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Australia’s defence chiefs have ducked questions on the importance of inclusion in the military after introducing a ban on “woke” events.

Defence held morning teas earlier in 2021, where staff wore rainbow clothing to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia.

Employees were encouraged to show support for LGBTI people by standing against prejudice and discrimination and demonstrating inclusion.


Defence deputy secretary Justine Greig could not say how many morning teas went ahead.

“We are a very large organisation and clearly it’s hard to know what activities are going on in any given place on any given day,” she told a Senate hearing on Wednesday.

“I don’t have particularly information about what events proceeded or didn’t.”

Even still, Defence Minister Peter Dutton issued a stern directive days afterward, ordering his department and serving military personnel to stop pursuing a “woke agenda”.

Mr Dutton demanded an end to events where personnel were encouraged to wear “particular clothes” in celebration, claiming they did nothing to build morale.

Defence secretary Greg Moriarty was the first to receive the ministerial direction.

“He let me know he wanted the department to concentrate on only acknowledging events that were directly related to government and defence objectives,” Mr Moriarty told the committee.

“We are in the process of developing policy to implement the minister’s direction.”


He and Chief of Defence Angus Campbell have since issued a note to all staff.

General Campbell struggled to define what constituted a “woke agenda”.

“The use of the word ‘woke’ varies with its user,” he said.

“I am focused on encouraging and seeking to model and ask others to model the values that drive a high performing organisation.”

General Campbell acknowledged it was important to show support.

“I’m a very strong believer defence should be an organisation that lives, acts and behaves based on its values of service, courage, respect, integrity and excellence,” he said.

“It’s about our values, and every time our values aren’t being lived, we are not being the most effective organisation we can be.”

Mr Moriarty also accepted inclusion was an important aim.

“It is important for us to remove barriers so defence can benefit from the contribution of all of our people regardless of gender, background or sexual orientation,” he said.

“We’re an organisation that is focused on inclusion, building people’s potential to best advance defence interests.

“I believe the department shows support for people through our values and behaviours.”

Mr Moriarty confirmed the Australian Defence Force would continue to participate in Mardi Gras parades, where participating personnel wear their standard military uniforms.



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US Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-Washington, DC) has introduced legislation demanding that sexism be eliminated in the world of crash test dummies, mandating the addition of models made in female forms.

Norton debuted the bill on Tuesday, complaining that the federal government currently uses only male crash test dummies and doesn't require automakers to employ both male and female dummies.

"Women have achieved equality on the road when it comes to driving, but when it comes to safety testing to keep them safe on the road, they are nowhere near achieving equality," she said. "Crash test standards are incredibly antiquated, and we must update these standards now, especially as more people return to their daily commute in the next few months."


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Have you ever wanted to pore over a database of cartoon characters to learn which ones are gay, transsexual, and “gender nonconforming?” No? Well you can anyway, thanks to the intrepid journalists at Insider.

Technology has changed the work of the journalist. Shrinking attention spans and the instant availability of press releases, tweets and statements mean the modern reporter often writes short articles without ever picking up the phone or doing any investigative work of their own. But those investigative skills aren’t dead. They’ve simply been put to… other uses.

Like compiling the world’s first comprehensive database of “LGBTQ characters in kids’ cartoons.” That’s not a joke. Insider, an outlet that normally churns out throwaway articles on pop culture and current affairs, pulled out all the stops this week to give readers the lowdown on which beloved cartoon characters bat for the other team.


It’s actually a serious piece of investigative reporting. The team at Insider trawled through every single line of dialog in every episode of 70 cartoon series, and identified 259 “LGBTQ” or “Gender minority”characters. These characters were rated as either explicitly or implicitly LGBTQ, after child psychologists determined “what kids about 12 and under might recognize about LGBTQ culture and identities.”

The reporters then confirmed the characters’ sexualities, or lack thereof, with the shows’ creators and studios, and built a searchable database that lets curious readers filter the characters by 12 genders, eight disabilities (included in an LGBT database for some unknown reason), and 11 sexual orientations. For peak SJW value, the characters were sorted into two racial categories too: “White” and “POC.”

Did you know that ‘Puck’ from ‘Gargoyles’ is genderfluid and polysexual? Or that ‘Entrapta’ from ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ is an autistic, pansexual POC? Well, you do now. Thanks to the team at Insider, you’ll never forget that ‘Steven Universe’ is explicitly gender nonconforming, or that ‘Tory Raynes’ from ‘Superman: the Animated Series’ has no set sexual orientation, but is somehow still LGBT.

If these names don’t ring a bell, don’t worry. These aren’t the cartoon icons of yesteryear. Insider did promote the database by describing Bugs Bunny as LGBT, but his name is conspicuously absent from the database itself, leading some commenters to accuse Insider of peddling clickbait.

Insider has done the work, but why? What’s the point? Animators have long slotted gay characters and subtexts into their shows, to the delight of some adult viewers and the chagrin of conservative parents. SpongeBob SquarePants’ innuendos made the cartoon sea sponge a gay icon, but the idea of compiling a database of LGBT characters is something one would traditionally associate with the Christian right of old – the same conservatives who pushed for ‘Parental Advisory’ stickers on rock and rap records in the 1980s.

Insider’s database is like that, but in reverse. Instead of cautioning parents away from shows with homosexual themes, the database was put together “to bust the myth that kids can’t handle inclusion.”


Can’t they? The thing is, Insider noted that LGBT representation in cartoons only really exploded from around 2014 onwards. There were nine LGBT characters on kids’ TV in 2015, and 74 in 2019, the investigation found. The kids watching these shows in 2019 are still kids.

Regarding the age-old question of whether art imitates life or vice versa, it’s a reach to suggest that this increase will encourage more children to ‘come out’ in later years, but it’s imaginable. It’s also imaginable that these kids will rebel against the diversity and inclusion fed to them in cartoons and grow up to completely reject LBGT acceptance and woke ideology. In short, nobody really knows yet what the kids make of “inclusion.”

Whatever the conclusion, Insider reckons that “children’s animation is undergoing a massive shift in telling LGBTQ stories — and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.” And, evidently, the reporters at Insider and its ilk will be putting their degrees and expertise to use outing every new character, whether the public asks for it or not.


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