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biolabs in ukraine and the greater picture of the USA conquering the HEARTLAND...….

Revisiting Gus's comments....

The war on terror has gone cold…

The only place terrorism is still significant is in Central Africa (Mali et al)… where the Wahhabi Jihadists are still active. 

Russia and China have managed to escape the clutches of the Empire — and not only this, China is also influencing many third world countries to be more independent economically.

For various reasons, especially trying to avoid the “Yellow Peril” and the “Reds under the Bed”, the Empire helped China to develop its economy, hoping that consumerism would turn this communist country into a more bourgeois affluent space where greed, thus capitalism, takes over the psyche of the people. This was also a very convenient way for multinational (read USA) corporations to make money, reduce pollution in their developed world and prevent their own local workforce to unionise and thus be “powerful” — a power that Bernie Sanders is trying to relaunch. Meanwhile the gigantic US military machine would keep an eye on "maintaining the peace” and the subservient status of the rest of the planet.


But Putin came along. Without him, Russia was going to disintegrate — not into a vassal of the Empire, but even worse, into a third rate country that would have been fractured in a thousand pieces. Pravda is still harping on how Siberia is going to be sold to the USA, like Alaska was on March 30, 1867. Pravda is not a Putin lover. RT and Sputnik are… One wonders if this once “communist” news network, Pravda, has not been infiltrated by the CIA and the likes of MI6. 


The Chinese media is like all media around the world. It is part of the disinformation/information system. China Daily is distrusted in the West, mostly because of the weight in importance about good China is. China had its revolution in Hong Kong recently and due to the “pandemic” a lot of this has gone quiet. Will the Yellow Vests carry on with their protests in France? People around the world are individually fearing for their life, en masse. Curfews, isolation, quarantine are the new tools to control populations. The cost is enormous on government budgets but worth it. The war on terror having “gone cold”, the Wahhabi threat has been subdued by the Western police and the “intelligence agencies”, the new message in order to avoid a repeat of population unrest is for everyone to "fight the virus together”. We have now our common enemy for the entire planetoid: an accidental mutant from nature...

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is also disintegrating under a little despot. It has lost its prestige. It has been degraded in the mind of people in the West as an annoying tinpot country that makes them pay too much at the petrol pump. Russia saw through the game being played: Under instruction from the USA, the Saudis were going to cut production to keep the price of oil high, to satisfy the US’s own shale oil industry, while demanding that Russia cut its own production as well like a good cartel member they were. Russia refused and the price of oil tumbled, bleeding the US shale oil industry — an industry that was not profitable even at $65 a barrel… The US shale oil industry has been mostly developed as an economic weapon against Russia. Meanwhile Russia has enough reserves of cash to last a decade or so, while loosing money on the oil market.

 Trump, trying to avoid traditional wars which are costly, unpalatable (even by proxies) and unwinable in today’s world environment, has gone bezerk with sanctions on this and that country, here and there and everywhere — Russia, Iran, Syria, China — even threatening his own “friends”, the Europeans and the Turks. Economic sanctions had nothing to do with disparity of exchange, but trying to bring an economic and manufacturing superiority back to the USA. Mexico, China, Korea had taken many jobs from US workers. Trump’s plan has been to destroy this imbalanced “globalisation” to get his own people back at work. Things are a bit more complicated that this, as we also should look at "regime change" such as in Venezuela, but this has been the underlying method of the Donald — and there are other issues from pollution to global warming which is pseudo-denied by the present administration, because the reality of global warming has an undeclared effect on it. Greta was getting traction. Meanwhile we were becoming too carefree and less inclined to believe in governments, especially the US's. 

The world needed to tighten its butt. Enters the coronavirus… Annoyingly convenient...








"The Geographical Pivot of History" is an article submitted by Halford John Mackinder in 1904 to the Royal Geographical Society that advances his heartland theory. In this article, Mackinder extended the scope of geopolitical analysis to encompass the entire globe (see original 1904 map above). THE WEST IS STILL ACTIVELY PURSUING THE "PIVOT"...


According to Mackinder, the Earth's land surface was divisible into:


• The World-Island, comprising the interlinked continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa (Afro-Eurasia). This was the largest, most populous, and richest of all possible land combinations.

• The offshore islands, including the British Isles and the islands of Japan.

• The outlying islands, including the continents of North America, South America, and Oceania.

The Heartland lay at the centre of the world island, stretching from the Volga to the Yangtze and from the Himalayas to the Arctic. Mackinder's Heartland was the area then ruled by the Russian Empire and after that by the Soviet Union, minus the Kamchatka Peninsula region, which is located in the easternmost part of Russia, near the Aleutian Islands and Kurile islands


Later, in 1919, Mackinder summarised his theory thus:


Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;

who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;

who rules the World-Island commands the world.

                       — Mackinder, Democratic Ideals and Reality


Any power which controlled the World-Island would control well over 50% of the world's resources. The Heartland's size and central position made it the key to controlling the World-Island.


The vital question has been how to secure control for the Heartland. This question may seem pointless, since in 1904 the Russian Empire had ruled most of the area from the Volga to Eastern Siberia for centuries. But throughout the nineteenth century:


• The West European powers had combined, usually successfully, in the Great Game to prevent Russian expansion.

• The Russian Empire was huge but socially, politically and technologically backward — i.e. inferior in "virility, equipment and organization".

Mackinder held that effective political domination of the Heartland by a single power had been unattainable in the past because:

• The Heartland was protected from sea power by ice to the north and mountains and deserts to the south.

• Previous land invasions from east to west and vice versa were unsuccessful because lack of efficient transportation made it impossible to assure a continual stream of men and supplies.


Mackinder outlined the following ways in which the Heartland might become a springboard for global domination in the twentieth century (Sempa, 2000):


• Successful invasion of Russia by a Western European nation (most probably Germany). Mackinder believed that the introduction of the railroad had removed the Heartland's invulnerability to land invasion. As Eurasia began to be covered by an extensive network of railroads, there was an excellent chance that a powerful continental nation could extend its political control over the Eastern European gateway to the Eurasian landmass. In Mackinder's words, "Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland.” (Think Ukraine)

• A Russo-German alliance. Before 1917 both countries were ruled by autocrats (the Tsar and the Kaiser), and both could have been attracted to an alliance against the democratic powers of Western Europe (the US was isolationist regarding European affairs, until it became a participant of World War I in 1917). Germany would have contributed to such an alliance its formidable army and its large and growing sea power.

• Conquest of Russia by a Sino-Japanese empire.


The combined empires' large East Asian coastline would also provide the potential for it to become a major sea power. Mackinder's "Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland…" does not cover this scenario, probably because the previous two scenarios were seen as the major risks of the nineteenth century and the early 1900s.


One of Mackinder's personal objectives was to warn Britain that its traditional reliance on sea power would become a weakness as improved land transport opened up the Heartland for invasion and/or industrialisation (Sempa, 2000).


A more modern development to which the heartland theory can still be attributed to exist is through Russia's oil pipelines scandals. Heartland theory implies that the world island is full of resources to be exploited. "Any initiative by the United States to open the market access in Central Asia implies that this state is targeted for the exploration of multinational energy companies. The efforts of domination for the exploration of natural resources are also apparent in the case of Russia. Study found that Russia wants to have pipelines be transported through its territory. However the Russian energy companies are working on behalf of market interests, they often constrain the behaviour of the state”.





The Mackinder theory is still at the centre of US/Anglo-Saxon desire: the USA want to control (and own) the world. Putin refuses to play the US Empire game. He thus must be a thug... and act so.


NATO and the US are liars. This is obvious. I suppose that for the sake of "balance", we could say that Putin is a liar. At this level, there is NOT a single verifiable truth to this proposition, except the Western media is trying to portray Putin as a despot — with hidden moneys everywhere and as being corrupt. Putin is smarter than this, but “his” 144 million Russians have to be ready to counterbalance 350 million Americans plus 750 million Europeans — all these numbers including the kids, the infirm and the old. An this level, the “Heartland” (mostly Russia) is weak. Some of the Heartland also encompasses Western China. The Rimland includes East China (the Crescent) — and the Eastern European countries, which until 1991 were under Russian control. 


When the USSR dismantled itself under Gorbachov, there was euphoria in the populations of the World: the Cold War had ended with a victory for the West and we could breathe better. NATO and the USA made the solemn and catalogued promise NOT TO MOVE ONE INCH TOWARDS EASTERN EUROPE. THIS WAS A LIE. This lie is at the core of the present battle for Kiev. And this lie has its origins in the Mackinder doctrine/theory which itself has its origin on previous wars waged against China and Russia.






In the documentary THE COMING WAR ON CHINA of John Pilger, Li (check), a Chinese entrepreneur and social commentator — makes the point that the Christian beliefs underlies this spirit of conquest as the Western nations sent warships and missionaries. The FOREVER WARS concept was explored by George Orwell, in the prescient novel, 1984. This had been the attitude of the American Empire since George Washington had become president of the United States of America. Since 1776, the USA has been at war/has declared war somewhere on the planet, except for about 20 years (containment of sorts was still happening)…


And most of our media, mostly bourgeois of the left and warmongers of the right, do not seem to be aware — NO, I MEAN DO NOT WANT TO KNOW — of this US Empire push to conquer every corners of this world. And this conquest is done with various means — wars being a main component. But even these wars need to be “justified” and this is where lies and massive deception come in. 


The majority of the Western media still claim for example that “intelligence failures” led to the war on Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. As indicated on this site since its inception, such intelligence failures CANNOT HAPPEN. Such "INTELLIGENCE” IS DESIGNED/INVENTED/PROMOTED/FABRICATED/SOLD as to make the population of bourgeois and underpaid workers believe that they are under threat and “justice shall prevail”. 


As explained on this site, to manufacture such deceit on such a large scale demands a powerful dedicated manipulative core from which tentacular filaments of selective INFORMATION are fed to the media. The Western media are whores, including the left and the centrist public outlets such as NPR, PBS in the USA and the BBC in the UK and the ABC in Australia. The governmental information on such subject as war is picked up by ALL MEDIA  and republished with different flavours, including “caveats”.


For example, even a site like P&I, will publish articles with caveats as:


"Don’t believe what you read in the mass media. It is also an instrument of war.


War is an obscenity. It is not an instrument of policy, it is a failure of policy. War is not only morally indefensible, it is politically counterproductive.


Russia claims to have invaded Ukraine because it is afraid of NATO expansion. By invading, it has virtually guaranteed that it will have a permanent enemy, heavily armed by US/NATO, even if not a full member, on its Western border.


Australia’s constant war-mongering is equally shameful and equally damaging to our security. Peace can only be secured through negotiation and the development of mutually beneficial relations."




Words all very worthy of a PEACE AWARD… But. But the "The Geographical Pivot of History" by Halford John Mackinder IS STILL PART OF THE WESTERN THINK. And why are our heroes like Blair being given Knighthood rather than prison terms for the rest of their life?

Since last year, Putin has tried to negotiate a treaty that would ensure Russia’s security… It had three points: Ukraine shall remain a neutral country; the Minsk Agreements shall be respected by Ukraine on the Donbass region; Crimea is Russian as prior to 1954 as overwhelmingly voted for by the population of Crimea. THE ANSWER BY THE US and the West in general was FUCK OFF PUTIN!!!

As well, Ukraine, under the little Jewish Nazi Zelensky vowed NOT TO RESPECT the Minsk agreements and Zelensky goons had assembled a 60,000 strong army to invade the Donbass region in early March. The documentation shown by the Russians is clear. Yes, we know this could be Russian disinformation… The West will say this off course, until the “genocide” of Russians in the Donbass region is enacted under the banner of FREEDOM and UKRAINE Territorial integrity… PUTIN KNOW THE GAME BEING PLAYED and took a gamble. 

IN MANY WAYS, Putin did not have any choice. The next step after the genocide of Russians in Ukraine by the Nazi battalion was to get NATO to install NUCLEAR WARHEADS on the Ukraine/Russia border. This was a given. Putin is not a fool despite the assurances by the West… We know that these assurances are worth NOTHING. 

 Many commentators are now saying that by the invasion of Ukraine, Putin as created a bad situation that eventually will lead to Ukraine having US nukes on its soil. Remember, the HEARTLAND IS THE LOLLY THE US is after. Putin will defend the Heartland tooth and nail, including demilitarising Ukraine, with strong threats to NATO. Don’t come and interfered or YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. Ukraine will not have US nuclear weapons on its soil or the next 30 years and this is the promise made by PUTIN. The next leader of Russia will be formed in the art of defending the Heartland. The alternative is simple: Kaput.

Here some journalists in the West will argue that with intercontinental missiles, the West does not need to have nuclear missiles in Ukraine. This is unverifiable controversy. 

It takes a long time for these ballistic missiles to reach destination and preventative shields can destroy them before reaching their targets. The Russian “shields” are made of S300, S400, S500, and S600, plus an array of unmanned drones and manned aircrafts. As well the hypersonic missiles (the bear claws) are a step ahead in delivery of explosives. No shield so far can stop them as they do not follow a set trajectory.

So, the idea of the "The Geographical Pivot of History” is only a secular version of what the West had been up to with the CRUSADE, on a smaller scale, yet still with the spirit of spreading the good words of Christ with guns and bibles to the rest of the world… This has been used as a cover and us, the naive bourgeois finance the project with money and good intentions. 

The pope should have shut his big mouth about the Russian “invasion”… Catholic Rome is not a position to form an opinion on who is right or wrong. El Papa should limit himself to pray for the souls of the dead and for the quick recovery of the injured. Nothing else. 

MEANWHILE, in regard to CHINA… Our Duttonic minister of defence is braying like an idiotic ass about the Chinese wanting to invade Taiwan… Looking at the map of the American bases encircling China, I’m sure the Chinese government has no desire to invade tomorrow nor in twenty years. But in real terms, China is now far more technologically advanced than Taiwan, so the only way Taiwan can survive is by being host to US bases and become a third world space. In the West, we’re only see things in terms of competition in which we are "exceptionally the best" and clubs to bash people with. We see unilateralism as our right, while Russia and China want multipolarity… We declare Xi to be autocratic because he restrains the power of the multibillionaires to abuse people. We value the "Freedom” illusions while we submit to the nightmare of the rules-based order.

For the last 10 years, the gap between the rich and the poor in China had widened like in the West. This is capitalism at work. The difference as explained in John Pilger’s documentary is that in China, the capitalism does not rule to political power. In the USA and to some extend in many of the Western nations, including Australia, CAPITALISM CONTROLS THE GOVERNMENT.




You would have noted the massive outcry by the Western media outlets when Russia mentioned the biolabs in Ukraine. Many reputable news services deliberately announced that there we NO biolabs in Ukraine. When Nuland admitted the existence of biolabs in Ukraine, the Western media claimed that these were not Americans biolabs.


Fir example, from VOX Ukraine:

Debunking fakes in partnership with Facebook

According to the information spread on the Internet, allegedly the United States has admitted the existence of its biolaboratories in Ukraine. To prove this, users refer to a speech by Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs: “There are biological research laboratories in Ukraine. We are currently concerned that the russian militants may take control of them. We are working with the Ukrainian side to ensure that the materials of biological research do not fall into the hands of russian forces.

However, Victoria Nuland did not claim that there are American laboratories in Ukraine. Her words were taken out of context.

This fake and other misinformation related to biolaboratories in Ukraine have already been debunked by independent foreign factcheckers from Myth DetectorFactCheck.orgThe Washington PostUSA TodayThe Dispatch. VoxCheck also talked about this widespread fake as part of the monitoring of russian disinformation. SEE ALSO SOME GUARDIAN CRAP... AND SNOPES BULLSHIT...







By James O’Neill 

What is now emerging into full view is the development of bio weapons in Ukraine by the Americans. This program has been in existence for a number of years, organised by the leadership of the Democratic Party who in turn benefited from company donations from the principal organisers of the program. These companies include Pfizer, Moderna, Merch and Gilead, all of whom have close connections with the Pentagon and all of whom are substantial donors to the Democratic Party.

What the Americans have been doing is testing new drugs in the Ukraine, all of this action being not only in secret, but also in violation of international safety standards. Evidence in support of these allegations has recently been presented by Igor Kirillov in his role as the chief of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force. The evidence presented by Kirillov demonstrates that using Ukraine not only provides opportunities for secrecy, but is also of lower cost and therefore provides further competitive advantages.

According to the evidence presented by Kirillov (New Eastern Outlook, 14 May 2022) the United States pharmaceutical companies worked together with the Pentagon “concealing illegal activities, conducting field and clinical trials, and providing the necessary biomaterial”

The purpose of the research was not only in providing military usage for the two technical activities, but also to conduct clinical trials on the use of the bio material. The research, according to Kirillov, gathered information on antibiotic resistance to certain diseases in different regions of the Ukraine, and also enabled the research to be carried out outside the control of the international community which has long-opposed research in this area.

What is also becoming clearer is that the ongoing United States bio weapons program being conducted in Ukraine was one of the principal reasons for the launch of the Russian offensive in February this year against Ukrainian forces gathered in the Donbass. It is clear that the Ukrainian forces were about to launch massive attacks on the Donbass, notwithstanding the protestations to the contrary of Ukraine’s president.

The lies and deceptions of the Ukrainians is a principal reason why the Russians have refused to engage in further talks with them. The parties had reached a level of agreement in the talks that were held in Istanbul earlier this year. Ukrainian agreement lasted only until the president returned to the Ukraine. He had obviously come under pressure from the Americans who are not interested in a peace deal. This was made very clear in statements by the United States defence secretary who expressed his wish to see the Russians broken.

The Americans also made it clear that regime change was a high priority for them, although it is difficult to see the logic of this. If Mr Putin is removed as Russia’s leader there is every likelihood that his successor would be even less tolerant of United States behaviour in the region. The Russians are acutely aware of what happened in the 1990s and have no desire to see any repeat of that period.

The Russians for their part, separate from the offensive launched in the Donbass, have demanded a meeting of the United Nations Security Council to present further evidence of the use of United States bio labs in Ukraine. This evidence will be presented by the Russians irrespective of any United States or British attempts to thwart it.

The Russian unmasking of the United States bio weapons research in Ukraine is unlikely to deter the Americans. This is obvious from the United States orchestrated anti-Russia moves that were introduced following the February 2022 involvement in the war by Russia. The orchestration of the Europeans in the anti-Russia stance just became harder with the Ukraine blocking the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Germany. This may prove to be a massive error of judgement by the Ukrainians. Europe is unable to survive without Russian gas which provides 40% of their needs, including both domestic heating and the running of their factories.

There is little doubt that the Ukrainian move was at the instigation of the Americans. It is difficult to understand the logic of the move. The reduction of Ukrainian gas will have dire effects upon the Europeans who are unlikely to appreciate the United States moves that are obviously to their detriment. The Europeans lack a viable alternative to Russian energy supplies and will be forced to negotiate with the Russians, notwithstanding the appallingly self-destructive proposals by the European Commission, led by the fanatically anti-Russian Ursula van der Leyen.

Ironically, one of the consequences of the Ukrainian move may be further negotiations on the opening of Nord Stream 2, currently in a frozen state thanks to German intransigence. It may be too late. The Russians are obviously tired of European gamesmanship and are making major moves to send the gas Eastwood to the welcoming arms among others of China and India.

It is a classic case of European nations shooting themselves in the foot. Their refineries are designed to treat Russian gas. Even if there were alternative sources of supply, which there are not, their ability to process those supplies are severely limited. The Europeans have only themselves to blame. The reality is finally penetrating the brains of some European national leaders and an increasing number are refusing to abide by the dictates of Brussels.

The war in Ukraine is also not going well for the Ukrainians, notwithstanding the desperate attempts by the Western media to portray tactical Russian retreats as a “defeat”. Russia’s exposure of the United States – Ukraine attempts to introduce bio weapons is also proving a major tactical error. The Europeans are well aware that their proximity equally puts them at grave risk of being contaminated.

The United States attempt to introduce bio weapons to the Donbass is a saga that still has some way to play. It may well prove to be their greatest mistake.

James O’Neill, an Australian-based former Barrister at Law, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.











the US deliberate confusing narrative…..

Death by a thousand cuts: where is the west's Ukraine strategy?


The pounding, daily western narratives on 'Ukrainian wins' and 'Russian losses' underpins the lack of an actual, cohesive Grand Strategy against Moscow.


By Pepe Escobar

May 16 2022





While we are all familiar with Sun Tzu, the Chinese general, military strategist and philosopher who penned the incomparable Art of War, less known is the Strategikon, the Byzantium equivalent on warfare.

Sixth century Byzantium really needed a manual, threatened as it was from the east, successively by Sassanid Persia, Arabs and Turks, and from the north, by waves of steppe invaders, Huns, Avars, Bulgars, semi-nomadic Turkic Pechenegs and Magyars.

Byzantium could not prevail just by following the classic pattern of Roman Empire raw power – they simply didn’t have the means for it.

So military force needed to be subordinate to diplomacy, a less costly means of avoiding or resolving conflict. And here we can make a fascinating connection with today’s Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin and his diplomacy chief Sergei Lavrov.

But when military means became necessary for Byzantium – as in Russia’s Operation Z – it was preferable to use weaponry to contain or punish adversaries, instead of attacking with full force.

Strategic primacy, for Byzantium, more than diplomatic or military, was a psychological affair. The word Strategia itself is derived from the Greek strategos – which does not mean “General” in military terms, as the west believes, but historically corresponds to a managerial politico-military function.

It all starts with si vis pacem para bellum: “If you want peace prepare for war.” Confrontation must develop simultaneously on multiple levels: grand strategy, military strategy, operative, tactical.

But brilliant tactics, excellent operative intel and even massive victories in a larger war theater cannot compensate for a lethal mistake in terms of grand strategy. Just look at the Nazis in WWII.

Those who built up an empire such as the Romans, or maintained one for centuries like the Byzantines, never succeeded without following this logic.

Those clueless Pentagon and CIA ‘experts’

On Operation Z, the Russians revel in total strategic ambiguity, which has the collective west completely discombobulated. The Pentagon does not have the necessary intellectual firepower to out-smart the Russian General Staff. Only a few outliers understand that this is not a war – since the Ukraine Armed Forces have been irretrievably routed – but actually what Russian military and naval expert Andrei Martyanov calls a “combined arms police operation,” a work-in-progress on demilitarization and denazification.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is even more abysmal in terms of getting everything wrong, as recently demonstrated by its chief Avril Haines during her questioning on Capitol Hill. History shows that the CIA strategically blew it all the way from Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq. Ukraine is no different.

Ukraine was never about a military win. What is being accomplished is the slow, painful destruction of the European Union (EU) economy, coupled with extraordinary weapons profits for the western military-industrial complex and creeping security rule by those nations’ political elites.

The latter, in turn, have been totally baffled by Russia’s C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) capabilities, coupled with the stunning inefficiency of their own constellation of Javelins, NLAWs, Stingers and Turkish Bayraktar drones.

This ignorance reaches way beyond tactics and the operational and strategic realm. As Martyanov delightfully points out, they “wouldn’t know what hit them on the modern battlefield with near-peer, forget about peer.”

The caliber of ‘strategic’ advice from the NATO realm was self-evident in the Serpent Island fiasco – a direct order issued by British ‘consultants’ to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, thought the whole thing was suicidal. He was proven right.

All the Russians had to do was launch a few choice anti-ship and surface Onyx missiles from bastions stationed in Crimea on airports south of Odessa. In no time, Serpent Island was back under Russian control – even as high-ranking British and American marine officers ‘disappeared’ during the Ukrainian landing on the island. They were the ‘strategic’ NATO actors on the spot, doling out the lousy advice.

Extra evidence that the Ukraine debacle is predominantly about money laundering – not competent military strategy – is Capitol Hill approving a hefty extra $40 billion in ‘aid’ to Kiev. It’s just another western military-industrial complex bonanza, duly noted by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

Russian forces, meanwhile, have brought diplomacy to the battlefield, handing over 10 tons of humanitarian assistance to the people of liberated Kherson – with the deputy head of the military-civil administration of the region, Kirill Stremousov, announcing that Kherson wants to become part of the Russian Federation.

In parallel, Georgy Muradov, deputy prime minister of the government of Crimea, has “no doubts that the liberated territories of the south of the former Ukraine will become another region of Russia. This, as we assess from our communication with the inhabitants of the region, is the will of the people themselves, most of whom lived for eight years under conditions of repression and bullying by the Ukronazis.”

Denis Pushilin, the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, is adamant that the DPR is on the verge of liberating “its territories within constitutional borders,” and then a referendum on joining Russia will take place. When it comes to the Luhansk People’s Republic, the integration process may even come earlier: the only area left to be liberated is the urban region of Lysychansk-Severodonetsk.

The ‘Stalingrad of Donbass’

As much as there’s an energetic debate among the best Russian analysts about the pace of Operation Z, Russian military planning proceeds methodically, as if taking all the time it needs to solidify facts on the ground.

Arguably the best example is the fate of Azov neo-Nazis at Azovstal in Mariupol – the best-equipped unit of the Ukrainians, hands down. In the end, they were totally outmatched by a numerically inferior Russian/Chechen Spetsnaz contingent, and in record time for such a big city.

Another example is the advance on Izyum, in the Kharkov region – a key bridgehead in the frontline. The Russian Ministry of Defense follows the pattern of grinding the enemy while slowly advancing; if they face serious resistance, they stop and smash the Ukrainian defensive lines with non-stop missile and artillery strikes.

Popasnaya in Luhansk, dubbed by many Russian analysts as “Mariupol on steroids”, or “the Stalingrad of Donbass,” is now under total control of the Luhansk People’s Republic, after they managed to breach a de facto fortress with linked underground trenches between most civilian houses. Popasnaya is extremely important strategically, as its capture breaks the first, most powerful line of defense of the Ukrainians in Donbass.

That will probably lead to the next stage, with an offensive on Bakhmut along the H-32 highway. The frontline will be aligned, north to south. Bakhmut will be the key to taking control of the M-03 highway, the main route to Slavyansk from the south.

This is just an illustration of the Russian General Staff applying its trademark, methodical, painstaking strategy, where the main imperative could be defined as a personnel-preserving forward drive. With the added benefit of committing just a fraction of overall Russian firepower.

Russian strategy on the battlefield stands in stark contrast with the EU’s obstinacy in being reduced to the status of an American dog’s lunch, with Brussels leading entire national economies to varying degrees of certified collapse and chaos.

Once again it was up to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – a diplomatic master – to encapsulate it.

Question: “What do you think of Josep Borrell’s (Lavrov’s EU counterpart) initiative to give Ukraine frozen Russian assets as ‘reparations?’ Can we say that the masks have come off and the west is moving on to open robbery?”

Lavrov: “You could say it is theft, which they are not trying to hide … This is becoming a habit for the west … We may soon see the post of the EU chief diplomat abolished because the EU has virtually no foreign policy of its own and acts entirely in solidarity with the approaches imposed by the United States.”

The EU cannot even come up with a strategy to defend its own economic battlefield – just watching as its energy supply is de facto, incrementally turned off by the US. Here we are at the realm where the US tactically excels: economic/financial blackmail. We can’t call these ‘strategic’ moves because they almost always backfire against US hegemonic interests.

Compare it with Russia reaching its biggest surplus in history, with the rise and rise of commodity prices and the upcoming role of the stronger and stronger ruble as a resource-based currency also backed by gold.

Moscow is spending way less than the NATO contingent in the Ukrainian theater. NATO has already wasted $50 billion – and counting – while the Russians spent $4 billion, give or take, and already conquered Mariupol, Berdyansk, Kherson and Melitopol, created a land corridor to Crimea (and secured its water supply), controls the Sea of Azov and its major port city, and liberated strategically vital Volnovakha and Popasnaya in Donbass, as well as Izyum near Kharkov.

That doesn’t even include Russia hurling the entire, collective west into a level of recession not seen since the 1970s.

The Russian strategic victory, as it stands, is military, economic, and may even coalesce geopolitically. Centuries after the Byzantine Strategikon was penned, the Global South would be very much interested in getting acquainted with the 21st century Russian version of the Art of War.


















"The Geographical Pivot of History" is an article submitted by Halford John Mackinder in 1904 to the Royal Geographical Society that advances his heartland theory. In this article, Mackinder extended the scope of geopolitical analysis to encompass the entire globe (see original 1904 map above). THE WEST IS STILL ACTIVELY PURSUING THE "PIVOT"...


THE USA DO NOT MIND FARTING AROUND WITH THE PURPOSE OF "WEAKENING RUSSIA" like one tenderises a US hamburger. With their hands on their heart, the US mongrels have crocodile tears for the Ukrainian people. Meanwhile they are prolonging a war that RUSSIA CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE


MEANWHILE THE DISINFORMATION FROM THE WEST — as the Azov fighters of the steel-mill in Mariupol have surrendered to the Russians — is to present a bleak picture of Russian military performance... Even Scott Ritter is pessimistic.... But the real picture is different.