Thursday 28th of May 2020

Unscheduled outage

Apologies for the recent, unscheduled site outage which occurred between about 8pm August 2nd, to about 10am August 3rd. We took this opportunity to upgrade the yourdemocracy site software, which will hopefully enable a lot of new and useful functionality.

The site should be fully functional again, but please leave a comment if you run into any problems.

Nigel Sim

Please Let Us Know Next TIme!!!!!

It would have been  useful to know what was happenning in advance.  John Howard made a very "carefully publiced" trip to regional SA today. 

Read my last blog and you'll know that I would have loved haveto had it on view today.

Without knowing about the outage, or for how long it will be, some activities have been curtailed.  I would have acted otherwise had I known.

The relationship between technicians and user can be tenuous... when communication is only by announcements such as this a user may feel secondary to a program.


I tried to be diplomatically oblique after the last one, but bugger it, I'm not prepared to be part of a programmer's experiments if you don't have the manners to at least communicate to me as an equal. 

I'm sure others will feel the same

Might I also suggest that if you are going to take everything offline you leave something better than "page not found" for would-be visitors?.


P.S. I hope to see Gus' cartoons back on the front page very soon.  They create a life to a page that no programming would give.   Also, the blurb box is no longer available for the blogger to edit in.


Err - it was unscheduled...

Hi Richard By their very nature it is impossible to warn people of unscheduled outages. This was not an outage the technical team expected to happen. You were not part of a programmer's experiment, well, not in the sense you mean. At this point we are not prepared to give too many details out in public - we need a bit more data ourselves. Needless to say, we are persuing this. Richard if you would like to know what we know to date, please just indicate that here and I will email you or phone you if your number is available. David


I  deeply apologise.  II would love to know, at least to allay suspicions in other directions.

This was the original one that I had, which may explain why I;ve been  on a very short fuse all day.   I''d mentioned a chain of circumstances to a few folks I trust, who independantly raised the same possibility

If such is the case,,,,,

Again, humblest agpologies.  I'll email Hamish my phone number.. . I'll be home all morning.

P.S. I'm sure you're aware that the urls to individual blogs and comments are disconnected. 


Comments and blogs

Richard, I just reconfigured the location of the YD software so the blogs and comments should hopefully be reconnected now. Can you please check this and get back to me.


Hit and miss with url reconnections, but with a pattern

If you google a blog title  (eg halliburton tatkes over) you get two listings- one of the blog name, and one of YD with the blog title in the blurb.  The YD gloes directly to the blog while the Blog titled listing goes to the front page.  I've tested this as a pattern over five variations to the theme.

Comments google as a YD listing and urls are active.  It's only blog names that are directly cut off from their relevant blog 

The link from the HalliburtonWatch blog section is reactive again- something that is important to what might be about to transpire in the U.S..

Disconnected Blog Titles

It may be tedious, but everybody's blog titles in websearchs have been disconnected from their relevant blogs.  Is there a way to rectify this?  Following hyperlinks back to the site can lead to a few places... mostly the homepage, but often to the referrals page.

Is it a big job to reconnect the blogs? What would be lost would be, to use the kind of commercial analogy I despise, the site's "impulse buyers"