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the art of news corpse...

the art of news corpse

A few journalists call News Corp "news corpse"... I often call it the merde-och press. We're all wrong. News Corp is an art form taken to the limit of insanity and distraction with brilliance...


I have already mentioned Miranda's effort in this Saturday Telegraph in regard to another blancmange column by Annabel... But the picture above is from of the Saturday Telegraph Magazine... Like the rest of the merde-och artisty, this one is designed to soften us to the idea that Kevin Andrews, one of the Ministers for making your working life a misery under John Howard, is a softie and a nice bloke... And you're such poor destitute people after his stint at trying to cut your benefits that of course your marriage is off course. He knows the solution: go and visit a marriage counsellor. Brilliant. In one article and a front page, you are pummelled like a tenderised steak to the idea this fellow cares about you. Your call. 


But in that same artful dodging paper while Canberra is burning with Tony Abbott playing the sob violin like Nero, you are NOT alerted to the fact that Tony is a liar but that "Hockey takes risk and rolls dice" NOT to let you know that his budget is crap (there is a game called Krap I believe) but that as a nation of gamblers we should pay up, despite the odds not being in our favour... 


Meanwhile Rudd is all pummelled as usual by this merde-och press, for his successful insulation programme, for the tragedies due to a few shonks forcing themselves onto the scheme. 

Then we are treated to the ABC mucking up an interview which was not mucked up, but hey, anything to damage the ABC. 


The piece de resistance in this gutter press syndrome is then spread eagle onto two pages about the wife of Ray Hadley and her "coach denying having an affair"... Of course, the Telegraph is not presently enamoured with Ray, though they are both on the same side of right-wing crap... Thus one could "believe" a softening of the Telegraph in regard to poor Ray... Bollocks! The next day, the Sunday Telegraph goes frontal with this unimportant story: HER NEW LOVE — Suzanne Hadley braves firestorm to go public with her footy coach... No hint of an affair, though... The tiff between Ray Hadley and the merde-och press is apparently about Ray's need to bury the hatchet with League coaches which he poopooed with vigour to show he knows stuff which he has only opinions about... Who cares... I know you don't... You're about to go and visit your marriage councellor because Kevin Andrews made your life so tough ten years ago, your marriage never recovered from poverty. But he has the solution... 

This is the art of news corpes taken to the limit of insanity and distraction with brilliance...



more art form from news corpse...


The purpose of this article in the Saturday Telegraph "business section" is to show how "smart" investors can actually gain from  — well not from this crap budget — but from being "smart"... That is what I read into it... And let's be serious for a moment there aren't many smart investors out there who invest tidbits...

Apart from this I'd like to point out to the heading and the photograph dichotomy which for anyone not being astute would read that Tony and Joe are smart investors sitting down. They suck. Their budget suck. But this association is cleverly designed by the boffins of the merde-och press to make you accept that Tony and Joe's budget is a brilliant "investment". It's not. It sucks. It's dishonest.


This is the deceitful art of news corpes taken to the limit of insanity and distraction with brilliance...



And how patronising of Kevin Andrews to "want us all to do it"... Has this bloke no restraint or is his marriage constantly on the rocks?

more fluff from annabel...


From Annabel

Tony Abbott refuses to concede that he broke any promises with his first budget. Will this approach prove more successful than Julia Gillard's ill-fated acquiescence on the carbon tax? Annabel Crabb writes.

As it's becoming increasingly unoriginal to point out, all governments break their promises to some extent. What makes them different is how they handle it, and the events of the last week suggest that Australian politics is currently experiencing a genuine Sliding Doors moment.

When you are accused of breaking a promise, there are two options. The first is to cop it sweet, in an attempt to kill the argument so that everyone will move on. The second is to have the argument, in the hope that everyone at some point will get sick of arguing.

Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. Julia Gillard chose the first, and Tony Abbott seems at this stage to have plumped for the second.


I could give you the link to what I think is an unimportant article, so I won't... I just bring it to you to show how some people distil the crap of politics without placing a single toe in the water...

It's uncanny, it's like looking at life from both side of the binoculars, at once... It's confusing. It's unimaginative though, despite a lateral move. I feel weary as it appears to be the same fluff that we have seen since before since Adam and Eve broke the vase. Ah, apparently they did not... What did they break then?

No matter if the promises are there to destroy the world or make it better... Do we have to wait to be completely raped to find out? The real argument is about do angels have sex? I have no effing idea. The only thing I care about, is not so much for me but for my numerous nephews and nieces grand kids. And in the end as a nihilist atheist like me, it does not really matter if a carbon tax is more efficient than a farting-in-a-bathtub direct action. I simply don't like Tony Abbott. End of story. I could harp on about all his previous misdemeanours, his massive ability to tell million lies and blame other people for the result, but I wont. At least I won't in detail. Wink wink...

Is success to weather a storm, of our doing, related to the number of broken promises or lies we tell such as in the case of Tony? or compromises in the case of Julia? Should Tony have sold his arse? Or winked at us as he was telling a porkie with a punch-line so we knew he was bullshitting?

Tony is bullshitting at speed. Excellent. Julia had to negotiate and make things happen for the best of the country. Is bullshitting more efficient?... I now guess this is what Annabel's article is about: The mathematical loading of bullshit parameters versus a carbon pricing... But I think she goes fence sitting once more...

I need to call the cavalry on this one... Hail some lawyers passing by and run the case till we run out of cash. That's the spirit of the law.


phone sex worker versus marriage counsellor- what is best?


After becoming emotional in her denunciation of the PM and his policies yesterday, today Gloria appeared to be seeing the funny side of the media kerfuffle.

"He's pretty silly, because if he hadn't done that I'm sure what I said would have been forgotten by now," she said.

When Symons labelled the incident "a curious thing" Gloria replied: "Curious is not the word ... sleazy, slimy," before later labelling the PM "a stupid man".

"I've been seething for weeks about Abbott and Hockey and yesterday was a real opportunity to vent - which I didn't think I'd ever get," she said.

"I haven't even got the internet at the moment but my daughter tells me there are a few people suggesting I'm not real. I am real."

But Gloria said her new-found fame had not helped her telephone sex career.

"It didn't improve my call rate last night - I only got one call and it only lasted for four minutes," she said.

"[At] 50 cents a minute I made two bucks last night."



Who called Gloria last night?... Was it Tony Abbott wanting to talk dirty, sleazy, slimy about his budget? Should Tony have gone to  a Budget Counsellor instead?...


so many questions, bring in the electroshocks...


Police have clashed with demonstrators who tried to storm a Liberal Party debate at Sydney University being adjudicated by Education Minister Christopher Pyne.

Senators George Brandis and Mitch Fifield, along with Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson, were on the guest list for the John Howard Debating Cup at the university's St John's College.

About 45 minutes before Mr Pyne arrived, up to 30 protesters tried to enter the building but could not get in.

Police arrived at the scene shortly afterwards at which point there was a confrontation, described by ABC reporter Ben Worsley as "quite forceful", as a number of students were pushed to the ground.

Footage from the scene appears to show a police officer striking a student.

"Within two or three minutes a heavy police presence arrived, probably a couple of dozen police approached the protesters," Worsley said.

"A number of the protesters were pushed to the ground quite forcefully but the group has refused to leave."

The debate is due to last until about 9:00pm, but police and protesters show no signs of going anywhere.

About 50 police from the NSW Public Order and Riot Squad were on the scene.



Is having a a debate about being a Liberal (Conservative) an oxymoron? 

Should anyone with a liberal bent be taken to a mental hospital and treated like homosexuals were, with electroshocks until the mid 1960s?...

Should the liberals (CONservative) go to sex counsellors for having too much testosterone  or should they just wink, like Tony Abbott (A controversial eyelid movement according to news corpse).

Should Christopher Pyne be invited when the occasion is definitely not Q&A?

Meanwhile the online edition of news corpse is not so enamoured of Tony anymore... I will have to check the print version tomorrow because there is a cunning difference between the online fare and the printed fodder fed to the morons out there.

Today (or was it yesterday), the print version was all about "Shorten of ideas"... wink wink say no more...

abbott's daughter

abbott's mistake


as suspected, more printed sloppy crap from news corpse...


News outlets like The Daily Telegraph should get their facts right before they launch baseless and discriminating attacks on people with disabilities, writes Frank Quinlan.

The Daily Telegraph is a tabloid. Everyone knows that, and most people lower their expectations when leafing through its mostly advertisement-filled pages. But does this excuse poor journalism? Indeed, does it provide them with an excuse to simply make it up?

The country is abuzz about the Tele's front page story yesterday. It was a crass attack on people on the Disability Support Pension (DSP), based on hearsay and conjecture and not a lot of evidence outside a list of large and largely misrepresented figures.

Most bizarrely, the story compared our country's war veterans to recipients of the pension, suggesting a negative comparison between these proven heroes and the dross on the DSP.

Ironically, some of those so called DSP 'slackers' would be veterans themselves, perhaps with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, for example.

In reality, the front page of the Daily Telegraph yesterday did a large number of Australians, who are battling every day with a serious mental illness or who care for somebody with a serious mental illness, a tremendous disservice.

How terribly disheartening for those people to read that they're somehow less entitled to the support, somehow less entitled to the respect of the community, than people with disabilities that are more immediately obvious or visible.

Australia is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of People with a Disability, which makes it clear that discrimination against people on the basis of disability type is unacceptable. It's a shame that these same standards of decency don't apply to Australia's tabloid media.

What are the facts? What is the truth regarding the 'slackers' on the DSP?

To begin with, the Tele has given no consideration to changes to welfare, especially around 2005, that greatly affected the relative proportions of people accessing DSP versus Newstart.

To say that the numbers of people on DSP for psychiatric disability have exploded ignores the fact that many of those people were previously on Newstart, but were forced to apply for a DSP, thereby essentially removing themselves from the workforce indefinitely.

read more: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-05-23/quinlan-teles-sloppy-journalism-hurts-our-most-vulnerable/5474222


Delirium Tremens (DTs)


the murdoch octopus...


Murdoch and corruption


 Rodney E. Lever

I DO NOT THINK all Australians have quite grasped the dangers of the money-losing, tax-evading, propaganda-feeding newspapers that Rupert Murdoch uses to blanket almost every corner of our country.


It is described by a 1987 editorial published in Melbourne's The Age newspaper, that has been quoted several times by media writers:

'The effective control of the media is the first step on the road to controlling the values and future direction of our society.' 

In the 1950s, when Rupert had taken control of The News in Adelaide, I had joined the Murdoch family business at Southdown Press in Melbourne and became a favourite with Rupert, spending spent a long time with him on various ventures — like his failed attempt to capture The Age, which Fairfax was about to buy.

I presented him with a plan for a national newspaper by buying the Canberra Times, which was then owned by the Shakespeare brothers, Arthur and Bill.

Rupert bounded off to Canberra and tried to bully them into selling their paper, with his usual mixture of charm and vague threats. Both elderly and ready for retirement, the brothers were alarmed and Bill – who had a good relationship with Fairfax – flew down to Sydney and clinched a deal that left Rupert out in the cold.

My plan was based on a longer term introduction of offset printing using the new electronic developments that have now made newspapers easier to publish, faster to print, cheaper to manufacture and can be published simultaneously all over the country. But Rupert, ever impatient to extend his power, went on to startThe Australian, building his own publishing house in Canberra.

What followed was a disaster of chaos and errors, but there was also excitement in the newspaper industry and some fine journalists flocked to became part of the Murdoch plan. For many reasons, the first years of the The Australian (which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year) were a grim embarrassment. The paper came out late, had to be flown around Australia in light aircraft, sometimes blocked from take-off by winter fog — a feature of the Canberra climate.

read more: http://www.independentaustralia.net/business/business-display/murdoch-and-corruption,6511


more opinionationing from the scribes at news corpse...



According to Gerard Henderson: "No PM has been so maligned "— is he talking about Tony Abbott or Julia Gillard?!!!  Without any shame, Gerard is talking about Tony! Gerard is talking about Tony! Wow!
According to Gerard, "Pippa, the TV show for kids cost only a quarter of Mark Scott's gross salary", the ABC head honcho... According to Gus: So what? Mark Scott rumbled about getting rid of this popular show which many rightwingnutters find too socially engaging... May be Gerard could sacrifice half his wages and sponsor the Pippa show? What a novel idea... Same... Gina could sponsor all the shows on digging holes as well! ABC budget whoes solved!

According to Gerard, it seems to Gus that we need to have an enema NOW to prevent a possible colon cancer... According to Gus, I want a second opinion poll. And/or an election before any intrusion...

According to Gerard, Abbott's desires not to be loved (or still very much loved by masochists) should be perceived as a strength... According to Gus, there are plenty of rotten bastards out there who don't want to be loved. They just want to hurt people. That's why they are unloved bastards...

"Yet may be, despite broken promises...". STOP! Stop here, Gerard. You've said it. The rest of the sentence is just opinionated gobbledeegook designed to absolve the little rat from his sin of lying through his teeth.

Yes, as you may have observed, Gerard has moved from the "independent Always SMH" to the ultra-biased ragbag of the Murdoch press...

There, on that same sheet, you can read other argumentators for the rabid right and spot all the dirty tricks in the book:

Peter Van Onselen tells us: "Fiscal progress on hold as the ALP plays politics". "Labor is hypocritically blocking reforms that once were part of its platform"... "The term "middle class welfare" was used to pour scorn on John Howard's family tax benefits, delivered to traditional single income families..."

Go Peter go, strangle the ALP for being well, actually for behaving like Tony Abbott did 100 times worse during the Gillard tenure? There are so many lies in Tony's lip activities that it has become a challenge to know which one to shoot down first.

Then, on that paper for parked conservative snake oil merchants, we have another peter, Peter Fray... He tells us that "Media no empty vessel: why we should lead policy debate"... Sure. I thought the media via the merde-och press promoted the lies of Tony Abbott as firm truisms before the election until we got the bill after the elections... Talk about something empty talk about the heads of the spruikers at the News Corpse agency... Boy... Is this why Ken Cowley has become totally disillusioned with "The Australian"?

Lack of fairness and critical thoughts?


the gummy bigots give us too much work to do...


Coalition inherited this problem: we are going to fix it

OVER recent days, the Prime Minister and Treasurer have been subjected to a torrent of abuse.

Our political opponents have seen our leaders’ wives and their children as fair game.



Hum... Is Frydenberg not part of the same league that attacked Kevin Rudd's wife for being successful and Julia Gillard's boyfriend for being a hairdresser? Or that Julia did not have any kids?... Now we would not raise the questions of the wife or kids of anybody should these kids or wives not come to the public forum to be part of the political circus. 

In regard to Anthony Johnny Abbott's daughters one cannot avoid to mention one of them is working for DFAT in a position for which more people would have been more qualified while the other one got a "very lucky" scholarship at a design school that awarded such scholarship only twice including this one in 25 years... This also goes without saying that the chairman of the said school is a "friend" of Anthony Johnny Abbott, as well as being a "big donor" to the Liberal (CONservative) party...

these gummy conservative bigots give us too much work to do... And where do they spruik such mush? In the merde-och outlets, of course... And to talk of "we are going to fix it", looking at Joe's budget, it ain't going to fix anything but only give pain to the poor and the middle class, and line the pockets of the rich... That's stealing. Nothing new from them. 


kevin andrews — the minister for the new nanny state...

Controlling what young people can spend their unemployment benefits on, and moving thousands of people off the disability support pension (DSP), have been flagged in the federal government’s review of the welfare system.

An interim report, titled A New System for Better Employment and Social Outcomes, has been released in the form of a discussion paper, without recommendations.

It suggests streamlining welfare payments into four categories: the age pension; the DSP; a tiered work-age payment and a child payment. There would be more conditions attached to receiving welfare payments, and sanctions that would strip people of income support, for varying lengths of time, if they did not meet the “mutual obligations” requirement.

It says young and single unemployed people should receive lower rates of payment than other unemployed people, and that rent assistance should be reformed into a subsidy scheme for both public and private housing, rather than having public housing rent based on a percentage of a person’s income.

The report also identifies single parents as needing higher rates of payment as their children get older and it is more expensive to support them.


Kevin Andrews — from the minister for love (see picture at top) to the minister for the new nanny state... Of course the Sunday Turdograph jumps on the concept to bash the disabled...

s turdograph 29 june

a fair question: is kevin andrews marriage on the rocks?...


Now the Australian Tea Party have turned back the clock by reversing Australia's stand on climate change, so no-one should be surprised by their unbridled support for a wacky religious anti-abortion anti-gay event in Melbourne next months, writes senior correspondent Barry Everingham.

NOW THAT THE LIBERALS, with the disgraceful help of Clive Palmer, have lied their way into making Australia one of the biggest comedy acts on the world’s stage through the repeal of the carbon price, many citizens will be wondering what the conservatives have up their sleeves to scare us to death next time.

Agonise no more.

The extreme lunar right of what was once a great political party have come up with a beauty — one could say, a real doozey.

It will not come as a surprise that the ring leaders of what we are to reveal are none other than the master of disaster himself, Kevin Andrews (of Dr Haneef fame); the Government  Senate Leader,  Industrial Relations Minister Senator Erich Abetz; and the biggest and most ideologically dangerous non-entity in Victoria’s Upper House, Bernie Finn, whose mind is so damaged he has called for rape victims who become pregnant to be denied abortions.

That scary trio of Flat Earth Society members month have become affiliated with a discredited conglomeration of social misfits who work under the banner of theWorld Congress of Families. The WCF managing director is a Dr Larry Jacobs, whose only known claim to fame as far is his statement  that Russia is the Christian saviour of the world because of the country’s attitude to homosexuality.

The Congress is holding a "regional event" in Melbourne on 30 August. The event had originally been scheduled to be held in Moscow, but U.S. and European sanctions against Russia over Ukraine had forced the organisers to scramble for a new venue at the last minute.

Kevin Andrews is fully on board, opening and closing the event. Kevin, of course, is the genius of a Social Services Minister who won't allow people under 30 to get benefits for six months after losing their job, however is giving newlywed couples a $200 voucher for marriage counselling. It is genius, because I for a newly married couple, being unemployed and without any income for six months would surely cause some relationship strain.

Read more: http://www.independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/the-liberals-kevin-andrews-and-the-anti-gay-pro-life-activists,6681


Gus: in relation to the picture and article at top, I asked a fair question: is Kevin Andrews marriage on the rocks?


peddling spurious theories...

Why in the world is Kevin Andrews going to the World Congress of Families? Just how nuts do you have to be to not get a ministerial endorsement?

Families Minister Kevin Andrews will not be withdrawing from the World Congress of Families conference in Melbourne, despite revelations that the hard-right Christian outfit is hosting talks by speakers peddling spurious theories linking abortion to breast cancer, presenting homosexuality as a disease, and pushing the line that condoms do not help in achieving safe sex.

read more: http://www.crikey.com.au/2014/08/15/rundle-kevin-andrews-keeping-company-with-those-who-can-raise-the-dead-through-prayer/

just another element of the ridiculous ...

In 1714, French philosopher Montesquieu wrote, “A husband who loves his wife is a man who has not enough merit to engage the affections of some other woman.”

Such a liberal attitude to fidelity would come as a shock to Kevin Andrews, recently named Natural Family Man of the Year by self-appointed family experts, the Illinois-based World Congress of Families (WCF). Announced in their May circular in the lead-up to this month’s regional event in Melbourne, the publication features a picture of our Kev looking quite the dapper fellow, basking in the sun, jacket slung over his shoulder, leaning on what appears to be the Australian emblem. Hello, ladies. It adds just another element of the ridiculous to an already extraordinary set-up.

Due to take place in just a few days’ time, the World Congress of Families event in Melbourne has been the subject of much attention over the last couple of months. Hosted by Endeavour Forum, an anti-feminist, anti-abortion, low-taxes-is-the-Christian-way fringe group, the event’s organisers are still struggling to finalise their plans. With venue after venue cancelling on them, widespread media lampooning, public backlash and protests scheduled, you’d almost feel sorry for them and their little pink ship of Christian righteousness and bad graphic design, if it weren’t for the company they keep.

Locally, the event’s supporters and guests include such friends of progress as Cory Bernadi, who resigned as parliamentary secretary in 2012 after comments likening homosexuality to bestiality; Bernie Finn, who recently argued that even women who are raped should not be allowed to access abortion; and Fred Nile, whose opinions about women, sexuality, families and, well, anything that isn’t his business, could fill a book.

read more: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/aug/27/kevin-andrews-natural-family-man-of-the-year-would-be-a-funny-concept-if-it-wasnt-so-serious


See article at top...

upping the christian fundamentalism...

Several politicians, including social services minister Kevin Andrews and Victoria’s attorney general, Robert Clark, have pulled out of the controversial World Congress of Families conservative Christian conference less than one day before its scheduled start after dramas about where the event would be held. 

The event is scheduled to host a lineup including anti-euthanasia, anti-divorce and anti-gay rights speakers from around the world. Guardian Australia has learnt 350 people have registered to attend. Thousands of protesters are planning to march against the event on Saturday. So far, five venues have backed out of hosting the conference.

Andrews said he pulled out of delivering the opening address after hearing that the rightwing Christian group Catch the Fire would host it.

“Tolerance is a critical value in a western liberal democracy like Australia,” Andrews said in a statement to Guardian Australia.

“It was for this reason that I intended to address the World Congress of Families meeting in Melbourne tomorrow.

“The calls for me not to attend demonstrate the intolerance of the Greens and the left – instead of arguing their case in the public arena they seek to shut down debate.

“Equally, I cannot support intolerance from other quarters. As I have been informed today that the event is now to be hosted by Catch the Fire, I have decided not to attend.”

The founder of Catch the Fire, a controversial evangelical Christian group, is preacher Daniel Nalliah, known for his anti-Islamic and anti-abortion views. He once blamed the Black Saturday bushfires on Victoria’s abortion laws.


when the christians are in charge of marriage vouchers...


"I believe the most effective assistance for families – and individuals – is to focus interventions on key transition or readiness points across the whole of life," he will say.


"Maximising the capacity of people to deal with these life points can help improve the lifetime wellbeing of people and families."

Mr Andrews will argue that people need to be "relationship-ready", "child-ready", "school-ready", "life-ready" (in terms of emotional and financial skills), "work-ready" and "ageing-ready" (to ensure a productive and meaningful later life).  

The Social Services Minister has been talking to academics and expert practitioners to get their advice on how to implement these ideas.

Mr Andrews' signature policy of $200 vouchers for couples to seek relationship counselling is almost halfway through a 12-month trial. So far, about 5000 people have signed up for one of the 100,000 available vouchers.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/childready-abbott-government-examines-how-to-boost-parental-competence-20141104-11gfn7.html#ixzz3I3PFC7Jr
One cannot forget that Kevin Andrews was one of the ministers who brought you that ghastly idiotic Work Choices under Rattus the First... Basically he was trying to remove your rights at work, under the pretence of giving you a flexible pittance, with no holidays nor superannuation. After having tried to hit you on the head with this caper, His bigoted Christianism has infiltrated his thinking and his politics to tell you your marriage is on the rocks and his vouchers will give you salvation... The man is a social menace in a party of liars... See article at top...



The Speaker of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly has objected to comments by the federal families minister, Kevin Andrews, that de facto couples should get married, labelling him a “pooncy, pasty faced person from some pissant place that no one cares about”.

Kezia Purick, the Country Liberal party (CLP) member for Goyder, posted her comments on Facebook on Tuesday night.

“Righto, Kevin Andrews, politician from down south and who was instrumental in overturning Territory laws for rights for the terminally ill, now is saying married couples stay together better and longer than de facto couples,” Purick began.

“Listen here you pooncy, pasty faced person from some pissant place that no one cares about, half my electorate are probably in de facto relationships and they are happy, normal living people who do their very best for their families and their communities. They work hard, try their best and believe that you judge people by their deeds not some piece of paper. I have the same support for people who are married or want to get married in the eyes of a church or the law, that is their choice and I respect it.”

read more: http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2014/nov/05/kevin-andrews-slammed-by-nt-politician-for-comments-on-de-factos

and a job for a cricket bat disguised as an expert...

The Liberal MP once dubbed the minister for love, who believes de facto couples are more “unstable”, has been hand-picked by Scott Morrison to run a new inquiry into the nation’s family law court system.

The Prime Minister announced the inquiry on Tuesday, telling MPs that former Liberal frontbencher Kevin Andrews, 63, will run the hearings.

A social conservative, Mr Andrews has enjoyed a 40-year marriage to wife Margaret, and often preached the benefits of regular marriage counselling.

But it’s his views on de facto relationships and divorce that may raise eyebrows among voters, with Mr Morrison’s hand-picked committee chairman once warning that such relationships are more “unstable” than marriages.

“I am not worried about people entering into de facto relationships. People can enter whatever relationships they want to. My only concern is that if we’ve got to pick up the pieces at the end, the states has got to support people,” he said in 2014.

“The data shows there is a higher incidence of de facto relationships breaking up.”

Mr Andrews suggested it was too easy for men to “drift” into a de facto relationship without making a commitment.

“What a lot of people do is drift into a relationship. They get together. They like each other. They move in together. And then they try and drift along without making a decision. One might think, ‘this is a pathway to getting married’. The other might think, ‘I am happy where things are’,” he said.

But he insisted he had never said de facto relationships cannot result in long-term, loving partnerships.

“No, I am not. I just want them to be stable,’’ he said.

“The people who suffer the most out of relationships breaking up are kids.”

Mr Andrews is also the author of a book, Maybe ‘I Do’ — Modern Marriage and the Pursuit of Happiness, a 480-page tome on the joys of marriage.


Read more:



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more venomous than a catholic scorpion...

Pauline Hanson has accused some people of “making up” allegations about domestic violence and slammed them as “nothing but liars” just hours after being appointed to a review of the family law system by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Senator Hanson, who has previously stated that more men die from suicide after family breakdown than the number of women murdered by ex-husbands. will have a starring role in the new inquiry announced by the Morrison government.

The One Nation leader has revealed that her own personal experience of her two sons battling ex-spouses in the Family Court has inspired her to call for a major review of the system.

“Charges weren’t laid, and they were dropped,” Senator Hanson said.

“Yet he had to go through the procedure of other courts. I’m seeing too many cases where parents are using domestic violence to stop the other parent from seeing their children.

“If people make false allegations, you’re going to be held accountable for it.”

“You’re not going to take your lies into the courtroom, so you game the system of possibly (securing) more time with your children.”


Read more:



Is Scummo more Scum than Mo? To appoint the ignorant viperous scorpion that Pauline is on a good day, should ring alarm bells in every fair dinkum Aussies who wear their underpants on top of their head, like we all do. What an idiot!.



Read above and from top.