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a quarter of a nobel prize...


I was at a loss to write a new article to bother someone (you) with… It did not bother me that I had no idea. There’s always something. The news is full of amusing crap, like the Russians shooting at Ukrainian Navy boats trying to get through Russian territorial waters without permission; like the war on Yemen continuing with more kids dying of starvation and diseases such as cholera because of the Saudis and the USA; like Theresa May pushing her Brexit salad mix at the table of the Europeans — and of course we have Trump, clowning mad as ever, like an idiot amusing himself.


Then there is our own government, under Scummo’s beer-drinking boganical and fairdinkumologistic leadership, strolling at full yobo speed with the tomato sauce bottle in hand, towards another greasy barbecue with burned snags and bread rolls, and a baseball cap advertising something, while the Conman, er sorry, Cormann, the Belgian sidekick, is wafting on about Victoria’s bumdrum. Electable? ‘Fraid not.


So I fell from my chair when I stumbled on a quarter-Nobel Prize winner, Ivar Giæver, telling me (us) that Global warming is crap on Youtube (and to the world at large). My life of dedication to the cause felt shaky. Ivar was far more educated than I was and I had to pay strict attention to what such a quarter-decorated man would say on the subject, despite his being accompanied by quite disappointing PowerPoint-slides — very naïve images for a giant of sciences. Well, he did not say global warming is crap. He said that global warming was a pseudo-science, which is basically the same thing. Our Tony Turdy, not a scientist and being a Rhodes scholar liar, is entitled to say without flinching that “global warming is crap.” Ivar Giæver is more refined in his choice of denigration.  I needed to investigate. Was I wrong? How did I manage to be so wrong for so long?


Ivar Giæver is an old Norwegian physicist who followed Esaki's discovery of electron tunnelling in semiconductors of 1958, and Ivar Giæver showed that tunnelling also took place in superconductors, demonstrating tunnelling through a very thin layer of oxide surrounded on both sides by metal in a superconducting or normal state. Giæver's experiments demonstrated the existence of an energy gap in superconductors, one of the most important predictions of the BCS theory of superconductivity, which had been developed in 1957. Giæver's experimental demonstration of tunnelling in superconductors stimulated the theoretical physicist Brian Josephson to work on the phenomenon, leading to his prediction of the Josephson effect in 1962. Esaki and Giæver shared half of the 1973 Nobel Prize, and Josephson received the other half.


We must take our hat off to Ivar. But despite being a scientist with a quarter of a Nobel Gong to his name, his own investigation of global warming was leaving a lot to be desired. The more he went into it, the more he waffled. His exposé was very amateurish and poorly presented to an audience of people who seemed to have not one more brain-cell than dead cockroaches on a kitchen bench. We all can make mistakes and I could have done, but within the first few seconds, Ivar did a plenty. He admitted sourcing a lot of his information on global warming from Google searches. So do I, but I also follow some heavy-duty scientists and I am less dumb than Ivar on a good day.


Because the subject has become taboo in scientific circles, he claimed, apparently it “cannot” be discussed in the open, thus in his mind climate change has become a “religion” rather than an investigation. This is rubbish of course. No-one is stopping anybody to present VALID arguments to the contrary.


For Ivar, a pseudoscience is one that only pick and choose the elements/bits/results that suit the pseudo-theory, not the complete gamut of information that could show some contrariety... He is in good company with himself, when talking of such pseudoscience. He only picked and chose the bits that suited his pseudo-scientific denialism… One could see he was shooting himself in the foot from the beginning. He was going to bleed to death.


At the 62nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, Giæver commented on the significance of the apparent rise in temperature by stating: "What does it mean that the temperature has gone up 0.8 degrees Kelvin: probably nothing." Referring to the evidence in his presentation, Giaever added "I pick and choose when I give this talk just the way the previous speaker picked and chose when he gave his talk."


The previous speaker was Mario Molina, a full Nobel Prize winner for his work on the Antarctic ozone layer hole created by CFCs. Contrarily to Ivar, Mario was also a strong advocate for global warming awareness. In his presentation, Giæver concluded with this pronouncement: "Is climate change pseudoscience? If I'm going to answer the question, the answer is: absolutely."


Okay… he chose to answer his own question, thus he knew his answer before asking the question. Quite infantile or part of the arsenal of tricks by politicians trying to make an unsustainable point.


Giæver repeated the same shit in a speech in 2015, referring to data on global average temperature (GISTEMP) published amongst others by NASA that show global average surface temperature has risen less than 1 K in 140 years, and not risen at all for the years from 2000-2014. A main point of Giæver's speech is the reliability of the statistical calculation of this temperature with respect to the spatial distribution of measurement locations over the globe, especially what he sees as poor coverage in the southern hemisphere.


One can find a lot of suitable stretchy crap on Google. Giæver did that by the spade-full. And of course 2015, 2016 and 2017 showed up as the “warmest years on record” by a long shot.


So, Giæver is currently a science advisor with the conservative thinktank, The Heartland Institute.


Where do we start the scientific lampooning? What have we got here? What’s the point of Giæver’s spew?


Giæver “sins” a lot by much omission. His views on the subject of global warming were breathtakingly simplistic, with no real sciences. He talked shit glibfully… with not much brilliance either — English not being his native lingo — but he mentioned Steven Chu — a full-bore denialist as a friend.


To Giæver, global warming is a “mystery”… He cannot fathom the science in it... Fair enough. It’s a mystery to a lot of people too, and there is a lot of data, some of which he challenges and dismisses with half-baked or crude erroneous arguments. To his credit, Giæver mentioned the possibility that sustainable development could be fair enough for some planetary safekeeping, though like some pollies in Australia, he hates windmills. The wind turbines give him the shits. Give him nuclear power any day. And he mentioned the Chinese…


And to Ivar Giæver, everything changes… Sounds like a line from that spin-off of Dr Who… He says our present warming is part of the up and down of such changes. I hope he’s right but I know he’s wrong. We know things change.


To illustrate that “things change”, he even showed us a couple of photos comparing him and his bride then, with him and his old woman now… How insensitive is this?


Not once did he have any consideration for feedback mechanisms in the process of global warming. Yes, he mentioned that the centres of Greenland and Antarctica “were gaining ice”, but no mention of the fast diminishing north polar ice.


Ivar had a bit of fun with polar bears because their number is going up and up, as Norwegian and Canadian shooters are not killing their babies for fur any more. Good for you. Yes, as Giæver mentioned there are more seals in the region for polar bear food, but he “forgot” to mention that there is far less ice to provide the rafts necessary for the bears to use as “cribs” for the young.  Bears are thus seen more and more often on dry land, scavenging.


At one stage or another, as the USA and Russia open commercial polar routes — now free of ice in summer, and open new military bases north of the polar circle in preparation for WW3, the ice that is melting will totally vanish within our (your) lifetime. Some estimates on present trend place the final summer ice in about 2045. Polar Bear will have to swim all summer long and I’d be dead for quite a while. Send me a text about it though...


As mentioned in my article “the Antarctica conundrum”, gaining ice in the centre of that continent is not a puzzle. Warmer air carries more humidity and this “driest continent on the planet” is getting more humid due to global warming. One would not feel the difference between minus 50 and minus 47 degrees Celsius either. The edges of Antarctica and of Greenland are melting fast — faster than what is gained at the centre by snow — and the trends have “accelerated”.


And the melting of the ice and of glaciers is retarding the full effect of global warming, like ice melting in our whisky.


Then Ivar waffled on and on about things that were not relevant to the problem, like plants needing CO2 to survive, etc… as if we did not know. He even tried to be funny when mentioning that Iowa corn farmers were 100 times more efficient than Africans — and that their corn was turned into ethanol which was a costly scandal.  Obviously not for the US farmers, as, as afar as I know, corn farmers in Africa are far and few in between, except possibly in South Africa. He actually read an article on Google that “CO2 made animal shrink… and plant shrink”, and he had a glibbish laughter about people not shrinking “unfortunately”. Guffaw…


I could go on and on about Ivar’s unscientific approach to this dilemma. It was embarrassing to see a quarter of a Nobel prize making an arse of himself on behalf of the Heartland Institute. When he tried to compare 800 million cars spewing CO2 into the earth’s atmosphere and a small room where one burns a few matches to create some CO2, he muffed his sad delivery, like an old man trying to crack a joke but forgets the punch line. Of course the horse went into a bar and asked: “…”. Sorry I lost the plot… Ah yes, Noah’s flood was a big flood. Idiot. But the stupid thing that Mr quarter Nobel prize is forgetting is that the CO2 in a conference room CANNOT BE COMPARED to the CO2 in the atmosphere. Global warming does not happen because of CO2 alone, but because of the way CO2 absorbs energy from the sun infrared spectrum...


And Giæver mentioned the starving Indians who did not eat solar panels — you know the ones that Lomborg (illustrated by our own Bill Leak) described, as if they could eat coal lumps or “safe” nuclear waste instead. Idiots. All idiots. Ah yes, the story about the horse was about New Yorkers in 1900, having a horse shortage, wondered how they could find more beasts — and find more shovellers to remove the horse-shit from the streets...

He even showed a picture of plate tectonics accompanied by Norman from Mad Magazine without mentioning the dates… which Gus, being quite informed about these things, knew they went back about 2 billion years ago. Nothing to do with climate, but with “everything changes”… OF COURSE WE KNOW THIS, YOU FUCKWIT! Even the dinosaurs knew that — or if they did not know, they soon found out about it… from an economist.


Gus Leonisky


Local horse-shit shoveller...

meanwhile, the weather...

After a record-cold Thanksgiving, temperatures continued to plummet as heavy snowfall across the Midwest grounded or delayed over 6,000 flights, wreaking havoc on Americans’ holiday travel plans.

The Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend is usually the busiest travel day of the year, as millions of Americans return home from visiting relatives. However, much of the country was snowed in this year, leading to over 1,200 flight cancellations and 5,000 delays, according to

In the Midwest, blizzard-like conditions swept down from the Great Lakes, blanketing Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin and Nebraska. Hundreds of flights were cancelled at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport – the sixth-busiest airport in the world – while Kansas City International Airport shut down on Sunday afternoon as crews fought to clear the runway.


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(CNN)Average summer temperatures in the UK could soar by up to 5.4 degrees Celsius (9.7 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2070 unless greenhouse gas emissions are adequately cut, the country's weather body has warned. 

Sea levels in London could also rise by up to 1.15 meters by the end of the century, with increased risk of flooding throughout the country, according to the country's most comprehensive projections of climate change, released by the Met Office Monday.The figures represent the worst-case scenario in terms of climate change, in which global emissions of greenhouse gases continue to rise over the course of the century.But even if the targets set out by the Paris Climate Agreement are met, keeping global temperature rises below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, the impacts of climate change on the country are expected to be severe. The UK's average annual temperature would be still projected to rise by up to 2.3 degrees Celsius by 2100 under that more positive scenario. Sea levels could also rise by up to 70 cm in London, with cities including Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast facing rises in the levels of their bodies of water of over half a meter.

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when no one's looking ...


"The decision to release this damning report when families are beginning to celebrate the holidays and newsrooms are short-staffed is a brazen attempt to bury the truth from the public that we must act now to move off fossil fuels and stabilize the climate," Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch, said in a statement.

"Releasing this report when no one is looking, tweeting his annual nonsense about global warming and cold weather, and announcing that he'll use the upcoming U.N. climate meetings as a fossil fuel tradeshow, Trump is doubling down on his climate denial for the holidays—as many families are still reeling from unnatural climate disasters across the country," Hauter continued. "The science is way past in on climate change... We must prepare for our climate future in spite of Trump."

From deadly wildfires to catastrophic hurricanes and other extreme weather events, the "impacts of global climate change are already being felt in the United States and are projected to intensify in the future," notes the congressionally mandated report—the first of its kind released since President Donald Trump took office in 2017.

Authored by officials from over a dozen federal agencies, the report warns that in the absence of aggressive action to quickly slash carbon emissions, the climate crisis will continue to have increasingly devastating effects on the environment, wildlife, and human health.

"It is very likely that some impacts, such as the effects of ice sheet disintegration on sea level rise and coastal development, will be irreversible for many thousands of years, and others, such as species extinction, will be permanent," the report warns.


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a wind change or a dead calm?...

“Climate change is running faster than we are and we must catch up sooner rather than later before it is too late.”

Sir David Attenborough told the delegates: “Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years. Climate Change.”

The world is currently on course to overshoot by far the limits for global warming agreed in the landmark 2015 Paris accord on climate change, which were intended to prevent more extreme weather, rising sea levels and the loss of plant and animal species.

To maximise the chances of success in Poland, technical talks began on Sunday, a day early, with delegates from nearly 200 nations debating how to meet the Paris target of limiting global warming to between 1.5 and 2.0 degrees Celsius

Michal Kurtyka, Poland’s deputy environment minister and president of the talks, said that without success in Katowice, Paris would not be a success, as it had only decided what was needed, not how it could be done.

Moreover, the wider political environment had changed.

“The wave of optimism and global co-operation that carried us to and through Paris has now crested, broken and is now tumbling,” he told delegates


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Wow... This report is coming from NEWS LIMITED — a Murdoch media outlet. Is there a wind of change in the Old Man's brain? Has his wife, Jerry, managed to turn him around?


rupe and jerry

Of 20 delegations to the G20 in Argentina, 19 countries were telling porkies, especially Australia, about their "reductions" of CO2 emissions and only one told the truth: The USA — with Trump in charge — coud not care less. 

Has old Uncle Rupe changed his views and start telling Trump where his bread is buttered? I don't think so...



the cost of externalities...

As Mr Trump and many of us have found, one big lie often leads to other lies and evasions to support it for example, in economics.

The Nobel Prize for economics this year was awarded to Professor William Nordhaus for his economic modelling of climate change. One conclusion from his work was that coal would have no added value to industry if the cost of its externalities of health, social and environmental, were accounted for.


The Australian Government has to deny these facts to support a continuation of coal power, some denial for an economics-above-all government.

It is difficult to find the word "externalities" used by this government simply because it means coal is expensive in contrast to other modalities and their energy cost modelling collapses.

To doctors, this denial is unconscionable considering air pollution in NSW causes deaths, illness and large health costs, yet this appears to go unmentioned by any minister in the federal or state governments.

To address this world emergency our body politic needs massive reform in its thinking and governance.

Hopefully, the advice of one Minister to our young people demonstrating for their future — "I want kids to be at school to learn about how you build a mine, how you do geology, how you drill for oil and gas, which is one of the most remarkable scientific exploits of anywhere in the world that we do" — was the low point of this government.

Unfortunately, the Government tolerates climate deniers, so their constituents must instead vote them out to save lives.

Future climate policy must be guided by scientific expert opinion and removed from the vicissitudes of political chicanery by the implementation of new environmental laws which have application to health.

Dr David Shearman is the Honorary Advisor to Doctors for the Environment Australia and Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Adelaide University.


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solidarności with heartland...

A Polish trade union has issued a joint statement with a notorious American climate science denial group rejecting the scientific consensus on climate change. 

The statement, signed by the Chicago-based Heartland Institute and the trade union Solidarity was released as UN climate talks took place in Katowice, the centre of Poland’s coal heartland region of Silesia.

The talks, known as COP24, are widely considered to be the most important climate meeting since the 2015 summit in Paris and will aim to finalise the rulebook to implement the Paris Agreement. 

In the statement, the trade union Solidarity and the Heartland Institute express “skepticism of the assertions of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that the world stands at the edge of a climate catastrophe”.

In October, the IPCC released a report saying the world had 12 years to reduce its emissions by 45 percent and take “transformative and unprecedented” measures to hold global warming to 1.5C. Beyond that threshold, it warned of serious impacts including a virtual wipe-out of coral reefs.

The Solidarity-Heartland statement adds that “neither organisation opposes the goal of clean air nor supports the elimination of coal from the world’s energy portfolio” and calls on “an end to the war on science and scientists by powerful state-backed forces”. 

It was signed by James Taylor, senior fellow at the Heartland Institute, Jaroslaw Grzesik, the chairman of Solidarity’s energy and mining secretariat and Dominik Kolorz, the president of the Solidarity in the Silesian region. 

The statement was issued after Solidarity representatives met members from the Heartland Institute on the fringe of COP24 in Katowice. Both parties agreed to “begin working together more closely to advance sound, science-based public policy” as well as “educating the public and policymakers on climate policy” with a focus on educating young people.

Solidarity said it had translated the Heartland Institute’s latest report into Polish and was “very satisfied by the new science and policy presentations”. 

On Tuesday, the Heartland Institute held an event in Katowice city centre claiming that the fact global warming is caused by increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was “climate totalitarianism” propaganda invented by “the socialist internationalist green movement”.  

DeSmog UK attempted to report on the event but was denied accreditation by the Heartland Institute.

Only 10 people are reported to have attended the event, which was live-streamed on Youtube and had been watched by about 50 people at the time of writing, according to the video platform.

The alliance between Solidarity and the Heartland Institute will come as a blow to the Polish government, which has so far balanced urging progress on finalising the Paris rulebook with reluctance to significantly reduce the share of coal in its energy mix. 

Poland relies on coal for 80 percent of its electricity and a significant share of household heating. A draft government proposal could see coal’s share of power generation reduced to 60 percent by 2030.

At the start of the conference, Polish president Andrzej Duda said climate change needs to be tackled, but not at the expense of the coal workers who made the Silesia region thrive as an industrial centre.


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The Heartland Institute is a global warming denialist outfit with no scientific expertise apart from people like Ivar Giæver (read at top) who are infantile (I am polite) on the subject. Now what we need to make global warming better understood is for GW to show some real local teeth, and suddenly a season of Polish crops gets wiped out by (record) heat and drought, and the winter becomes more bitter than ever recorded, while the North pole stays balmy. This will happen... but the sooner the better to drive the issue home.