Friday 9th of June 2023

nikki haley meant "malign russia".....


Nikki Haley has repeatedly used stern rhetoric with respect to Russia, once claiming that Moscow will never be Washington’s friend.

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley’s campaign has insisted she made a slip of the tongue when urging the US in an interview to “align” with Russia.

“This is completely ridiculous, she obviously misspoke. No one has been tougher on Russia than Nikki Haley,” spokesman Ken Farnaso told a US news network on Saturday.

When asked to comment on the matter, Haley herself called Russia an “enemy”, adding, “I fought them at the UN, and I will continue to fight them; they want to destroy us and our allies and they are not to be trusted.”



the anglo mafia....

Cambridge University is teaching students that the Anglo-Saxons never existed as a distinct ethnic group, in an effort to “dismantle the… myths” of English nationalism, the Telegraph reported on Saturday. Liberal academics have long decried the term for its association with “whiteness.”

of money.........

What makes us who we are? I mean how, why and what we think of, during the day? 

Work? TikTok? Politics? Woke? Sex? Local bands? Pubs? Rent? Housing? Price of food? Amusements? Entertainment? History? guns? Classical music? Friends? Accomplishments? Future? Past? Sickness? Clothes? Hope? Family? Religion? Shopping? Language? What drives the bird from A to B? Drinks? Peanuts? Car maintenance? Fashion? Bills to pay? Cooking? Not sleeping enough? Getting old? The news? Sport? Money? Money? Money…. 

We’re all different, yet our modern philosophical package is set by many habits that are mostly ruled by our relationship with money. With money, we can buy a loaf of bread or a company worth $40 billion.


don't do it, kid.....

Ukraine is ready to launch its long-awaited offensive, President Vladimir Zelensky told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in an interview published on Saturday. He did not reveal the exact date, but said Kiev can no longer “wait for months.” 

The operation is likely to inflict heavy losses on Ukrainian troops, and might not go exactly as planned, Zelensky admitted, adding that Russia's air superiority would inevitably mean Kiev's forces will be exposed to enemy fire.

“I don’t know how long it will take,” Zelensky said, commenting on the operation’s potential timeframe. He added that “it can go a variety of ways, completely different.”

the revolution is happening but we don't know about it yet.....

"My bad mood is vanishing thanks to hard work. I've embarked on a modern subject—a barricade. And if I haven't fought for my country at least I'll paint for her.


These words written by Delacroix to his brother, expressed a certain frustration. His painting La Liberté guidant le peuple — possibly one of the most well-known in the world after da Vinci’s Mona Lisa — exposes a limited time of hope, growing from turmoil.

"We, the people", are victims of the system we create. There is little we can do to prevent being deceived — by ourselves and by others.

Soon, order is restored and the ruthless people get to the top again and win.

the dangerous empire of most nefarious record.....


In September, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation—established by a bipartisan act of Congress in 1993—opened the Victims of Communism Museum in Washington, D.C., which aims to spotlight the plight of the alleged 100 million victims of Communist ideology.



Jeremy Kuzmarov



western media evolution — more than 100,000 died there in battle for this strategically irrelevant city: bakhmut......

Phil Butler:  Many people in my country are beginning to understand the lies and control mechanisms put in place by our elites. Liars are easily found over time.  A Cold War mentality of our elite dinosaurs grafted onto the new breed of soulless elites is now crystal clear. The proxy war in Ukraine, the aggression toward China, and the hubris of Western leadership are finally tipping the scales.

Take this lead to an article from AP and Euronews the other day as a prime example. The author, Mark Armstrong, tried to convert fact into fiction by complaining the Russians are “claiming” the G7 and NATO are trying to divide Russia. Say what?


the overlords screw you......

As European empires crumbled in the 20th century, the power structures that had dominated the world for centuries were up for renegotiation. Yet instead of a rebirth for democracy, what emerged was a silent coup - namely, the unstoppable rise of global corporate power. 
Exposing the origins of this epic power grab as well as its present-day consequences, Silent Coup is the result of two investigative journalist's reports from 30 countries around the world. It provides an explosive guide to the rise of a corporate empire that now dictates how resources are allocated, how territories are governed, and how justice is defined.


smart petits suisses.....

The lower house of Switzerland’s parliament has voted against a proposed amendment to the national War Materiel Act that would allow Swiss weapons to be re-exported to Ukraine from third countries. The US and several European nations have repeatedly criticized Bern for its refusal to play a more active role in supporting Kiev.

In the vote on Thursday, 98 members of the National Council opposed the so-called ‘Lex Ukraine’, with 75 in favor. The initiative proposed by the lower chamber’s security policy committee in January is now off the table as the corresponding commission of the upper house has already shot it down.

The rejected legislation called for a temporary waiver until the end of 2025 that would have allowed the handover of Swiss-made weapons specifically to Ukraine.

hiding the true motives......

By David Barsamian and Norman Solomon / TomDispatch

[The following is excerpted and adapted from David Barsamian’s recent interview with Norman Solomon at]

fighting against the warmongers on a windy day......

Take a stand against the state-led censorship of opponents of the US/NATO war against Russia! Click here to sign the petition opposing the far-right campaign to cancel the IYSSE’s antiwar meeting in Toronto. All of our readers and supporters in the Greater Toronto Area should also show their support by attending the meeting this Sunday, June 4, at 2:30 p.m. EDT at the Toronto Public Library - Lillian H. Smith Branch, 239 College St Auditorium (basement level), Toronto, M5T 1R5.


wait for it.....

Zelensky and Macron planning ‘peace summit’ without Russia – WSJ

The gathering is aimed at bringing non-Western nations on board with Kiev’s peace plan, which Moscow has rejected

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his Western European backers are organizing a summit to build support for Kiev’s peace plan, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. The plan has been deemed unacceptable by Russia, while the document has been met with indifference by non-Western leaders.

cleaning up the debris with style......

What other statesman can claim his accomplishments? \No other leader in a hundred years has been so successful— turning around a country mired in war, chaos and corruption in just a few years and building on that progress. 

From a failed state, Russia has progressed to being strong enough to challenge the American Empire and Europe in a proxy war in the Ukraine — and a global economic and diplomatic war — and win in both cases. With China, Russia is creating a new, fairer, more just multipolar international order.


Is Vladimir Putin a genius?




Economic War 


Putin was making steady progress. But then everything changed.

satan is laughing!.....

“Me miserable! Which way shall I fly
Infinite wrath and infinite despair?
Which way I fly is hell; myself am hell;
And in the lowest deep a lower deep,
Still threat'ning to devour me, opens wide,
To which the hell I suffer seems a heaven.” 

John Milton, Paradise Lost





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