Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

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There is “nothing wrong with being woke” but it is “important to stick up for your history,” Boris Johnson has asserted as he was asked about a description of the new US president, Joe Biden.

In a rambling answer, Mr Johnson claimed he could not comment on whether Donald Trump’s successor was woke, but said:"What I know is that he's a firm believer in the transatlantic alliance and that's a great thing.


"There's nothing wrong with being woke but what I can tell you is that I think it's very, very important for everybody to ... I certainly put myself in the category of people who believe that it's important to stick up for your history, your traditions and your values, the things you believe in."


His remarks came after Labour's shadow foreign secretary, Lisa Nandy, accused the prime minister of having "managed to trash" the UK's reputation as a values-driven nation.

In an interview with The Guardian she praised Mr Biden as a "woke guy" who defends trans rights and the Black Lives Matter movement, saying he offered a possible model for electoral success for the Labour Party.


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As the super-intelligent Western world became caught between a panto-geriatric who can’t remember his name by 4:55 PM daily, and a mad idiot, the US voters had an impossible stark choice. External influencers had a grip on the heavy looniness and did not even try their two bob’s worth of fakery... According to the result, the majority of voters went for the geriatricity because the representative would capture the moralising majority and could be manipulated into believing he would be a smoothing something — as officially declared by the usual psychopaths and warmongers that have ruled the Empire for yonks. The problem with the mad idiot was that his infrequent stroke of genius would expose the psychos behind the scenery, while crashing the car against the wall of dorkdom at the Capitol.


Aliens are (were) necessary to redress the dire situation, but they only sit there, in their little cigars or platey looking thingies, leaving us to our own brain-dead imaginative floaters. We shall survive because as mentioned before, the bourgeoisie always survives, even when the governments turn to socialism — an impossible feat in the USA — or pure evil… In Europe, the main rulers are still in the hands of Germanic godly attached partisans, even if the word god isn’t mentioned. The word Christian is used nonetheless in association with “democrat” in Germany, while the French stick to their special “laicity” of governmental regulations. Most French people have given up on the political class, and not even Marine could capitalise on “La France Endormie” or whatever political parties call themselves these days — at the last municipal elections. The French voters should have been coerced with a glass of Shiraz for each ballot... or even a full bottle for a family of three... In "La Zombie Australie”, we have to go and vote nonetheless, even if we’re not awake. One wonders how democracy survives anywhere... We know that the Bourgeois hold the keys to the loot, though many government have tried to cajoled the bourgeois into a false sense of security and open the vault. One does not trick a bourgeois without consequences.


So the aliens have abandoned us to our silly fate, while making sure we don’t invade their planet... This is why they're smarter than us.


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