Saturday 23rd of October 2021

a bad day on the cricket pitch, missing the googlies with a blind bat...


Christian Porter should be given “another chance” at being a minister in future, according to acting prime minister Barnaby Joyce, because there was “nothing illegal” about his blind trust donations scandal.

But Mr Joyce has conceded a federal parliament oversight committee may further probe Mr Porter’s anonymous benefactors, as Labor and the Greens demand further answers on where the money came from.

“He has had a bad day at the wicket, no doubt about that, and that issue has been dealt with,” Mr Joyce told a Canberra press conference on Monday.


“Mr Porter has not done anything illegal. If he had, the police would
be here. He has not done anything illegal.”

Mr Porter resigned as minister for industry, science and technology on Sunday, after admitting his decision to accept money from a blind trust to help pay his legal bills had become a “distraction”. However, he will stay in parliament as a backbencher, and has given no indication that he plans to disclose the identity of the donors to the trust, or that he will return the money.

Mr Porter claimed he could have no knowledge of the donors to the entity behind the blind trust, known as the Legal Services Trust. But in a statement after he resigned, he said the trustee assured him none of the donors were lobbyists or prohibited foreign entities.


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Question: Is Christian Porter registered as a Charitable Enterprise so he can accept donations that are tax free? 


Who knows...


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Had Porter AG freed Julian assange, would that have made him more popular?...

a bad name for really blind people....

A Blind Trust is a really bad name. In the Porter case, it should be called an "unknown hidden source of cash for politicians to play with", or a "way to rort ethics without appearing to do so, while not telling anyone how you do it".




At the age of eight, Leon Portz was gradually losing his eyesight due to a congenital condition when he was given his first computer. By the age of nine, he had figured out how to speed up the machine-generated voice that read out websites and other electronic texts, allowing him to grasp the information faster. He now listens to texts at five times the standard speed, which is unintelligible to an untrained ear.

But his love of science only truly flourished when he moved from his hometown in central Germany to the nearby town of Marburg, a leafy, medieval university town, to attend a specialist school for the blind. As it turned out, that move transported him into a hotbed of inclusive innovation.

Marburg proudly calls itself a "Blindenstadt", a city for blind and visually impaired people, due to its long history as a hub for accessibility. A ground-breaking educational institute for the blind, the Blindenstudienanstalt (or Blista) in German, was founded here during World War One, to provide opportunities for young men blinded in the war. The institute has spawned countless inventions for blind people since then, including a tactile mathematical font. It has also profoundly shaped the town around it, turning it into a place where, as Portz puts it, "everything is ideal for blind people".

Some of the innovations that make Marburg so accessible also exist elsewhere. But the way they are joined up here is unique, Portz and other blind people who have lived in the town say. The clattering sound of guiding canes is ubiquitous in Marburg, as blind people navigate the town aided by beeping traffic lights, pavements and floors with ridges and bumps that act as tactile signals of hazards or barriers. Buildings often have raised maps and floor plans, while detailed miniature bronze models of major sights such as Marburg's castle and town square allow blind visitors to feel the entirety of each landmark.

Other convenient features are a result of the town's natural shape. Marburg is small and hilly, making it easy to orient yourself simply by noting if you are going up- or downhill. A web of accessible leisure facilities spans the city, such as a horse-riding school for the blind, and blind rowing, football, climbing and skiing clubs. The town's university has Germany's highest proportion of blind students, and the widest range of degrees taken by blind people.


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What? "acting prime minister Barnaby Joyce?" Fuck this! did I say... what I said?... 




bad day at the wicket...



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PM by defaultPM by default


Read from top. Scomo or Barnaby as PM? Hell, "me" might prefer Barnaby Joyce, because he's a dill but he may not be as devious as Scumboy — just limited.


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