days of Henry the Eighth.  And Elizabeth the First who knighted pirates – and nothing has changed.

I have great admiration for any leader of any country, who puts their nations interests first – and for the first time since Gough Whitlam - we have a Labor government which is absolutely helping our citizens, whether they voted for them or not. 

We should not forget that the accusation of the media, even the biased ABC, that Kevin Rudd cannot get his message across, fails to identify that the Corporation’s media is the hurdle that completely blocks the Government’s policies and its intentions for the future.

Well might we say that “he can’t get his policies across” when he was even vilified for trying to defend his policies for National interests of all Australians.

I suggest that thinking Australians should measure in their minds the diametrically opposed policies of the Abbott foreign Mining interests and those of the Australian people – all of us.

The most terrible of ironies that the Australian people are faced with is that -in Whitlam’s day they executed him for his “buy back the farm” economic policies. 

Now we have the same conspirators of “democratic control” who totally ignore the magnificent performance of the Rudd Labor government to such an extent that they fear (as they did with Whitlam) that the Australian people will in fact be the people entitled to know the truth.  And so it should be.

It is time to decide WHO controls the hearts and minds of the Australian people – the Coalition of Liberals/Nationals and foreign Mining interests – should be subject to the will of our people.

If we allow them to do another Whitlam Dismissal we deserve the obvious horrendous results.  God Bless Australia.  NE OUBLIE.




Has "Your Democracy" had some effect on the MSM?

At least I prefer to consider that it has.

The courageous Administrators of this forum have, definitely in my case, printed both sides of every situation as best they can.  Who can ask for more?

My recent absence has been due to my total disgust at the Murdoch Zionist media and also the Sydney Morning Herald.  What else is there? No, I have not given up Gus and John, just a little disappointed at the bushit.

Today, after a deep breath, I was prepared to suffer more insulting crass Journalism from the Murdocracy and was quite surprised at what I read.

Has Murdoch "dropped his Character Assassination of our Prime Minister?"

Has the SMH considered that their repeated assertions that Kevin Rudd is a “bad communicator” are infinitely better than having an “attack dog” and a purposefully silent opposition leader?  If Abbott was a “cast iron and rock solid” politician (as he has contradicted so often) why is he remaining silent and avoiding any media interviews of reasonable questions? And is that his “Leadership” decision? Or those of his real bosses?

I am always amazed, ever since Howard was elected in 1996, how the policy of defending a public perception of being a bastard, is immediately used as a reverse accusation against the Labor Party.

Of course we should always be prepared that the MSM will not recognize that fact and they will attack to force the Labor Party to defend themselves and without any substantive evidence to defend. Corporations must look after Corporations?

That may be a wonderful method of blatant propaganda but most of us oldies had hoped that that type of abuse of media power was restricted to only when at war.  But, of course, we are aren’t we?

Over the last perhaps six months, led by the Murdochracy, the MSM has persecuted Kevin Rudd (for any or no reason at all) as a leader, a family man; his religion; his previous suffering as a child; being conveniently married to a Millionaire and for anything that he has or has tried to do.

In my day, his trials and tribulations would have been considered as an asset.  “How appreciate the rose without knowing the thorn?”

This is not only the disgraceful and negative politics that the conservatives have copied from Corporate America but is the sure and undeniable proof that the Media elects governments in Australia and WE are to blame.

So, those of us who can still think; reason and be logical will notice that while the Liberals and their foreign Miners and media, have been attacking our Prime Minister on a personal basis – are now using their media power to claim that the Labor Party are carrying out a “dirty campaign”.  This, by exposing the “accidental Opposition” Leader’s obvious dangers to our nation as a whole and doing it to protect Tony Abbott’s very existence. 

I do watch the Parliamentary Question Time and the obvious superiority of the Labor Government which is of course, partly due to being the government.

However, there is never, never anything constructive from the “accidental” leader of the opposition and - does any uncommitted voter wonder why?

I believe in Australia and I believe that the Kevin Rudd Labor government has given us back the supported Malcolm Fraser distinction of being independent in our foreign policies – because WE will prosper or suffer from the consequences – not the foreign Corporations.

God Bless Australia and may we overcome this massive and expensive attempt to destroy our independence.  Never since 1975 has the votes of our citizens been so inundated by massive foreign millions to unseat our elected government. NE OUBLIE.

As the old American Senator once said: “I weep for my country”.