Monday 20th of March 2023

the necessity of class warfare keeps union bosses busy......

The slogan of the yellow vests warns us: "If you don't go to the streets to defend your rights, you will go to sleep there".

Henri Krazucki, former secretary general of the CGT, enlightens us: “Nothing hurts workers more than class collaboration. It disarms them in the defense of their interests and provokes division. The class struggle, on the contrary, is the basis of unity, its most powerful motive. It was to carry it out successfully by bringing together all the workers that the CGT was founded. But the class struggle is not an invention, it is a fact. It is not enough to deny it for it to cease: to renounce carrying it out is equivalent for the working class to giving itself up bound hand and foot to exploitation and crushing."

Understood, the toothless and the sweaty, my brothers?

Théophraste R. Author of the satirical pamphlet: “Three hundred, according to the police and BFMTV”.


Source: Le Grand Soir




renault disney....




Thirty years since the curtain fell on Île Seguin with the closure of the mythical Renault factory in Billancourt, a figurehead of the workers' struggle. It was in 1992 and this industrial and societal big bang coincided with the opening of the Disney Park in Marne La Vallée, the symbol of deindustrialization and the development of the tertiary sector in France according to Jérôme Fourquet, director of the opinion department of the FIFG.

The diamond brand has become emblematic of deindustrialization and its corollary, relocation: with an 85% reduction in the workforce in France over the past 40 years, it is in the lead in the face of a 50% loss of jobs in the sector. industry… all under the benevolent gaze of its shareholder, the French State.

With, in parallel, a multiplication by 5 of the workforce in low-cost countries to produce, among other things, 6 of its best-sellers in France. And this edifying observation: with two major car manufacturers on its soil, France has been, since 2007, a net importer of vehicles…

The comparison with Germany adds to the cruelty of the situation: workforce doubled at Volkswagen since 1980, wage costs higher than or equal to those of French manufacturers and... the second step of the podium in terms of vehicle sales and turnover. business.

The only bitter downside due to the recent energy crisis that Europe is going through, with the melting like snow in the sun of its manufacturing sector, a major energy consumer, France has much less to lose in this regard than Germany…

Deindustrialization: overdue employment

Like a morbid litany, the announcement of factory closures unfolds over the years. They return tirelessly to headlines before disappearing again into the media darkness.

We remember that of Bridgestone which had caused a stir in 2021, to the point of tearing off a valiant “Revolting! to Minister Bruno Le Maire… slightly insufficient to prevent the elimination of 860 positions. It was accompanied, that year, by 23 additional closures according to the Usine Nouvelle. According to INSEE, since the peak of 1974, more than 2.5 million industrial jobs have disappeared, i.e. more than 3.5 million full-time equivalents.