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From the time we are born, we are "educated". This involves a daily routine of do's and don'ts in which we learn acceptable behaviour and moral conduct. In most civilisations, religious beliefs have had a great role in making sure we follow the codes — including the secular tenets. We are free to think we are told, but we have little freedom outside the tight square. Even these days tree climbing for kids is a no-no because of insurance premiums.


In some countries, education is limited to one religious book only and basic sciences are strictly controlled under the religious umbrella. Obey, submit, follow. This has been the major way humans have been contained in the various philosophical and linguistic spheres… Any deviation is met with physical punishment. Yet some people will take the risks in secret. But on average majority, this imprint from early childhood is hard to break — and despite revolutions of political persuasions, of creating new ideals of freedom and of equality, despite the French and German philosophers visions of the mind (the English philosophers were mostly about financials), we're still electing un-enlightened (religious like catholic Joe Biden and evangelical Scott Morrison in the West) morons as leaders in our systems of unequal fortunes. 


As we learned issues that were in tune with our average physical development and age group, there was a certain don't touch mine and I won't touch yours necessarily simplistic interaction. Learning "everything" at once can be confusing and to some extend limiting by not being matched with physical and mental capabilities, except in genius-know-all kids who can learn everything. We used to bash them in the school yard… and this is possibly why I made sure I always came second or third (I soon learnt this once I came first in primary school)… As far as I know, we can't be a heavy weightlifter as well as a ballerina. But we could try and there are a lot of in-between mixed possibilities, all opened for satirical venues. 


Presently, possibly due to the proliferation of the godly smartphones, rather than develop cultural and artistic skills including the ability to play the piano, the gender debate in the West is overbearing and out of proportion, as if everyone had to be gay or LGBTi. Yes, one has to be a gay-cross-dresser-tranny to have any sort of artistic talent, according to the great majority of chat/documentary shows… Yes we know, Leonardo da Vinci was homosexual. And this would be fine, but our scope is about the enforcement of a new set of rules that are not universal but are trying to be. Educating children into a multi-sexed system can be fraught with misunderstanding of fragile developing personality. It won't stop the bullies from victimising others, trust me. 


When the word "mother" has to be replaced by "birthing parent” in officialdom — or such in order to please a very small minority of half-sexed humans who feel they should play with dolls instead of train sets — and vice versa — we are not only changing but we are restricting the dynamic of the social construct, rather that widening the scope of freedom. The word "mother" should be retained as well for those who choose to — without having to fight for it. All this is not new, but the clamours of the goat-people are out of proportions. 


In all cultural fashion, it's not a battle for "freedom to be" but a brainwashing battle for "you shall be this or that” not even "could be this nor that" when you have no possibility of knowing what is this or that. The age of reason is seven. The age of stupidity starts at twelve and ends somewhere between 25 and 90 — 25 being the age when it is recognised that the physical brain has rewired itself into a new age of accepted stability of intelligence/stupidity gamut.


Over the years, experiments have been attempted to brainwash people momentarily into doing things they would not under their moral potty-training. There is talk of "gay conversion" used by Christian organisations that seem like re-education camps in China. in the 1960s, the psychological manipulations were often the domain of the CIA:



Academic papers from the 1960s reveal how a CIA-funded 'mind control' program came to Australia


In the winter of 1960, Martin Orne, remembered as one of the 20th century's greatest psychologists, touched down in Sydney.

The American professor was due to begin a three-month sabbatical at the University of Sydney, attracted by its world-renowned psychology faculty.

Professor Orne was one of the leading researchers into hypnosis, something the Sydney team awaiting his arrival was also interested in. They were all trying to apply a scientific approach to a practice long associated with magic and mystery.


"The environment at [the University of] Sydney was electrically alive with intellectual stimulation," says psychologist Dr Peter Sheehan, who was completing his honours in psychology at the faculty during Professor Orne's visit.

"I suddenly found myself surrounded by people who were entrenched in the issues of hypnosis."

But, unbeknownst to the Sydney university staff and students, documents recently retrieved by the ABC confirm that Professor Orne was receiving funding from the secretive intelligence program MK-Ultra, which was in turn funded by the CIA.

Orne was a keen psychologist, well regarded for his scepticism and scientific rigour, but the CIA had questionable motives.  

Sleep, drugs and Operation Midnight Climax

In the early years of the Cold War, the US and the Soviet Union were poised for nuclear combat.

"The United States became convinced that we were under imminent threat," says Stephen Kinzer, a former foreign correspondent at the New York Times. 

"[The population] felt that the Soviet Union had the power, almost at a moment's notice, not only to destroy the United States but to destroy the entire possibility of meaningful human life on Earth."

The anxieties of US citizens were not just about their nuclear capacities.

There was a widely held suspicion that the Soviets were developing mind-control capabilities.

Reports had emerged of American soldiers, captured during the Korean war, defecting to the communist side and seemingly renouncing the US.

US intelligence concluded that the communists must be hypnotising the soldiers. Alarmed, they decided that they needed to develop similar capabilities.

This spurred the creation of the MK-Ultra program.

It was, says Mr Kinzer, "a project to find ways for the CIA to seize control of the minds of other people".

Over 100 experimental projects were set up under MK-Ultra. The project titles included phrases like "aspects of magicians' art useful in covert operations" or "sleep research" and "behavioural modification"

Mr Kinzer says that those working on MK-Ultra experiments, often under extreme secrecy, would push ethical boundaries in the name of national security.

For instance, in an operation known as 'Midnight Climax', the CIA employed sex workers in San Francisco, Mill Valley and New York. 

They were instructed to bring their clients to a safe house and dose them with LSD, so researchers could assess the impact of the drug and gauge its suitability for use in military settings.

In another example, the CIA funded experiments at a psychiatric hospital in Montreal, Canada, directed by the controversial Professor Donald Ewen Cameron.

Professor Cameron's "psychic driving" involved subjecting drugged, sleep-deprived patients to continuously repeated audio messages on a looped tape.

Years later, a senate hearing on MK-Ultra concluded that some of these experiments represented "a fundamental disregard for the value of human life". 

"The research and development program … resulted in massive abridgments of the rights of American citizens, sometimes with tragic consequences," the 1977 report states.

According to the senate committee report, many participants felt the "residual effects" of the experiments decades after the program ceased. At least two died.

The Human Ecology Fund

Arguably the most coveted of the CIA's mind control projects were those investigating the possibilities of hypnosis, with documents showing that it occupied up to eight MK-Ultra sub-projects.

At the time, pop culture led many to believe that hypnosis could be used to create a "Manchurian candidate." The 1962 film of the same name, starring Frank Sinatra and Janet Leigh, depicts a former soldier brainwashed into becoming an assassin. Some in the CIA believed hypnosis could be weaponised in real life in a similar way.

"Instead of waging war, [the CIA thought] 'we'll just find a way either to hypnotise leaders, or to hypnotise entire populations to control other people's minds from far away'," Mr Kinzer says.

"The prize would be nothing less than global mastery."


The Vienna-born American psychologist had worked in magic shows as a teenager and developed a keen interest in hypnosis.

He had continued to research it throughout his career and, according to author John D. Marks, Professor Orne's rigorous scientific approach made him attractive to the CIA.

In the late 1970s, when researching his book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, which exposed the details of the MK-Ultra program, Mr Marks interviewed Professor Orne, who revealed he was regularly consulted by the CIA. According to Mr Marks, Professor Orne knew about the program and also received funding to support his research on hypnotism.

"He was their man on the outside — their specialist who they would go to for ideas about hypnosis," Mr Marks says.

In 1960, Professor Orne's work took him to the University of Sydney.

The university was an intellectual spark in an at-times culturally conservative Australia. The psychology department was renowned, particularly for its work on hypnosis. 

In the 1950s, there were five significant hypnosis labs in the world — four in North America and the other at Sydney University, under the guidance of professors John Philip Sutcliffe and Gordon Hammer. 

So Professor Orne came to collaborate with some of Sydney's esteemed psychologists. His financial backing for the trip, however, came from a source with shady motives.

An article published in a 1965 edition of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, in which Professor Orne and his colleague Professor Frederick J. Evans record the results of one of their key experiments in Australia, has been referenced by the ABC.

On the first page, the authors acknowledges the contribution of the Human Ecology Fund, a secretive organisation used by the CIA to provide grants to social scientists and medical researchers investigating questions of interest to the MK-Ultra program.

"This study was conducted at the University of Sydney, Australia, during a visit by the senior author [Orne], June-August 1960. It was supported in part … by a grant from the Human Ecology Fund," the paper reads.

Dr Sheehan, who had studied under Professor Orne, says the researchers at the University were unaware that their work was CIA-linked.

"That particular experiment was at the University of Sydney, while I was doing my honours year, and I had never learned that was CIA-funded," he says.

Alternative explanations

The aim of Professor Orne's experiments in Sydney was to see if it was possible to get hypnotised people to engage in "anti-social behaviour". If a subject could be made to perform tasks against their own wishes, the CIA could potentially use this power against opposition soldiers.

Historical experiments had recorded hypnotised subjects doing almost anything. They could be made to steal, injure themselves, even attempt murder.

Professor Orne wanted to test this. According to the article, he asked a group of hypnotised subjects, comprised of Sydney University psychology students, to perform a series of seemingly dangerous acts, including picking up a venomous snake and throwing a vat of nitric acid at an experimenter. 

While many of the subjects completed these seemingly dangerous tasks, Professor Orne did not necessarily conclude that hypnosis was responsible. 

Eager to find alternative explanations to why the participants had performed these actions, Professor Orne used a control group of non-hypnotised subjects.

They also completed the tasks, the researchers discovered.

The subjects, Professor Orne concluded, knew at some level that they would be safe, regardless of whether they were hypnotised. They judged correctly that researchers were simulating danger.

In experiments with snakes, for example, the animals had been rendered harmless by the University's zoology department; in other experiments with nitric acid, the acid was simply a convincing "coloured solution". The subjects were not told about this. 

"The tasks are within the broad range of activities which are perceived as legitimized by the nature of the situation," the journal article reads.

"They were requests made by experimenters, viewed by subjects as responsible scientists, in the context of a psychological experiment."

But if the CIA was looking to control the human mind in their Cold War battle against communism, Professor Orne's findings would have proven disappointing.


"No conclusions can be drawn from the present investigation about the potential use of hypnosis to induce antisocial behaviour," Professor Orne wrote in the journal article.

According to Mr Marks, this scepticism was part of the professor's appeal to the CIA.

"Orne was the person they would go to, in terms of hypnosis, to say, do you think this is going to work — and he tended to be a sceptic," he says.

"So, his sceptical and academic way of looking at it would have been useful in turning down half-baked ideas."

This scientific approach is Professor Orne's legacy.

In a career that continued for four decades, Professor Orne helped to established what hypnosis could and couldn't do, and moved it from the realm of magic to an established academic and clinical practice.

"I learnt an awful lot from him," says Dr Sheehan, Professor Orne's student and collaborator.

"There are lots of people out there that would love to think that you or I could do terribly immoral things under hypnosis, but I don't think that's true," he says.

"I think that experiment would have been absolutely pivotal in proving otherwise."


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breastfeeding week...

Slap in the face for motherhood as World Breastfeeding Week prioritises trans women’s ‘chestfeeding’ over the safety of young mums


By Damian Wilson — a UK journalist, ex-Fleet Street editor, financial industry consultant and political communications special advisor in the UK and EU.     Woke activists in UK and Australia infiltrate support groups and insist female counsellors must provide support for trans ‘mothers’, ignoring the idea that male sexual arousal could be driving the activity.

Nothing quite celebrates motherhood like kicking off World Breastfeeding Week with the sacking of a bunch of female counsellors for refusing to engage with trans women ‘chestfeeders’. 

But that’s exactly what happened in Australia where three of the seven breastfeeding counsellors recently suspended from the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) for balking at offering support to male-born ‘new mums’ on nursing babies have now been handed their marching orders. Perfect timing at the start of an internationally recognised week from August 1 to 7 dedicated to the benefits of breastfeeding. Trans activists 3, Born-women 0.

The problem is that anyone working in the mothers’ support field who dares voice gender critical views is bullied, coerced and cajoled into adopting the ideology, and if that fails, they’re cancelled. Simple. What’s even more problematic is that those who are silenced – women – are those with the most skin in the game.


Inside breastfeeding organisations like the ABA and even the UK’s Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, as one ABM member explained to me, the gender gestapo’s mission creep is underway and the safeguarding book for mothers and their babies has been thrown out the window. 

Sadly, so intolerant are these ideology-driven fruitcakes that anyone who speaks out is highly reluctant to be identified for fear of reprisals, pile-ons and even the sack. It happens frequently.

Before they became battlegrounds in the gender war, these national bodies focused on giving new mums good advice and the confidence to breastfeed their babies, even providing a haven where they could feed openly for the first time.

Now, with trans women allowed on the scene, a young mum could find herself sharing a room with a man who is turned on by the idea of himself as a lactating woman (or worse perhaps, as in some cases we’ve seen, still harbouring sexual desires towards real women). 

All of this is beyond creepy but not that rare. Two breastfeeding counsellors I spoke to suspect a sexual element among many trans women yearning for chestfeeding, though the gender lobby dismiss this, of course. 

An Aussie counsellor close to events Down Under told me: “The ABA refuses to accept that some transwomen are heterosexual men with a lactation fetish – even though a three-minute Google search will tell you that this is the case and that lactation fetishes are very common.”


It’s hard to imagine the fright caused to a nervous young nursing mum who encounters this aberrant behaviour, but it’s not just they who need worry. Even experienced breastfeeding counsellors or mother supporters can find themselves inadvertently caught up in a pervy man-only lactation kink.

Because if counselling is done over the phone, where the physical identity of the person at the other end of the call is not quite so clearcut, breastfeeding counsellors run the risk of being caught up in a trans woman’s sexually-charged ‘milky talk’. 

Not nice and yet entirely avoidable if slavish devotion to gender theory was tempered with some critical thinking and rational actions.

The ABA advises its counsellors to make no judgments based on the voice of the person to whom they are speaking. My Aussie source told me that a training video currently in use advises, “If you think you are counselling a man to breastfeed his baby you have to ask him ‘what will the baby call you’ and then if he says ‘mother’ you must treat him like he is a mother.” Take notice of the pronouns. He is mum. Mum is he. Bonkers.

Of course, thanks to the miracles of modern science, surgery, injections of the hormone prolactin, mechanical devices and the wonders of the human body, men can simulate the act of breastfeeding, producing a significantly reduced amount of nutritionally inferior milk compared to women. But let’s call it what it really is, chestfeeding.

And then look at how we have arrived at this point. Mammals first evolved 178 million years ago and that heralded the female of the species nursing their offspring. So we have to ask, why should this change now? Who decided that males should be given a crack at this motherhood lark? Because the consequences reach beyond physical adaptation.


Men who we are asked to believe are really female have been given the go-ahead to trample all over the beliefs and rights fought for by brave women, often aided and abetted by misguided females, so they are now encroaching on that holy of holies, childbirth, and to oppose that draws fire and condemnation as a transphobe. 

We need to ask ourselves, what next? Because it would seem that if trans women really do want the full XX chromosome experience in life, then they’ll look for ways to experience female menopause. Or is that not what this is all really about?

But that’s the thing with gender theory. When the answers are problematic, it’s far easier to go on the attack against those posing the difficult questions than it is to address reality, especially when that exposes the flaws in a deeply divisive modern day ideology.


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Today, 5th August 2021, WikiLeaks publishes "The Intolerance Network" over 17,000 documents from internationally active right wing campaigning organisations HazteOir and CitizenGO. The documents date from 2001 to 2017 and cover the founding of CitizenGO and early activities of both organisations. The documents are from their internal systems and cover things like: spreadsheets of donors and members, strategy and planning documents, letters, financial charts and legal and training documents. 

HazteOir was first founded in 2001 in Spain to campaign for right wing values, in 2013 it founded CitizenGO to spread its work beyond Spanish speaking countries. This dataset includes the founding of CitizenGo, and documents from HazteOir organising, along with US based The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society, the 2012 World Congress for Families (WCF) in Madrid. The WCF brings together right wing organisations that promote opposition to LGBTQI+ and reproductive rights, it has been labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and a 2014 Human Rights Campaign report stated "The World Congress of Families (WCF) is one of the most influential American organizations involved in the export of hate". 

Tying all these organisations together is Ignacio Arsuaga, founder of HazteOir and on the board of CitizenGo and was awarded the 2013 WCF "Man of the Year Award". The WCF President, Brian Brown - an American campaigner against LGBTQI+ rights, is also on the board of CitizenGo. Both HazteOir and CitizenGo are part of a larger global network of right wing organisations that work together to push their values in grassroots and political spheres.

CitizenGo partners to push campaigns with a number of organisations, for example it ran a petition with the Population Research Institute "Abortion is NOT a Human Right!". They work to mobilize grassroot support, and are keen to stress this is their base, however it is clear through the dataset that they aim to raise large funds and influence policy at a high level. A 2019 undercover investigation by OpenDemocracy confirmed ties between Spanish HazteOir and CitizenGo with right wing political parties across Europe in Spain, Italy and Hungary. There have also been reports regarding ties to El Yunque, a secret militant Mexican Group, a tie which HazteOir has tried to rid itself of. 

Both HazteOir and CitizenGo run their campaigns and other work under the guise of family values but it is clear through the document set that their values are rooted in an extremely ultra conservative Christian context. They do a lot of work online starting petitions but have also worked in the physical world, for example their "hate bus" - a bright orange bus has with slogans such as "boys are boys" has toured in Spain and America. 

WikiLeaks publishes this dataset as part of our goal to protect censored documents of political and historical importance. The dataset appears to be the same that was online briefly in 2017 after a hack that was claimed by the "ACAB Gang", but after legal action was removed from being published on the internet.

Whilst a trend to the right globally is becoming more visible it is important to understand the organisations that are instrumental in working to effect this change. As an important part of this network WikiLeaks believes the documents that show the origins of CitizenGo are an important part of the public record. 

WikiLeaks Editor Kristinn Hrafnsson said: "As ultra right wing political groups have gained strength in latter years with increasing attacks on woman's and LGBTQI+ rights, it is valuable to have access to documents from those who have lobbied for these changes on a global basis. The people have a right to know where political policies are hatched". 

As part of WikiLeaks' belief in not only securing the preservation of, but also ease of use of large datasets, we have worked to ensure that not only is this dataset preserved in our library, but that it is also searchable and well organised so that it can be used by everyone. 

We have also worked to redact the documents, which included a lot of personal information which was not relevant to the political importance of the data. We are pleased today to add "The Intolerance Network" to our evergrowing online library, and to be adding to all the valuable work on this topic that has preceeded us.


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