Thursday 30th of March 2023

To Auld Lang Syne

Here's a toast to Robert Burns, who taught to mark the time

by writing a song to sing each year for the sake of Auld Lang Syne,

for the past is filled with bad and good, the good should be remembered,

and in the shade of Christmas, when we're well and true Decembered,

to gather and to celebrate that we can join as one

and share each other's time is a thing that should be done

for the very fact we can, and mark this very point in time

No matter what might happen next, it'll never be the same.

Reflecting on the past, and on futures still invisible

I'd like to raise a glass to you, if you find that permissible.

As the world begins renewal to the beat of Time's Drum

I wish you joy in what's to come.

Bonus tune, written for the occassion

Self-written that is- Happy New Year folks!

cheers richard ....

Thanks Richard.

And may 2014 bring you & yours everything that you wish for.