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when more maurice is less understanding...



The Abbott government’s chief business adviser, Maurice Newman, has warned that Australia is ill prepared for global cooling owing to widespread “warming propaganda” in his latest critique of mainstream climate science. 

Newman, who chairs the prime minister’s Business Advisory Council, said there is evidence that the world is set for a period of cooling, rather than warming, leading to significant geopolitical problems because of a lack of preparedness.

Adam Bandt, deputy leader of the Greens, said Newman’s comments were an “embarrassment to the government”.

“Tony Abbott needs to repudiate these views and dump Mr Newman from his Business Advisory Council,” Bandt said. “Someone with these flat-earth views has no place helping set policy for 21st century Australia.”

Mark Butler, Labor’s environment spokesman, said of Newman’s article: “These kinds of comments would be laughable if he didn’t have the prime minister’s ear.

“As it is, it’s terrifying that Maurice Newman continues to advise the prime minister at the same time as he campaigns against clean energy for Australians, and peddles myths unsupported by any credible scientist in the world.”

In an opinion piece for the Australian, the latest in a number of articles for the newspaper on climate change, Newman says: “What if the warmth the world has enjoyed for the past 50 years is the result of solar activity, not man-made CO2?

“The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its acolytes pay scant attention to any science, however strong the empirical evidence, that may relegate human causes to a lesser status.”


As they say, without the present anthropogenic warming, Maurice would be on the money... The NATURAL trend of the planet atmospheric settings and of the sun cycles is for the planet to go towards an ice age by year 15,000. But with the CO2 from human activities ADDED in the atmospheric equation, the planet is beforehand going to experience an EXTRA warming of up to 20 degrees Celsius (by year 2400-ish) before the dust settles and then the temperature will drop to present climatic temperatures by year 20,000 but by the year 30,000, the Newman Ice Age (let's name this thingy after this illustrious scientific ignoramus) will be able to get a grip...


making sense...



14 August 2014 9:06am


Of course it's cooling.

The fact is that the earth is flat and the underside, not being exposed to the sun, is cooler than the top and the coolness is migrating.

Any fool knows that




newman is a deliberate ignoramus nasty idiot...


Tony Abbott’s top business adviser, Maurice Newman, has been invited to meet climate scientists following his assertion that the world is in fact in danger of cooling, rather than warming.

Newman used an opinion piece in the Australian newspaper on Thursday to say the world was “ill prepared” for a period of global cooling, accusing governments of being hostage to “warming propaganda” from climate scientists.

On Friday Tim Flannery, head of the Climate Council, told Guardian Australia he was keen for Newman to meet him and other scientists.

“I’d be happy to meet with him to explain the facts, we’ve made the offer and we await with baited breath,” he said.

“But there are deeper issues to this. Maurice Newman is a business adviser to the prime minister; you’d expect him to be representing the interests of the business community.

“But what he’s saying fundamentally misrepresents the interests of business, which faces a huge risk, along with the rest of us, from climate change. He’s using his position for a personal crusade in what, I think, is a serious dereliction of duty.”

Newman, who does not have a scientific background, has written a number of articles on climate change, as well as appearing on the ABC to discuss the topic, since his appointment as chairman of the prime minister’s business advisory council.

He has said that Australia has become “hostage to climate-change madness” and has also attacked the renewable energy industry.

Climate scientists have roundly rejected Newman’s theory that a drop in solar activity will see the world dramatically cool, pointing out that the influence of warming greenhouse gases is far greater than solar cycles.

Flannery said: “[Newman] is just demonstrably wrong. This is a fundamental problem for the prime minister, who needs to make him do his job. Anyone would be deeply embarrassed by this kind of performance. I have no idea where this idea of global cooling has come from.”

Gerry Hueston, former head of BP Australasia and member of the Climate Council, said: “Newman holds views that are out of step with those held by serious energy businesses globally and mainstream business in general.

“His views are scientifically wrong and completely ignore the economic and business risks that climate change presents. It is worrying that he is providing this sort of ill-informed advice on energy policy and climate risk to the highest levels of government.”

read more: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/aug/15/global-cooling-climate-scientists-keen-to-meet-tony-abbotts-business-adviser


Let's be clear here, Newman was specifically chosen by Tony Abbott to provide his desire of an ill-informed advice on energy policy and climate risk to the highest levels of government.

Newman and Abbott should be sacked.

the ice is melting...

The ongoing global glacier retreat is affecting human societies by causing sea-level rise, changing seasonal water availability, and increasing geohazards. Melting glaciers are an icon of anthropogenic climate change. However, glacier response times are typically decades or longer, which implies that the present-day glacier retreat is a mixed response to past and current natural climate variability and current anthropogenic forcing. Here, we show that only 25 ± 35% of the global glacier mass loss during the period from 1851 to 2010 is attributable to anthropogenic causes. Nevertheless, the anthropogenic signal is detectable with high confidence in glacier mass balance observations during 1991 to 2010, and the anthropogenic fraction of global glacier mass loss during that period has increased to 69 ± 24%.


Note that these figures are "conservative" and the feedback mechanism from anthropogenic activity is still a hard one to measure with fine accuracy though IT IS HAPPENING. It would take a massive computing analysis to even describe the melt of ice in a glass of whisky, thus doing such on a planetary scale demands massive computation, though the derivative process simplifies the calculation to some extend.

All this computation is akin to a RAW picture file being extrapolated as a tiff then compressed as a JPEG, in which simplification of parameters still show the picture with a high degree of accuracy. Of course there are choices of "resolution" and "size" of file, but the message is still there until the picture might be too extrapolated and becomes unclear.

This is not the case with Global Warming Models. Despite some algorithms and extrapolation through derivatives, the models are mostly accurate and describe the warming in no uncertain terms. 

Global warming is real and by the end of this century, the extra energy added by human activity burning carbon would have added 2 degrees Celsius MINIMUM in the atmosphere alone (Acidification of the seas and warming of the sea compounding the problem) with sea level rise between 45 centimetres MINIMUM up to 6 metres, should the warming accelerate as shown in some models, including mine, from 2032. 

note that the most conservative average sea level rise since 1851 is 13.3 centimetres. As we know this rise is not uniform and some places like in seas bordering northern Australia the rise has been more. See also:


a test run for more lies in the merde-och press?...


But there’s still more to go at here. Newman quotes a University of Pennsylvania professor of psychology Philip Tetlock as saying: “When journal reviewers, editors and funding agencies feel the same way about a course, they are less likely to detect and correct potential logical or methodological bias.”

The quote is actually a decade old and comes from an article published in the journal Political Psychology.

Newman probably got it trawling the blogs of climate sceptics (an article discussing the paper was reposted on the UK’s Global Warming Policy Foundation website earlier this month), which is where, in my view, he probably gets most of his ideas about climate science.

You might think, given the context of the article, that Tetlock was talking about environmental science or climate change.

But no. The Tetlock article was discussing his concerns about the preservation of the discipline of “political psychology”. Most of the article is discussing issues around war and peace and racism.

Fair and balanced?

Earlier this month, the Australian Press Council updated its overarching principles to “ensure that factual material” is accurate and not misleading. The change extended the principles reach from just “news reports” to material “elsewhere” which has been taken to mean opinion columns.

In principle three on fairness and balance, the APC says even when a writer expresses an opinion, it should not be done “based on significantly inaccurate factual material or omission of key facts”.

The Australian has been hostile to the changes.

You have to wonder if Newman’s latest is a bit of a test run?

read all: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/planet-oz/2014/aug/15/fact-check-how-maurice-newman-misrepresents-science-to-claim-future-global-cooling

exceptionally warm by belgian standards...


Waterspout targets Zeebrugge beach cabins

16/08/14 - Amateur footage has been released showing how a waterspout at the Belgian coastal resort of Zeebrugge causes havoc on the beach and the seaside walk. The phenomenon is a rare one for Belgium, but this year the sea water is exceptionally warm for Belgian standards.





Not as big as the waterspout seen a few years ago (1938) in Jervis Bay, NSW




and far more recently (2012) in Batemans Bay, NSW Australia... But a WATERSPOUT IN BELGIUM?

thrashing renewable targets is crazy...

Our research shows power companies would reap billions if the Renewable Energy Target was wound back, but would me or you gain from the move? Not likely, writes Olivia Kember.

Power companies have learnt they have two options for making money. One is the widely complained about but generally accepted method of charging people to use their electricity. The other is less obvious but should cause even greater outrage: lobbying governments to tilt the playing field in their favour.

Right now, for companies heavily invested in coal and gas stations, option two is looking like the good bet. It has worked well several times before, back at least as far as the set-up of the National Electricity Market (NEM), when policymakers were persuaded to exclude managing environmental impacts from the market's objectives.

Now the power companies are hoping to pull the same move again with the Renewable Energy Target.

The stakes are high. The Renewable Energy Target, a bipartisan policy dating back to prime minister John Howard's era, aims to reduce carbon pollution from the electricity sector and develop Australia's renewable energy industry. According to our calculations, since it was expanded five years ago, wind and solar power has tripled and the carbon intensity of the NEM has fallen by about 9 per cent (helped in the last couple of years by the carbon price).

Jobs in renewable energy grew to 21,000 last year.

But, since more renewables mean less reliance on fossil fuels, the owners of coal and gas stations have spent the last couple of years pushing for the target to be weakened or abolished completely.

read more: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-18/kember-trashing-energy-targets-in-pursuit-of-profits/5677564

shelving an important project because of ignorant turdy abbott..


The company behind one of Australia's largest solar power plants has abandoned the project, in part due to uncertainty over the Renewable Energy Target.

There is speculation in Canberra that the Prime Minister has called for the Government's review of the RET to include not just a scaling back but a complete removal of the target.

The 100-megawatt Silex Mildura solar power station would have provided electricity to 40,000 homes, but after years of work the project has been shelved.

"There's a number of factors, including low wholesale electricity prices and the uncertainty surrounding the Renewable Energy Target. They're the two main factors," said Michael Goldsworthy, the CEO of Silex Systems.

He says the RET had offered an attractive price for renewable energy, but this advantage had been eroded due to uncertainty over the future of the policy.

"There's not as much pressure on the market to have renewable energy in their portfolio now simply because the RET is at least going to be wound back and possibly abolished," he added.

read more: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-18/silex-shelves-major-solar-power-station-on-ret-uncertainty/5679086


Hopefully the RET will be retained by PUP and co... see: the palmerisation of ridiculous politics with affable buffoonery on a splot of turdy abbottery...

in 400 years...

The Earth’s climate is changing at the highest of predicted rates. Naomi Oreskes says scientists have given up on the much talked about 2 degree ceiling; we need to consider an average increase more like 4 or 5 degrees.

Yet despite what is being recorded and what everyone can see, some people still say it isn’t happening and there’s nothing to worry about. But the heat will change the Earth as we know it. Naomi Oreskes draws on scientific reports to describe the world four hundred years from now.

She offers analysis as to why denialism still exists, and why some are prepared to fund their campaigns of disinformation.

listen at: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/scienceshow/the-collapse-of-western-civilization/5673714


let's throw turds at Maurice and SHAME on The Australian for publishing his stupidity as gospel... See article at top...

turdy tony is a nihilistic ignorant hypocrite...

The fig-leaf for Abbott is his "direct action" policy, to pay polluters to reduce their carbon emissions. This is such a laughably inadequate policy, it could only be supported by a prime minister and political party that believes global warming to be a hoax.

Abbott has been described as a weather vane by his Liberal party colleagues in the past.

He has supported a carbon tax, then viciously opposed any price on carbon to appease a minority hard-core fringe. He has dismantled Australia's emissions trading scheme and internationally has allied with fossil-fuel addicted nations like Canada to block meaningful global action.

Yet while doing this, he boldly declares himself to be a conservationist and that he considers climate change to be a "significant problem".

There is no other conclusion to draw that on the issue of global warming, Abbott is a climate nihilist. He holds no conviction or moral position on this issue of international and intergenerational significance.

Only a climate nihilist could so viciously attack the measures introduced under the previous government that were designed to assist people on low incomes, prevent harm to peoples' livelihoods and the economy, and to (in some small way) mitigate the global climate catastrophe. On this issue, it appears that he believes in nothing and therefore cannot come to a moral judgement or sense any moral obligation to act.

The gesture of "direct action" is the most contemptible element of his nihilism.

read more: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/southern-crossroads/2014/aug/22/tony-abbott-climate-denial-weathervane-nihilism


Maurice's independent professionals?...

Maurice Newman, the prime minister’s business adviser, has called for a government-funded review of the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) to “dispel suspicions of a warming bias” in its temperature record-keeping.

Newman, who has repeatedly questioned the findings of mainstream climate science, wrote in an opinion piece for the Australian that the bureau needed to be investigated over allegations of “temperature manipulation.”

The Australian has run a series of articles questioning data “homogenisation” techniques used by the bureau when collating temperature records. The bureau measures temperatures at nearly 800 sites across Australia.

The newspaper has published the views of Jennifer Marohasy, a climate science sceptic, who has claimed the BoM has “corrupted the official temperature records” by adjusting data and moving the location of temperature monitors to make it appear that Australia is warming.

Climate scientists say that the standardisation of raw temperature data is important to remove rogue readings and has, in most cases, actually resulted in a reduction of the warming trend in Australia.

But Newman said questions over the bureau’s methods meant that “nothing short of a thorough government-funded review and audit, conducted by independent professionals, will do”.


read more: http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2014/oct/01/tony-abbott-adviser-bureau-meteorology-warming-inquiry


The only "independent professionals" that Maurice could find would be some amateur denialists who would not be able to read a thermometer if it was planted in their arse.

What we need really is an urgent investigation, no I mean a fully blown Royal Commission, into why so many imbeciles are used and paid to advised the prime minister (Tony Turdy) on what he wants to hear, but not about reality — on all subjects from global warming, war and economic matters.

The Abbott regime is a refuge for idiots who have one gift, god blessedth them, the gift of telling porkies while keeping a straight face — nothing else.