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this is a conspiracy...

three little aussies...

of women and conspiracies…

It has been my observations that most women don’t believe in conspiracies. Strange. Well, whenever I try to explain to a woman how this or that conspiracy works or has been constructed, she tells me that I am naive and that people DON’T think this way. And this is where I had been confused for quite a few years. Ahem...

I knew I was right about the plots, but people "DON’T think that way?"

Yes, women don’t think that way. 

That could be the actual synergy of my dilemma. Women don’t really know about d’Artagnan and the Eminence Grise, apart from the frocks… Women might gang up on another poor female in a bitching fest, but this would be the extend of the deed. No deep philosophical drive to it. Men will do a serious conspiratorial witch hunt. Remember Tony Abbott destruction of Julia Gillard. The simple aim of this conspiracy was to destroy her political career. The conspiracy worked on various levels, including the overt and covert support of Uncle Rupe, plus a relentless campaign designed to destroy Labor. Magic.

Males, to the contrary of most women, will thus fashion a strong deep throat narrative, a continuum of actions and a sturdy purpose to achieve long term goals — secret and not so secret. When all of these deeds are exclusive, hidden and the goal is the simple domination of the world, one can claim this to be a conspiracy. Nothing new here. A conspiracy against the greater social good, against democracy, against people and equality. And there are plenty of those conspiracies, many intertwined, ruthlessly dangerous and other competing conspiracies for supremacy.

So why do women in general refuse to accept that there are “conspiracies” that are designed to achieve certain political and economic outcomes? Real spy stories tend to bore them and push them to go and flick through the pages of a Women’s Weekly magazine instead. 

There, they can see romance and fairy tales.

In the same magazines, men would see manipulation of a naive prince by the female folk, to bed a commoner as the poor fellow is entrapped by beauty, perfumes and dazzled by the halo light. No conspiracy? Yep, it’s called love and a Snow White job. At this level, there would have been a “naughty” witch at the beginning of this affair and everything ends well. “Naughty” is not a conspiracy in the eyes of women and conspiracies are long, dangerous and always continue to a bitter end. 

I will venture to say against my better judgement and the rotten tomatoes I will be hit with that women don’t think like men. I am not the first person to say so but, after years of trying to explain myself, I am often told by the female lot to shut up.

When women are given power, they have little understanding of the stack of cards and the secret manipulations that have been put in place by their male dominators. Most women think by the rules and regulations and the fair process of equality. Bollocks. Those women who achieve top jobs by will have had to think like men who head-butt each other in the open but secretly grab the balls of any opponents in the most elegant ways, for a win that will be gracefully accepted by the losers until "next time”. It’s the inevitable ebb and flow of revenge.

I am a feminist, by the way. But here I constantly battle this female reluctance to believe in “conspiracies”. Religion is a conspiracy for chrissake! Gaining power to become the most powerful person on the planet requires a complex management of other folks in a gigantic conspiratorial momentum — some of it can be seen as propaganda, other actions are simple discreet moves controlling the playing field and killing the opposition.

Here in the top cartoon , I have placed three characters that have defined “conspiracy” in their own way. All are AUSTRALIANS. They are not the only characters at this level in the world, but their importance has been quite phenomenal, playful and efficient. 

John Pilger exposes conspiracies, inadequacies and plots by governments that do rotten things in secret. See, government will often say one thing to the public, through a compliant media and political pressers, and do another(s) behind the scene. Constantly.

Most women don’t trust Pilger, especially journalists. “He goes to far.” “His views are too controversial.” “He makes me uncomfortable” “He sees too many conspiracies everywhere” “His views are UNBALANCED”. This last one is a bit rich coming from females who often see “balance" as accepting “good and bad” in the same feelings.
John Pilger pushes on regardless, more and more controversially determined, while being always accurate.

Julian Assange found his calling by using his special skills: hacking. But he went beyond these algorithms skills and developed a healthy amoral judgement which annoy a lot of people with righteousness in their backside, especially women. He releases the secrets deals made by government to stay in power, as well as the bad deeds the government want to keep secret. I believe Julian has been entrapped by the oldest way women know how to. But he has managed to stay afloat, even while being betrayed by some of his own friends to the point he had to secretly betray his bail conditions. "They" were coming for him. Wikileaks is Assange and Assange is Wikileaks — even in exile, which is better than incommunicado in prison. Hillary Clinton once mentioned that Wikileaks was “dead” and then you know the rest. Wikileaks released her dud emails and those of her support machine. Even after she deleted all of her “private” emails from her server (by accident, I believe we are told), I would not be surprised to find that Assange actually has these Clinton “private” emails in stock — and is waiting. He has been accused of working for the Russians, with “proofs” that none ever saw and ever will. It's rubbish of course. Most people who work in “intelligence” would know that these "proofs" are a lot of baloney. But to be fair, Wikileaks had only a very small impact on the destruction of Hillary in the presidential elections despite the FBI doing this or that. The next character had more to do with the strange “unpredicted” result than the other two Aussies...

Uncle Rupe (aka Rupert Murdoch) is the clever guy who manipulates people to believe in crap. Crap is whatever he chooses for him to make money or whom he chooses to anoint. Mostly illustrated crap. Every picture-impact is a million words.
Someone like Soros is bent. Soros believes in the good of the hypocritical left mixed with the hypocritical neoliberal robbery. This is ugly.
Rupert is more assured of his conspiracies. He place them in the open titbit by titbit, but the entirety of his means and scope are quite secret and complex. Few journalists understand and few are prepared to expose the tricks (because one day “they” might work for him? Did I say this?). Quite simply, Rupert supported Trump from “the beginning”. Rupert owns a lot of “conservative” media in the world.
The general trick is to appear ambivalent about an outcome, while showing warts and all of his wares (including naked pictures of the wife), but by ruthlessly panning the opposition. Thus he is not promoting full blatant lies, just proportions of truths, half-truths and rumours —and distracting nudes. Suddenly Hillary is portrayed as a nice woman one day and as a full-blown bitch the next in the White House. Sources are quoted. Hum… 
Rupert has an intent: get Trump elected. He is going to confuse the women folk by “falling in love” with Jerry Hall. It’s genuine: wedding bells. Women are emotionally taken. Meanwhile the manipulation of voters continues — especially in the "Christian wheat-belts” and "real" male dominions. Everywhere he can, Murdoch places hints — and he is patient. It's a question of FINAL numbers. I repeat: FINAL numbers.
For conspiracies to work, they have to be well orchestrated, secret, specifically intended even if there is need for improvisation, and they demand patience. Most women are not patient enough with conspiracies. They would spill the beans too easily. A secret is rarely safe in the brain of women: don't repeat this gossip. Sure. Next thing the whole world knows.

Women don’t understand the "special" next move, especially a move which might go against you, but is a master stroke at sowing doubt rather than generate resistance. 
And by the way, a lot of people "in" on Rupert's conspiracy, are mere players who don't know they are part of a master plan, but have been employed because they firmly believe in the issues that will be beneficial to the master plan. It's not brain surgery, it's picking the good dogs from the litter... as well as having means to make sure the nag you pick will pip the colt at the post...

So what is a conspiracy: tells us:
what is a conspiracy
the activity of secretly planning with other people to do something bad or illegal.

conspiracy of silence
a general agreement to keep silentabout a subject for the purpose of keeping it secret.

Here we must emphasize the meaning of “bad” and “illegal” in the context of government, propaganda and distrust.

Is the US spying on Merkel and Hollande a conspiracy of sorts? Sure, when this is done in secret and for gaining an advantage.

Is fostering regime change in Syria a conspiracy?

In a way no, because the intent is stated and the means of achieving this outcome are somewhat stated (funding/helping "rebels”) but the truth is secretly conspiratorially modified to make us accept that these rebels are moderates when they are fully fledged terrorists. The intent is also falsified by painting a ruler as a bad person, while the act of regime change is totally illegal in the UN charter. As well the true intent is not really “regime change” but creating a political vacuum that will be more conductive to better mercantile outcomes.

For example the USA want help their “friends” the Saudis (Wahhabi, Salafists, Sunnis), to place a gas pipeline through Syria. The Syrian government (Allawites, Shia, Christians) refuses. The Yanks are not going to be happy. They will CONSPIRE to sow discord in that country, till the “rebels” (Sunnis) take over the government or make the government comply with the US demand of a Saudi pipeline.

So, why would the Syrian refuse a pipeline which in the long run would bring cash to the country? The pipeline would compete with (and eventually trash) the Syrian friends — the Russians and the Iranians economies. The conspiracy thus goes deeper and deeper into manipulations of markets and supplies. Part of this “complex” conspiracy is that the US desperately want to damage the Russian economy.

The Russians supply gas to Europe and doing so keep their economy afloat. A few years ago, the USA tried to sink the Russian economy by trying to “privatise” its resources through the oligarchs and some bogus banks. Russia (Putin) saw that this did not happen. The US administration has been trying to destroy Russia and Putin ever since — without going to full overt war.

The Western neo-liberal media has been stirred into creating and maintaining the idea that the Ruskies are the bad guys. "Détente is a bad idea”. This is a complete conspiracy where what is done is designed to benefit the USA, is hidden from the public, is completely illegal on the international relation market and hypocritical to the hilt. 

How do we dismantle such conspiracies? These conspiracies, like that of the “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction” are very difficult to expose when the media at large is part and parcel of the said conspiracy — willingly or not.  Meanwhile bombs will fall on the poorest countries, killing kids and old folks, while Obama makes jokes at a media annual dinner.  This is sicker than sick. This is a conspiracy with hypocrisy.
And women, including journos are in love with Barak for being so male and so entertaining… Women don’t often see past the image. Dumb? Not really... Just lacking the interest in trying to understand the greater game beyond the bitching, the goss and the gloss.

I am going to be hit for six, aren’t I? Ah the pleasure of life.

Gus Leonisky
Your local conspiracy theorist
I could be wrong, but I don't think so....

the artfulness of stats...

In theory, statistics should help settle arguments. They ought to provide stable reference points that everyone – no matter what their politics – can agree on. Yet in recent years, divergent levels of trust in statistics has become one of the key schisms that have opened up in western liberal democracies. Shortly before the November presidential election, a study in the US discovered that 68% of Trump supporters distrusted the economic data published by the federal government. In the UK, a research project by Cambridge University and YouGov looking at conspiracy theories discovered that 55% of the population believes that the government “is hiding the truth about the number of immigrants living here”.

Rather than diffusing controversy and polarisation, it seems as if statistics are actually stoking them. Antipathy to statistics has become one of the hallmarks of the populist right, with statisticians and economists chief among the various “experts” that were ostensibly rejected by voters in 2016. Not only are statistics viewed by many as untrustworthy, there appears to be something almost insulting or arrogant about them. Reducing social and economic issues to numerical aggregates and averages seems to violate some people’s sense of political decency.

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Statistics applied to economics and politics are useful to mask conspiracies from the public. As I have mentioned many times on this site, politics and economics are not sciences. They only rely on accepted values and opinions. Nothing scientific about these. But these stats can be use to create impressions, including maintain long terms conspiracies which are designed to enrich the rich and let the poor in poordom... Nothing new in illusion, except the magic tricks becomes more precise — with stats to boot.

hollywoodian conspiracy...



"Another odd episode steps out from the Cold War's shadows. Riveting."
—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Listen to this book, because it talks in a very clear way about what has been silenced."
—John Berger, author of Ways of Seeing and winner of the Man Booker Prize

"It may be difficult today to believe that the American intellectual elite was once deeply embedded with the CIA. But with Finks, Joel Whitney vividly brings to life the early days of the Cold War, when the CIA's Ivy League ties were strong, and key American literary figures were willing to secretly do the bidding of the nation's spymasters." —James Risen, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War

“A deep look at that scoundrel time when America's most sophisticated and enlightened literati eagerly collaborated with our growing national security state. Finks is a timely moral reckoning—one that compels all those who work in the academic, media and literary boiler rooms to ask some troubling questions of themselves...” —David Talbot, founder of Salon and author of The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA and the Rise of America's Secret Government

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I believe that Hollywood was in on the sting from the start... Hollywood has no redeaming features...

the artfulness of being omnipresent....

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall star attractions at Malcolm Turnbull's business drinks

While all eyes were on Washington over the weekend as one billionaire officially entered public office, another touched down in Australia to be entertained by our public officers.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, together with his wife, model and thespian Jerry Hall, were the main attraction at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's sundowner soiree at Kirribilli House on Saturday.

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What is impressive in this article by Jenna Clarke is the description of frocks. If the same article had been written by a bloke, other parts of the duo would have been mentioned. But what is telling is the tentacular spread of Uncle Rupe. Not only he has Nigel Farrage to comment on his FOX network, we are told:

The appointment (Nigel Farrage) adds weight to the recent New York Magazine report that Murdoch, who also owns Sydney's Daily Telegraph, The Sun and The Times papers in London, is working hard to establish a relationship with the newly installed President by speaking to Trump three times a week.

While 'Jupert' are down under, Murdoch's ex-wife Wendi Murdoch was on the ground in Washington enjoying the inauguration celebrations with her close friend, Ivanka Trump.

Yep. Would you believe the man who the planet should deeemed responsible for the Trump ascendency (the Ruskies had nothing to do with it) will work hard to speak to El Trumpo three times a week — possibly one time personally— mano a mano — and twice on the blower like he did with G W Bush?

What sort of loony tunes will our Uncle Rupe place in Trumbelina's caboosh? Hum... We know that "they" don't want to shirtfront Putin. So how are they going to by-pass the anti-Russian "hawks" on both sides of politics in the USA? Is the plan more sinister than "détente" and have a design to commute the friendship with Putin as a long term way to "take over" Russia? Attracting the bear in a honey trap? Am I too much of conspiracy sniffer for my own good? Or is the air full of genuine genuinity?

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At this level, Uncle Rupe is a natural. I am not, but to a great extend I am a seer...

fuck you...


Hey Madonna!  A vote for Bernie woud have been a good start... Are you ready? Read from the top... There WAS a conspiracy to install Hillary Clinton at the helm — by most crooked means... NOT FUCKING LOVE....


WAKE UP and make me happy....

Apparently Madonna tried to bribe males to vote for Hillary Clinton:

While introducing comedian Amy Schumer at a recent show at New York City's Madison Square Garden, the 58-year-old superstar vowed to perform oral sex on anyone who voted for the Democratic nominee. 

“If you vote for Hillary Clinton,” Madonna told the crowd, “I will give you a blow job.”

She didn't stop there: “I'm not a douche, and I'm not a tool. I take my time. And I have a lot of eye contact.”

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a democrat conspiracy...

When the Clinton campaign said it would join the recount in three Rust Belt states narrowly lost to Donald Trump, it didn’t say its motive was overcoming the vote totals but instead to find out if there was “foreign interference” in the election.

“This election cycle was unique in the degree of foreign interference witnessed throughout the campaign,” wrote Clinton campaign counsel Marc Elias. “The U.S. government concluded that Russian state actors were behind the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the personal email accounts of Hillary for America campaign officials.”

During the campaign Hillary Clinton made no secret of where she thought that foreign interference might be coming from. She repeatedly blamed Russia for trying to sway the election.

When the Green Party’s Jill Stein launched her recount campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (the three states that gave Trump the victory), Stein’s announcement quoted her on her website as saying that because “foreign agents” had “hacked into party databases, private e-mail servers, and voter databases in certain states, many Americans are wondering if our election results are reliable.” Stein’s page was then updated to eliminate reference to “foreign agents” in her quote.

But her recount petition filed in Wisconsin begins by saying “it was widely reported that foreign operators breached voter registration databases in at least two states and stole hundreds of thousands of voter records.” The petition then says the U.S. intelligence community is “confident” Russia was behind the hacks. There is “well-documented and conclusive evidence of foreign interference in the presidential race before the election ... [that] call[s] into question the results and indicate the possibility that (a) widespread breach occurred,” Stein’s lawyers wrote.

In fact the intelligence community has never made public its evidence for independent computer experts to weigh in on. After the election, the Obama administration said it had no proof of Russian interference in the election tallies and that the results “accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

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sad rubbery figures....

Within the section titled, “Methodology,” the report admits:

Despite repeated requests by Amnesty International for access to Syria, and specifically for access to detention facilities operated by the Syrian authorities, Amnesty International has been barred by the Syrian authorities from carrying out research in the country and consequently has not had access to areas controlled by the Syrian government since the crisis began in 2011. Other independent human rights monitoring groups have faced similar obstacles.

In other words, Amnesty International had no access whatsoever to the prison, nor did any of the witnesses it allegedly interview provide relevant evidence taken from or near the prison.

The only photographs of the prison are taken from outer space via satellite imagery. The only other photos included in the report are of three men who allege they lost weight while imprisoned and a photo of one of eight alleged death certificates provided to family members of detainees who died at Saydnaya.

The alleged certificates admittedly reveal nothing regarding allegations of torture or execution.

Articles like, “Hearsay Extrapolated – Amnesty Claims Mass Executions In Syria, Provides Zero Proof,” provide a detailed examination of Amnesty’s “statistics,” while articles like, “Amnesty International “Human Slaughterhouse” Report Lacks Evidence, Credibility, Reeks Of State Department Propaganda,” cover the politically-motivated nature of both Amnesty International and the timing of the report’s promotion across the Western media.

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Australian founder of WikiLeaksJulian Assange, will be greatly relieved as Lasso’s pro-U.S. party has promised to evict Assange from Ecuador’s London embassy. The computer hacker and whistleblower has been holed up there since 2012, following attempts to extradite him to Sweden and then to the USA.

Moreno has said Assange can stay in the embassy but has stipulated that he is:

" ... not to intervene in the politics of countries that are friends of Ecuador."

Before the November U.S. election, the attitude of Donald Trump’s camp towards Assange contrasted with Hillary Clinton’s in Assange’s favour. Last year, Ecuador was pressured by the Obama administration to cut off Assange’s internet access at their London embassy. This followed WikiLeaks releasing thousands of emails damaging to Obama and Clinton, as IA reported in detail in November.

Of course, now Trump is president, there is no telling what the new administration’s stance will be. Assange will have observed current White House volatility and unpredictability as closely as anyone. Just in the last week, Trump has fabricated an incident in Sweden, has been revealed to be unable to live in the White House and has had a retired vice-admiral decline his offer to replace Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign after revelations that he had misled the vice-president about his links with Russia.

Observers who anticipated the right would march on to victory in Ecuador – as has happened in Argentina, Peru, the USA and Chile’s local elections, and is predicted for this year’s European elections – have been proven wrong.

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blame the russians...

Following revelations that the CIA can reportedly attribute its hacking activity to others, an anti-virus expert has said that attacks previously blamed on others are now attributable to the CIA, according to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

News that the CIA could make its malware look as if it derived from Russia, China or other actors emerged as part of WikiLeaks’ ‘Year Zero’ data release on Tuesday.

According to the leaked information, the CIA’s malware allows the intelligence agency to not only steal hacking techniques, but also to leave false “fingerprints” to make it appear as if others were responsible for the attack.

Speaking in a livestream on Thursday, Assange announced that WikiLeaks will give tech companies access to the methods used by the CIA in its hacking operations. Assange then said that after the revelation, an anti-virus expert approached WikiLeaks to say that attacks previously blamed on Russia, China and Iran have now been pinned on the CIA.

“The technology is designed to be unaccountable, it’s designed to be untraceable, it’s designed to hide itself. It’s designed to throw off people looking to see where there are fingerprints that might demonstrate who authored that technology," Assange explained.

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spying on trump...

First, Vault 7 completely demolishes the already meager claim in December 2016 from the outgoing Obama administration that evidence of «Russian code» in alleged hacking of the Democratic National Committee proved Moscow’s involvement. That argument was absurd on its face even when it was made, roughly equivalent to suggesting that because a gang of bank robbers used a Volkswagen for a getaway car they must have been Germans. Clearly Russian hackers would use anything but Russian software to avoid pointing back to themselves. Wikileaks now confirms the CIA’s use of Russian software for false-flag effect:

«The CIA's Remote Devices Branch's UMBRAGE group collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques 'stolen' from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.

«With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the ‘fingerprints’ of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.»

Second, Vault 7 should be scrubbed for evidence of coordination between American agencies and those of the other «Five Eyes» Anglosphere countries with which the U.S. closely shares intelligence: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Why? There’s a saying in Washington: never believe anything until it’s been officially denied. Obama has been lawyerly definitive in his denials of ordering taps on Trump and his team or on any American citizen, ever. More precise in his language has been James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence (DNI), who states that «there was no wiretap against Trump Tower during the campaign conducted by any part of the national intelligence community». This begs the question of whether Trump was tapped not by a U.S. «national» agency but by one of the Five Eyes sister agencies, which then passed the information back to their American colleagues, a ploy to avoid legal prohibitions on domestic spying or even a pro formawarrant requirement. A U.S. former intelligence official familiar with the practice tells me that such a maneuver was not only a possible means for the espionage against Trump but probable. The most likely agency to have carried out the task is the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), formal counterpart of the U.S. National Security Agency and its virtual satellite.

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the FBI conspiratorial...


Hillary Clinton sparked an FBI backlash, which is now surfacing, when she stonewalled the Feds, who were trying to investigate her private server, Julian Assange said during the John Pilger Special, courtesy of Dartmouth Films, which is now available in full on RT.

“If you go to history of the FBI, it has become effectively America's political police. And the FBI demonstrated with taking down the former head of the CIA [David Petraeus in 2012] over classified information given to his mistress that almost no one was untouchable. The FBI is always trying to demonstrate that. ‘No one can resist us,’” Assange told the Australian journalist during the 25-minute interview.



But Hillary Clinton very conspicuously resisted the FBI's investigation. So, there is anger within the FBI because it made the FBI look weak.”

FBI director James B. Comey threw a spanner into the presidential race that threatened to become a Clinton procession last week, when he claimed that the agency had potentially obtained new information pertaining to Clinton’s use of a personal email server, set up shortly after she became Secretary of State in 2009, when they obtained the laptop of Anthony Weiner, the ex-husband of close Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Weiner was being investigated for an unrelated sexting offense.

Clinton has categorically denied mishandling classified information by using a vulnerable personal email address for State Department business. Fox News has alleged that the FBI has obtained new evidence from Weiner’s computer that shows that Clinton was “very likely hacked.”

The right-wing network has also claimed that there is a “high priority” FBI investigation into whether favors were exchanged by Clinton for donations to her husband’s foundation, though other media have refuted these claims, saying that an earlier investigation into the Clinton Foundation, which cleared the power couple, remained closed.


Assange, whose WikiLeaks website has over the last ten monthsreleased three sizable batches of emails, relating to Clinton herself, the Democratic National Committee, and her campaign manager John Podesta, said the FBI has cause to investigate Clinton.

“There's a thread that runs through all of these emails. There is quite a lot of "pay-to-play," as they call it – taking… giving access in exchange for money for many individual states, individuals and corporations. Combined with the cover-up of Hillary Clinton's emails while she was Secretary of State this has led to an environment where the pressure on the FBI [to investigate] increases,” Assange said.

Regardless of whether Clinton ever faces charges, Assange asserted that Clinton was beholden to corporate and political entities that have been hidden from the electorate during the race to the White House.

“She's this centralizing cog, so that you've got a lot of different gears in operation from the big banks like Goldman Sachs, and major elements of Wall Street, and intelligence, and people in the State Department, and the Saudis, and so on. She's is the, if you like, the centralizer that interconnects all these different cogs. She's smooth central representation of all that, and all that is more or less what is in power now in the United States,” stated Assange, who said that the leaked emails presented a clear picture of this nexus of influences.

Assange also insisted that despite his image, projecting hope and change, President Barack Obama became “very close to banking interests” during his own initial White House campaign in 2008.

“In fact, one of the most significant Podesta emails that we released was about how the Obama cabinet was formed – and half the [first] Obama cabinet was basically nominated by a representative from Citibank. It is quite amazing,”Assange said.

‘Libya was Hillary’s war’

According to Assange, Clinton’s emails reveal a masterplan, hatched months before the West’s intervention in Libya in March 2011, to make it the signature conflict of her tenure as secretary of state, and a podium from which to realize her presidential dreams.



“Libya more than anyone else's war was Hillary Clinton's war. Barack Obama initially opposed it. Who was the person who was championing it? Hillary Clinton. That's documented throughout her emails,” Assange said.

“There's more than 1,700 emails out of the 33,000 of Hillary Clinton's emails we published just about Libya. It's not about that Libya has cheap oil. She perceived the removal of Gaddafi and the overthrow of the Libyan state something that she would use to run in the general election for president. So late 2011, there's an internal document called the "Libya Tick Tock" that is produced for Hillary Clinton, and it's all the... it's a chronological description of how Hillary Clinton was the central figure in the destruction of the Libyan state.”

But the scheme not only failed on a personal level, after Clinton was largely blamed for allowing a jihadist ransacking of a US compound in Benghazi in 2012, but also continues to haunt the country, which remains in a state of civil war, and Europe.

“As a result, there [have been] around 40,000 deaths within Libya. Jihadists moved in, ISIS moved in. That led to the European refugee and migrant crisis, because not only did you have people fleeing Libya, people then fleeing Syria, destabilization of other African countries as a result of arms flows,” said Assange.

Over the course of the interview, Assange also expounded on his views on Donald Trump, the relationship between WikiLeaks and Russia, and his plan to leave the Ecuadorian embassy, where he has lived as a legal fugitive since 2012.

The full transcript of the interview is available here, and previous excerpts here, and here.

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a bitch named hillary...



Following the ABC broadcast, Ferguson’s executive producer, Sally Neighbour, re-tweeted the following: 'Assange is Putin’s bitch. We all know it!'


The slander, since deleted, was even used as a link to the ABC interview captioned 'Assange is Putins (sic) b****. We all know it!'



In the years I have known Julian Assange, I have watched a vituperative personal campaign try to stop him and WikiLeaks. It has been a frontal assault on whistleblowing, on free speech and free journalism, all of which are now under sustained attack from governments and corporate internet controllers.

The first serious attacks on Assange came from the Guardian, which, like a spurned lover, turned on its besieged former source, having hugely profited fromWikiLeaks’ disclosures. With not a penny going to Assange or WikiLeaks, a Guardian book led to a lucrative Hollywood movie deal. Assange was portrayed as “callous” and a “damaged personality”.

It was as if a rampant jealousy could not accept that his remarkable achievements stood in marked contrast to that of his detractors in the “mainstream” media. It is like watching the guardians of the status quo, regardless of age, struggling to silence real dissent and prevent the emergence of the new and hopeful.

Today, Assange remains a political refugee from the war-making dark state of which Donald Trump is a caricature and Hillary Clinton the embodiment. His resilience and courage are astonishing. Unlike him, his tormentors are cowards.

You can access more of the films and journalism of John Pilger at or follow him on Twitter @johnpilger.

Read more:,10845

read from top... At this level of conspiracy, Hillary is more like a devious chauvinistic bloke in woman's feministic pants...


Ecuador has cut Julian Assange’s communications with the outside world from its London embassy, where the founder of the whistleblowing WikiLeaks website has been living for nearly six years.

The Ecuadorian government said in statement that it had acted because Assange had breached “a written commitment made to the government at the end of 2017 not to issue messages that might interfere with other states”.

It said Assange’s recent behaviour on social media “put at risk the good relations [Ecuador] maintains with the United Kingdom, with the other states of the European Union, and with other nations”.


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The US interfere with most countries, if not all, including Equador. Time to put an end to Assange's "detention" and let him be free wherever he wants, INCLUDING AUSTRALIA.


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Twitter users stood up in defense of Julian Assange, who has been cut off from internet access and communications by Ecuadorian officials.

Many Twitter users shouted out in defense of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is isolated in the Embassy of Ecuador. He can't read their support, of course, since the government of Ecuador announced Wednesday that it has shut down Assange's internet connection and other means of outside communication.

The Twitter posts, united by hashtag #ReconnectJulian, demand that Ecuador restore Assange's internet connection.

A Tweet by Caitlin Johnstone says Ecuador's decision double-crosses the idea of political asylum, as Assange has been given asylum for "speaking truth using the internet" in the first place.

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Can someone nearby give Assange access to WiFi? code word: truth?

a martyr in ecuador...

Human rights activists including Noam Chomsky, John Pilger and Pamela Anderson have published an open letter demanding that the Ecuadorian government restore Julian Assange’s freedom of speech.

The WikiLeaks editor is living in virtual isolation within London’s Ecuadorian embassy after authorities at the State Office scrambled his internet connection. The decision was taken due to Assange’s critical remarks on social media regarding Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont’s arrest (see:

It’s understood that Assange will not be allowed to see visitors, after the Ecuadorian government said his recent actions had threatened good relations with nations like the UK and Spain.

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A host of famous names have now come out in support of the WikiLeaks co-founder, and demanded that the Ecuadorian government reverse their decision to cut his internet access.


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and the british government too...

We call on the Government of Ecuador to allow Julian Assange his right of freedom of speech.

If it was ever clear that the case of Julian Assange was never just a legal case, but a struggle for the protection of basic human rights, it is now.

Citing his critical tweets about the recent detention of Catalan President Carles Puigdemont in Germany, and following pressure from the U.S., Spanish and UK governments, the Ecuadorian Government has installed an electronic jammer to stop Assange communicating with the outside world via the internet and phone.

As if ensuring his total isolation, the Ecuadorian Government is also refusing to allow him to receive visitors. Despite two UN rulings describing his detention as unlawful and mandating his immediate release, Assange has been effectively imprisoned since he was first placed in isolation in Wandsworth prison in London in December 2010. He has never been charged with a crime. The Swedish case against him collapsed and was withdrawn, while the United States has stepped up efforts to prosecute him. His only "crime" is that of a true journalist — telling the world the truths that people have a right to know.

Under its previous president, the Ecuadorian Government bravely stood against the bullying might of the United States and granted Assange political asylum as a political refugee. International law and the morality of human rights was on its side.

Today, under extreme pressure from Washington and its collaborators, another government in Ecuador justifies its gagging of Assange by stating that:

“Assange's behaviour, through his messages on social media, put at risk good relations which this country has with the UK, the rest of the EU and other nations.”

This censorious attack on free speech is not happening in Turkey, Saudi Arabia or China; it is right in the heart of London. If the Ecuadorian Government does not cease its unworthy action, it, too, will become an agent of persecution rather than the valiant nation that stood up for freedom and for free speech. If the EU and the UK continue to participate in the scandalous silencing of a true dissident in their midst, it will mean that free speech is indeed dying in Europe.

This is not just a matter of showing support and solidarity. We are appealing to all who care about basic human rights to call on the government of Ecuador to continue defending the rights of a courageous free speech activist, journalist and whistleblower.

We ask that his basic human rights be respected as an Ecuadorian citizen and internationally protected person and that he not be silenced or expelled.

If there is no freedom of speech for Julian Assange, there is no freedom of speech for any of us — regardless of the disparate opinions we hold.

We call on President Moreno to end the isolation of Julian Assange now.

List of signatories (in alphabetic order):

Pamela Anderson, actress and activist

Jacob Appelbaum, freelance journalist

Renata Avila, International Human Rights Lawyer

Sally Burch, British/Ecuadorian journalist

Alicia Castro, Argentina’s ambassador to the United Kingdom 2012-16

Naomi Colvin, Courage Foundation

Noam Chomsky, linguist and political theorist

Brian Eno, musician

Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks Ambassador and board member of The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Teresa Forcades, Benedictine nun, Montserrat Monastery

Charles Glass, American-British author, journalist, broadcaster

Chris Hedges, journalist

Srećko Horvat, philosopher, Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25)

Jean Michel Jarre, musician

John Kiriakou, former CIA counterterrorism officer and former senior investigator, U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Lauri Love, computer scientist and activist

Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, Presidential advisor

John Pilger, journalist and film-maker

Angela Richter, theater director, Germany

Saskia Sassen, sociologist, Columbia University

Oliver Stone, film-maker

Vaughan Smith, English journalist

Yanis Varoufakis, economist, former Greek finance minister

Natalia Viana, investigative journalist and co-director of Agencia publica, Brazil

Ai Weiwei, artist

Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer and activist

Slavoj Žižek, philosopher, Birkbeck Institute for Humanities


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Gus calls upon the Brits to do the right thing and give up their sadistic vengeance against Assange as well. We call on the Government of Great Britain to let Julian Assange leave the Embassy without any concequences and let him use his rights to the freedom of speech.

it's clear that the case of Julian Assange was never a "legal case", but a bloodymindedness to eliminate Assange's basic human rights, as well as lying to the public about it. Time to clean up the slate of the State.

Oh! I can see some pink pigs flying pass my window. There's hope.


Gus Leonisky

Old Agent for truth and rights, the humanistic way.


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