Tuesday 25th of June 2024

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Republican demands State Dept. ‘show us the documents’ on COVID origin


Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, is leading a congressional push for the U.S. State Department to release documents relating to the origin of coronavirus.


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The war on terror has gone cold…

The only place terrorism is still significant is in Central Africa (Mali et al)… where the Wahhabi Jihadists are still active. 

Russia and China have managed to escape the clutches of the Empire — and not only this, China is also influencing many third world countries to be more independent economically.

For various reasons, especially trying to avoid the “Yellow Peril” and the “Reds under the Bed”, the Empire helped China to develop its economy, hoping that consumerism would turn this communist country into a more bourgeois affluent space where greed, thus capitalism, takes over the psyche of the people. This was also a very convenient way for multinational (read USA) corporations to make money, reduce pollution in their developed world and prevent their own local workforce to unionise and thus be “powerful” — a power that Bernie Sanders is trying to relaunch. Meanwhile the gigantic US military machine would keep an eye on "maintaining the peace” and the subservient status of the rest of the planet.

But Putin came along. Without him, Russia was going to disintegrate — not into a vassal of the Empire, but even worse, into a third rate country that would have been fractured in a thousand pieces. Pravda is still harping on how Siberia is going to be sold to the USA, like Alaska was on March 30, 1867. Pravda is not a Putin lover. RT and Sputnik are… One wonders if this once “communist” news network, Pravda, has not been infiltrated by the CIA and the likes of MI6. 

The Chinese media is like all media around the world. It is part of the disinformation/information system. China Daily is distrusted in the West, mostly because of the weight in importance about good China is. China had its revolution in Hong Kong recently and due to the “pandemic” a lot of this has gone quiet. Will the Yellow Vests carry on with their protests in France? People around the world are individually fearing for their life, en masse. Curfews, isolation, quarantine are the new tools to control populations. The cost is enormous on government budgets but worth it. The war on terror having “gone cold”, the Wahhabi threat has been subdued by the Western police and the “intelligence agencies”, the new message in order to avoid a repeat of population unrest is for everyone to "fight the virus together”. We have now our common enemy for the entire planetoid: an accidental mutant from nature...

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is also disintegrating under a little despot. It has lost its prestige. It has been degraded in the mind of people in the West as an annoying tinpot country that makes them pay too much at the petrol pump. Russia saw through the game being played: Under instruction from the USA, the Saudis were going to cut production to keep the price of oil high, to satisfy the US’s own shale oil industry, while demanding that Russia cut its own production as well like a good cartel member they were. Russia refused and the price of oil tumbled, bleeding the US shale oil industry — an industry that was not profitable even at $65 a barrel… The US shale oil industry has been mostly developed as an economic weapon against Russia. Meanwhile Russia has enough reserves of cash to last a decade or so, while loosing money on the oil market.

Trump, trying to avoid traditional wars which are costly, unpalatable (even by proxies) and unwinable in today’s world environment, has gone bezerk with sanctions on this and that country, here and there and everywhere — Russia, Iran, Syria, China — even threatening his own “friends”, the Europeans and the Turks. Economic sanctions had nothing to do with disparity of exchange, but trying to bring an economic and manufacturing superiority back to the USA. Mexico, China, Korea had taken many jobs from US workers. Trump’s plan has been to destroy this imbalanced “globalisation” to get his own people back at work. Things are a bit more complicated that this, as we also should look at "regime change" such as in Venezuela, but this has been the underlying method of the Donald — and there are other issues from pollution to global warming which is pseudo-denied by the present administration, because the reality of global warming has an undeclared effect on it. Greta was getting traction. Meanwhile we were becoming too carefree and less inclined to believe in governments, especially the US's. 

The world needed to tighten its butt. Enters the coronavirus… Annoyingly convenient...



dangerous labs....

by Essential News


In an interview with Essentiel News, expert Joseph Tritto warns against certain dangerous laboratory research.

Met in Geneva on June 1 during the press conference given on the subject of WHO pandemic projects, Professor Joseph Tritto, doctor and expert in medical bioengineering in the field of nanotechnologies, spoke about the risks involved by new health products promoted by the World Health Organization.

As president of the World Academy of Biomedical Technologies, an NGO under European law created under the aegis of UNESCO, Professor Tritto attaches particular importance to natural immunity which he strives to preserve:

«Human beings have developed a formidable immune system thanks to which, if it functions well, they are able to face any danger that comes from nature».

 Highly pathogenic artificial virus

However, Professor Joseph Tritto warns us:

«Currently, the danger does not come from nature, but from viruses, bacteria, etc. which are produced with synthetic biology in laboratories. They are produced as biological weapons, which have typically military characteristics. These artificial viruses are created using gain-of-function techniques. That is to say techniques for modifying the genome of an original virus or bacteria, which makes it possible to create a completely artificial virus that does not exist in nature and which can be very pathogenic for humans.».

 A global ethical responsibility

This desire to modify and control human DNA artificially is far from trivial for this expert in biomedical technologies. This raises questions of global ethical responsibility that cannot be left to WHO:

«We are facing a major industrial revolution that involves the pharmaceutical industry and the politics of certain countries that agree on the manipulation of the human genome. So, we are in favor of the idea of ​​transhumanism sponsored by the World Economic Forum and by some of the major countries of the Western world. This goes against the nature of human beings and the Anthropocene.

It is an intrusion into the integrity of the human genome which is not permitted by any law, on the contrary, it is prohibited by the United Nations deliberation on the protection of genomic integrity.».

 Reform the WHO

Professor Tritto calls for a deliberation by the United Nations General Assembly on the subjects of synthetic biology, nanotechnologies, etc. Because these questions profoundly change the management of human health. He recalls that the WHO is only one of 14 United Nations agencies and hopes that a commission can be created to reform the World Health Organization and "clean up the corruption that suffocates it».

With the IHR (International Health Regulations), the WHO wants to become a legislator, a regulator of the global health of the population. This is the militarization of the WHO against sovereign countries. This is a global health coup.