Thursday 30th of March 2023

the little shit goes on the offensive after promising he wouldn't...


Yes, we have reached Abbott now, and that intervention.

The right in Australian politics is currently hell-bent on consuming itself.

Civil war keeps erupting before our very eyes.

Tony Abbott dished it out to Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday night in most extraordinary fashion. His intervention was a precision strike against the man who took his job, with Newspoll in the field over the weekend, and federal parliament returning next week.

Abbott wasn’t actually talking to the colleagues, which is probably wise, given many of them want to lock him in a cupboard and throw away the key.

It was more vicious than a conventional party room courtship exercise.

He looked over their heads, and spoke instead to the voters Malcolm Turnbull is currently intent on trying to woo back: white working-class voters in regional areas stranded at the fag end of the mining boom – the folks drifting dangerously in Hanson’s direction because they’ve had a gutful of the circus in Canberra.

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"success" by bedding hanson and the greens...

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has criticised Tony Abbott for his "sad" attack on his leadership, saying his government has achieved more than his predecessor.

Key points:
  • Mr Abbott says Liberal Party needs to become more conservative or risk being deserted
  • Mathias Cormann says he is saddened by Mr Abbott's "self indulgent" comments
  • Mr Abbott defends comments, says his duty is to "keep us on the right track"

The former leader yesterday lashed out at the Government, arguing conservative voters would flock to One Nation as the Coalition becomes "Labor lite".

Mr Turnbull told Melbourne radio station 3AW he would not go into his private conversations with Mr Abbott, instead saying "he knows exactly what he's doing".

In a later press conference, he described Mr Abbott's comments as "sad" and cited the achievements of the Coalition under his leadership.

"In the last six months or so, my Government has delivered more through the Senate, through the whole Parliament, than we did in the last three years," he said.

"I don't just give speeches about getting rid of politicians' gold passes ... I abolished them. 

"I don't just talk about parliamentary entitlements. I have set up a completely new structure to oversight them and manage them so that politicians' expenses are being dealt with properly.

"I do not just talk about cutting taxes. I have cut them. 

"Done, tick, gone through the Parliament."

Mr Turnbull said he would not be distracted by the "latest outburst". 

He also praised the comments made by Coalition frontbencher Mathias Cormann, who told Sky News he was saddened by Mr Abbott's "self indulgent" comments.

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lying through his teeth while clinching a sabre...

When Tony Abbott lost power one of the first things he did was make a promise to the waiting throng of journalists.

"My pledge today is to make this change as easy as I can," Mr Abbott said.

"There will be no wrecking, no undermining, and no sniping. I've never leaked or backgrounded against anyone. And I certainly won't start now."

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The little shit held his tongue for about five minutes... His pledges are worth nothing. Everything Tony says is to be taken with a million ton of salt. His hypocrisy has no match on this planet of hypocrites.

A bit like the new Inner West Council "protecting our community from Westonnex" brochure. It's designed to let us know that the Council opposes the WestCONnex but the brochure does everything to make WestCONnex more pleasurable to the rate payers... This is another example of doublespeak where the Council does the work for the hypocritical Gladys by supplying what the government should have done BEFORE starting the work — things like "predicting trafic impacts" and "improving local outcomes" and "work with the council to protect local community"... It's too late. The horse has bolted and you can make yet MORE SUBMISSIONS to the WestCONnex project... It will fill more waste bins as previous submissions have done... And they'll know where you live.

Westconnex — "a 1950s solution with 1980s technologies for a 21st century problem"

credlin's grand delusions...

Credlin claimed that supporters of both Abbott and Turnbull are “still angry at the removal of an election prime minister and the Coalition’s plummeting fortunes ever since”.

Abbott’s former chief of staff said he had acted out of “unmasked frustration” that, after he won 25 seats off Labor, Turnbull had “thrown away” 14 seats at the election.

Credlin said Pauline Hanson was “the real winner”, with One Nation benefiting from Coalition voters walking – or running – to the conservative populist party.

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No-one in the party of KONservatives had the courage to tell Credlin that had her minion in chief gone to the polls himself he would have lost 50 or more seats... Grand delusion is a trait of pissy little men like Tony Abbott. He had a shot at lying through his teeth to get the PMship, and now people don't want him, except in his beloved North Shore...


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looking good by default...

Now that the adrenaline surge from being rumbled by Donald Trump and getting all macho with Bill Shorten has worn off, Malcolm Turnbull is confronted by the simple truth that he is not that flash at this prime minister business.

As the gap between Turnbull’s pre-leadership persona and his performance in office becomes a chasm, his right flank is emboldened to play chicken with his every instinct and drive him deeper to the extremes.


But there is one thing that makes Malcolm Turnbull look good. It’s Tony Abbott.

Abbott’s intervention last week has unified Turnbull’s caucus and helped distinguish Turnbull’s lazy populism with a seriously mad right agenda. However, a trip down memory lane puts Abbott’s current delusional bid to reassert himself in quantitative context.

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Sometimes I think that Turnbull regrets that he was not born in America, where now today he would be the Democrat President... ruling over the whole planet... Australia is a small potato that seems to bore him to death... 

In contrast, little shit Abbott wants to destroy what's good about this country. It gives him adrenalin and goosepimple, as he smells exciting biffo like you smell flowers...

when turds tell porkies...

misogynist inc....



Tony Abbott is back with his lady opinions! Why can't he leave us alone?

The sex discrimination commissioner has rudely suggested that companies with government contracts should show they are hiring 40% women. She should pull her head in!


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