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saving david irving .....

’Governments, police services & prison authorities around the world
are reportedly "overjoyed" by the launch of a new prescription drug
that cures people who are suffering doubts about the veracity of the so-called
Jewish Holocaust.  

Shares in Israel-based Goy & Goy Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
rocketed to 89 US dollars following the long-awaited announcement of a miracle
cure for Holocaust Denial Syndrome (HDS).  

ham, spam & baloney .....

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From: JR
To: Lindsay, Peter (MP)
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2006 8:22 PM
Subject: Spam .....

our missing moral leadership .....

‘A coalition of American churches
sharply denounced the US-led war in Iraq on Saturday, accusing Washington of
"raining down terror" and apologizing to other nations for "the
violence, degradation and poverty our nation has sown." 

The statement, issued at the
largest gathering of Christian churches in nearly a decade, also warned the
United States was pushing the world toward environmental catastrophe with a
"culture of consumption" and its refusal to back international
accords seeking to battle global warming. 

women of australia condemn anti-muslim comments of prime minister .....

The following statement was
prepared by a group of Australian women (community workers & academics) in
response to the latest anti-Muslim comments made by the Prime Minister.  

They are seeking support from
Australian women & women's organisations to publicly express condemnation
of such bigoted views & the ongoing race baiting of the Muslim Australian

’We are a group of Australian women from diverse ethnic & cultural backgrounds
who stand together in condemning the Prime Minister for the peddling of his
Islamophobic views.

After ten years of playing the race card, the Prime Minister's inflammatory comments
about Muslim Australians this week represent a new low for community relations.
Last week, it was Federal Coalition member Danna Vale demonising Muslim women as
little more than breeders. This week the Prime Minister racially sledges the
Muslim community by singling them out as antagonistic to Australian culture.
Howard is unambiguous in his racialised message when he states: 

the bigoted wombat .....

'I was startled to hear
Prime Minister John Howard of Australia exclaim in a BBC interview last night
that he could not understand why pictures of starving Jewish interns of Bergen
Belsen, Dachau, and Aushwitz had been aired, yet again, by an Australian TV station
a few days ago.  

don't understand what news value there is any longer in showing more pictures
of starving Jews, tortured in these prison camps."  

the gulag gate opener .....

‘Now, mounting a Hyde Park
soapbox to praise Chechens’ valiant struggle or urging Palestinians or Iraqis
or afghans to keep resisting foreign occupation will be a crime. Terrorism has
erased the term “justice” from our minds. 

The litmus test of free speech in
letting people you detest say what they choose & defending their right to
say things that may be painfully hateful or deeply stupid. 

Tony Blair just trampled this
basic British right. Britain now joins sleazy, third-world despotisms where
‘The Glorious Leader’ alone determines what one may & may not say. 

if I was the president .....

‘"If I was the president, I could stop terrorist
attacks against the United States in a few days. Permanently. 

I would first apologize - very
publicly and very sincerely - to all the widows and the orphans, the impoverished
and the tortured, and all the many millions of other victims of American

I would then announce that
America’s global interventions - including the awful bombings - have come to an

a deranged empire .....

‘The whole world is watching a human drama that is both
tragedy and travesty. As if the lessons of Vietnam had been presented to dull
students and needed repeating, Americans and peoples of all nations watch as
President George W. Bush's pre-emptive and unconstitutional war in Iraq
continues. The cradle of civilization is being turned into its grave by a
president whose undefined "noble cause" has thus far cost the lives
of almost 3000 American soldiers, wounded and maimed almost 20,000 more, and
killed tens of thousands of Iraqis. 

a real source of evil .....

‘As all students today know, Iraq is the country that the
US invaded with the attempt to convert the state and the people from enemy to
friend. On the face of it, this sounds rather implausible, of course. Good
fences make good neighbours. Friendship and peace are not usually the result of
insults, sanctions, invasions, bombings, killings, puppet governments,
censorship, economic controls, and occupations. If this generation learns
anything from this period, that would be a good start. 

the counterfeit empire .....

‘In November 2000 Saddam Hussein demanded Euros for his
oil. His arrogance was a threat to the dollar; his lack of any military might
was never a threat. At the first cabinet meeting with the new administration in
2001, as reported by Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, the major topic was how
we would get rid of Saddam Hussein – though there was no evidence whatsoever he
posed a threat to us. This deep concern for Saddam Hussein surprised and
shocked O’Neill. 

It now is common knowledge that
the immediate reaction of the administration after 9/11 revolved around how
they could connect Saddam Hussein to the attacks, to justify an invasion and
overthrow of his government. Even with no evidence of any connection to 9/11,
or evidence of weapons of mass destruction, public and congressional support
was generated through distortions and flat out misrepresentation of the facts
to justify overthrowing Saddam Hussein. 

wonder who owns this debacle .....

Defence Chiefs yesterday admitted they had made a $1
billion mistake in buying Vietnam-era helicopters in the belief they could
upgrade them. 

Chopper Purchase
A $1 Billion Mistake

danna's numbers .....

With Howard, Abbott & their ilk convincingly defeated on the future regulation of RU486 today, it’s worth taking a minute to reflect on the disgusting racial & religious bigotry implicit in Danna Vale’s comments this week, particularly given that they are indicative of an increasingly common mindset in our country, consistently encouraged by the Howard government. 

In the typical alarmist & dishonest “dog-whistling” fashion that has become the hallmark of the government, Danna Vale claimed that Australia would become a Muslim nation within 50 years, if the current claimed annual abortion rate of 100,000 foetuses was not curtailed. 

a brigand writ large .....

‘It all began, as usual, with the
Greeks. The ancient Greeks were the first civilized people to use their reason
to think systematically about the world around them. The Greeks were the first
philosophers (philosophia – lovers of wisdom), the first people to
think deeply and to figure out how to attain and verify knowledge about the
world. Other tribes and peoples had tended to attribute natural events to
arbitrary whims of the gods. A violent thunderstorm, for example, might be ascribed
to something that had irritated the god of thunder. The way to bring on rain,
then, or to curb violent thunderstorms, would be to find out what acts of man
would please the god of rain or appease the thunder god. Such people would have
considered it foolish to try to figure out the natural causes of rain or of
thunder. Instead, the thing to do was to find out what the relevant gods wanted
and then try to supply their needs. 

real core values .....

sharing our values .....

‘Tonight the SBS Dateline program plans to broadcast about
60 previously unpublished photographs that the US Government has been fighting
to keep secret in a court case with the American Civil Liberties Union. 

Although a US judge last year
granted the union access to the photographs following a freedom-of-information
request, the US Administration has appealed against the decision on the grounds
their release would fuel anti-American sentiment. 

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