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is this a fake document?...

airworthiness directive


I have posted the document above in regard to the Malaysian flight disappearance. The document seems to be genuine:

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where is flight MH370?



Complicating matters, U.S. investigators said they believe the plane stayed in the air for four hours after its last confirmed location, according to the Wall Street Journal. If true, it would mean the plane could have flown on for hundreds of additional miles. U.S. aviation officials based their conclusions on data automatically downloaded and sent as part of a routine maintenance program in the Boeing 777’s engines, the Journal said.

Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS) opted out of a Boeing Co. (BA) service to collect real-time performance data from jets like Flight 370 for use in planning maintenance, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The carrier harvests the same information itself, said the person, who asked not to be identified because Flight 370 is under investigation. The search for the missing Boeing 777-200 entered a fifth day today, leaving investigators baffled as to what was happening on board the plane when radar contact was lost less than an hour into a March 8 flight to Beijing


Gus: The Wall Street Journal versus Bloomberg... Something to keep an eye upon... So, apparently to save costs, the Airline collects the automated information "of the engines" for itself (if it does), thus the airline would know more than it says... Unless both news services are wrong... Speculation is the new game of news. 

It seems too that the Chinese might have been reluctant to "reveal' that they have spy satellites that do the planet's merry-go-round... thus their info regarding "debris" spotted from the gigasphere came about three days later...

The plane could be in Burma (Myanmar) for all we know... Fours hours of flying time at about 800 kms an hour or at 500 kms/h should the speed been reduced, this still leave a distance between 2000 kms to 3200 kms flown on... Who knows...


probably a perfectly simple explanation... except...


THERE is probably a perfectly simple explanation for the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. The smart money appears to be on some kind of gradual decompression – a fault causes an aeroplane to leak breathable air so slowly out of the cabin that the pilots don’t realise they have a problem until it’s too late, when oxygen starvation prevents them from taking any decisions.

This would account for the plane drifting off course: Malaysian air force radar apparently picked up the flight off the Thai resort island of Phuket, hundreds of miles from where it should have been. Rolls-Royce have in-flight data suggesting the planes engines were working for four hours after its last radio-check with Kuala Lumpur control.

The most famous and tragic example of this phenomenon occurred in 2005, when a Helios Airways flight from Larnaca in Cyprus to Athens crashed into a Greek hillside because the pilots had failed to flick the automatic cabin pressurisation switch. As the plane climbed, gradually all the passengers and crew would have slipped into unconsciousness.      

Eerie and tragic though this was, at least it meant that few people on the plane would have been aware of their impending doom.  Unlike a Lockerbie-style explosion in mid-air when a number of passengers may have been initially conscious of what was going on as they fell through the air: rows of first class passengers were found still strapped into their seats, some with their fingers crossed. 


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The only problem with this theory is that a plane such that of MH370 would be on auto-pilot at most time, soon after take off... Auto-cruise... Way-points would be keyed in the autopilot before take-off and the course would be automatically taken by the auto-pilot as soon as it would be switched on. The auto-pilot cannot deviate from its course, even in the event of decompression (see image at top), unless there is severe malfunction of the auto-pilot...


Should the course be outside the set parameters of the flight, the auto-pilot would AUTOMATICALLY sound an alarm signal, but apart from a rare auto pilot failure (some planes have two auto pilots system), ONLY a pilot OR a control failure of the craft could make the plane deviate... It would be one in a billion event to have decompression problems as well as a failure of the auto-pilot, while the plane would still be flying for an extra four hours. The lack of communication from the plane is also a puzzle.


It is most likely the plane was "made to" turn to the west and fly to one of the Indian Ocean countries from Myanmar to India. A plane such as a 777 can fly at low altitude (say 500 feet), at medium speed (say 400 km/h) "under the radar" so to speak eventually running out of fuel somewhat faster than when flying at 35000 feet. 

In this eventuality, the recording of the engines would show "reduced power"... It is possible that the plane would not reach its "new" destination, because of increased fuel consumption at low altitude.

of doctoring pictures and hiding information...

The New Straits Times reports that Malaysian police said there was no purposeful doctoring of the photographs -- the photo of one man was simply placed on top of the photo of the other when they were photocopied.

"It was not done with malice or to mislead," police spokeswoman Asmawati Ahmad said.

But as my colleague Simon Denyer reported Wednesday morning from Beijing, there have been a lot of contradictory reports coming from officials about Flight 370. It's not even the first confusing information about the two men who boarded the flights with stolen passports -- Malaysia's home minister said they looked Asian, but its civil aviation chief said they absolutely weren't. A Chinese newspaper questioned whether the Malaysia military was purposefully hiding information. And, of course, people on Twitter questioned whether there was something more nefarious behind the extra/missing legs.



There is not two ways about it. The Malaysian authorities are hiding information, either they don't know where to look or they are hiding what really happened... For example it should have been known within half a day whether the engines of the plane had been ticking for another four hours after "disappearance". This information has only been released four days after questions were asked about the missing jet... 

Is it possible that the airline is in secret negotiations with say "terrorists"?... It's all academic of course, but it is important to know why the plane has vanished. We do not want to be flying in a plane and experience a repeat...

flying high...


Military radar data suggests a Malaysia Airlines jetliner missing for nearly a week was deliberately flown hundreds of kilometres off course, heightening suspicions of foul play among investigators, sources told Reuters on Friday.

Analysis of the Malaysia data suggests the plane, with 239 people on board, diverted from its intended northeast route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and flew west instead, using airline flight corridors normally employed for routes to the Middle East and Europe, said sources familiar with investigations into the Boeing 777's disappearance.

Two sources said an unidentified aircraft that investigators believe was Flight MH370 was following a route between navigational waypoints when it was last plotted on military radar off the country's northwest coast.

The New York Times is reporting the flight experienced significant changes in altitude after it lost contact with ground control, climbing to 45,000 feet - above the approved limit for a Boeing 777-200 - and then descending unevenly to 23,000 feet.

This indicates that it was either being flown by the pilots or someone with knowledge of those waypoints, the sources said.

The last plot on the military radar's tracking suggested the plane was flying toward India's Andaman Islands, a chain of isles between the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, they said.

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Contradicting my assumption (see above comments), the plane flew higher than normal... It's about time the authorities spilled the beans on what they know now and what they knew soon after the disappearance ...
Having flown up to 45,000 feet, the inside pressure of the cabin would have been about 7 (seven) times the outside air pressure. Should the plane suffer from the "small" problem as mentioned in the image at top, this would have created a "slow decompression" or the necessity for the pilots to reduce the internal air pressure to about 4.5 times (average at about 35,000 feet) that of outside air pressure... Did the problem of pressurisation lead to the plane flying thereafter erratically at around 23,000 feet (3 times the inside pressurisation versus outside air pressure) as noted by "radars"?...


good night...


Malaysia's prime minister says investigators have not confirmed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was hijacked, but says the plane's movements are consistent with the "deliberate action" of someone on board.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, Najib Razak confirmed that the plane's systems were gradually switched off and the plane deviated far to the west of its flight path.

Mr Razak revealed data from the plane's last known satellite contact means the plane could have headed along flight corridors as far north as Kazakhstan or as far south as the southern Indian Ocean.

"These movements are consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane," he said.

The Boeing 777-200ER disappeared a week ago with 239 people onboard, including six Australians, during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Mr Razak says the satellite data shows "with a high degree of certainty" that the communication and reporting system on MH370, known as the ACARS, was turned off before the plane reached the Malaysian peninsula.

He says a short time later the aircraft's transponder was also switched off.

"It then flew in a westerly direction back over Peninsular Malaysia before turning north-west," he said.

"Up until the point at which it left military primary radar coverage these movements are consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane."

When the last words of the pilot was "good night" I am prepared to believe that the airline knew there was some shenanigans on board... It's most likely the way it was said and the other short sentence before it was code for "highjack"... All airlines of course have their own code designed not to alert the high-jackers in such situations...


as low as possible...


Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 dropped to altitudes as low as 1524 metres (5000 feet) using a dangerous flying technique called “terrain masking” to avoid radar in at least three countries, investigators believe.

The plane with 239 people on board also kept to commercial airline routes as it flew for more than seven hours after turning back from its scheduled flight path over the South China Sea, they believe.

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Gus is back on the money... I suggested earlier in one of the comment above that the plane may have flown as low as possible.... the minimum allowed altitude for most aeroplanes being 500 feet above ground or sea...  BUT I know one can fly a plane as low as 30 metres (150 feet) and still travel at more than 300 knots, no sweat. It needs a very very alert pilot, nonetheless... but it's possible.
According to Gus, after having thought the plane was on its way to Myanmar in the first place, There is a strong possibility that the end destination was Yemen or Somalia... Flying low has its problems though: it consumes far more fuel than flying at 35,000 feet... A good pilot would have had to be aware of this.


most botched aircraft investigations...

Ms Bishop told Parliament that Australia would continue to hand all of its defence intelligence to Malaysian authorities, who have overall responsibility for the operation.

But a senior aviation writer told The World Today that governments should be telling the Malaysian authorities they are not competent to run the investigation.

Editor of website, Geoffrey Thomas, says the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane is "one of the most botched aircraft investigations in modern history".

"Unfortunately we have not been told by the Malaysians in a timely fashion about the shutting off of the ACARS, the shutting off of the transponder, the plane going to the west," he said.

"Millions of dollars has been wasted, days have been wasted searching in the wrong area. I think this is without doubt one of the most botched aircraft investigations in modern history."

seeing a ‘‘low-flying jumbo jet’’...

As an Australian-led search for a missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet swings into action in the southern Indian Ocean, reports have emerged of a possible sighting of MH370 thousands of kilometres away in the Maldives.

Residents on the island nation, in the Indian Ocean about 700 kilometres south-west of Sri Lanka, have reported seeing a ‘‘low-flying jumbo jet’’ on the morning that the missing plane with 239 people on board vanished from civilian radar and lost contact with ground controllers.

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This could confirm my theory the plane flew at low altitude for a while (read one of my comments  above)... This would be difficult to do on auto-pilot, because this may not be authorised by the device...

an unhealthy search for glory...

Yesterday's parliamentary pantomime by our primal minister in regard to the search of missing plane MH370 went quite uneasy with me. Before the "information" from a satellite picture of possible broken parts of the plane were released by the relevant authority, our primal minister chose to announce the "information" and associate with it as if to inflate his "efficiency" in "getting things done"... I personally think, Abbott discreetly tried to adopt the information and most of the news channels associated the information with the primal minister — as if he had sourced the information himself or was responsible for it.


The fact is that the picture from space was already four (4) days old and came from the Yanks. This should have demanded far more restrained comments from the primal beast and from the news channels. The official conduit for such information is not parliament, since the information is not verified, and due to currents, weather and distance cannot be verified soon.


The other sorry point here is that the raw non-verified information used in this parliamentary context is giving a false reality of what could have happened.


Anyone who has travelled the seven seas would know that it is possible the "unclear" picture show a dead "white' whale and her calf, an exploded ship container and some of its wares, the canvas cover of a cargo hold, a couple of lost sails from a sailing vessel... I believe the Yanks have better pictorial resolution of the "pieces" but would not show them for fear of revealing what they can do with spy satellites.


According to experts, the currents and the wind could have shifted the items a few hundred miles in just a few days — and are still shifting. Or they may have sunk by now. Where are the most recent shots of the items or is cloud cover a hindrance to spying?

Still, it's worth a thorough look but not worth of tacky "neo-worthy" chest-beating by our primal minister even if it proves to be remnants of flight MH370. 


Gus leonisky

Your man at sea...



debris and detritus

debris and detritus

debris and detritus...

some flak...


See comment above...



The satellite, among four others that DigitalGlobe owns, weighs 2800 kilograms, operates at an altitude of 770 kilometres, and is able to collect nearly 1 million square kilometres of imagery every single day, which is then distributed to those who pay for access to DigitalGlobe's imagery.

DigitalGlobe confirmed on Friday that it was the one that provided the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) with the satellite images that were captured on March 16, showing the two objects in the Indian Ocean.

"We have been informed by an Australian government official that it was our imagery Prime Minister [Tony] Abbott referred to in his recent comments," the company said in a statement.

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Malaysia Airlines MH370: Tony Abbott says he didn't 'jump the gun' over possible MH370 debris


Tony Abbott did...


more about detritus and debris

Chinese journalists covering the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 from Canberra are furious at what they see as Australian government control of the media.

On Sunday, two Chinese crews decided to chase Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss into a car park at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority after being denied access to an AMSA briefing attended by Australian media.

The crews held an impromptu interview with Mr Truss but have complained at being ''locked out'' of any chance to put questions to AMSA boss John Young. On Monday, AMSA posted a security guard at the front of its headquarters.

George Yang, the chief correspondent for Hong Kong's Phoenix Satellite Television, said he had been asked to prove his credentials while he prepared to do a cross from public land. ''This wouldn't even happen in China,'' Yang said.

''It's been very frustrating, there seems to be a Chinese media blackout. It is unbelievable that this is happening in Australia. There are relatives in China who are devastated and looking for answers.''

In a statement, AMSA said the security guard had been posted ''to prevent media vehicles from blocking access to the building and to prevent unauthorised access.

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Anyone following this story would start to believe that our primal minister, Tony, is the man in charge of everything — from pointing in the "right" direction (of course he would, he is a "right wing" politician) to retrieving cushions. Sure, "he" (AMSA does) has organised the bizo from an Orstralyan point of reference, but does he have to be quoted every five minutes as if he was paying for the search out of his own pocket?... Turning to all MMMM (mediocre mainstream mass media), it's not about "the" plane, but about what our PM is saying about it... especially "hope"... Sorry, there might be some reasons to believe the plane has ditched in the Indian ocean, but I don't think hope is a word to be associated with the tragedy if this is the case. Our condolences to all the families involved.

the world's oceans are full of garbage...

As the glory of finding the wreckage of MH370 is wearing a bit thin, due to the flotsam and jetsam in the vortex of crap of the Indian ocean, our hopeful Detritus-in-Chief has delegated the possible failure of finding anything — the task of finding something relevant or not — to the former Chief of defence forces Angus Houston, who, should he find something resembling a griffin with wings and pinging from below 4000 metres of ocean, might get a knighthood given generously by his excellency Detritus the First...

Did I get excited about a lot of "hopeful" flotsam? No. My feeling would be that the plane would have crashed (if it has) far nearer to the coast of Africa. But really, I know zip and I am not "hopeful".

I will say this though that our Detritus Extraordinaire should have left the briefings to ANSA or to the new old general much earlier than now. Thus the new chief of finding zip now says the obvious that:


... the main priority is to find debris on the surface of the southern Indian Ocean, given the search zone is the size of Ireland.

"Inevitably, if we don't find wreckage on the surface, we are eventually going to have to - in consultation with everybody who has a stake in this - review what we do next," he said.

Navy personnel say more surface debris has been spotted by military aircraft in the search zone, 1,800 kilometres from Perth, but it is yet to be collected from the ocean.

Finding the wreckage could prove difficult, as oceanographic experts say the world's oceans are full of garbage.


Full of garbage? Sounds like my street after a midnight binge by fat people at the local fastjunkfoodoutlet and when the pub has closed...

the black side of black boxes...


Under an international treaty, Malaysia is head of the investigation into the disappearance of the plane with 239 people on board on March 8. But facing accusations of incompetence in the largest and most complex investigation in its history, the government in Kuala Lumpur has called in international experts from countries including the US, Britain and France to join local investigators.


Australia has also been delegated to lead a multi-nation search of the southern Indian Ocean where the Boeing 777 is believed to have crashed after running out of fuel.

Malaysia’s acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein declined to elaborate on Mr Abdul Ghani's talks.

“I would like to address that when we actually do find the black box,” he said.

Experts say finding the recording devices will be crucial to unravelling the mystery of what happened aboard the flight that was scheduled to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. But they say the cockpit voice recorder inside them may not be helpful because they store only about two hours of sound and probably have not preserved what was being recorded around the time the plane was diverted thousands of kilometres off course while over the South China Sea.

In two previous air crash findings that were based partly on black box examinations, Singapore and Egypt, the owners of the planes never accepted American findings that the causes were pilot murder-suicides.

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I believe that even if the black boxes are found and brought back to the surface undamaged, which is 50/50, they won't tell us anything about what happened... Meanwhile as our general Houston is in charge of... What? Tony is still doing the rounds with "hope"?... Even in Vietnamese translations?...


tony is readying himself to pull the plug...


The best leads in the underwater search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 will be exhausted in about a week, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Mr Abbott said if the Bluefin-21 underwater drone scanning the Indian Ocean's seabed in the search area fails to locate wreckage, there would need to be a rethink.

"We believe that search will be completed within a week or so," Mr Abbott said.

"If we don't find wreckage, we stop, we regroup, we reconsider."

Mr Abbott said he was confident searchers were looking in the right place for the plane based on the electronic signals, possibly from the aircraft's black boxes, detected by equipment towed by Australian naval vessel ADV Ocean Shield on April 5 and 8.

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So, after many "hopes", the Primal Minster is about to give up? Not quite... He wants to regroup and reconsider... Euphemism for giving up in style... Regrouping and reconsidering are worthwhile activities nonetheless for those doing the search, but the PM would now see this op as having gobbled up far more dollars than those that could have saved Toyota, Ford and Holden, plus Boeing in Australia and a plethora of other industries that have bit the dust since Tony became Liar-in-Chief in his Abbott Regime... So from "we'll do anything to find the wreckage of the plane" to "we'll (possibly) give up in a week", there is a gulf of intention for a worm to wriggle out. 
"Hopefully" (if I can use an Abbottism), the search will find something before the shut down.
And by the way, I think I am not the only one who thought Tony killed the car industry in this country, so he could make a deal with Japan... A lousy deal I might add but one that he touts like Chamberlain, having dealt with the Führer himself... No disrespect to the Japanese intended here, just a bit of reality check on our Tony-da-biceps...


more "bad news"...

An oil slick found in the ocean where the search continues for missing flight MH370 was not from a plane engine or hydraulics, the search coordinators say.

In a statement released on Thursday night, the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) said preliminary analysis of a sample of the oil showed it was not related to the missing plane.

The JACC, headed by former Defence chief, retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, said there is "a small but acceptable level of risk" in using the Bluefin-21 underwater drone to scan the Indian Ocean's seabed at depths below 4,500 metres.

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Can one believe MH370 quietly floated down into the sea?


“Can one believe this plane quietly floated down into the raging sea and sank conveniently in the deepest part (seven miles deep) of the Indian Ocean?”

Dr Mahathir said it must have taken some effort if the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, disabled the plane’s communication system.

“The co-pilot would notice and for his own life he would have tried to do something … was he disabled? Were all the crew members and the passengers disabled?”

Dr Mahathir, 88, who was prime minister for 22 years from 1981, said he is upset that Malaysia Airlines staff were taken hostage by angry Chinese relatives of passengers in Beijing last week, “because they are blaming the wrong people".

“The loss of the plane is due to the makers, Boeing. How can Boeing produce a plane that is so easily disabled?” he said.

Dr Mahathir said in an era where passenger planes can be tracked on mobile phone, and spy satellites operated by some countries can photograph and identify a person on the ground, Boeing must explain how all these means of tracking the plane “can be disabled, can fail”.

“Either Boeing technology is poor, or it is not fail-safe,” he said.

“I would not like to fly in a Boeing aircraft unless Boeing can explain how all its system can fail or be disabled.”

Dr Mahathir said Boeing, a multinational corporation based in Chicago, must “demonstrate possible ways for the communication system to be disabled”.

“Boeing must accept responsibility for building an aircraft that can disappear in mid-air so completely,”  he said.

Boeing has sent experts to Kuala Lumpur to work with Malaysian and international aviation experts investigating the disappearance of the Boeing 777 with 239 people on board during a scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.

Boeing has not responded to Dr Mahathir's comments which were first published in his personal blog and then republished in several Malaysian news outlets.

Dr Mahathir’s comments will fuel scepticism among Malaysians that the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean 1500 kilometres west of Perth, where an Australian-led hunt has so far failed to find any trace of the airliner.

Malaysia plans this week to release a preliminary report into the disappearance - but, according to officials, it will shed little light on what happened.

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Anyone with the knowledge of planes, moats, castles, cars, — and including encryption knows it's near impossible to create the perfect security system...
So far, there is no evidence of anything, not even of tampering with transmitters or even failure of the aircraft... One of the transmission "pings", from the black boxes, captured about two weeks ago is the only vanished clue left in the search for MH370... After this, it will be a blind search in the dark for a needle in a paddock of hay...
There was, it seems, too much confusion soon after the plane was reported missing... But really, who could know by that stage what had been going on. The first search was in the "wrong area", then new areas of search came along with no result. 
Whether found or not, there could be little solace and comfort for those who are grieving. The investigators are professionals and know that this or that signal meant something to investigate.
The plane was lost seven weeks ago now and there is still no clue whether the plane was highjacked, had mechanical failure of any sort or was the instrument of suicide by one of the pilots. Had the plane ditched in the ocean, one would expect to see debris, unless the plane dived at full speed vertically into the ocean. Even then, the water would act like concrete and one would expect some scattered parts of the plane and luggage could have floated to the surface. But from observation of the twin towers impact by planes, we can conclude that, even aluminium alloy being far less resistant than steel beams (and sturdier than water), the momentum of speed gives it enough power to destroy the beams before destroying the plane. Thus the plane could have been totally swallowed by the sea before breaking up. Something to test, I suppose...
The fuselage would have soon thereafter been crushed by water pressure and/or the impact.
So, has the plane stealthily found its way to Yemen, Afghanistan or Pakistan or another country? The chance of this are very close to nil — but not impossible.. A remote part of China? 
From now on, searching and finding something related to the plane demands increasingly factors of luck. The weather is not "on our side" in the Indian Ocean...


Imagine that the plane was diverted to another country. Thus the "northern arc of feeble engine transmissions would be the one to rely upon. How far could the plane go? Has it landed quietly in a rain-forest clearing somewhere? And are the ping coming from fake black boxes dumped at sea to create a diversion?... What would be the chances, purpose and the motives for such a conspiracy? 

The chances are the plane went under in a vertical drop, after having run our of fuel. The chances are that the navigation systems failed or were tampered with. The chances are that most if not all the elements of the plane, including luggage and personnel were taken down fast enough to below a certain level of water pressure that prevented anything coming back the surface. Bubbles would have ceased soon after impact. Only small debris would have come to the surface to sink soon after... Suitcases would have been crushed by water pressure. The plane itself would have been crushed by water pressure. No-one on the plane were able to inflate life-jackets possibly due that, when the plane disappeared, everyone was already dead on board.


On many sea going vessels, automatic inflation of rubber lifeboat is often installed. There is a pressure switch that under water pressure of around 2-3 metres below release the secure cables to the inflatable lifeboat. The lifeboat capsule is designed to quickly float thereafter but it is also still attached to the sinking vessels with another sling that then pulls the inflation mechanism automatically and the lifeboat is free to float separately from the capsule (which can sink with the vessel)... My question is: are the escape slides equipped with pressure sensors and release mechanisms that could make then float as life boats? Or would they be destroyed by impact?... 


The silence of the deep is deafening...


Or has the plane travelled further than we think?

our lying PM thinks that the plane is somewhere else...


The Prime Minister has announced the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is entering a new phase, focusing on a larger underwater area.

Tony Abbott says it has been 52 days since the plane disappeared and it is now highly unlikely that any debris will be located on the ocean surface.

"By this stage, 52 days into the search, most material would have become water-logged and sunk," he told reporters in Canberra.

"With the distances involved, all of the aircraft are operating at close to the limit of sensible and safe operation.

"Therefore, we are moving from the current phase to a phase which is focused on searching the ocean floor over a much larger area."

Come on! Shut up Tony... The little shit has a retired general to do the talk on this subject...

Yes we know Tony, you have to sign off on the money needed to find the plane... Between you, me and a Sinodinos AWH pay packet, one could have already bought a replacement plane for the money spent looking for the one that disappeared. And so far? Zilch! In the meantime, Tony, you could have save Holden, Ford, Toyota and Qantas as well as retaining Medicare free of visit fees. Anyway, we'll see what the budget and its inflated lies bring, especially porkies and tall tales with back flips and pikes when it comes down. It will contain I believe all the usual rhetoric that it's the fault of Labor that the Libs (CONservatives) cannot add two and two without mucking up the result... Idiots!

The cartoon by Bruce petty today (28/4/14) in the SMH shows his typical direct punch into the Abbott Regime's madness, with a sick man trying to fend off a full offensive from a new F35 plane — with a doctor's syringe...

Go away Tony, you are a disgrace to this country... 


I have been told...

The document at the top of this line of comments is  genuine but does not apply to flight MH370. The plane was not equipped with the part that could lead to the corrosion mentioned. We shall see.

As well if you are interested, 4C (four corners, ABC TV), might have a program on the plane disappearance TONIGHT at 8:80 on channel 1.

the CIA did it...


Dr Mahathir, 88, who was prime minister for 22 years from 1981, wrote in his personal blog he could not imagine that “the pilots made a soft landing in rough seas and then quietly went down with the aircraft”.

“Someone is hiding something. It is not fair that MAS and Malaysia should take the blame,” he wrote.  

Dr Mahathir suggested the United States' Central Intelligence Agency had knowledge of the disappearance of the plane with 239 people on board but was not sharing it with Malaysia.

He also claimed that Boeing, the plane’s maker, and “certain” government agencies, have the ability to remotely take over control of commercial airliners such as the missing Boeing 777.

“For some reason, the media will not print anything that involves Boeing or the CIA,” he said.

In another blog last month, Dr Mahathir, who remains a power broker in the ruling United Malays National Organisation, questioned whether the plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean and blamed Boeing for its disappearance.

Read more:

I was disappointed with the 4C ABC-TV episode.. Lots of emotional stuff but not enough technical information. I suppose that's the way TV is and basically no-one knows anything beyond what is already out there. The interview with the pilot's brother in law of the pilot did not shed any light on much.... Meanwhile the Ocean shield had to stop searching for a while with transponder's problem. It is replace by a Chinese vessel under supervision from the RAAF.
Here is picture of Ocean Shield in Sydney:

Ocean Shield


pings than were pongs...

A series of pings detected in the southern Indian Ocean and originally believed to have come from missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370 are now thought to have been emitted from either the searching ship itself or equipment used to detect the pings, a US Navy official says.

Michael Dean, the US Navy's director of ocean engineering, told CNN that authorities now believed the four acoustic pings at the centre of the search off the West Australian coast did not come from the missing passenger jet's black boxes, but from a "man-made source".

"Our best theory at this point is that (the pings were) likely some sound produced by the ship ... or within the electronics of the Towed Pinger Locator," Mr Dean told CNN on Wednesday.

"Always your fear any time you put electronic equipment in the water is that if any water gets in and grounds or shorts something out, that you could start producing sound."

He said other countries involved in the massive search for the jet, which disappeared on March 8 with 239 people on board, had also reached the same conclusion.

When the pings were first detected in early April, retired air chief marshal Angus Houston, the head of the search's Joint Agency Co-ordination Centre (JACC), said experts believed the signals were consistent with those of a flight data recorder.

Read more:

Please note that I have talked to "sound" engineers specialising in the detection of pings and pongs under water... As I have mentioned in my study of dolphins and whales, some sound can carry 10,000 kilometres and specialists underwater sound engineers from the armed forces can detect a vessel, the type of vessel and the signature from this vessel from a long way away... Navy Submarine are built to be very quiet but no matter how "silent" they can be, they can still be pinpointed by very astute sound engineers using very sophisticated equipment. 


Back to square one:

"Our best theory at this point is that [the pings were] likely some sound produced by the ship... or within the electronics of the towed pinger locator," Mr Dean said.

"Your fear any time you put electronic equipment in the water is that if any water gets in and grounds or shorts something out, that you could start producing sound."

But the US Navy has since issued a statement calling Mr Dean's comments "speculative and premature".

"The US has been working cooperatively with our Malaysia, Australian and international partners for more than two months in an effort to locate MH370," a spokesman said.

"Mike Dean's comments today were speculative and premature, as we continue to work with our partners to more thoroughly understand the data acquired by the towed pinger locator.

"As such, we would defer to the Australians, as the lead in the search effort, to make additional information known at the appropriate time."

from uncle rupe's new york post ...

A British woman, sailing the Indian Ocean in March, believes she saw the missing Malaysia Airlines jet going down in flames and smoke.

Katherine Tee, a 41-year-old Liverpool resident, just came forward and filed a report with authorities last weekend.

The sailor said she and her husband were en route to Phuket, Thailand, after a 13-month sea journey when she allegedly spotted a flaming object in the night sky.

“I was on a night watch. My husband was asleep below deck and our one other crew member was asleep on deck,” she told the Phuket Gazette.

“I saw something that looked like a plane on fire. That’s what I thought it was. Then, I thought I must be mad.”

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MH370 contract winner has 300 days...



MH370 contract winner has 300 days to complete search


The successful tenderer for the next phase of the search for missing flight MH370 will have 300 days in which to sonar scan a search area of up to 60,000 square kms of the Indian Ocean sea bed at depths of up to 6000 metres, and be paid in installments for mapping no less than 5000 square kms every 25 days.

The winner’s first task will be to search a reduced and prioritised area of approximately 17,500 square kms along the 650 kms long search arc which corresponds with the evolving best estimates of the likely impact area of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER which with 239 people on board, vanished as a transponder identified airliner under baffling circumstances on 8 March when it was only 42 minutes into a five hours 50 minutes flight between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.


Once the search begins, the contractor is required to map 5,000 square kms of seabed every 25 days or risk payments being withheld.

The documents that readers might find interesting are password protected on the AusTender site, but have been published in full by the Wall Street Journal here, as the draft contract, and also,  as a guide to tenderers, which is the more lay friendly read.


rumours? rumors? small island?...

The pilot of the missing Malaysia Airways flight MH370 is now the chief suspect, according to investigators who have examined logs from the flight simulator he kept in his home.

Police have so far failed to turn up any hard evidence against Captain Zaharie Shah, but he is now the prime focus of the criminal investigation after intelligence checks cleared all other passengers and crew.

Investigators found that Zaharie had programmed a flight simulator in his home with scenarios rehearsing a landing into remote areas of the southern Indian Ocean and a landing on an island runway, The Sunday Times reports. Although he had deleted the drills before taking command of flight MH370, computer experts were able to retrieve them.

"Investigators have previously refused to 'clear' the captain’s flight simulator of suspicious activity," The Independent reports this morning. "It now appears they found evidence of routes programmed to take a plane far out into the Indian Ocean and practising landing using a short runway on an island."

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