Saturday 20th of April 2024

the dilemma of the green german government......

Greta Thunberg joined protesters in the German village of Lützerath to condemn the building of a new coal mine.

Demonstrators have occupied the village for months but police began dragging some people away on Wednesday.

The village is owned by energy firm RWE and all the previous residents there are gone.

There are plans to expand the Garzweiler opencast mine which is on the village's doorstep.

Thunberg joins 'Pinky' and 'Brain' tunnel protest

dirty brown coal....

German police say they have removed almost all climate activists from a German village that will be destroyed to allow the expansion of a coal mine.

Hundreds of officers cleared around 300 activists from Lützerath in an operation that began on Wednesday.

Police say they removed activists waiting in treehouses, a day after clashes broke out between both sides.

Two people were still holding out in an underground tunnel at the site in western Germany, police added.


"There are no further activists in the village of Lützerath," police said, adding that the buildings at the site had been cleared by Friday.

Police said that 35 "tree structures" and almost 30 wooden constructions had also been cleared away.


Climate activists said that the village and others nearby should not be demolished and the coal under them, near an open-cast brown coal mine, should be left in the ground.









we know her.....

The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was arrested in western Germany on Tuesday. Reporters captured the moment Thunberg was carried away by riot police officers, during a protest against the expansion of a coal mine in Luetzerath, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Located between Aachen and Düsseldorf, the village is currently scheduled for relocation in order to expand the nearby Garzweiler lignite mine.

A police spokesperson in nearby Aachen told the media that Thunberg was part of a group of protesters that “stormed” the perimeter of the mine and approached the edge of the dig, described by the authorities as “steep and extremely dangerous.”

In photographs and videos that quickly circulated on social media, four officers of NR-W police can be seen carrying Thunberg by her arms and legs for a short distance. She is smiling, as protesters chant “you are not alone” – in English – and the media record and take pictures. 

Officers eventually let Thunberg down and led her away. “We know who she is,” they told reporters when asked why they hadn’t followed procedure and written down her personal information.