Tuesday 14th of July 2020

now the petits bourgeois rule the roost... and when divorce was illegal...


The mixing of secular and religious beliefs has placed us at war with ourselves, as well as being in need to defend the furniture from secondary terrorism stemming from our idiotic crusades.

In the politics that animates our foreign policies (read US policies) it is hard not to see deviousness and hypocrisy to the hilt. 

But, on the surface, people in the media — recently I have unfortunately noticed possibly less men than women (who would be put to shame by Jessie), those people who cannot stop yacking/spruiking/selling something on TV or Radio without taking a breath for fear the interviewer might ask a proper question — buy the official line, hook and sinker. They repeat the fairy story full of straw with the zeal of a dead scarecrow: terrorism is bad and we need to protect ourselves, by "hook or by crook". Sure.
Makes me cry.

This ugly dissemination of this highly superficial information, HIDES the fact that terrorism is stemming DIRECTLY from our silly foreign policies. This is completely ignored. Business as usual. 
What we see in front of us is so obvious for all to see and we all should deduct that the reality is contradictory to the official government and media fluff... But most of the press love the fluff that makes us become "patriotic", as we become scoundrels in our last refuge. We belong to this pile of rubbish.

The USA and its allies are financing and helping the destruction of the Assad regime in Syria. 

They admit to it. In Turkey they train and supply weapons on the ground to "rebels", who are nothing more but loopy religiously-inspired extreme Saudi-derived terrorists. Dangerous mugs. No idealism here, that's for sure. 
May I ask Why? Why are we supporting TERRORISM in other countries such as in Syria and in Yemen?... Because Syria has been naughty? Is not our support of terrorism naughtier?
Presently there are three major levels in the ISIS terror development: first, the political leaders in charge of creating the entity; second, the preachers of the faith allied with the command "generals"; and in third position, the idiotic fanatical fodder — idiots who can't wait to be given a gun. 
The leaders know how to manage these indoctrinated men like Hitler harangued his crowd at a Nuremberg rally. The message is impregnated with religious rhetoric like a baba is full of rum. Yummy ! Blood ! The "generals" would not get this fodder to commit terror acts, without this strong religious fanatical component in the brainwashing... And ISIS was thus born from indoctrinated men we help to fight against Assad in Syria.

Even terrorists need a "base" to live in and leave from. This is why ISIS declared a Caliphate — a new country/state made of quickly conquered territories. 
Apart from US drones, the terrorists are safe within this territory since they killed off or suppressed all opposition to their political and religious aspirations. Beheading someone from time to time tends to make those who wish to rebel disappear into the ground. Compared to the numbers of drones used in killing "terrorists" (and collaterals) by the US war machine, these decapitations pale into insignificance. Of course these decapitation are also designed to make us angry, show our own ugly side and wave our flag. Patriotism flutters some more in the wind... 

The religion of the terrorists, Wahhabism, is frothed up to the max to make sure the devotees are committed to the cause and prepared to die. The devotees don't manufacture anything socially useful, except fear. Fear is valuable. Nothing new. Others people in the Caliphate soon, as the Muslim religion demands, join the ruthless but "generous" effective public servants in this new organised system. 
Most of them, though, polarised through religion, become psychopaths, because WE, humans, all have this ability in some dark corners of us. The idea of killing people, even with a motive, reasoned or false, is a psychopathic activity. Even soldiers can become "infected" with PTSD derived from this reality, because eventually, their conscience is awakened in a society that still hopefully has a conscience, and they are not fully psychopathic... They care... But soon they forget to care and forget to care for themselves.

Psychopaths, such as terrorists, just laugh and pat themselves on the back for barbaric acts — and prepare for the next one, in which they don't care if they die. It's shit for brains.
And they are on our payroll. 

In our own glorious countries, some quite new, like Australia  — a continent invaded in 1788 and declared a free country in 1901, or even the US, free at the end of the war of Independence, 1776 — similar aspirations also stemmed from our religious habits to believe anything nailed to a cross, including our rights to invade. In the US, as in Australia, territories were taken from natives with righteousness on our side. Teach the savages about Christ or shoot them. Or poison them. Or bury them at low tide on a beach.
Of course "Australia" was taken over by the English, as the US had become independent, the Poms could not send their growing number of convicts to toil in the former American colony. 
In fact, looking at the social construct of the day, England was suffering from over population back then. Their prison hulk ships were full. Sending convicts into expanding colonies was a way to solve this problem. 

Sydney was thus established as a penal colony. 
This colourful history has been swept under the carpet by our Turdy who glorified the invasion as if the beginning of civilisation. For him, the land was there for the taking, despite being already occupied by Aboriginal people.... And don't be fooled. If he rumbles about including "Aboriginal recognition" in the constitution it is only to make him look good as he presides over the raping of the Aboriginal culture and the closure of Aboriginal settlements. Ugly. Tony is a Pom. Contrarily to Australian laws, he holds two nationalities while being a member of parliament. TONY TURDY IS BREAKING THE LAW. He should be in prison for having impersonated an OrstralyaN...

If one reads the original writings from the Sydney convicts and their jailers in various manuscripts, they thought they had been sent to one forgotten corner of hell. The place was nice enough, but strange. Survival was near impossible by European standards. The soil was poor and crops failed. There were no women to speak of, and the only distraction came from booze (then run by the rum corps). It is likely that homosexuality was rife. 

Some convict thought that China was on the other side of the "hills" (the Blue Mountains) and escaped, never to be found again or dead. Did white men commit atrocious crimes akin to terrorism, against the natives? Of course. The record is hushed.
It took more than 30 years for Sydney's colony leaders to find a way to cross the "formidable" barrier of the "Blue Mountains" and reach the plains on the other side, where some crops of value could be planted. The Aborigines knew the way but the white-fella forgot to ask before shooting them.

The Caliphate is doing the same in Iraq as "our" European ancestors did to these new countries, following in the traditions started by the invasion of Babylon 650 BC (possibly some invasion occured earlier but this one was "recorded"). 
As we have settled our ways and became more spread over, we have accepted our "position" as if it was the religious destiny of spruiking the word of god... We have become civilised religious petits bourgeois.

This religious destiny has come to a turning point. 
One of the many problems here stems for Christians having distanced themselves from the poverty enshrined in the new testament of the bible... Sure we deal with the economic poverty of others with Charity" but we add to the poverty of our spirit by not sharing in half... like St Paul, the socialist on the road to damascus...

Most other religious problems stem from sex.

Religion is not about salvation. Religion is about controlling sex and using sex as a motivator for doing things to other people, like rewarding dead bomber Muslims with 27 virgins in the sky... Crap galore !... 
But it works. So why oh why are we supporting an ultra religious sect to take over the present secular government of Syria? This is beyond stupidity. This shows a deliberate nasty bent in our spine. We're crooks. We don't even understand our own religious nightmare, that we wish to impose on ourselves. We want other countries to be under the thumb of religious extremism. 

With the preoccupation of the churches also focused of the gays, lesbians and trangenders marriage, they have lost the sense of being Christian where the poorest of us or "the different" should be admitted to god's paradise... But we give five cents worth of charity...
The lack of pain and the modernity of their furniture makes Christians miss the point of being poor. This from a religious website:

The economic, social, and familial pressures will seem so unbearable – so inconsistent with that “wonderful plan for your life” – they will quickly and enthusiastically distance themselves from those brethren who choose to pick up the cross and not check the “like” button. Whatever it is that hangs in the balance – professional honor, academic respectability, securing a lucrative business contract, or thirty pieces of silver – it will surely be described as the place to which “the Lord is leading us.”

So the lure of economic success often becomes our wish to god's benevolence (not mine I am an atheist). This is not new, though it has reached a saturation point since availability of information, false or true. 
For many years since the beginning of the giant hoaxes that Christianity, Islam and Judaism are, they were able to control information very tightly. Often it became "you believe — or you die or you are banished or you will be destroyed." Simple. Not much counter-argument came against this. Most people are sheep and will do anything to survive in any climate of oppression, or of misinformation. 

In the Western World, born of Greek, Roman and religious folklore, the old Christian values are not the only ones on the social market place. They are loosing ground in the face of much questioning by people who are "different" and they can smell hypocrisy in being excluded from the "embracing-all" true (still a hoax) church of Christ... The present groups of Christians more or less tell some of us: "you don't exist, you are sinners ... we don't want you to pollute our pure little comfortable capitalistic existence in which we pray to god for more greedy things" not mentioning of course we wish peace in the world while we are sowing the seeds of terrorism in other countries.
As mentioned in my article De Revotionibus, a certain Blaise Pascal hinted at pain being the lot of Christians and that we should not try to stop it... This is also loopy, but then the human species, being of inferior natural stock in evolution, has to find ways to lure itself into surviving imperfection. 

So here we have a family of politicians telling us what stick we should place in our arse:

Australia's bloated welfare system is not only putting us on a Greek-style debt path, but is also partly to blame for rising divorce rates and declining fertility, according to NSW finance minister Dominic Perrottet.

The 32-year-old father of three - with another on the way – said the generosity of the age pension had reduced the incentive to have children to support oneself in old age.

"While the decline in birth rates is multi causal, there is no doubt the meddling hand of big government is once again at work. Countries with large pension systems tend to struggle with fertility," he told the Centre for Independent Studies on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, payments to single parents had made divorce an easier option and contributed to family breakdowns.

Mr Perrottet cited the conclusions of a controversial 1965 US study by bureaucrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan which asserted a causal link between welfare and family breakdown in black communities.

The fact here is that in the religious (and the social religous) context, women have to OBEY MEN. Full stop... The family courts was able to sort the problem of many women BEING VICTIMISED by religious or drunken blokes (According to David Attemborough, the drunken male human is the most dangerous species he ever encountered in his career).


Some women prefer a submissive attitude as it prevents having to think for themselves. BUT many women were highly unhappy in dreadful marriages in which they were beaten and raped. Not all religious white men are nice, as we discover with priest fucking around with minors

Real unemployment is rife. Many people have to work in dreadful insecure conditions. Part time or "casual" employment has reduced most poor people's ability to become petits bourgeois themselves... They don't like it.

Meanwhile we need to "protect" ourselves because "we can't stop hitting the hornet's nest with a stick"... But we are going about it the wrong way; we are destroying our own democratic rights to fight terror. We're idiots led but the turdiest idiot of them all, Turdy Abbott.

I rest my case.

Gus Leonisky

Your local secularist socialist aware atheist. 



opus dei rots the new south wales government...


Mr Warburton told the students they were privileged to learn about ''the Lord of the universe who put stars in the sky, who created the world, who created every single part of what we live in, who created each and every one of us''.

Mr Warburton is not the only like-minded colleague in Mr Baird's inner circle. A notable addition to cabinet is his close friend Rob Stokes, the new environment minister, who holds a a diploma in Bible studies. During Wednesday's swearing-in ceremony Mr Stokes omitted the words ''under God''.

He later said the decision was guided by Matthew's gospel in which Jesus frowned upon the swearing of oaths.

New finance minister Dominic Perrottet - a former protege of one-time ''religious right'' faction leader David Clarke - attended Redfield College in Dural, a school run by the conservative Catholic order Opus Dei.

Mr Clarke, whose wife Maria-Louise is an Opus Dei member, remains parliamentary secretary for justice.

Throw into the mix the deputy Premier and Nationals leader Andrew Stoner - who attends the evangelical C3 church - and the Baird/Stoner government is shaping as the most devout in living memory. It is a stark turnaround from a week ago when NSW was led by the relatively secular Barry O'Farrell.

But Mr Baird rejected the notion his government would be influenced by the strength of religious belief in his office or his cabinet. ''I'm not going to hide who I am and what's important to me, but I govern for everyone,'' he said.

He said faith ''is a matter for the individual''. ''My position has been clear in the Parliament,'' Mr Baird said.

''I don't go into Parliament and seek to legislate that. I'll respond on the basis of conscience.''

Mr Baird is on the record as opposing same sex marriage, embryonic stem cell research and same sex adoption. However, he committed to allowing Liberal MPs a free vote on such matters, as did Mr O'Farrell.

read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/onward-christian-soldier-a-premiers-faith-20140425-379pp.html


Please note according to Joe Hockey, his "god is not the vengeful one of the bible", though it is the same one... 


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minister dominic perrottet is right: welfare is evil...

Minister Dominic Perrottet is right (read from top): Welfare is evil... It leads to divorce, unemployment and idleness... And of course the best example of this is THE ROYAL FAMILY... Have you ever looked at this family of Germans in details? The way the Queen Victoria stuffed up the life of her NINE children after marrying HER FIRST COUSIN? Was she an aggrieved psychopath?

Yep the royals do nothing much. The queen rubber stamps decrees voted by the houses, and the kids go on junkets paid for by the state, including visiting the state of Aussiedom for their summer holidays... They are a family of bludgers. Sure, they go and do charity "work", if one can call visiting a few hospices, work... It's not even work for the dole... I know, all this pomp and lavish dinners is a hard price to pay...

And what about divorce... YEP, being on welfare leads to divorce... Remenber Diana? And the way the queen was going to "schmollen" (sulk) the idea of having a royal funeral for the "people's princess"?...

And Charlie (not Hebdo) does not know what to do with himself most of the time, the part-time grand doodah of the freemasonic lodge, he indulges in GREENish ideals... the cad...


Lewis Carroll Alice in wonderland had a few things to say about Queen Vic...


Yes the family who is on the biggest welfare rort in the world is the English royal family... And our silly women's magazines encourage them to rort some more! Idiots... Ah I see these rags are run by conservative barons, full of traditional shit...


Long live the republic !... on the way to truer democracy ! 

divorcing the spouse but keeping the faith...

Pope Francis has unveiled reforms intended to make it easier for Roman Catholics to get annulments and remarry within the Church.

Catholicism does not recognise divorce and teaches marriage is a lifelong commitment.

In order to separate, Catholics must have their marriage annulled by showing it was flawed from the outset.

The radical reforms allow access to procedures free of charge and fast-track decisions.

Until now the procedures have been seen as arcane, expensive and bureaucratic.

Catholics seeking an annulment previously needed approval from two Church tribunals. The reforms will reduce this to one and remove the requirement of automatic appeal. An appeal will still be possible if one of the parties requests it.

The new fast-track procedure will allow bishops to grant annulments directly if both spouses request it.

Because annulment procedures are complicated, couples normally require experts to guide them through, meaning that gaining one can be expensive.

Without an annulment, Catholics who divorce and marry again are considered adulterers and are not allowed to receive communion.

read more: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-34185559

the dorks delivered by the stork... or sprout amongst cabbages..


Dominic Perrottet, from a family of 12 children, was sent to private schools courtesy of the sacrifices of his parents. The sacrifice appears to have not delivered value for money.

Perrottet knows no history, nor the fundamental scientific concept of causation. Perrottet is so ignorant that he is oblivious of it, ebullient over the by-products of his stupidity. But in Mike Baird’s Christian Ministry, Mr Perrottet is paraded as an intellectual heavyweight.

In Federal Parliament we have the donkey vote-elected "libertarian" Senator David Leyonhjelm.

Given a platform in the Australian Financial Review (of course) on 22 July, under the title ‘Our incredible expanding taxes’ (reproduced in Online Opinion), Leyonhjelm complained:

Whichever way you look at it, our taxes are high. They are high by historic standards. … There is no justification for the ever-expanding tax burden. Living standards have risen over the past 50 years, which means the need for government welfare has declined.

And we haven't uncovered new forms of effective government intervention either. To the contrary, the prosperity-promoting effects of free markets and the many failings of government involvement have been demonstrated time and again.

The need for government welfare has declined? Tell it to women and children escaping domestic violence, now deprived of shelters. Tell it to those desperately seeking paid employment and unable to find it. Tell it to those with disabilities, to those in need of basic shelter. To those turned away from hospital emergency services. Etc.

Moreover, anyone still brandishing the term "free markets" is either a fool, or a blackguard, or both.

As with Mr Perrottet, Senator Leyonhjelm knows no history. He has sprung fully formed from an ideological cabbage patch. May his presence in the Federal Parliament be short-lived.

read more: https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/whence-the-commonweal,8141


See toon and read article at top...


opus dei rules...

New South Wales Liberal MP Damien Tudehope has lost his promised seat in the Upper House despite a peace deal struck between the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, and Treasurer Dominic Perrottet.

Mr Perrottet had agreed to move to the seat of Epping, currently held by Damien Tudehope, in a frontbench pre-selection stoush settled in September.

In exchange for the seat, Mr Tudehope agreed to take an Upper House position. 

But the ABC understands Liberal MPs have voted against Mr Tudehope taking the spot, 60 to 58 on Friday night.

Mr Tudehope has declined to comment.

It is understood Mr Perrottet will still move into the seat of Epping.

Mr Perrottet had originally made a play for the blue-ribbon seat of Castle Hill, held by frontbench MP Ray Williams after Mr Williams refused to retire despite weeks of pressure from Liberal powerbrokers.

Mr Perrottet had held the seat of Castle Hill until he swapped to Mr Williams's old seat of Hawkesbury, after a redistribution and factional deal in the lead-up to the last election.

But Mr Perrottet said the birth of two of his children since that time led him to want Castle Hill back.

The Liberal Party civil war hit a low when Mr Williams demanded Mr Perrottet quit cabinet and Ms Berejiklian was forced to step in and broker a peace deal.

It is unclear what Mr Tudehope will do now that deal has been scrapped.


Read more:



Read from top. Note that Perrottet is a god fanatic...