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I have been slightly disturbed by Paul Craig Roberts comments. Not that I don't value his inside information and judgement but he has made a few "wild claims" in the recent past, including conspiracy about 9/11. On closer analysis, his claims make sense and are very disturbingly on par with what we spruik here on this site — or even what we could spruik, beyond the ridiculously conspiratorial. 


An old kook, like us here, Paul Craig Roberts has an immense knowledge of the workings behind the scene of power in Washington in which the ugliness of politics and giant greed has been lurking in the same pond on which the white ducklings of innocence paddle nonchalantly. We see the ducks, though we spot the shadow of the monsters below but not for long. We are distracted. We seek serenity like Mr Burbank in a Truman show, until we suspect the strings. 

The western media has conspired to hide the strings and the tracks of the lighting brutes.

Paul Craig Roberts was the Reaganomics developer and instigator. Ronald Reagan’s two goals were to end stagflation and the cold war. Reaganomics were designed to tighten monetary policies while giving some debatable tax concession for reward to hard work, while the poor got nothing much. 

As well Reagan did not want to carry on the undeclared biffo with the Russians. It sounds extraordinary insightful, but it's much darker than a heartfelt generosity. It was going to be better, cheaper, more profitable to bring the USSR into the Empire, bit by bit. Gorbachev obliged. Meanwhile, Reagan would develop Star Wars defence system which — whether it worked or not — was designed to prop up the image of the Empire. Success. Patience. 25 years later, Ukraine is about to fall onto the lap of the Empire, despite massive corruption and thugs running this now "independent" country. The Ruskies are fuming, considering that this was against the deal Gorbachev made with the Empire, but one cannot trust the Empire, can one? The Empire is gloriously deceitful.

Since Reaganomics, Roberts has reneged on the Conservatives and the Republicans. Somewhere somehow someone gave him the shits and I believe that he has now felt he was misunderstood and may have been used to carry on the neo-con ideal of the USA, against his own, possibly naive, understanding.

Roberts has written that true conservatives were the first victims of the neocons of the Bush administration. He has criticized the Bush tax cuts, believing they were nothing but a greedy grab and were not necessary policy adjustments but rewards to the mega-rich who underwrite political careers and provide grants to economic departments and right-wing think tanks.  He has said that supporters of George W. Bush were brownshirts with the same low intelligence and morals as Hitler’s enthusiastic supporters.

We are still in the same boat, with a bigger paddle. We are paddling for the Empire.

Where to start understanding the Empire is the big question. There are many little events, signs of insignificance, detours and general acts of patriotism, plus entertaining distractions that are cleverly weighted to help us (I first mean the Americans and then the rest of the world) believe in the good will of the Empire, while it is deceitful and murderous. 

And an Empire there is. That's the point. How our minds are steered to stay mainly with the Empire and to refute any other models of social construct is a complex mix of managing accidents and the creation of managed accidents. The Empire cannot exist unless "we" believe in the Empire, though we do not fully see it as an Empire. We are cocooned by the Empire. Our "enemies" are those of the Empire. Most of these enemies are created by mediatic propaganda. We depend on the Empire and the Empire wants you to be dependent of it. Freedom is on the terms of the Empire — on all levels from economic dependence, freedom (to roam inside the cage) and military imposition of freedom somewhere else in the globe, as well as racist killings within the Empire territory  — killings that maintain the extreme right supremacist views, beneficial to frothing up the patriotism of the Empire amongst those illiterates most likely to carry a gun for the Empire.

So where to start is on the proposition that the USA want to dominate the rest of the world. We know. We guess this much. 

Though on the surface, the American system won't admit to it directly but its behaviour is targeted at key moments to shove and push history in its favour regardless of the cost in human lives and regardless of the dint this will make in the Empire's officially claimed ethics. Admission of mistakes after the events is part of the parade. Most of the mistakes are deliberately made to profit the US hegemony. You can believe this. 

Even the bombing of a MSF hospital. The claim that it was accidental DOES NOT RING TRUE. But the media buys it, the MSF have no choice but to buy it, but they know otherwise. End of story. Move on to the next storyline.

The Empire will use a "soft" President like Obama, to do some hard-ball selling. There is some trading camels in the management of someone like Obama. For example he will push for some TTPs and TTiPs which are demonstrably massive Trojan horses designed to control other countries' economy IN FAVOUR of the Empire, by controlling debt and balance of trade, while not killing off the goose in one go, but to exploit it — fattening it while making sure the Empire collects the golden eggs. 

On the other side despite pushing and shoving, Obama will thus get "Obamacare" as a good deed marker for the "other side side of politics" (the Democrats) and get him valuable redeem points against his being a murderer with drones. Guantanamo is still open, after him having repeatedly said he would close it down for nine years. Hello? Yes we can? No, you phucken' can't...

Australia survived the GFC quite unscathed despite what the merde-och press led us to believe. During the GFC, Australia did not rescue the banking system, but rescued the economy by "creating jobs". This was due because the government of the time was "Labor" and some smart cookies in the economic department could see that "something was not right" in the way the rest of the world dealt with the situation. The Empire Australian media branch was scathing. Abbott-the-Unelectable was thus elected with the help of this lying media.

There were some sacrificial lambs cooked at the altar of salvation — Lehman Bank was one of them — though in general, most banks in the US and the UK did reasonably well out of the GFC, as the government printed money. Donald reminded us of the trick. Some poor people lost their houses, but a few presidential comforting words with some compensating "affordation" calmed the masses. And individual people in debt rarely create revolutions. They commit suicide.

So how do we define the Empire? Is it a political state? An economic state? Who controls the Empire? Who is the megalomaniac in charge? 

The Empire is a state of mind. It's cultivated. Like communism, it needs its priests and clowns, but at no stage can the Empire appear despotic, though it is the most deviously despotic force on earth. That is the clever paradigm. 

Can the cultivation of this state of mind, through various think tanks — from the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI, formerly lived as the Project for a New American Century or PNAC) to the IPA in Australia — be deemed a conspiracy? Not quite, but there is collusion in the transmission of ideas and methods to maintain the Empire. Even "Chambers of Commerce" are part of the soft-sell. As well, the strength of American Multinational weighs in the push to overcome resistance in other countries. Bulldozing your age-old culture with Coca Cola is quite amusing. 

The push of the Empire is ever present but with various intensity. When the situation demands, the Empire will crank up the sauce. The person in charge of the state of mind cannot be seen to yield to other nations because the original debt to the empire is there to be repaid. Hence Obama's threat to the UK on Brexit...

Even when the Empire is outrageously out of line, like in the war on Iraq, the sheep we mostly are, grumble, but the boss is still the boss, despite the change of personnel... The Empire will use many subterfuges to make sure we don't grumble too much though, nor know the truth of what happened. The Empire information and disinformation systems are compartmented, muddled, with "limited responsibility, blurred between media and CIAs, are flexible and manages many lies mixed with some "truth". The state of mind is foremost focused on promoting the Empire's glorious aggrandisement.

We are at the mercy of Hollywood, as well as being submitted to an array of images, Movies, TV shows and video games in which the concept of the Empire is there to be protected by us against "enemies" of various kinds. We learn to push buttons, which could become "useful" when the Empire calls upon us for war duty. It's there in black and white in the bible ! We have been created by god to help defeat the forces of darkness. Is there a better inspiration than this?

And the way the Empire is constructed as a state of mind is more related to an Hydra than a Jesus of Nazareth, but Jesus, as mentioned above, will also be incorporated in the promotion of the system. The evangelicals do their bit.

So far, it's perversely clever. No-one can defeat this soft belly beast with a million heads, without a full frontal attack. Meanwhile, the Hydra gnaws and gnaws at the heart of others, slowly, unmercifully. 


Paul Craig Roberts mentions a few, but there are many others, too numerous to mention. 

In Paris in the 1960s, the American Club was more than your local "Macedonian Club" where you go to play cards or even more than your "RSL", where you go for a cheap greasy meal, some passable old hat entertainment and playing the pokies because you are bored with life in general, and it's the end of the line. The Empire likes you to be parked there, while saluting some old flags, which your ancestors battled for. 

The American Club was a hub for affable but hard-nosed businessmen trying to recruit young French people to the Empire's ideology, while the rest of the country was not in a good mood about the Yanks. It was "US GO HOME" graffitied all over the place. General de Gaulle made a pact with the French and told the Yanks to sod off. 

The General knew the game that was being played and France held its nose above water until that horrible little Sarkozy misunderstood glass beads for a glorious golden treasure — and rejoined NATO. The Yanks — the Marshall Plan thereof that the General had paid in full with gold — were back in. Meanwhile the American Club had stayed put, plonked in one of the best area of Paris, not making waves but still stirring the place with business and massive discreet espionage. Patience is the middle name of the Empire. You stay back when you could overplay your hand in conditions that are not conducive, while preparing the ground for the next economic assault. You train your troops to infiltrate at all levels: economic, political and of course on that ghastly charity platform, using NGOs as little beach heads everywhere.

If you think that the recent revelation that Merkel's and Hollande's phone were tapped by the NSA, CIA and MI6 is a recent development, think again.

And of course, the Yanks have used the UK to undermine Europe's unity — and will pit the Germans against the French in a discreet Brussels game of throne. The refugee "crisis" was generated by the Yanks eager to bomb something somewhere, including bankrupting Libya — all to make Europe suffer an embarrassment. And the Europeans saw nothing. The trick was made to appeal to their hearts and compassion will ruin them. 

In regard to Russia and China, these two countries are less somnolent than Europe. They know that they will have to harden up, despite the criticism of making them less "open" and more authoritarian, because this is the line that is run in the Western media. Freedom is to be played by the rules of the game — on America's Empire terms. The referee is blind as well as easily bought out. Meanwhile we feel charitable for giving two bobs to Save the Children while the Empire is using thugs (terrorists) to kill them, be it collateral damage or designed to press our buttons to make us believe that the Empire is fighting the "terrorists".

You belong to the Empire or else... And else is not pretty. Some trumped up reasons appear on the horizon and we have a Blitzkrieg... Unfortunately, Craig Roberts is on the right track here. He's seen the dark corners of the beast, where the hegemony is being baked, like a trickle-layered chocolate cake in a MasterChef oven.

The Empire is real. And Donald Trump is part of it, but, as a "loose cannon", he might become an elephant in the carefully stacked china shop of the empire. History will tell us which side his bread is buttered on and which strings he is the puppet of (probably Murdoch's). But he won't change the Empire's state of mind...

As for Hillary, she's Empire through and through.

We're in deep shit.

Gus Leonisky
You local international relation analyst.


brazil — fighting the empire before the games...

Supporters of Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff have set up burning barricades and blocked roads across the country in protest against moves to impeach her.

The roadblocks have caused widespread disruption in all Brazilian states.

The Senate is due to vote on the impeachment on Wednesday. A simple majority in favour of a full trial will suspend Ms Rousseff for up to 180 days.

The government has asked the Supreme Court to suspend the impeachment process for alleged irregularities.

However, similar attempts have been rejected by the court.

'No to the coup'

Protesters blocked the main access roads to Brazil's largest city, Sao Paulo, causing huge traffic jams during the morning rush-hour.

The protests spread to cities and towns across the country.

Police said there were barricades on 14 highways in Brazil's 26 states and the Federal District, home to the capital Brasilia.

when murdoch is not enough...


American congressmen introduced a new bill this week aimed at creating a separate federal agency that would focus exclusively on countering Russian and Chinese “propaganda” which poses a threat to US interests at home and around the world.

The bill, H.R. 5181, the ‘Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016’ is a companion bill to S.2692 introduced back in March.

According to Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) who coauthored the bill alongside Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA), H.R. 5181, seeks to incorporate a “whole-of-government approach without the bureaucratic restrictions,” which will set up innovative partnerships to combat information warfare with “organizations that have experience in countering foreign propaganda.”

US gears up to fight Russian ‘disinformation’ with… disinformation

“As Russia continues to spew its disinformation and false narratives, they undermine the United States and its interests in places like Ukraine, while also breeding further instability in these countries,” Kinzinger said.

“At a time when countries like Russia and China are engaging in hybrid warfare campaigns, the United States has a unique opportunity to respond to foreign manipulation by encouraging the free flow of truthful information. This can further prevent conflict and ensure future stability,” the congressman added.

Congressman Lieu added that the need to create a better paradigm in the information sphere is vital to US national interests as the alleged nature of Russian and Chinese information dispersal makes the world “less safe.”

“From Ukraine to the South China Sea, foreign disinformation campaigns do more than spread anti-Western sentiments – they manipulate public perception to change the facts on the ground, subvert democracy and undermine US interests. In short, they make the world less safe,” Lieu said. “The Act ensures that the US uses all the tools at our disposal to disrupt these vitriolic propaganda campaigns and empower those being manipulated with truthful information. The truth can be a powerful remedy to destabilization and conflict – and we must do all we can to make sure it is heard the world over.”

US revives MSM propaganda arm in ‘big way’ against Russia

The Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016, according to US lawmakers, seeks to promote an “independent press” in countries that are seen by Americans as vulnerable to foreign disinformation.

Those selected to serve as US information officers will be selected from a list of participants in educational and cultural exchange programs, from countries “deemed vulnerable to foreign propaganda and disinformation campaigns.”


read more:


the empire is trying to destroy syria...



The West and its allies are perpetrating unspeakable yet well-documented crimes against humanity as Washington forges ahead with its pre-planned agenda to destroy non-compliant areas in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in favour of its Wahhabi-inspired proxy armies, which include ISIS and al-Qaeda/Jabhat al-Nursra.

US led NATO and its allies, including Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and Apartheid Israel, are perpetuating these crimes beneath ridiculous banners of “humanitarian interventions” and/or the “Global War On Terror” (GWOT).

This rampaging project of deception, death, and destruction follows a predictable colonial script wherein domestic populations are deceived as target countries and their peoples are destroyed and subjugated.

Most of the colonial military strategies are on full display in the terrorist invasion of the democratic Syrian Arab Republic (SAR), led by its reformer president, Bashar al-Assad.

The coercive strategies being used include these:

  • Destroying hospitals and infrastructure
  • Starvation
  • Disinformation campaigns/erasing “history”
  • Balkanization/partitioning
  • Bombing civilian populations

The end-game is to de-populate and to destroy target countries and to subjugate the remaining population.

A snap-shot of Syria prior to the invasion, helps to illuminate the imperial strategies of destruction.  An article ironically titled “Les crimes de Bashar Al-Assad depuis juin 2000” lists some of Assad’s notable accomplishments:

  • Construction and restoration of 10,000 mosques and 500 churches.
  • Construction and restoration of 8,000 schools, 2,000 institutes and 40 universities.
  • Construction of more than 600,000 flats / housing for young people.
  • Construction and modernization of more than 6,000 hospitals and clinics.
  • Establishment of five international industrial areas.
  • Opening of Syria in 60 international banks.
  • Opening of Syria 5 telecommunications operators (Internet service providers and GSM).
  • Licenses for 20 independent newspapers and magazines and 5 TV stations by satellite.
  • Development of performance art, theater, comedy, tragedy. More than 20,000 Syrian actors have achieved Excellence Award.
  • Construction and modernization of stadiums and sports halls. Large global reputation Syrian athletes horseback riding, swimming, wrestling, gymnastics and other ...
  • Salary increases of 300%
  • Development and modernization of the Syrian Arab Army.
  • The economic situation of Syria is healthy, while the economic crisis affected the world.
  • Thousands of new operations: restaurants, hotels, tourist cities, leisure centers, shopping centers, factories ...
  • The fall in unemployment from 28% to 12% despite the rise in the number of people entering the labor market.
  • Connections: electricity, telephone, drinking water and sanitation to more than a million homes and apartments across the country.
  • Reimbursement of all debts of the country and increased agricultural and industrial capacity by 600%.
  • Development of tourism. Syria was the third most visited Arab countries and the 83th most visited country in the world.
  • Syria had only 1% of illiterates. The best score of Asia and Africa.
  • Development of public transportation, airports, ports and bus stations and prices are kept low.
  • Constitution of thousands of associations for the poor, orphans and the disabled.
  • Syria is the most important country in the region, economically, politically, militarily ... and Al-Assad is the most influential person.

Assad’s reforms recall those of the Gaddafi government before Libya was destroyed by NATO and its allies.

Professor Tim Anderson explains that the Western terrorists have consistently attacked Syria’s hospitals and that between 2011 and 2013 “they attacked 67 of the country’s 94 national hospitals.  

Starvation is another strategy used by colonizers to destroy and subjugate populations. Mir Wood explains in “Syria Dying, UN Cyclops Lying. Still.”  that “ these degenerates are blatantly lying, blaming hunger in Syria that did not exist 5 years ago, on the Syrian government.  The P3 of the UN mafioso clique “ambassadors” (US, UK, France, a.k.a. “F*UK*US”) appear to be playing a ball game, volleying “siege and starvation,” “starve or surrender” back and forth, …”

The author noted in an earlier piece that Western terrorists steal and horde food supplies with a view to inducing starvation and subjugating populations.  Starving populations tend to be more compliant to an occupier’s demands when the occupier controls the food.

The illegal sanctions are also part of the siege on Syria and its peoples.  23 million Syrians are daily besieged, not only through economic sanctions, but also by terrorists crossing from Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, reports Syria’s Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar Al-al Ja’afari.

Indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations also serves to subjugate and depopulate populations, and to create internal and external refugees -- another Western specialty.  Currently, terrorists are firing Hellfire cannons throughout the industrial city of Aleppo, with great effect.

All of this is happening behind a curtain of lies -- another colonial strategy.  The ransacking and destruction of Palmyra, the “Bride Of The Desert” is an attempt to erase Syria’s history, presumably to be replaced by a narrative of Western Wahhabist revisionism.

The strategy of “divide and conquer” is also a staple of colonizers.  Currently, the West is supporting  the Kurdish nationalist Party (PYP) and its military wing (YPG) in their efforts to annex Syrian land and to impose federalism on Syria. If successful, such efforts would serve to weaken Syria and to engineer conflicts between competing factions -- another useful colonial tool.

All of these colonial strategies are perpetuating an overseas holocaust as the West overrides international law and topples one government after another with a view to subjugating Iran, Russia, and China as well.

The NATO Axis of Evil needs to be unmasked and held to account for its crimes. Western governments operating through stealth and deception do not represent the will of the people, nor do they have our informed consent. They have lost their legitimacy.




sucking up to the mad empire...

The leaders of five Nordic countries are meeting President Barack Obama for a summit at the White House. They'll talk about the environment, refugees - and the possibility of a future conflict with Russia.

President Obama is hosting the White House's first-ever US-Nordic Leaders Summit on an unlucky day, Friday the 13th. But Nordic officials said that they're not superstitious.

The agenda includes discussions about the refugee crisis and Nordic contributions to the fight against the Islamic State group. Swedish officials are faced with an influx of a "very, very high" number of refugees, said Ambassador Björn Lyrvall.

Meanwhile Denmark, as Lars Gert Lose, their ambassador to the US, told me, is sending 60 special forces to Iraq and Syria.

plan B...

As the United States and Russia continue to negotiate over Syria, Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear speaks with Islamic Human Rights Commission founder Massoud Shadjareh to discuss Washington’s true goals for the war-torn country.

"When you look at the interests of Saudi Arabia, who is pouring billions into this conflict, and… Turkey, you see that really they don’t want to have tranquility and peace in that region," Shadjareh tells Loud & Clear.

"They’d had a commitment from the beginning for regime change."

Does the US Seek Peace in Syria or to Divide Syria Into Pieces

The United States and its allies maintain that their goal in Syria is to combat violent religious extremist groups like Daesh, also known as IS/Islamic State. But Western powers resist the obvious solution to that problem by insisting first on the removal Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

"The [Syrian] government has to be a part of the solution. Without that sort of engagement, there’s not going to be a solution and everybody knows that."

Still, the US has struggled to develop an effective strategy in the region, it is now considering a mysterious Plan B that could broaden the conflict.

"Others are suggesting that Plan B is the division of Syria and division of Iraq into ethnic lines. That, indeed, is going to create even further problems for a very long time," he says.

"It would create enclaves which would be opposed to one another and [that] will be continuously fighting one another."

A partition of this nature would turn Daesh into a de facto government.

"It would legitimize the creation of a…Daesh-type of enclave in both countries, and it’s something that has now been promoted by the Saudis and its allies," Shadjareh says. "This is really the problem of the United States…involvement in the Middle East. Wherever they…actually got involved, they have actually created bigger disasters than they were before.

"The reality is that this sort of gunboat diplomacy, trying to bring democracy [with] bombs and bullets, and supporting these insurgent groups, it’s really never going to work.

"Any fool could create this mess, but to clear it up is becoming a huge issue."

Read more:

no booming business like war stuff...


The Obama years have been a boom time for America's weapons makers. Since 2009, the United States has approved arms deals worth some $200 billion—more than under any other presidency. The deals include sending Apache helicopters to Qatar, "bunker buster" bombs and cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia, and Hellfire missiles all over the place. Predicting an increase in weapons sales fueled by the war against ISIS, an unnamed American weapons manufacturing executive told Reuters last year: "Everyone in the region is talking about building up supplies for 5 to 10 years. This is going to be a long fight. It's a huge growth area for us."

The United States currently controls more than half of the global arms market. Its top five customers are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Iraq, and Israel. By comparison, Russia, the next biggest global weapons supplier, controls just 14 percent of the market.

Some of the factors driving the surge in American exports include a shift toward arming allies instead of putting American boots on the ground, regional threats from ISIS and Al Qaeda, and Obama's 2013 decision to relax arms export rules, a move supported with an estimated $170 million in lobbying by the defense industry. In the past week, the Obama administration announced it was considering expanding weapons sales to Vietnam and easing an arms embargo on Libya.


Mother Courage and her Children is the play... Read from top.

the white supremacists versus the progressive supremacists...

by Paul Craig Roberts

What the liberal/progressive/left is trying to do with Charlottesville is to associate Trump supporters with White Supremacists and in this way demonize Trump supporters so that they will not have a voice when Trump is overthrown in a coup. Or it can be put in a different way: Charlottesville is being used by someone to discredit Trump and the people who elected him in order to pave the way for a coup, and the liberal/progressive/left is enabling the plot.

Upon reflection, I think that for most of the liberal/progressive/left the denunciations and one-sided interpretation of Charlottesville are just the ingrained knee-jerk reaction of people brought up in Identity Politics.  In Identity Politics, everyone is a White Hat except racist, sexist, homophobic, gun-nut white males. The only tolerable white males are those who accept this characterization of themselves. All others are “white supremacists” or “nazis.”

From what I read on progressive websites, those imbued with Identity Politics are letting the emotionalism of the politics run away with them. My friend, Rob Kall, who is fair and open-minded and posts my columns on OpEdNews, including those to which he takes exception, writes: “Trump is Now the Leader of White Supremacists and Nazis.” Rob reaches this conclusion because Trump held both sides responsible for the violence in Charlottesville. By seeing equivalence between the two sides, Trump “made it clear that he was siding with the White Supremacists, giving them aid, support and encouragement.” (You might remember Jean Kirkpatrick who denounced liberals for seeing moral equivalence between the Soviet Union and the US.) I doubt this is the way Trump saw his statement. From the news videos I saw, there seemed to be plenty of hate on both sides. Certainly, there is plenty of hate for Trump among progressives.

In the Washington Post, Alexandra Petri finds Trump’s words condemning the violence on both aides to be “despicable words.” Petri apparently thinks that, counter to what the news coverage shows, the counter protesters did not engage in any violence, or else she thinks that violence from this side was justified but not violence from the other side. She condemns Trump for his statement: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.” In her opinion, the last three words, “on many sides” shows that Trump is partial to White Supremacists.

Richard Eskow joins the chorus. He links together deaths in Charlottesville, New York, Portland, Charleston, under “white nationalist terror” and hands them to Trump.

The Daily Kos also equates Trump’s blaming both sides for the violence, which is what the media reports show to be the case, with a defense of “white supremacist/neo-Nazi violence.”

Joe Macare at Truthout tells us that “Truthout will continue to report on the threat of neo-Nazis in the street — as well as those in the White House who are in lockstep with their agenda. We’ll talk to the people organizing against fascism on all fronts. We won’t equivocate or condemn ‘both sides.’ We won’t blame the Nazis’ targets for the hate they receive. But we know that these are not the only faces of racism. Whether it manifests itself in education policy, in gentrification, in economic inequality, in racist policing or in the United States’ immigration and ‘defense’ policies, Truthout will continue exposing white supremacy in all its forms.”

Truthout’s Anna Sutton expresses her “Heartbreak, Anger.” She doesn’t know where to begin. But she sees a fundraising opportunity. Make a donation and Truthout will “tell it like it is” against the “corporate and right-wing media” that are “bending over backwards to normalize Trump and the violence and xenophobia displayed by his rabid followers.” One wonders what corporate right-wing media she is talking about, The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, all of which denounce Trump 24/7?

How do we avoid the question: who is over the top, the “alt-right” at Charlottesville or their progressive critics?

Over at CounterPunch, a remnant of America’s left-wing, John Eskow tells us that he has walked among white supremacists “since I first learned to walk. They surrounded me in blue-collar Utica, New York—an early capitol of Rust Belt America, back in the 1950s.”

Here is Identity Politics’ association of the working class with White Supremacy. The all-powerful, all-threatening White Supremacists could do nothing to prevent—who?—from offshoring their jobs to Asia. But these people, who are so powerless that they could not even save their own jobs, are a great threat to us good people, who sat sucking our thumbs in unconcern while their economic lives were snuffed out.

CounterPuncher John Wight, prior to affirming the dogma that from the very beginning America has been “synonymous with white supremacy,” first unleashes both barrels on the liberal/progressives: “Strident declamations against fascism in Charlottesville from those who supported fascists in Kiev, calls for action to be taken against extremists in America by those who’ve been supporting them in Syria. What is this if not rank hypocrisy?”

read more:


Read from top... I repeat and we have exposed this many times on this site:

... from those who supported fascists in Kiev, calls for action to be taken against extremists in America by those who’ve been supporting them in Syria. What is this if not rank hypocrisy?”