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in god we trust, all others pay with credit cards — or with their own life...


When John Kennedy was assassinated, the culprit, Lee Harvey Oswald, was quickly found by the police, as if he was waiting to be caught, then Lee Harvey Oswald was killed in front of the police by a disgruntled indebted night-club owner. Who knows why?… Things did not add up. Lee Harvey Oswald acted with bravado with the police, as if he knew he was “protected species”, until unexpectedly shot... In the official version of event, much evidence was discounted and spirited away — a bit like a Nicaea Council trying to fit the one god into a trinity, with angels and demons to boot... As well, Lee Harvey Oswald had been on the FBI and other people’s radar for a while, so, how did he manage to get where he was?... 

Once LHO had been eliminated, we had no way to know why he had shot JFK nor who helped him do the deed… We can only speculate about LHO’s reasons — yet we know that JFK died from a wound to the head made by a bullet that had not been fired by LHO. The bullet came from a secret service gun, using special explosive ammunition. The assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy also carry enigmas, in different circumstances. "Culprits” were caught, but were they the real instigators? (


We know that the FBI has been “politically” active against Trump’s troops before the elections in November 2016, under Obama’s watch. Flynn, Carter and a few others were spied upon under false pretences, then charged with lying to the FBI. The conspiracy led to Russiagate — the investigation of which by Mueller was a lot of hogwash.

Look at what happened when I [Lisa Carter] began investigating the FBI’s role in former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s case and all the lies published about him being an agent of Russia, allegedly having an affair with a Russian spy, as well as The Washington Post’s role in leaking classified information for a political opponent in an attempt to destroy the Trump presidency.

These news organizations also targeted Svetlana Lokhova, an innocent Russian born but British citizen, who was a scholar at Cambridge and who briefly met Flynn during an event in London

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When the Skripals were found unconscious on a bench in Salisbury, the UK government blamed the Russians (Putin’s government) straight away. Anyone with a brain would ask and know the answer to "what would the Russian government gain from killing an old has-been spy they had given up to the West 10 years earlier, probably forgotten — and his daughter (her innocence added to MI6 "case" about Russian bastardry) — as the Russian government was preparing for the best World Soccer comp ever?”. The answer is “nothing but brickbats", to which any brainy person would add, either the Rusky government had gone mad, hoping that no-one would notice, or SOMEONE ELSE DID IT to embarrass the Russian government in front of the West, as part of general Russiaphobia inc. Nothing new here. History is full of this deceit, starting with Abel and Cain… The Skripals have since vanished from view, no questions asked...

Now, reading about Navalny poisoning in Russia, and the poisoning of a few other persons, one could, like the SMH did (in a slightly-flippant article: an explainer, Beware the tea: Why do Russians keep being poisoned?), deem that the Kremlin is a hot bed of poisoners. Yet the same reasoning should be applied: “who is going to benefit from Navalny being poisoned?” Certainly not Putin and his team. They will be pilloried despite denials of having engineered the caper (and they would make sure the victim would die instantly rather than become a continuing saga). Some Russian expats could come to mind as possible suspects. Navalny is “dispensable”... Despite being the darling of the month in the West for standing up to Putin, he is only Mr two per cent in Russia — and to tell the truth, we, in the West, have no idea what Navalny REALLY stands for, that is not just "against Putin"... Is there a dark state in Russia that tries to undermine Putin for the benefit of other “organisms", such as the "Russian mafia” (mostly in exile), or former KGB operatives, or the communist party and/or a cook or a waitress who did not like Navalny’s attitude? All with their own reason to wash Navalny down the drain… Was the tea the real source of the poisoning? Is the joke about Vodka being safer worth the laughs? I guess that if the Russians are good at using poisons to get rid of undesirables, the US are masters of bullets and officially-manufactured croockeries, including wars... Too bad if you were having a nice meal in the Bagdhad restaurant the US first bombed in 2003.

At this stage, unless we accept a lot of fake conjecture as truth, like bishops at the Nicaea Council deciding that wearing pointed hats is the religious way to go, we should still ask questions about the official narrative… The SMH ( seems to have exhumed the wrong body with a story recapping all the Western platitudes… Meanwhile, the truth is still buried… 

Beyond this:

... Russian President Vladimir Putin says it was all a conspiracy set up by hostile spooks from Kiev and Washington. “This was a joint operation of Ukrainian and American intelligence agencies. We have it on good authority now,” he said on Thursday. “Some participants in the process – observers, well-informed people – are not even hiding it at this point.”

According to the president, the detained citizens were headed for Latin America and the Middle East for “absolutely legal work.”“However, they were dragged onto Belarusian territory and painted as a potential force being used to destabilize the situation during the election campaign, which was absolutely untrue,” Putin explained. “I would like to note once again that those people were on their way to work in a third country.”

On July 29, 32 Russian citizens were apprehended near Minsk, and another was detained in southern Belarus. In his address to the nation and the parliament on August 4, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko insisted the Russians had been deliberately deployed to his country. However, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed claims that Russia had sent its citizens to Belarus to destabilize the situation in the republic.

Kiev claimed that 28 of the detained Russians had taken part in military activity in the Donbass War in Eastern Ukraine, with criminal proceedings launched against them in the country. On August 14, Minsk handed over the men to Moscow. Russian Ambassador to Minsk Dmitry Mezentsev later stated that the Russians had been returned in strict adherence with the norms of international law

Why would Putin try to upset the government of Belarus? He would have to know that this was not the way to go, even if he had some “differences" with Lukashenko… He would have to know that Western “operatives” were and are stirring the situation in Belarus, in order to bring Belarus in the Western basket of goodies, like Ukraine, but by using a different style of ‘change”… The West, in glorious deceit and despite its own trouble, is still working hard at changing countries that are under the influence of Russia.

And now be prepared for the US military going after China to provoke an incident, like a spark to WW3… Our important bourgeois freedoms, historically maintained by raping other countries in the name of de-mo-cra-cy, will be worth protecting until…

Meanwhile, working on justifying ourselves:

Americans remain attracted to common sense. At root they are skeptical of woke utopian nostrums. As Evans told Time Magazine when asked to define conservatism, “I think my philosophy is pretty close to the farmer in Seymour, Ind. He believes in God. He believes in the U.S. He believes in himself. This intuitive position is much closer to wisdom than the tormented theorems of some Harvard dons.”

True conservatives, of all stripes, must band together as realists who can speak clearly to the American people about freedom, virtue and the happiness derived from a well-ordered life. The key to achieving this goal lies in promoting conservative politics, policies and personalities in accord with a proper understanding of nature and its laws while opposing with fervor the secularists working in the service of disorder and error—including those among us.

For what this confusion of "common sense" reactionary ideal farming does means, I do not know… What I know is that for some poor bastards in great number, life is cheap — while for others we make a moral mountain about their death... Here, Gus tries to stay clear of "random" target practice and Covid-affected supermarkets...

Gus Leonisky

Existentialist who values his life and life in general...

a jab in the dark...

WATCH: The Jab – How the WHO Faked a Pandemic to Sell Vaccines


In 2009 the W.H.O changed their definition of “pandemic” in order to create an artificial panic and sell billions of doses of untested flu vaccines, ruining at least 1300 young lives.


This brilliant short video from the Children’s Health Defense concisely summarises the corrupt tragedy of the H1N1 vaccine, and how that situation should serve as a warning to the whole world today. 

A brief summary:

  • Governments all over the world sign “sleeping contracts” with pharmaceutical firms to buy flu vaccines in the event of a pandemic.
  • In 2009 the World Health Organization changed its official definition of “pandemic” to a much looser one (with no requirement for anyone to have died).
  • Just weeks later they declared the H1N1 flu a “pandemic”, despite minuscule numbers of deaths
  • This triggered sleeping contracts worth billions.
  • Governments were legally obliged to buy up and distribute untested flu vaccines.
  • The vaccines caused serious, life-long side effects in over 1300 children.
  • Legal immunity meant no pharmaceutical firm paid any compensation, instead reparations were paid by taxpayers
  • Many of the scientists who advised the WHO declare a pandemic were later revealed to have financial interests in vaccine manufacturers.

This shocking recent history has been totally memory-holed in the mainstream, but serves as a dress rehearsal for our current “crisis”. Watch the video, share it widely. It has, quite obviously, never been more important or more relevant.

and now to belarus...

Who wants to overthrow President Lukashenko?

by Thierry Meyssan

The Western press highlights Svetlana Tikhanovskaya as the winner of the Belarusian presidential election and accuses outgoing President Alexander Lukashenko of violence, nepotism and election rigging. However, an analysis of this country shows that the policies of its president correspond to the wishes of its citizens. Behind this fabricated quarrel lies the spectre of Ukrainian Euromaidan and a provoked rupture with Russia.

One of the objectives of the Euromaidan coup (Ukraine, 2013-14) was to cut the Silk Road in Europe. China reacted by changing its route and passing it through Belarus. From then on, Minsk tried to protect itself from the same destabilization by pursuing a more balanced policy towards the West, participating in military manoeuvres with Moscow and agreeing to supply arms to Daesh, which Moscow was fighting in Syria.

However, despite Minsk’s prevarication, the CIA intervened on the occasion of the presidential election of 2020. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya defied the outgoing president, Alexander Lukashenko, who was running for a sixth term. She obtained only 10 per cent of the vote, cried fraud and fled to Lithuania, where Frenchman Bernard-Henri Lévy rushed to welcome her. Unanimously, the Western press denounced the "dictator" and hinted that Madame Tikhanovskaya had been victorious in the election.

The reality is much more complex.

First of all, while it is quite possible that the elections were rigged in favour of the incumbent president, it is highly unlikely that Svetlana Tikhanovskaya came close to the majority, as what she represents is foreign to the vast majority of Belarusians. For the past 30 years or so, a debate has been going on in the country about its European identity. Is it culturally close to pro-US Western Europe or does it belong to Slavic, pro-Russian Europe? Without a doubt, the answer is that Belarusians are culturally Russian, even if some of them do not speak exactly the same language. Admittedly, two small minorities profess divergent opinions: the first calls itself "nationalist" in reference to the short-lived Belarusian People’s Republic (1918-19) whose organs in exile collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War, then with the Stay-Behind networks of NATO; the second says it is in favour of the liberal model and the European Union.

Unlike Ukraine, which is divided into two culturally distinct zones (the pro-German West and the pro-Russian East), Belarus fundamentally thinks of itself as Russian, although politically independent of Moscow.

Secondly, if there was any doubt about the role of the US secret services in this affair, the emergence of Bernard-Henri Lévy should remove it. The rich heir of a precious wood import company made a career writing anti-Soviet essays. Sold by his publisher as a "New Philosopher", he still passes for a "philosopher" today. He supported the "freedom fighters", i.e. the Arab mercenaries of the Muslim Brotherhood in Afghanistan against the Soviets, including their leader Osama Bin Laden. He sided with the Contras in Nicaragua, i.e. the South American mercenaries of John Negroponte armed by Hashem Rafsanjani’s Iran. He boasts of having been press advisor to the Bosnian President Alija Izetbegović when the former pro-Nazi had the American neoconservative Richard Perle as political advisor and the aforementioned Osama Bin Laden as military advisor. I remember how afterwards he impressed me by explaining to me that it was necessary to bomb Belgrade to bring down the "dictator" Slobodan Milošević. I did not understand very well why the pro-Nazi Izetbegović was a "democrat" while the communist Milošević was a "dictator". Anyway, going back in time, Bernard-Henri Levy, now nicknamed "BHL," gave his noisy support to the Chechen Muslim Brotherhood, which formed the Islamic Emirate of Itchkeria on Russian territory. According to a report from the Jamahiriya’s foreign services, he participated in the meeting organized by Republican Senator John McCain in Cairo in February 2011 to settle the details of the overthrow of the "Gaddafi regime" which was then cited as an example by the United States. The French were surprised to see him announce in the courtyard of the Elysée Palace, in the place of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, his country’s commitment against the "dictator" (all the men to be shot - and they alone - are "dictators"). Of course, he was on Kiev’s Maidan Square during the "color revolution" led there by authentic Nazis.

That being said, Belarusians may have grievances against President Lukashenko, but not against his policies. All the connoisseurs of the country, whether they are among his supporters or among his opponents, admit that his policy is in line with the concerns of the Belarusians. All those who approached Alexander Lukashenko were astonished by his intelligence, charisma and incorruptibility. Those who accused him of advocating attachment to Russia out of political calculation and not out of conviction admitted that they were mistaken when he maintained his position despite Moscow’s rebuffs and the incredible gas war between the two countries. All were surprised by his extraordinary abilities which made him threaten the power of President Boris Yeltsin when he proposed union with Russia.

The main reproach that one could level at President Lukashenko is that he made several opposition leaders disappear; an accusation that he vigorously denies, accusing these personalities of links with criminal organizations that would have turned to their disadvantage.

For years, his opponents accused him of enriching himself on the backs of the nation without ever providing the slightest proof. Yet all international operators know that when Belarus signs a contract, the retro-commissions never exceed 5%, compared to 10% for the USA, 50% for Yeltsin’s Russia (this figure fell to 10% under Putin’s administration) and 60% for Iran. It is clear that the man is not motivated by money. In the absence of corruption, Western propaganda began to accuse him preventively of nepotism for the benefit of his young son, Nikolai, known as "Kolia".

The only reproach that can be made against him is that he regularly makes anti-Semitic and homophobic remarks - never having supported anti-Semitic or homophobic acts. In doing so, he is unfortunately in line with the leaders of his country.

Since the beginning of the crisis, President Lukashenko has been claiming that the opposition of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and her allies is a West-East geopolitical problem and not a national political quarrel. While this opposition claims not to be at the service of any foreign power.

Apart from the irruption of Bernard-Henri Lévy, several elements suggest that Alexander Lukashenko is telling the truth. 

- The Psychological Action Group of the Polish Special Forces seems to have been extremely active since the beginning of the crisis in the service of Madame Tikhanovskaya. 

- Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias are also involved. 

- Finally, the Lithuanian government, which is also hosting Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, is also involved.

However there is no trace of the European Union, unlike the Ukrainian Euromaïdan. So the most likely is that Washington is orchestrating regional actors (Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania) against the Slavic world.

In any case, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has just set up a reserve force, capable of intervening in Belarus to support the institutions and President Lukashenko; this at a time when the two men have maintained relations that are sometimes very conflicted.

Thierry Meyssan


Roger Lagassé


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