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Additonal Thoughts (Peter Peridis)

Not Happy, John is a powerful read. I find it quite a horror story and so do many of my friends and family members. It

Howard - liar liar (james hardy)

Liar Liar pants on fire!

The question is why has it taken so long for Howard and Co to start to feel the heat?

FINALLY with publications like your own the facts are starting to come home to roost.

This, much like Nixon, will be Howards lasting legacy ... that we have much to lose when people in power are not held accountable for what they say and what they do.

Not Happy John Stickers (james hardy)

I saw on Sunday the story on JOHN VALDER and his Not Happy John stickers. I know that he is not directly related to you and this site, however that got me thinking about some sort of innovative direct action we can all participate in.

What about a photo competition where people send in pictures of these stickers on all of the institutions Howard has attacked and underminded.

Such as bulk billing clinics, military cars and trucks, and even better planes, ships and tanks!, government cars, public service offices such as defence. Even the detention centres.

A weekly prize would help generate interest and encourage supporters to go that extra mile to get a good shot. Love to see one on Costello's bumper or Alan Jones car.

It would garantee some great placement in the mainstream media and help keep the issue alive.

Not sure if you have John's (Valder NOT Howard's!!) email address but would appreciate if you could forward this onto him as well, i

Angus & Robertson Bookshops are stocking NHJ (Sally Chilvers)

Hi I am the franchise owner of Angus & Robertson Manly and was concerned to read that perhaps our company stores were not stocking NHJ. After investigation I find this is not the case. Of A&Rs 160 stores about 60 are franchises. A&R corporate are stocking the book and have sold over 2000 copies. The franchisees do indeed have the choice of what they keep in stock and we at Manly proudly sell NHJ. The only time we did not have stock was when the publisher unfortunately ran out and we had to wait for another print run. It is now back in the window and in many other prominent spots throughout the shop and we have many customers eagerly awaiting Margo's event with us coming up on September 15 where she will be our guest in discussion with Dr Peter Macdonald - Independent Mayor of Manly.

Event with Margo Kingston (Sally Chilvers)

Angus & Robertson Manly is proud to present Margo Kingston in conversation with Dr Peter Macdonald, Independent Mayor of Manly.

WHEN: Wednesday September 15, 6.30 for 7pm.

WHERE: Manly 16ft Skiff Club, Corner East Esplanade and Stuart Streets Manly.

COST $11 inc GST. BOOKINGS are essential as seats are limited, please phone 02 9976 3188 for tickets.

Australia on the road to fascism and other such news... ()

We're living in pre-fascist times, argues MK. Gerard Henderson, supporter of the status quo and ruffler of even fewer feathers, says not.

Henderson appears unmoved, unwilling or ignorant of the profound changes occurring under the watchful eye of John Howard. Gay marriage laws, illegally taking us into Iraq and treatment of asylum seekers are but some examples. The comparison is not with Hitler or Mussolini, but rather with newly created powers in the post 9/11 world, not least of which is terrifyingly repressive so-called anti-terrorism laws.

Then again, what do we expect from a former adviser to Howard himself?

And in other news...

As Hollywood star Matt Damon lands in Australia, news emerges that, America's premiere online activism force, will be launching a series of advertisements tom

Bravo Margo! (CILLA TEY)

You are fast becoming a cause celebre! I have just attended John Valder's campaign launch in Eastwood and it was the most uplifting experience. So many different parties came together to unite on the one cause. I am very optimistic that I will be an extremely proud Australian again after the election.

I have purchased 100 stickers and will be giving them out. If only John Howard had given me a bigger tax cut, I would have bought 1000!

John Howard lying again (Toby Newton-McGee)

John Howard stated on 23/08/2004 that he was disgusted with Mark Latham personally bagging him out and he said that he would never resort to those tactics. However I would like to inform Mr Howard that he was bagging out Mark Latham's physique after the cricket match that Mark Latham participated in some months ago.

Also, Mr Howard would alway find something about Simon Crean.


Tall (Karen Doran)

I want a couple of Not Happy John t-shirts! Where can I get them?


NHJ! (JR): Try contacting John Valder's NHJ! campaign office, Karen, on Sydney 02-99296818, or email here ( Happy wearing...

Info on merchandisee (Kelly McMillan)

I keenly watched the program on ABC, Tuesday 24/8/04 [The 7.30 Report - JR] and would like to know where I can get the great blue shirts with 'Not Happy, John' written on them. Please let me know, I would absolutely love one.

NHJ! (JR): As per Karen's query below, Kelly, try John Valder's Sydney campaign HQ 02-99296818 or email a query here.

NHJ on Sunshine Coast? (Linda C Whitton)

At last! Australia has a chance after all. Thanks to everyone involved!

Now - query: is there a NHJ! movement (?) on the Sunshine Coast, and if not - would anyone be interested in developing one? I was one of the lucky ones to get a NHJ! car sticker at the Sunshine Coast Uni on Sunday and appreciate being able to visibly demonstrate my 'Not Happy John' sentiments. Anyone interested in starting anything here, or who can give me information about an existing movement, please send me an email.

Thanks again - L C Whitton.

NHJ!(JR): No, thank you, Linda. The more localised groupings we get going across the country, especially if they can coalesce around a good local non-government/minor party/Independent/whatever democratic candidate, the better. So...calling any & all Sunshine seachangers, Labor centrists n' small-l Libs, hinterland hippies and hipsters, Montville and Maleny potters n' potterers, disgruntled deregulated

Read the book, sent some emails (Sandy Healey)

Margo, I have just finished your wonderful book and am almost in tears at the extent of the lies, deceit and corruption. But it has fired me up! I am in the middle of a mass email to everyone I know who loves Australia and is appalled at the direction JH has taken it. Keep up the good work, more people than you know support what you and your colleagues are doing. Have a great day.


Thanks for writing 'Not Happy John!'. I've just finished reading it - it took me about 2 days, a record short time. While I have never been a fan of John Howard - I grew up in Ipswich during the Bjelke Petersen and Malcolm Fraser reigns and I doubt I will ever vote for a Conservative Government as a result of that - there were so many other things you have opened my eyes about.

Yes, I think our democracy may be in trouble, but I also think that on the whole Australians can see through the bullshit they are being fed - believing that us voters will be sufficiently distracted by the Olympics that we will ignore everything else for a fortnight seriously underestimates us and anyone who relies on this kind of distraction to get the better of us will be in for a shock. This is not to take away from your central point though -- we must get involved. Feeling disenfranchised and excluded is the easy option, and simply an example of learned helplessness and an abrogation of responsib

Dual Nationality is not new (Daniel O'Brien)

In John Clarkson's (Narangba, Qld) posting dated 20/08/2004 of his letter to the Prime Minister, amongst others, he states that he is opposed to the change in the law, enacted by the current government, to allow dual nationality. He seems to think that this was a new development.

It is not.

Dual nationality has always been allowed for people emigrating to Australia and becoming naturalised whose country of origin allowed it and Australian citizens who were entitled, by birth, to the nationality of their parents (or even grandparents in the case of some countries). These groups represent in excess of 2.5m Australians.

The only people who lost their Australian Citizenship if they 'acquired' foreign nationality were those Australians who were not already entitled to it.

Therefore the repeal of Section 17 of the Australian Citizenship Act (1948) just brought the law into line for

A dingo's got my democracy ()

Sometimes it seems like a cry in the wilderness. For those who will believe the premise that something pretty wild and vicious has our democracy in its teeth, let's not spend our precious time in arguing about the true nature of the enemy of our democracy, the dingo. Many, many people say the dingo is John Howard. They'd only be partly right. Others say the dingo is Rupert Murdoch or big business. Perhaps it's George Bush.

Facts are facts. We're dealing with a mongrel dog here. Its a bitser made up of the elements above and a lot more (nearly all of which are discussed in NHJ). A rabid mongrel dog that needs to be put down and only the people acting in concert have the ability to save our democracy from those pressing teeth.

What do you do when you feel threatened by a dingo or other wild dog? You don't argue about what its name is or what colour it is. You're in mortal danger and you need to remember the rules of 'How to be Dingo-Smart' (produced by Queen

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