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miranda pisses over the ledge...

In her opinionated editorial of 28/4/19, Miranda Devine hits the craps at full shit speed:


First Miranda is an ignorant twat. Second Miranda is a dangerous ignorant twat. Third Miranda Devine is a useless bitch. Sorry I should have used another word, but this one is the only one coming to mind.

Ignorance can be sorted out when people are willing to learn. Being a bitch shows that Miranda Devine is not willing to learn, THOUGH the words she spruiks are like that of the forked tongue snake trying to distort the words of her god with the forbidden fruit. "COME ON, she says, burn fossil fuels..." Carbon dioxide is a plant food, we all know that, but EXTRA CO2 is warming up the atmosphere. Is this difficult to understand? This has been understood since the 19th century by scientists: CO2 is what keeps the planet warm enough for us to live in. And it feeds the fucking plants. No worries about this either. Correct. But add more CO2 in the atmosphere (and the oceans — we won't go too deep into this for now), than its maximum natural quotient (300ppm), the atmosphere WILL WARM UP. HOW MUCH WILL IT WARM UP?


Well, Miranda, read SCIENCE, the magazine of the AAAS, instead of the Catholic Weekly. I guess the Pope, YOUR Pope does and knows more about this subject than your fucking boss, Mr Murdoch.

leave her alone...

Miranda, leave this BRAVE GIRL alone if you can't understand what she is talking about. She has done the hard yards and learnt sciences and the reality of the carbon equation. You, Ms Devine, are still a dark soul caught in having to adjust to the changes of evolution. I won't be kind, because by doing what you did today, you deserve a flogging. At one stage, you pseudo-compare her to a rabid tyrant by asking us to imagine if one of those were to say what THIS BRAVE GIRL is saying. The worst part is you call her UNWARY. Unwary is an insult to this young mind, who is more aware of things than a precocious young Mozart in her own field of knowledge. Imagine being called incautious, careless, thoughtless, unthinking, heedless, inattentive, unwatchful, unobservant, loony, unintelligent, retarded, ignorant? Well, fucking Miranda, this is you. YOU! You are incautious, careless, thoughtless, unthinking, heedless, inattentive, unwatchful, unobservant, loony, unintelligent, retarded, ignorant!

When will you ever learn not to be? Never? Please go and poop somehwere else, but leave Greta alone...



Miranda ...

I think poor old Miranda is just jealous of Greta & her success in accessing the world's leaders to promote her powerful message.

In particular as the only people who will listen to Miranda's bile are ancient knuckle-dragging white men dressed in lycra ...

yes john, unfortunately, miranda isn't solo...


by Stewart Lee




Needless to say, I dragged my children down to Oxford Circus over Easter, travelling by bicycle to avoid the BBC’s Justin Webb accusing me of hypocrisy. I had hoped to get in some good virtue signalling, but I am so out of shape no one recognised me as “Stewart Lee, the world’s greatest living stand-up comedian” (Dominic Maxwell, the Times) and Nanny McPhee was able to snaffle the limelight as usual.

You would have to be dead inside to ridicule the teenage environmentalist Greta Thunberg and yet the usual grindingly algorithimic alt-right controversialists have done just that. And Ken Marsh, the actual genuine chairman of the real Metropolitan Police Federation that exists, described Greta’s followers on LBC as people “eating their lentil souffles that they are all doing”, like an incoherent baby writing a satirical song about hippies for Nationwide circa 1983.

Theresa May wouldn’t even meet the child warrior, knowing she would melt before Greta’s Scandinavian certainties, just as in In the Mouth of Madness, the insurance fraud investigator John Trent (Sam Neill) remains incarcerated in an asylum rather than confront the horrible truths beyond its walls.

I’ll level with ya, True Believers! Inspired by In the Mouth of Madness, I had hoped to write an entire column in the style of a 19th-century horror writer. But I gave up. My youngest flushed a whole apple down the toilet last night and I lost an evening’s writing time in the fallout.

But Greta Thunberg has made everything buzz with hot fuzzy meaning. And there was one line in In the Mouth of Madness, that Sam Neill’s character says while drawing crucifixes on the wall of his padded cell, that just jumped out – “Every species can smell its own extinction.” You go, girl!

Stewart Lee appears in Comedy for Community, a benefit in aid of community charities North London Cares and South London Cares, at the Leicester Square theatre on 20 May with Harry Hill, Lolly Adefope, and Shazia Mirza


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At least the Pope has the decency to recognise the validity of Greta Thunberg's arguments... This one fact really shits La Devine — a staunch Catholic...

they have nothing left...

Oh, to be Greta. The queue of (mostly) middle aged men using their media platforms to attack her is now running around the block.

They have resorted to these ad hominem attacks because they have nothing left. Having substantially lost the political and the scientific arguments against climate action some time ago, they now face losing complete control of an agenda they have become accustomed to manipulating.

It's like a Who's Who of disorientated individuals.

We can start with the Grande Dame of anti-environmentalism: Koch-sponsored Brendan O’Neill, who Debrorah Orr reminds us “has already devoted a thousand or so of his rancid words to ‘The cult of Greta Thunberg’”.

Orr points out that O’Neill has suggested Greta “was a ‘millenarian weirdo’, then bulking out his thesis with the following: ‘The monotone voice. The look of apocalyptic dread in her eyes … There is something chilling and positively pre-modern about Ms Thunberg.’”


As the desperate pile-on grew in intensity day by day, Aussie right-winger Helen Dale provided an anomaly to the usual British, male, pale, and stale commentariat — but only demographically. She suggested:

Can the Beeb arrange for Andrew Neil to interview this Greta Thunberg character? Because afterwards I guarantee we’ll never hear from her again. She may even have a meltdown on national telly into the bargain.

That’s right. Roll up, roll up, to see an aged Adam Smith Institute fanboy emotionally batter a 16-year old. That’s everyone’s idea of fun.

As Orr (again) noted, this is “particularly crass” because people on the autistic spectrum, as Greta has said she is, are “commonly described as having a ‘meltdown’” when they get overwhelmed.

Therefore, Orr points out, “Dale is suggesting that a neurological condition should be triggered on camera, in a child, in order for her to suffer global humiliation.”

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more important protests...

There were tears outside Scott Morrison's office in Sydney's south, but the biggest crowds were in Melbourne where thousands of students skipped school to demand action on climate change.

Key points: 
  • Many of the speakers at events around Australia railed against the proposed Adani coal mine
  • In Melbourne about 1,000 people attended a rally in the CBD and police blocked a section of Exhibition Street 
  • Former prime minister Tony Abbott's office in Sydney was also a hot spot


About 70 demonstrations were held around Australia — hundreds turned out at the Prime Minister's office in Cronulla, although most in the crowd there were older than school age.

Stella Brazier, 14, burst into tears when asked about her decision to attend.

"It just upsets me so much because I just don't now if they [politicians] are going to do anything," she said.

"What's going to happen to humankind, what's going to happen to the whole world?"

Former prime minister Tony Abbott's office in Warringah was also a hot spot.

Students held signs with slogans such as "denial is not a policy" and "what we stand for is what we stand on" while chanting "time up's Tony".


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Kids! Note that your tears of today will be fondly remembered like when we protested against the Vietnam war. We had to do it. We had no choice except acquiesce to murders on a grand scale. The modern Western media has unfortunately been embedded with the governments to make sure you are belittled. You are tall, literate, scientific and proud. We salute you (especially in Marrickville where one could see you in the rain holding Stop Adani placards — this is why we have to stop adani...). We need you to show yourself your own future, because the dills in Kanbra and those at the Sunday Crapograh won't. 


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ignorance is like cultivating noodles...

It was hot on a recent Tuesday evening in Velten, a small town in the eastern German state of Brandenburg. The only way to stay cool was to keep the doors and windows open. The speakers were sweating. So was the audience.

A good 200 people had shown up to listen to speeches by Jörg Meuthen, the national spokesman for the far-right populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, and other party leaders. Surely no one would deny that the venue was so hot because of all the people inside. But asked whether humanity was also responsible for heating up the planet, the attendees' answers would probably be less affirmative.

Meuthen recalled an "awakening experience" in the European Parliament in mid-April, explaining that a guest had come to visit: "Hold on to your hat, this was a very, very high-ranking state visit, the holy Greta from Sweden." The audience laughed. "But seriously," Meuthen said, getting worked up, the parliament's president had greeted "this 16-year-old student." And what's more, he told the audience, Greta had received "thundering applause."

"Unbelievable," grumbled one man in the front row. Meuthen continued: "She got standing ovations from the entire parliament. For what, one has to wonder, for what?" He followed up with a joke: "The next day, she met the Pope, and gave him a small audience." More laughter.

Has the icon of the student-led "Fridays for Future" protests become a target of far-right populist scorn? Has a 16-year-old student been painted as the political opponent of the AfD? Yes, indeed.

Low Hanging Fruit

The far-right German party has adopted a new issue to score points with voters: environmental policy. The party addresses it in the federal parliament, the Bundestag, and out on the campaign trail. It fosters connections to climate change deniers in the orbit of U.S. President Donald Trump. But more than anything, it is trying to drum up support ahead of upcoming elections in May for the European Parliament as well as elections in three East German states, which are scheduled for late summer.

After the euro and the refugee crisis, it is the third major theme the party is using to bring people on its side. The AfD didn't just decide to shift its message out of the blue: It recognized some time ago that scolding migrants and warning of Muslim conspiracies don't have the same pull they did two or three years ago. This is mostly because there are far fewer refugees entering the country now than a few years ago. The AfD needs to find a new rallying cry.

Environmental policy has become a ubiquitous, hot-button issue. There are the "Fridays for Future" protests instigated by Greta Thunberg, the debate over diesel vehicles and proposed driving bans on those cars in some cities due to dangerous emissions, the never-ending squabbling over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia and, most recently, the push by German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze to implement a carbon tax. Not to mention the images of melting glaciers and plastic floating in the ocean, or the memories of the drought-stricken summer last year.

"We would be foolish to not take up the subject," said Meuthen. It is one of the most important issues, especially for his party, Meuthen added. "As a politician, you have to tackle the subjects people care about."

As far as pollsters can tell, Meuthen isn't wrong. According to one survey conducted by the pollster Forschungsgruppe Wahlen in mid-April, "environment/clean energy revolution" was described as the second-most important "problem in Germany," right after "foreigners/integration/refugees." According to another pollster, Infratest dimap, "environment- and climate-protection" played either a very important or an important role for 89 percent of eligible voters during the 2017 general election.

Unscientific Beliefs

The AfD is taking up a position unoccupied by any other German political party -- far from any conclusions supported by science.

At the launch of the European election campaign in the southern German city of Offenburg three weeks ago, the AfD's party and parliamentary group head Alexander Gauland grandiosely claimed that it was "completely unclear" what role humans were playing in climate change. Gauland spoke of "degenerate fearmongering" by the Green Party. And then he conjured up his own horror scenario: Soon there would be a "United States of Europe, a de-industrialized settlement covered in wind turbines" in which not only all national identities would be abolished, but all cars would be electric, "and only available via car-sharing."

The AfD's retrograde views are especially well-received in rural areas, where many depend on their cars. The party portrays itself as the party that wants to "save diesel." That also happens to be the slogan on the election poster that the AfD's district associations have ordered the most. According to the party's European election platform, "millions of diesel drivers were practically dispossessed" because the government, the other parties and the EU decided that combustion engines were bad and anachronistic. In Velten, Meuthen even claimed that the "diesel limits" from Brussels were "destroying our car industry" and that the entire sector would disappear. He received loud applause from people who saw him as the fighter who would save the combustion engine.

The AfD's stance on the climate makes it an outlier not just in Germany, but in Europe as well. "When it comes to climate change, the AfD is among the hardliners of the European right-wing populists," said Stella Schaller, a climate expert at Berlin's adelphi think tank. With a colleague, Schaller analyzed 21 European right-wing populist parties' platforms, statements and voting behavior in the European Parliament. "No other party, with the exception of Britain's UKIP, denies human-induced climate change as vehemently as the AfD."

Dubious Backers

The AfD works especially closely with the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE). Contrary to its name, EIKE is not a scientific institute, but merely an association. There are no legal restrictions on the term "institute."

On its website, the group argues that climate policy is a "pretense" for leaders to "control the economy and the population" and to "burden people with taxes." Almost every day, the group posts something new on its blog or Twitter feed. Sometimes it presents new figures, but mostly it just shares a lot of photo montages and flashy headlines. It tries to stir up hatred against the "Friday for Future" demonstrations and against Greta Thunberg, who some EIKE members refer to as "Greta Tuna" or that "climate protection hussy." As far as institutes go, this one only seems to churn out unsophisticated propaganda.

An attempt to visit EIKE in Jena, where the organization is registered, was not entirely successful. First, a press spokesman excused himself multiple times. Later, he said he wasn't authorized to answer the questions being asked. The group's president suggested a visit in the coming week, but then stopped answering his phone. His deputy, Michael Limburg, eventually took pity and said on the phone: "EIKE is unaffiliated with any political party."

Limburg himself ran as an AfD candidate in the national election in Gerany and co-wrote a paper for the party's federal committee on energy policy, which now serves as the basis for the party's climate policy. EIKE spokesperson Horst-Joachim Lüdecke, a physicist, was invited by the AfD as an expert on multiple occasions.

The association is well-connected, including among prominent climate change deniers in the United States. For instance, German public broadcaster ARD's political program Monitor revealed last summer that EIKE chief Holger Thuss was also in charge of the European subsidiary of CFACT, a lobby organization. The American oil giant ExxonMobil has donated large sums of money to CFACT.

Then there's the Heartland Institute, which provides EIKE with support at conferences. It receives donations from the foundation of a billionaire who is one of the biggest donors to U.S. President Donald Trump. The money often flows to groups that oppose climate protection. When asked, Limburg confirmed that EIKE was "loosely connected" to Heartland and CFACT. There are also AfD politicians who attempt, without the support of the institute, to bring the public on their side.

An Exercise in Political Propaganda

During a "Fridays for Future" protest in Berlin's Mitte district in mid-March, the AfD Bundestag parliamentarian Karsten Hilse handed out "quizzes" to some young people at the front of the crowd -- and allowed himself be filmed doing so. Hilse, who is also his party's representative on the Bundestag Committee on the Environment, posted the video to Facebook. He wrote that the "quiz" was meant to check the youths' "science knowledge."

Climate researcher Stefan Rahmstorf took a closer look at the "quiz," which consisted of eight questions. On his blog, he wrote that it could serve as the "basis for a lesson about political propaganda." The "quiz" was carefully written, asking, for instance, by how many molecules per ten thousand the level of CO2 in the atmosphere had increased since the Little Ice Age, starting with the Industrial Revolution. As was the case for almost all the quiz's answers, the lowest option ("1") was correct. Rahmstorf's verdict: The quiz wasn't meant to determine people's knowledge, but rather to mislead them and thus underline political positions. Several of the answers, he wrote, were completely false.

In Stuttgart, meanwhile, the AfD has tried to use regular "diesel demonstrations" in the city to its advantage. Since mid-January, a few hundred people have been protesting there in yellow vests in favor of diesel and against the decision by the state's Green-led Transport Ministry to ban certain types of diesel cars in the city. While the organizer of the protests, Ioannis Sakkaros, emphasized that the event is not affiliated with any party, the AfD logo was visible on the bottom right corner of many protest signs, often poorly disguised. And AfD politicians like Dirk Spaniel have been among the protesters from the beginning.

Spaniel is the transport policy spokesperson for the AfD's parliamentary group in the federal parliament, and says it is no coincidence that the party has now taken on the issue. "That is also my doing," he says. He has long believed there is a plan to remake society under the banner of combating climate change. Spaniel suspects that the government has a grand plan: "Privately owned cars are to be eliminated." He says the AfD wants to prevent this from happening. After all, he believes the car industry is a key sector for the country. And in rural areas, a discussion about driving bans triggers strong emotional reactions.

When Spaniel's theories are challenged, he also reacts emotionally.

On a recent Tuesday, while the AfD lawmaker was technically on Easter holiday, he agreed to a meeting in his office in the Bundestag. Dressed in blue jeans and a polo shirt, he was at first happy to talk about the state of the AfD and his path to the party. But when the subject turned to diesel and climate-change prediction models, his tone changed. He began interrupting with a raised index finger. "The fact that 90 percent of scientists believe the current climate models are correct is not scientific proof that they are right," he said. And: "Excuse me, but I simply get riled up when someone claims something different."

Reframing the Debate

The AfD also uses the Bundestag to publicize its favorite new subject. Spaniel has hired six aides for the transportation portfolio, and correspondingly, the party has made many minor inquiries and proposed numerous laws. According to Cem Özdemir, the head of the transport committee and the former head of the Greens, the AfD is occupying "tilled soil."

That ground was tilled, says Özdemir, by the FDP and parts of the CDU, who have moved against Environmental Action Germany (DUH), a group that fights for clean air in cities. Some parts of the FDP and the CDU want to limit the DUH's right to file lawsuits. They accuse its leader of being corrupt and a puppet of the Japanese auto industry, with the goal of harming German businesses. It is, in other words, a conspiracy theory -- almost perfectly suited for the AfD.

Of course, Özdemir says, the populist party is happy to take this conspiracy theory and run with it. "(The AfD) likes to vote in favor of motions the FDP is making against the DUH or against driving bans." In doing this, he argues, it wants to make itself seem like part of the mainstream, while also harming its greatest opponents.

DUH Chairman Jürgen Resch is one such opponent. He has been the target of public defamation by the AfD. Meuthen, the party spokesman, calls Resch a "frequent flyer" and says his group "bullies" everyone in the hopes of instituting speed limits on roads.

The far-right party, meanwhile, has relied on highly dubious experts, like physicist Nir Shaviv, who appeared before the environment committee. In front of the lawmakers, he claimed there was no proof of human-caused climate change, dismissing what thousands of researchers in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have shown. Shaviv's theory is that some special solar force is having a stronger influence on the Earth's temperature than had previously been assumed.


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Note: the special solar force that is having a stronger influence on the Earth's temperature than had previously been assumed is called INFRARED. SEE:

miranda means well, then she blows up her arguments...


Miranda Devine, on assignment in New York, for the NYT, mentions the poor NYPD, 9 members of which have topped themselves. She does a decent sob job: 

At a candlelight vigil outside City Hall for the nine NYPD officers who have committed suicide this year, seasoned cops spoke of the last time a suicide epidemic struck the force.


Read more:


Soon Miranda blames the present mayor for the cops being underpaid and becoming soft:


None of this is an accident.

Mayor de Blasio has no interest in improving the lot of police in his city. He ran on a platform of ending “aggressive” law enforcement and has done his best to undermine proactive policing, singing from the left-wing song sheet, which claims that the criminal justice system is racist.

We know that Miranda hates the left and she appears to prefer Christian Jesus boots-and-all in the faces of (alleged) "offenders", who, should they be black (which is mostly the case) and minding their own citizen-ness, have a chance of 1 in a thousand of being shot at, by police, for just being there.


Then Miranda, in an effort to appear on top of the news, tells us about how 9-11 shook America and made Americans search for a justified courteous revenge mechanism:


New Yorkers sat around the park past midnight that week, arguing passionately, but courteously, about how America should respond to the terrorist attack that had targeted their city and killed 3,000 of their own. Were we victims or villains?


That argument has only sharpened and grown more poisonous in the years since. Do you drop bombs or bread, was the gist. Do you appease the Islamists and accept their anti-American critique, or do you strike back? In the end, the US and its allies tried both. Invading Iraq was a show of strength, but also aimed to establish a beacon of democracy, naively, as it turned out.


No Miranda... THE INVASION OF IRAQ WAS NOT DONE NAIVELY... It was a calculated MASSIVE deception which may not have gone according to plan since, though the US are still manipulating the politics overthere. ...Targeted their city and killed 3,000 of their own? Well this revenge business went very well though we all knew Saddam was not responsible for 9-11, we killed more than 500,000 people and displaced more than 4 million people in Iraq, as payback (it was for the oil, really)... Yep, this must make us feel better. Good for you.  

The war on Afghanistan, after 18 years, is still a problemo. Bin Laden has been assassinated by Obama and things have gone weird since day one. There has been some "democratic" improvements, but so little and so precarious. That the US never understood the social structure of Afghanistan is an understatement. So Miranda, your grade for this essay will be an F for effort, a 2 out of ten for perseverance, and a 6 out of ten for the reasonable syntax and mentioning suicide on suicide prevention week.


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miranda becomes the big gun on the NYT...



The New York Times better watch it... Miranda Devine is on the scent. She makes centre frontpage. The whole thing was sparked by the NYT trying to blacken Kavanaugh once again. It's a bottle (did I mean battle?) the New York Times cannot win. 



But to see what the holluboolloo is, we better get a grip on what Sputnik tells us:


Republicans have defended Kavanaugh after The New York Times reported over the weekend that Max Stier, a classmate of Kavanaugh's at Yale University, alleged that Kavanaugh exposed himself at a party and that other students pushed Kavanaugh's genitals into the hand of a female student, apparently without her consent. The Times has subsequently added a correction to its piece that notes that friends of the woman allegedly involved in the incident with Kavanaugh during college say she does not recall it. The alleged victim also didn’t speak to the newspaper. Kavanaugh has denied wrongdoing.

US President Trump also praised Kavanaugh as a “great, brilliant man” at his campaign rally in New Mexico on Monday night and called the report published over the weekend detailing a sexual assault allegation against the justice a “smear story.”      

“The left tries to threaten, bully, intimate Americans into submission. They use Democrat prosecutors and phony congressional committees whenever they can. They’ll do whatever they can to demean you, to libel you. They try to blacklist, coerce, cancel or destroy anyone who gets in their way. Look at what they’re doing today with Justice Kavanaugh,” he said to cheers from his supporters at the rally.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler didn’t give any concrete answer when asked about impeaching Kavanaugh, noting that FBI Director Christopher Wray was already expected to testify next month and that they will ask him about the FBI's investigation into the allegations against the Supreme Court justice. 

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Here we go again, apart from ferocious Miranda's, the NYPost pushes also articles by other soldiers such as Kyle Smith...


But on this site we don't really care about the ballsack of a newly appointed Judge in the USA. We're defenders of the little guy being ridicule for being right. For example our tirade at top about Miranda throwing everything and the kitchen-sink at Greta.


This story is part of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of more than 250 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate story.  

“Freak yachting accidents do happen…”

That was how British businessman, Trump ally, and Brexit bankroller Arron Banks responded to the news that Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen who inspired the school climate strikes movement, was sailing to America to attend the UNClimate Action Summit. His scorn was not unique. 

Many people have already spilled thousands of words of commentary explaining how personal attacks on Greta — often lobbed by old white men, sometimes mocking her Aspergers — are unacceptable. But understanding where those attackers come from, ideologically and professionally, casts an important light on some of their dark statements.

That’s because a large subsection of the commentariat driving the abuse of Greta is part of an established network of radical free-marketeer lobby groups — a network that has firm ties to the fossil fuel industry and funders of climate science denial.

Greta first shot to prominence in Europe, and that’s where the earliest mudslinging emerged.

Banks’ tweet was one of the most high-profile. He is among the most prominent funders of Brexit, with long-standing ties to the UK Independence Party and its former leader Nigel Farage. UKIP’s politician, Neil Hamilton, was one of the first to be called out for posting what was perceived by many as a bullying tweet directed at Greta, who is 16 years old. 

Farage has now set up a new outfit, the Brexit Party, also bankrolled by Banks.The party has 29 members in the European Parliament, many of them climate science deniers, thanks to winning 30 percent of the vote in May’s elections. 

While resisting calls to form an official alliance, the Brexit Party MEPs join other far-right populist parties in Brussels, including Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (formerly the Front National) and Alternative for Germany (AfD). All are united in their hatred for Greta. Two National Rally MPs recently boycotted her visit to France, and AfD representatives have made coordinated attacks on social media.

Those aggressions were orchestrated by the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) — an organisation known for co-sponsoring events with U.S. free-market think tank, the Heartland Institute.

Trans-Atlantic Potshots

It’s perhaps unsurprising to find that many of the U.S. commentators verbally assaulting Greta also have ties to the Heartland Institute, given the organisation’s Big Oil funding and long-history of promoting climate science denial.

The institute’s website published a long blog post by one of its ‘policy experts’, Gregory Wrightstone, who attempted to refute many of Thunberg’s arguments for climate action. “It is time for her to go back to school to learn what she doesn’t know and to unlearn so much of what she has been taught,” he concluded.

Many other critics of Greta in the U.S. are tied to another of Heartland’s funders, the Koch family, owners of the U.S.’s largest private energy company.

Marc Morano, communications director of campaign group Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), and a regular speaker at Heartland Institute events, has a long history of spreading misinformation about climate change. 

He was also one of the loudest critics of Greta’s visit to the U.S., appearing on Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media to describe the young activist as “bait” to entrap critics of climate policy. Levant was an intern at the Charles Koch Foundation and later worked for the Koch-funded Fraser Institute

Morano’s arguments were echoed on CFACT’s website by Joe Bastardi, a meteorologist who worked for AccuWeather, a private forecasting company that in the 1990s was involved with the Global Climate Coalition (GCC) — a now-defunct fossil fuel industry front group that strongly opposed global greenhouse gas reduction policies. 

CFACT has received significant donations from oil companies including Exxon and Chevron, as well as oil billionaire Richard Scaife.

One of Greta’s most prominent critics has been Steve Milloy, a self-styled “pioneer” fighting against “faulty scientific data used to advance special, and often hidden, agendas.” Milloy is, among other things, an adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI)

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This time, Murdoch is planning a full-on assault on the New York Times with Miranda at the forefront.



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and miranda flies off the cuckoo's crapper...


Miranda Devine, eager to bash eco-something writes this crap:

When Swedish eco-pessimist Greta Thunberg came to New York to shout, “How dare you!” last month, she maintained her climate purity by traveling on a carbon-neutral, solar-powered yacht.

Now that she’s in Canada, the teen doomsayer hasn’t explained how she’ll travel 4,000 miles home to Sweden without flying. She’s given up airplanes because she believes their greenhouse emissions drive cataclysmic climate change.

Air travel, which accounts for 2 percent of global emissions, has become the great bogeyman for climate alarmists, sparking a backlash against airlines.

Punitive eco-taxes, aviation regulations, activist investors, green NGOs and climate-aware passengers conspire to force airlines and manufacturers to lower CO2 emissions by using less fuel, which accounts for 99 percent of aviation’s carbon footprint.

No one has said it explicitly yet, but this relentless pressure to reduce emissions appears to have been a significant factor in the disastrous safety failures of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which resulted in two fatal crashes in the past year, claiming 346 lives.


Read more:


I could leave you alone to analyse Miranda Devine's insanity but I won't. The main problem here was that Boeing in competition with Airbus decided to augment the engine power on an "old" plane design, the 737 to give it more capacity and greater range. One does not need to be an engineer to know that some modification needs to be made. MORE POWER BELOW THE WINGS WILL TEND TO RAISE THE NOSE OF PLANES. It's a bit like a drag-racing car on a measured quarter mile. The more power, the more the front of the car is going to go up. The drag-racing cars are designed with a set of "training wheel" behind to prevent the car flipping over, especially on "take-off". For a plane like the boosted 737, now called the 737 Max 8, this NECESSITATED a computer programme adjustment that forced the elevating back ailerons down to compensate for this extra power. The major faults in this were:

a) the pilots of the Max 8 were not properly advised about the computerised compensation

b) the programme was faulty and pushed down the nose of the plane too much

c) confusion occurred between the auto-pilot, the compensating programme and the pilots

d) the certification of the modification of the plane was not done through the normal procedures of the FAA, but by Boeing certifying the caper on behalf of the FAA.


End of story.

Nothing to do with eco-engineering. Miranda is a nutcase with a pee-box for brains...


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saving greta from our lunacy...

People are suffering, People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are at the beginning of a mass extinction,” child prophet Greta Thunberg announced through tears at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York City last month, “and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you.

Instead of deriding the stunt, as they might have, national leaders and the presumed cream of the international community clapped like trained seals eager for a fish treat.

No one has explained to Greta that the modern world is complex and different,” Russia’s Vladimir Putin—to his credit—exclaimed scornfully. “People in Africa or in many Asian countries want to live at the same wealth level as in Sweden.” And in spite of UN antics, industrial technocracy has no intention of reverting to subsistence and chronic want, nor should it.

Having risen from 2.5 billion to 7.5 billion since 1950, world population growth is historically staggering. UN projections for 2050—one generation out—stand at 10 billion. That’s an astonishing four-fold growth in one century. The earth’s carrying capacity is by many accounts being tested. Yet climate change and world population are rarely correlated today, since critical appraisals cannot but point the problem finger at fertility in Africa and the Third World.


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Welcome to this mad planet… Growth, growth, growth of the human species until it will have to eat itself. Since I was born, the world human population would have grown five fold by 2050. 
And Greta is correct. "Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are at the beginning of a mass extinction.” And we’ve seen nothing yet!... The remnants of the last Ice Age are now melting at a rate of knots

"All the world should hope smart minds, not just in China but at the United Nations, World Bank, European Union, and U.S. State Department, are taking Malthus seriously. Nature is a powerful, ineffable system. It will be ready to curb biomass long before Greta’s fantasies of mass extinction come close to realization.” says Gilbert T. Sewall…

Unfortunately, the author of this piece, GTS, seems to be living in two half minds: Telling us that what Greta says is fantasy, yet that what Malthus proposed in 1798 is in line with what Greta is advocating and might come sooner. 
Pig or pork? 

Ehrlich’s 1968 exposition of the future was also telling. Ten years later, the Chinese made a humongous drastic decision which has still not been fully appreciated by the Western wankers (except those who saw this as a reduction of the “reds under their beds” threat): 

China's one-child policy was part of a birth planning program designed to control the size of its population. Distinct from the family planning policies of most other countries (which focus on providing contraceptive options to help women have the number of children they want), it set a limit on the number of children parents could have, the world's most extreme example of population planning. It was introduced in 1979 (after a decade-long two-child policy),[1] modified beginning in the mid 1980s to allow rural parents a second child if the first was a daughter, and then lasted three more decades before being eliminated at the end of 2015. The policy also allowed exceptions for some other groups, including ethnic minorities. Therefore, the term "one-child policy" is a misnomer, because for nearly 30 of the 36 years that it existed (1979–2015), about half of all parents in China were allowed to have a second child [2][3][4]
China understood the ramification of population growth. We have not. Yet most of the migration and refugee problems stems from our looniness about encouraging the enterprising ravage of capitalism on many fronts including robbery of other people’s land and thieving of resources, creating and maintaining a subclass of poor people, at the service of the rich… Fair enough?. 
So which will come first? Greta’s vision of the future or that of Gilbert T. Sewall, who is doing some painful fence sitting by reminding us about the possibility that "something is going to give” (break).

So China is helping Africa and other poor countries find their feet. Is China going to help stem the population tide in these countries, instead of doing parallels imitations of our impression of benevolent mafioso bosses to sell them more stuff (made in China) at inflated prices, while we pinch their resources, under threat of cutting the charitable supply of our excess US corn — which they don’t need, but have no way of saying no to USAID because of its pointed guns? 

And Russia is not too far behind China… (

So what is it going to be? Greta has a clearer view of the future than most of us, including our present leaders who live in hope of golden showers. We are heading towards a slow-incoming catastrophe.
Many species are taking the brunt of our carelessness. Global warming is not a fantasy. Plastic and other piles of rubbish are becoming unmanageable. Antibiotic resistance is rife.

Because we’ve got pillows on our head, we pay little attention to the damage we’ve done, are doing and will do. We love pillows because they are comfortable, especially when filled with fossil fuel. But they won’t protect us when next level of dark shit hits us, soon — about 2032 — or 2045… The die is cast, but we can reduce the temperature. We should.

We might have to swallow our pride and commend Greta. By then, we’ll be dead and, with most of her present co-protestors, she'll have to sort out our seriously ugly now mess of excuses galore.
Sorry, Greta...

Gus Leonisky

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flying coffins...

The anniversary of the Lion Air crash that killed 189 people has been marked by an emotional appearance by Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg before the US Congress.

Mr Muilenburg was called to Washington to answer questions about the certification of the grounded 737 Max planes, but he also faced accusations of “setting pilots up for failure” and putting passengers into “flying coffins”.

“Those pilots never had a chance,” Senator Richard Blumenthal said at the hearing on Tuesday (local time).

Passengers “never had a chance. They were in flying coffins as a result of Boeing deciding that it was going to conceal MCAS from the pilots”, he said.

Mr Muilenburg also apologised directly to victims’ family members – about 20 of whom were at the hearing, carrying large photos of their loved ones – and said the plane manufacturer was committed to safety and to learning from the crashes.

“We’ve been challenged and changed by these accidents. We’ve made mistakes and we got some things wrong,” he said.


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and miranda flies off the cuckoo's crapper...

stick to what you know, young greta...

Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old Swedish climate change activist, has endorsed Joe Biden’s bid for the White House, breaking with her long-standing rule of avoiding party politics.

In a tweet Saturday, Thunberg said that the November 3 election is “above and beyond all that,” and is urging people to “get organized” and vote for Biden, even though she acknowledged that many of her followers backed other candidates.


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Advice from an old kook: Stick to what you know, not what you believe, young Greta... Biden has been (is) a warmonger — and war is a worse generator of CO2 emissions, as well as producing methane and far more NOxes than any other human activities... Think about it. Donald is the pits in regard to climate change, but he could change his mind. YOU could change his mind... Biden is all phoney and hypocritically challenged. I am not say vote for Trump, but think about the options (see the other 1,214 candidates...)