Thursday 27th of February 2020

IR reforms analysed

On Saturday Radio National had an interview with David Peetz, Professor in Industrial Relations at Griffith University.

This was the topic

"As the IR debate gathers momentum the government is continuing to argue that people who take up Australian Workplace Agreements are better off than those who don’t. Kevin Andrews, the Federal Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, is saying his number one goal is to create more jobs and higher wages for more Australians. However, AWAs are in fact being characterised as a path to lower wages, in research conducted by David Peetz"

His research can be accessed here.

Essentially he has analysed the ABS recently released wages data etc and has concluded several things, all of which are in direct contrast to what Howard's advertising is claiming.

His overall summary states that wages actually decrease by 2%, penalty rates etc are the first conditions to "go" and that women are far more disadvantaged under the AWA system.

Further he claims that Permanent part time staff are disadvantaged by up to 25% with such arrangements.

There is proof of how these AWA's work as well as the WA experience which was abandoned in the 90's. NZ is also a good example of how theworkers are affected.

But we all knew this really didn't we. If we are to become "competetive" with workers in Bejiing and Delhi then we must reduce our wages.

I do like rice but not for every meal!

IR reforms analysed

Why didn't they tell us (Liberals) when they were on their last election campaign? Why didn't anyone ask that question?