Tuesday 16th of August 2022

most privateers in the arms trade are in prison — or dead….

Billionaires Can Arm Ukraine


The ultra-rich should dip into their deep pockets—for their own sake.

Dear Jeff Bezos,

I know these are troubling times for you and the 2,667 other members of the world’s billionaire club. According to Forbes, there used to be 2,755 of you, but the world’s current turbulence has relegated 87 of you to the mere ranks of multimillionaires and shaved your collective worth by $400 billion, to $12.7 trillion. Then again, you and your fellow billionaires did spectacularly well during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. You and the other nine men who are the world’s richest people more than doubled your wealth, and the billionaire club gained another member every 26 hours.


BY , a columnist at Foreign Policy


And you in particular, Mr. Bezos, are having some highly annoying logistical problems—ironically so, considering that you made your $171 billion fortune in the logistics business. The $500 million yacht you’re building in the Netherlands is, the Financial Times reports, so tall that it won’t fit under Rotterdam’s Koningshaven Bridge, or “De Hef,” as locals call it, once it emerges from its Dutch shipyard. Perhaps the Dutch shipbuilder forgot that vessels with 230-foot masts don’t fit under most bridges, or perhaps everyone assumed that Rotterdam’s authorities would simply agree to the demand the shipbuilder is now making to temporarily dismantle the 95-year-old De Hef so your yacht can sail through.







the dangers of weapon trade….


Our politics below the plimsol line is a carefully constructed world of thieves, with honour and domains — and spies plus public/private troops. Everything is measured and the surface dynamics are sometimes seemingly contradictory but designed from below to appear random or ad hoc, while everything in the controlling submarine is watertight. Enter someone like Trump. He wants to “drain the swamp” but that’s only a facade. He is controlled by the swamp. The swamp is an “unconnected” organisation of organisations such as the G7 and the Bilderberg group. There are others. Rich guys. Powerful guys. Women are only allowed in the front room. The big guys meet with world-carving knives at exclusive cocktail parties and discuss the next slice of the cake. They decide who dies and who lives, while the waiters are discreet. People like Bush and Blair, and Obama, are only instruments of facilitation. Blair, Bush and Howard are “untouchables” mind you, because one cannot go up and chase their chain of command. Who pressed their buttons. The Freemasons? Nupe? Far more secret than this... 

The Clintons are on the margins of the so-called “deep state” system too — persons non grata because they have used the system outside the super discreet frame of reference to enrich themselves. Some deep manipulators in the system thus smelled a rat with Hillary. The decision to dump her is cleverly executed. No-one tells Hillary that she’s going to loose. No-one is pointing out to her that she will loose crucial states’ electorate colleges. She is doomed. She’s doomed not by Russian interference (which never happened) but by the “deep state”. The system makes sure that her emails become a sticking point and here comes Bernie — a born socialist loser who would not be able to cut in this rabid greed and envy construct without being shot — as a thorn in her side. The DNC makes mistakes. Not looking good. A lot of the surface events have little discreet pushes here and there... Flags are being waved, balloons are sent with patriotic fervour — to no avail. Hillary feels that she wuz robbed... Hey, she was doing some robbing...

Should the Bush, the Blair and the John Howard be sent to front a war crimes tribunal as they should, the edifice of “deep state” secrets would not allow this to happen. Suddenly people would die of “natural causes” unexplained circumstances and coincidental accidents... 

Someone like Trump is not (yet) part of the “deep state” conspiracy and possibly never will be, but the “deep state” needs him to sow a bit of confusion, madness and deceit. The media sees nothing. Soros and Murdoch are distracting rivals but they maintain the “deep state” in their own ways by “spreading the news we need to know”. No proper questions asked, except at present a form of rebellion from the “liberal press” that will tone down next year, once the media at large, under the leadership of a certain Rupert, sees that Trump is a good “American” standing up for “freedomola” and not walking on too many toes. Trump is learning the craft, though it’s hard to teach an old dog like him, new tricks. In the end, the news is about a question of proportion of people who are going to believe this or that.

What is this system in which a few people rule the roost without any of us knowing the grand stint.? So, how to get Trump to stop lifting the dirt on the “deep state” system by accident? Keep him busy with the Russian angle of his election. Like “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction”, the “US election was interfered with by the Russians” is the great mantra to create a powerful distraction. Trump is also a mild-looney. Like a wild nag, he needs to be under tight instructions while he bucks. His army chief are in the second tier of the loop. They don’t have full access to the upper echelons but feel the “deep state” on their shoulders and are in charge of keeping a tight leash on Trump. Bannon did his job in the turfing of Hillary but he had to go: he was too “clever”. The Generals may not know who their bosses are, but it’s not Trump: it’s the “deep state”. Tillerson knows the game of oil, a game that has been played at full speed since the 1930s. But had started basically 100 years ago today, towards the end of WWI. Beforehand it was conquering land surfaces, like the Americas and Australia.

Now. it’s the oil and energy control, as well as weapon supplies. In regard to the mind of people, the conspiracy started much earlier. I use an artificial point of reference, the Sardanapale (see Blood Rivers of Babylon... ) event between Mosul and Baghdad, around 600 BC. The deceit started earlier of course but this is the first recorded event in which deceit and “false facts” were deliberately used to create a slanted “historical perspective”.




Snow-capped mountains with a fringe on top, all in the clouds.




G7 leaders at the bedside of ukraine — a terminally sick country….




GusNote: even an FP article purporting to "understand" Putin by showing how the West misunderstands him is actually misunderstanding Putin — possibly deliberately or at least stupidly. Putin is far cleverer than this....