Sunday 14th of July 2024


Settling for sleep one night I dreamed I saw a war

the like of which humanity has never seen before

A sea of grey that rose and fell as it spread acros the land

of barren soil- the nanotechs used everything at hand

Every body, every tree, every blade of grass

fashioned by technology to a dark and rolling mass

That held the hearts and and minds of all, for Gaia was within

bound within the construct to fulfill the masses' whim

Creation and destruction, across the world it spread

Absorbing and destroying, technologically undead

and where these oceans' edges touched, bright light filled the air

Atomic force to part the sea, while souls cried in despair

The blue-green world was lost beneath the rolling mass of grey

waves crashing fiery foam on all that dared to block its way

But all the while sat hidden a subatomic seed

patiently awaiting the death of humans' greed

This dream was something

This dream was something different and hope so that it must not happen ever in reality.


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