Thursday 23rd of September 2021

the WaPo experience...


If you're like Gus and pay attention to (accidental) details you could be amazed at the amount of delicate transformations that is used by media to first tell you lies, half-truths and also tell you nothing... But then when one media supporting something finds faults in the others, all hell breaks loose...



This from the "other" Post (New York Post):


Journalists with major companies “outright” lied to perhaps millions on Twitter when they claimed a new report from the director of national intelligence “confirmed” that Russia engineered last fall’s story — reported by The Post but censored by social media — about e-mails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, observes Glenn Greenwald at his Substack page. “Hey, New York Post and everyone else who got suckered into the ridiculous Hunter Biden Laptop story. Take a bow,” tweeted HuffPost White House correspondent S.V. Dáte. Yet the report, on foreign threats to the 2020 election, actually made no mention of the Hunter story. Nor did it even offer any evidence for its assessments. And though some journalists “were shamed into acknowledging the falsity of their claim,” many refused, causing the lie to keep spreading.

From the right: The Gaslighters Get Gaslit

“Who gaslights the gaslighters?” White House press secretary Jen Psaki, of course, quips Grace Curley at Spectator USA. “The liars are being lied to, and it is a sight to behold.” Example: Psaki asserting that Team Biden “has a handle on the overwhelming influx of illegals at the southern border” — when “the number of unaccompanied minors in Border Patrol custody is at an all-time high.” Even “far-left news outlets are pushing back” on her claim that President Biden “inherited a broken system” from his predecessor, since the surge “came after Biden’s administration reversed a number of Trump-era policies.” “For four years the press treated the American people like credulous morons,” and now “the BS artists are being served malarkey.” What a “well-deserved comeuppance.”

Libertarian: The Steep Price of Joe’s Tax Hikes

President Biden’s “plan to hike taxes on individuals and corporations” to offset another “splurge of government spending” would cost the nation a large number of jobs and lower wages for workers, warns Reason’s Eric Boehm. “Every dollar the federal government drains from the economy is a dollar that cannot be used to grow a business” or pay workers. The “corporate tax hike alone would reduce long-term economic growth by about 0.8 percent, kill 159,000 jobs and reduce wages.” Yet the Biden administration seems determined to lock in the “symbolic win” of undoing 2017’s tax cuts, even if it means making “things even harder” for Americans as they emerge from the pandemic.

Conservative: Biden’s ‘Malarkey Maneuver’

President Biden is using his standard tactic — what National Review’s Jim Geraghty calls “the Malarkey Maneuver” — to address his “first major crisis”: the situation on the southern border, “now worsening by the day.” Whenever Biden is accused of something unsavory, “he just emphatically insists it isn’t true and hopes that resolves the issue.” “My son did nothing wrong!” “This never happened!” “You’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier!” Now, in his recent interview with George Stephanopoulos, he simply denied that his “policy shifts prompted the current surge of migrants heading toward the US-Mexico border.” Biden wants folks to believe “it’s just a coincidence that this migration surge intensified the way it did after he took office — and that it’s just a matter of post-pandemic economic conditions and the hurricanes.”

From the left: Reopen Schools Now!

At New York magazine, Jonathan Chait fears the pandemic’s “gravest catastrophe” may be “a generation of schoolchildren whose formative years were irrevocably stunted” by a year-plus of public-school closures. Problem is, opening schools “requires negotiating a gamut of government guidelines, negotiation with often recalcitrant teachers’ unions and persuading parents who have (in some cases) come to see in-person schooling as a serious risk.” Yet “the weight of evidence strongly suggests in-person schooling, especially of younger students, poses a small health risk.” Even “the guideline that students must maintain six feet of distance in schools has no value” — it’s utterly unsupported by science. Reopening opponents pretend students haven’t actually lost ground, but kids are “watching the hourglass run out on opportunities to learn they will never have again.

— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board


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And today, within a few minutes, The WaPo changed one of the headlines to an article which first placed the onus on Biden, while the second placed the problem on China:


first heading


Then about ten minutes later:




Yes, APPETITE was a bit like someone looking for fight... A NEW STANCE is more dignified, isn't it?... Same shit.


falling off the stairs...

The national media were ready to have a 25th Amendment party when a sloppy book by Michael Wolff came out with a bunch of ditzy rumors about President Trump’s mental acuity.

By contrast, we just watched the current president literally collapse and there’s not a peep of concern from the press.

Joe Biden on Friday was climbing up to board Air Force One when, even with his hand on the rail for support, he tripped over one of the steps. He pushed himself up only to see the same thing happen a second time. Finally, gravity got the best of his 78-year-old ankles and he fell to his knees.

Biden eventually got up and made the rest of the journey to the cabin, but are we all going to pretend that we weren’t feeling the urge to rush to his side like a Boy Scout offering his arm to an elderly woman crossing the street?

Aides were quick to let us know that everything is fine. Relax!


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Making an old senior like Gus feel proud... He's not the only one falling off ladders, steps and perches...

no-one paid attention to her accusations...

Exclusive: How Tara Reade Was Branded a "Russian Asset" for Sexual Assault Claims Against Joe Biden


The #MeToo movement's perceived achievements seemingly failed to protect Tara Reade after she came out with accusations against Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden. Her life then spiralled out of control. 


Following scores of women claiming to be sexual assault and harassment victims in the wake of the #MeToo movement, Tara Reade, a former staffer in Biden's US Senate office, has spoken out about allegedly being sexually assaulted by the current president in 1993. However, neither US corporate media, nor Democrats, who scrutinised the sexual misconduct accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, a GOP US Supreme Court nominee, seemingly paid much attention to her accusations.

"I did not receive a safe space at all. And that was what was so ironic. Joe Biden's campaign was making an announcement, and other Democrats, about how it takes courage and how they want to make sure there's a safe space for women to come forward. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Joe Biden was weaponising a social media army of trolls to go after me," Reade tells Sputnik.How It All Started and How Tara Reade Was Muted


Back in 1993 Reade was helping to manage the Biden office interns – she was left shocked and "disgusted" after her boss, as she recalls, pushed her against a wall, kissed her, and put his hands under her skirt without consent before attempting to sexually assault her. After having no luck with several officially filed complaints to her Senate supervisors, she chose not to go to the police with the case.



Did Biden rape Tara Reade as she claims?

— Bribes for Bidens (7kidchaos) April 5, 2021



Fast forward nearly 20 years and after several women reported Biden's unwelcomed "touching" – and spurred on by the #MeToo movement – Reade decided to tell her story, only to find herself "really shut down." The media either ignored her or worse – called her "a Russian asset."

"I was very kind of lost as to how to come forward in a safe way. And then I just realised there was no safe way," Reade says.

That's when she decided to request help from Time's Up – a non-profit organisation to help women publicly open up about sexual assault or sexual harassment. However, not only did Time's Up not help her, but Reade also found out later that the managing director of the PR company representing the NGO – Anita Dunn – was a member of Joe Biden's campaign. Dunn is now POTUS's senior advisor. Reade claims that the organisation failed to notify her about this possible conflict of interests.


"It's that's political roadkill now. The #MeToo movement doesn't exist. […] I think, was just it was more optics. There was nothing behind it. There was no real movement. There is no real commitment to that. Democrats have shown again and again that they're using the mantle of #MeToo as a protection, to shield the fact that they're actually enabling predators and empowering them," Reade says. 'Politically Homeless' After Democrats' 'Betrayal'


What was even more "stunning" for her is how she was denied support from the political force she'd backed for years – the Democratic Party. Reade sent requests to numerous prominent Democrats, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. No one answered except for Warren's office, which only asked if she wanted to help fund her presidential campaign. 

Reade says it was "a betrayal on a level [she] can't even describe" and a "cognitive dissonance" for her. She adds she can no longer identify herself with the party, although she still shares most of its ideals, except for an aggressive foreign policy approach. 

"I was a Democrat all my life. I was a person that not only just voted Democrat, but I was working for Democrats. I was in the trenches, so to speak, in that regard. And I believed in the bigger policies […] In terms of political parties, I feel politically homeless right now. Essentially, I am progressive in my views, but... I'm an independent," Reade says. 'I'm a Poster Child of How It's Not Safe' to Come Forward With Sexual Misconduct Allegations in US


If getting no help from the NGO and being targeted by The New York Post and The Washington Post articles was not enough, Reade's decision to go public with the sexual assault accusations also seriously impacted her life. She was accused of lying about her education, including under the oath, when she worked as an invited expert on domestic violence cases in court. The Monterey District Attorney, with which she often worked alongside, visited her former college with a search warrant to check if she had studied there.


Reade explains that it felt like her career was being destroyed. If the DA had somehow found her guilty, she would have ended up in prison, also, she insists that she never lied about her education. She was eventually cleared of the charges but the media never corrected these claims in their articles.

This legal attack on Reade started right after she came out with her accusations against the then-Democrat presidential hopeful. She believes this is no coincidence.


"They were also people who were asking for me to be locked up for other reasons. They wanted me to be locked up for being a Russian agent. They wanted me to be locked up for any kind of federal wire charges they could do. It was really ugly. And meanwhile, the Democrats were out in front of cameras saying it's safe for women to come forward. Well, I can tell you, I'm a poster child of how it's not safe," Reade says.'Mistakes' of Mainstream Media Nearly Ruined Reade's Life


Her career was not the only thing that suffered after Reade came out with her revelations – she also lost her house and encountered numerous other problems, all thanks to the media. After unsubstantiated claims about Reade being a "Russian asset" started circulating, she began receiving death threats. It was also reported that her finances were in dire shape, which ultimately led to her losing the house she'd been renting for years. 


"I was renting a little house and the owners of the property had heard on CNN that I had death threats. They literally heard it on the news and came that next morning and said: 'You need to leave the property because you have death threats. And we're voting for Joe Biden. And before these things, we heard about your bankruptcy online. You didn't tell us you had a bankruptcy,' because I didn't," she says.


Due to the bad publicity and ongoing probe claims she had lied about her education, Reade had trouble finding work. However, she faced even more trouble when The New York Times "accidentally" published her social security number.

It was printed on her old congressional ID, an image of which the newspaper claimed it published by mistake. By the time Reade found out about it and requested the paper remove it, her social security number was all over the internet.

"That caused problems for me. It also allowed people to just dig through everything and my life. They have been using that to set up false accounts, all kinds of things happened when that happened. So it really affected my life in seen and unseen ways. I had difficulties," she recalls. 


Reade admits that her life was "pretty much a mess" at that moment, but quickly notes that she is "kind of laughing" about it, wondering how she survived. She has since published a book, "Left Out: When the Truth Doesn't Fit In" about her revelations, how they were rejected by the media, ignored by politicians, and about the trouble it caused her. Reade says her goal was to show people they can move on even despite the trauma of surviving sexual assault, as well as to demonstrate to people how such cases are still treated in the #MeToo era.


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Tara Reade shares the aftermath of the re-victimization of speaking out about her sexual assault, with then Senator Joe Biden in 1993, where the shaming, attacks, and threats instigated by the media sent her into a personal tailspin. Tara-rized viciously by cyber bullies, receiving death threats and fearing for her life and those of her family, Tara tells how living with no regret and coming forward was right for her conscience.

The moment that defines Tara will not confine her, but instead move her forward by reclaiming her identity. Tara pulls together the pieces of her life experiences to forge a path of hope so that other survivors may have dignity coming forward. This memoir reflects that Tara knew the value of speaking truth to power even in the most difficult of circumstances.


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"we won", yawn...


CNN has lost more than half its viewers in multiple categories since President Joe Biden took office, Fox News has reported.

CNN averaged 2.2 million viewers throughout the first three weeks of 2021, however, the network has since declined 54% and now averages one million viewers since Inauguration Day, according to Fox.


Moreover, CNN’s most prominent demographic of viewers, adults aged 25-54, dropped by 60%. 

Primetime hosts Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon also saw a sharp decline in viewership. From 8-11 p.m., CNN saw an average of 3.1 million viewers from Dec. 28 through Inauguration Day. Now the network averages 1.4 million views from 8-11 p.m. Moreover, CNN’s primetime lineup lost 63% of its viewers among the 25-54 age demographic. 

During an interview on the New York Times podcast “Sway,” host Kara Swisher asked Lemon if he was “worried about the viewership fizzle.”

No. I’m not worried about it … Trump was a horrible person. And he was terrible for the country. And it is better for all — for the world that he is no longer the President of the United States,” Lemon said. “So if that means that cable news ratings go down? Aww. So I’m not really that concerned about it. I would prefer that my ratings go down and Trump not be in office than my ratings be sky-high and him be there. That’s the honest truth.”

Fox News noted that they have retained most of their audience with single-digit declines since Inauguration Day and they are expected to be the most-watched cable news network for the second month in a row among both total day and primetime viewers.


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fake mainstream news...


Corporate News Outlets Again "Confirm" the Same False Story, While Many Refuse to Correct it


Journalists with major outlets know they spread a false, retracted story about the FBI and Giuliani but refuse to remove it, because their real job is spreading disinformation.


By Glenn Greenwald


One of the primary plagues of corporate journalism, which I have documented more times than I can count, just reared its ugly head again to deceive millions of people with fake news. When one large news outlet publishes a false story based on whispers from anonymous security state agents with the CIA or FBI, other news outlets quickly purport that they have “independently confirmed” the false story, in order to bolster its credibility (oh, it must be true since other outlets have also confirmed it). 

This is an obvious scam — they have not “independently confirmed” anything but rather merely acted as servants to the same lying security state agents who planted the original false story — but they do it over and over, creating the deceitful perception that a fake story has been "confirmed” by multiple outlets, thus bolstering its credibility in the public mind. It was the favored tactic for spreading debunked Russiagate frauds and is still used. One of the most vivid examples occurred in December, 2017, when CNN falsely reported what it hyped as "a major bombshell”: that Donald Trump, Jr. had advance access to the WikiLeaks archive. Within an hour, NBC News’ Ken Dilanian and CBS News both claimed they had “independently confirmed” this fairy tale. When it turned out that it was a complete lie, all based on a false date on an email to Trump Jr., these outlets embarrassingly corrected it hours later and then simply moved on as if it never happened, never explaining how multiple outlets could possibly have all “independently confirmed” the same blatant falsehood.

On Thursday night, The Washington Post, citing anonymous sources (of course), claimed that the FBI gave a "defensive briefing” to Rudy Giuliani in 2019, before he traveled to Ukraine, that he was being targeted by a Russian disinformation campaign to hurt Joe Biden's candidacy, yet he ignored the FBI's warnings and went anyway. The Post also claimed that the right-wing news outlet OANN was similarly briefed. The claim about Giuliani not only predictably ricocheted all over social media and cable news — where, as usual, it was uncritically treated as Truth — but it was shortly thereafter “independently confirmed” by both NBC News’ de facto CIA spokesman Ken Dilanian along with The New York Times.

What was the problem with this story? It was totally false. The FBI never briefed Giuliani on any such thing. As a result, The Washington Post had to append this "correction” — meaning a retraction — to the top of its viral story:


(see correction)


At first, The New York Times attempted to quietly change the story to delete the false claims without noting they were doing so. But upon being pressured, they finally faced up to what they did and posted their own retraction at the very bottom of the story that reads: “Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated whether Rudolph W. Giuliani received a formal warning from the F.B.I. about Russian disinformation. Mr. Giuliani did not receive such a so-called defensive briefing.” In their self-glorifying jargon, the Paper of Record did not spread Fake News — perish the thought — but merely "misstated” the truth. Meanwhile, NBC News, at the top of its false story, posted this explanation for why Dilanian got the story completely wrong:


An earlier version of this article included an incorrect report that Rudolph Giuliani had received a defensive briefing from the FBI in 2019 warning him that he was being targeted by a Russian influence operation. The report was based on a source familiar with the matter, but a second source now says the briefing was only prepared for Giuliani and not delivered to him, in part over concerns it might complicate the criminal investigation of Giuliani. As a result, the premise and headline of the article below have been changed to reflect the corrected information.


This credibility carnage was so glaring that even CNN acknowledged that “the corrections are black eyes to the newsrooms which have aggressively reported on Giuliani's contacts with Ukrainians in his attempts to dig up dirt on then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.” But there have been so many similar "black eyes” like this one, indeed far worse ones, over the last five years, and they never change anything that causes these "black eyes” because they want to do this: spreading disinformation is their function. Indeed, as I have asked almost every time these debacles happen: how is it possible that these same outlets keep "confirming” one another's false stories? 

And the answer is obvious: they all serve as mouthpieces for the same propagandists and disinformation agents of the CIA, FBI and other security state agencies. In this capacity, they dutifully write down and vouch for what they are told by those agencies to publish without any investigative scrutiny or confirmation. The most amazing part of it all is that when they try to malign independent journalists for not doing "real reporting” — real reporting like these corporate outlets do — this is what they mean by real reporting: getting a call from the CIA or FBI and being told what to say. And that is why they so often mislead and deceive the public with blatant disinformation in unison.

It is hard to overstate how far and wide this false story about the FBI's briefing to Giuliani spread, how many millions of people it deceived. The two liberal cable outlets, MSNBC and CNN, instantly convened panels to analyze the grave implications of this revelation, accusing Giuliani of knowingly spreading Russian disinformation (by which they meant, as usual, truthful information that reflects poorly on Democratic Party leaders) even though he was told not to keep doing so by the FBI. 

As usual, the MSNBC program of Nicolle Wallace — who has magically transformed from a disinformation agent for the Bush/Cheney White House into an identical disinformation agent but now for the DNC — was one of the leaders in spreading this lie. She brought on former FBI agent and current MSNBC analyst Clint Watts to do just that (just as Wallace dramatized how Brian Sicknick died by falsely claiming that "they beat a Capitol Police Officer to death with a fire extinguisher" and repeatedly glorified Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) as a great and truthful leader on COVID):


(see video)


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