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Donald Trump has claimed credit for any number of things he benefited from but did not create, and the Republican Party’s reigning ideology is one of them: a politics of cruelty and exclusion that strategically exploits vulnerable Americans by portraying them as an existential threat, against whom acts of barbarism and disenfranchisement become not only justified but worthy of celebration. This approach has a long history in American politics. The most consistent threat to our democracy has always been the drive of some leaders to restrict its blessings to a select few.


This is why Joe Biden beat Mr. Trump but has not vanquished Trumpism. Mr. Trump’s main innovation was showing Republicans how much they could get away with, from shattering migrant families and banning Muslim travelers to valorizing war crimes and denigrating African, Latino and Caribbean immigrants as being from “shithole countries.” Republicans have responded with zeal, even in the aftermath of his loss, with Republican-controlled legislatures targeting constituencies they identify either with Democrats or with the rapid cultural change that conservatives hope to arrest. The most significant for democracy, however, are the election laws designed to insulate Republican power from a diverse American majority that Republicans fear no longer supports them. The focus on Mr. Trump’s — admittedly shocking — idiosyncrasies has obscured the broader logic of this strategy.


After more than a decade in which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton provided fruitful targets for an audience fearful of cultural change, conservative media has struggled to turn the older white president who goes to Mass every Sunday into a compelling villain. Yet the apocalypse remains nigh, threatened by the presence of those Americans they consider unworthy of the name.


By Adam Serwer


Mr. Serwer is a staff writer at The Atlantic and the author of the forthcoming “The Cruelty Is the Point: The Past, Present, and Future of Trump’s America.”



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Stop here… Adam Serwer is lyrically polishing a Democrat turd… Please, pay attention. Joe Biden is a nice turd, but a turd he is… After more than two centuries, the system under Democrats or Republicans in the USA is crap… For starters, Assange is still in prison on behalf of BOTH PARTIES — one with simple hate, the other with hypocritical hate. The Democrats were complicit in the deplorable follow-on to the emancipation of slavery, not just the “former” slave owners. The numbers would not add up. Trump was just a passing fart in the political bowels of Washington — a fart that hopefully won’t come back, but should the Democrats carry on like bulimic psychopathic idiots, he might come back louder than ever...


Presently the Woke has aligned with the Democrats (or vice versa) to “liberalise” and “progress” the nation — with some very valid grievances — but also with some major crap that will bite everyone on the bum, as the Democrats forgive their own destructionists but hammer those of the Republicans — which between you, me and a dead lamppost, did far less domestic damage than the previous. Yes, perception rule the psyche. Meanwhile, the foreign influence of the USA is still shit, possibly more shit under devious Biden/Blinken than under mad Trump. 


Time to free JULIAN ASSANGE and make real amends and promote real peace without taunting the Ruskies into sinking a UK rusty bucket.


Intense. Prolonged. Record-breaking. Unprecedented. Abnormal. Dangerous.

That’s how the US National Weather Service has described the historic heat wave that is hitting the country’s Pacific North-West, pushing daytime temperatures into the triple digits and breaking all-time high temperature records in places where many residents don’t have air conditioning.

Oregon’s largest city broke its all-time heat record on Saturday (local time) – and was tipped to do it again on Sunday.


Forecasters say many Pacific North-West communities may sweat through the hottest days in their histories as temperatures soar during a heatwave that has sent residents scrambling for relief.

Stores sold out of portable air-conditioners and fans, hospitals cancelled outdoor vaccination clinics, cities opened cooling centres, baseball teams cancelled or moved up weekend games, and utilities braced for possible power outages.


Portland, Oregon, reached 42.2 degrees on Saturday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. The previous heat record for Oregon’s largest city was 41.7 degree, a mark hit in 1965 and 1981.

Seattle reached 38.3 degrees on Saturday, making it the hottest June day on record and only the fourth time in recorded history the usually temperate city had topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The forecast was for even hotter temperatures on Sunday and Monday. Many all-time heat records could be broken. In Seattle, the highest temperature yet seen was 39.4 degree in 2009.

Other cities and towns from eastern Washington state to Oregon were also expected to break records, with temperatures in many areas likely to top out well above normal.

The heatwave has also moved into Idaho, where temperatures above 38 degrees were forecast in Boise for at least a week from Monday. Ontario, Oregon – a city near the Idaho border – could have a similar week, including a high of 42.8 degrees on Wednesday, forecasters said.

That’s dangerous for a region accustomed to mild weather, and where many don’t have air-conditioning.


The extended “heat dome” over the Pacific North-West was a taste of the future as climate change reshaped weather patterns worldwide, said Kristie Ebi, a professor at the University of Washington who studies global warming and its effects on public health.

“We know from evidence around the world that climate change is increasing the frequency, intensity and duration of heatwaves. We’re going to have to get used to this going forward,” she said.

James Bryant, a Seattle resident, picked up an air-conditioner in anticipation of the extreme heat.

“My house is already hot, and so with the added heat over the next few days, I’ve got kids. I got to make sure they don’t get too hot as well,” Bryant said.

“It seems to be a trend … So I’m not sure what’s driving it, but it’s not fun, that’s for sure.”

About 3000 athletes were scheduled to participate in an Ironman Triathlon in Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, on Sunday.

Race organisers said they had 28,000 kilograms of ice at hydration stations, misting stations and chilled towels to hand out to athletes, KHQ-TV reported.

The Coeur d’Alene Fire Department brought in extra firefighters and paramedics because they usually see extra dehydration calls during the event. They bumped their crews up from 17 to 60, KREM-TV reported.

The National Weather Service in Coeur d’Alene said this week’s weather would “likely be one of the most extreme and prolonged heat waves in the recorded history of the Inland North-West”.

“Unprecedented heat will not only threaten the health of residents in the Inland North-West but will make our region increasingly vulnerable to wildfires and intensify the impacts of our ongoing drought,” it said.

The high temperatures are forecast to move into western Montana from Monday.

-with AAP


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Note this is part of the same caper warming:

how global warming is going cold in europe and in the USA...




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Canada has recorded its highest ever temperature as the country's west and the US Pacific north-west frazzle in an unprecedented heatwave.

Lytton in British Columbia soared to 46.6C (116F) on Sunday, breaking an 84-year-old record, officials said.

A "heat dome" - static high pressure acting like a lid on a cooking pot - has set records in many other areas.

The US and Canada have both warned citizens of "dangerous" heat levels that could persist this week.

Experts say that climate change is expected to increase the frequency of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves. However, linking any single event to global warming is complicated. 

BBC forecaster Nick Miller says that "heat dome" isn't a strictly defined meteorological term but has become associated with describing large areas of high pressure, leading to clear skies and hot sunny days. The longer the high pressure pattern lasts, the longer the heatwave is and temperatures can build day by day.


This high pressure zone is huge, from California right up to Canada's Arctic territories and stretching inland through Idaho.

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