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disillusioning the present...

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BERLIN, May 12, 2153 – Within the ivy-covered walls of Farben University, a great battle is now raging. But although the Reich's ancient capital has seen its share of warfare down through the centuries, today's combatants have no swords, no guns, no bio-disrupters – just words and pictures, marshalled on either side of a fierce debate that has split the staid academic world in two, and is beginning to spill over into national politics as well. It all revolves around a simple question: Was the German Empire a good thing or a bad thing?


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THE ARTICLE below is a half-truth disguised as gospel. One has to realise that Bin Laden was a SAUDI first and foremost — financed by the USA and Saudi Arabia. He got blamed for a lot of things "he did not do" as he became a turncoat.

Very few (none) articles actually mention the synergy between the Taliban and the Saudis, and there is a good (bad) reason for this: Saudi Arabia, the most inhumane government on the planet is a friend of the US because of oil. Very few pundits are thus game to involve the Saudis with the Taliban, while blaming everyone else from Russia, China and Iran.

in the quicksands of time...





















There is no good solution to the Afghan dilemma that US President Joe Biden inherited from his predecessors. As one of his last acts in office Donald Trump had already announced that he intended to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan. And his predecessor Barack Obama missed the opportunity to prepare the withdrawal with the valid argument that the invasion had actually become obsolete after Osama bin Laden's death.


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On Sunday, the Taliban movement asserted that it had established control over all districts of the Afghan capital city of Kabul, as Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Western countries, including the US, are evacuating diplomatic personnel from Kabul.

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For departing to the Camp David presidential retreat for a weekend vacation in the middle of several internal and foreign crises that the United States is facing, President Joe Biden has received an unflattering nickname from the conservative critics - "commander-in-absence".

at her gladys's intransigence...


















Intransigence is experienced by many of us daily. It may even dominate our own emotional repertoire. Now, though, as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announces rising Covid infections and accumulating deaths, this unhelpful trait seems increasingly endangering.


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Are you scared yet, human?


This Panorama/4C program looks at the problems of Artificial Intelligence ( … We have done our best here to follow the AI caper since the inception of this site (2005)... If you live outside Australia, your link might be different:


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The technology roadmap sketched by Morrison and Taylor is a con. It is in fact a statement of support for the fossil fuel industry which is heavily subsidised by and a significant donor to the Liberal and National Parties.





















Though Assange isn't in a US prison, his detention in the UK is TOTALLY illegal. The English crown and all its fucking members should be ashamed about its justice system. The Magna Carta has long been flushed down a dirty toilet on behalf of the Americans — especially their hypocritical Catholic president.



letters from the palace...

seat of powerseat of power




















Thousands of pages of the Queen’s secret letters to governors-general from Lord Casey to Sir William Deane, from 1965-2001, will soon be open to the public in the most significant release of royal documents since Sir John Kerr’s explosive ‘Palace letters’.


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Senate Passes $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, Handing Biden a Bipartisan Win

The approval came after months of negotiations and despite deficit concerns, reflecting an appetite in both parties for the long-awaited spending package.


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Last night on Q+A, (ABC TV 12/08/2021) Matt Cavanan excelled himself. We could go in detail in regard to his idiotic deliberate ignorance for which in a few years' time we can only guess he will apologise profusely. He is a "National". It's an Australian political party representing farmers, miners, cowboys, cows, camels and loonies. These people know something that we don't: climate change is not happening in Queensland (though it seems to be happening everywhere else on earth).

destruction of adorables by dollarability...

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"Nothing dollarable is safe, however guarded” wrote the great American conservationist and protected area crusader, John Muir in 1909. He was right then, and he’s still right today: maybe more than ever. 


Current proposals for development in Kosciuszko National Park are a case in point, and they employ what is becoming a trademark method of attacking NSW national parks. It’s about imposing the culture of money on the carefully developed culture of nature conservation for the public good: a culture for which the great Kosciuszko National Park was once a world leader.
























The French had their famous Foreign Legion… But these soldiers of fortune were not true mercenaries. 


Mercenaries are primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics — including professional soldiers hired to serve in a foreign army.


The Egyptians, the Romans employed mercenaries… Often the work of the mercenaries is “opaque” not so much on the results, but on who pays them and for what purpose. 


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