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The NDIS was planned as a social justice issue by a fair minded Julia Gillard. As she lost the prime Ministership to Rudd himself replaced by Tony Abbott who promised to implement it, some people though that it would be okay. But as soon as Tony Abbott took on the project, NDIS became a mangled affair. 

I know of many disabled people who have had dreadful times and unresolved needs from the Abbott/Turnbull NDIS. How do they (Abbott and Turnbull)  do it? How can they do it?...

We know that the Liberals (CONservatives) hated the idea of the NDIS in the first instance. But in order to get elected, they assured the public that they would honour NDIS. It has been a lie. Though the NDIS does not have a limitless budget it should cater for the people in need. 

The major dilemma for the Liberals (CONservatives) is that helping people through a National Disability Insurance Scheme by-passes the tax deductible charities. It is a philosophical chasm. For years, disabled people have relied on a very eclectic, unreliable and unsustainable tax deductible donation system and a meagre disability government pension. Charity made the Liberals (CONservatives), those with the most cash to give, be part of tax dodging feel-good enterprises. Nothing wrong with this except it was not enough to get people away from an unhealthy dependency for alms, when the NDIS is (WAS) a system that is (WAS) designed to give social dignity and equality to the people with disability.

Enter Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull. Their NDIS is like Turnbull’s Innovative Nation, a basic mismanagement of funds to help their unemployed mates become czars of public service, pumping as much cash as possible from the system structure and giving lip service to the needy disabled people. This has been the observation from my friends in wheelchairs and those in need of psychiatric assessment on a regular basis.

Innovative Nation is a bath tub for unimaginative accountants and the Turnbull NDIS is a tiered structure where the final assessments for disability funds are rejected without recourse, nor proper understanding of the needs. Am I too harsh? Well, you should listen to my disabled friends. They are livid. They are the ones in need and they are spitting chips.


designed to fail...

This was months ago. Still no joy for the disabled people...:



The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) stopped processing thousands of applications from service providers, critical staff were untrained and properties were not ready when the scheme's nationwide rollout began, documents have revealed.

A much-publicised IT meltdown saw people with disabilities wait weeks for their care packages to be approved while payments to providers froze.

After a six-month Freedom of Information (FOI) battle, even more chaos plaguing the NDIS's transition from trial sites to a full scheme on July 1 can be exposed.

Between 3,000 and 4,000 businesses and not-for-profit providers were blocked from entering the scheme because applications could not be transferred to a new IT system.

"[Data was] needed to inform [the] process but information has not been provided," one document stated.

"Agency is not able to process new providers until this issue is resolved."

By mid-June, the National Disability Insurance Agency's (NDIA) Full Scheme Launch committee was told the problem "still needs attention but due to competing priorities this can be delayed".

Multinational consultancy firm Ernst and Young was enlisted to help fix the issue, the papers show.

NDIA staff unable to update website, properties not ready

The ABC analysed more than 150 pages of high-level internal documents produced in the seven days before and after the launch — one of the biggest milestones in the program's short life.

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It feels as if the system was designed to fail and/or delay any cash out while the public services "incognito employees and their bosses would cream the cash in salaries and wages". Not my words here, but those of friends who have tried to get improvements and got peanuts.


floating in space...

As this Orstrayan government of turds can't even get a wheelchair to the needy, can't even understand the need for renewable energy and after having decimated the CSIRO, it is planning a space programs with rocking chairs...



The Federal Government has announced plans to establish a national space agency it says will enable long-term growth in the industry.

Acting Industry Minister Michaelia Cash said the sector was growing fast globally, and Australia needed to be a part of it.

"A national space agency will ensure we have a strategic long-term plan that supports the development and application of space technologies and grows our domestic space industry," she said.

"The agency will be the anchor for our domestic coordination and the front door for our international engagement."

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Nothing wrong with the idea of sending koala into space but please, can you fix the rest before you do a new Woomera?

Picture at top: a wheelchair floating in space...

a cool space potato...


Ian the Climate Denialist Potato asks: Is there coal in space?

We’ll also find out what life form Barnaby Joyce really is, and we’ll appoint Malcolm Roberts as ambassador to Alpha Centauri

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dumbnation nation...


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's $1.1 billion flagship innovation agenda was poorly designed and lacked evidence to support its claims about economic growth, a scathing report from the Auditor-General has found.

Auditor-General Grant Hehir has criticised the policy's foundations, and attacked the quality of advice from the public service that underpinned the policy, which was announced in December 2015 – less than three months after Mr Turnbull became Prime Minister.

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From its inception, Gus could see that the "innovation" Turnbullshitolla programme was designed for accountants and I said so on this site. Anyone with a dash of innovation or creative idea was rejected possibly "because of risk" or had to go through complex financial hoops designed to make sure of failure of acceptance. No innovation worth its salt would fit this model of boring accountancy designed to suit the bean counters with piles cream, and you would get nowhere, especially if you were a citizen with a bright idea. A company with a dumb idea would fit the criteria because of its piles-cream accounting structure... Here you go...



Only 53 per cent of Australians with disability are employed, compared to 83 per cent of all working-age people. Australia ranks 21st out of 29 OECD nations when it comes to employment rates for people with a disability.

But looking at the data reveals an even darker story — complaints about disability discrimination are the largest category of discrimination reported to the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), and the numbers have been steady for around 20 years.

Lower employment levels translate into Australians with disability living in poverty at the highest rates in the OECD.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics also found that the employment rates vary radically depending upon the "disability type". Those who have a "psychological disability", for example, have the lowest employment rate at 29 per cent.

Employment also varies by "disability severity" (defined as mild, moderate, severe and profound). Employment decreases as severity increases. Only 26 per cent of people with profound or severe physical disability are employed.

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Reports of mistreatment, assault and neglect in the New South Wales disability sector spiked last year, while complaints about disability services reached their highest level in more than a decade.

The figures, released by the NSW ombudsman, have prompted new warnings about the looming loss of funding to the disability advocacy groups, which give a voice to the most vulnerable.

The state’s ombudsman received a total of 838 complaints, 402 formal and 436 informal, about disability services in 2015-16, according to its annual report.

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