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in search of the truth...

in search of the truth...

In his eulogy of Robert Parry, Oliver Stone blasted Steven Spielberg’s movie “The Post"… (Oliver Stone slams ‘lame-brained’ Spielberg movie over WaPo portrayal). 

Stone commended the Consortium News’ founder [Robert Parry] for breaking from the “tyranny of mainstream media conformity” and his breaking of the Iran-Contra scandal. Stone then pointed to the fact that the Washington Post’s publisher Katharine Graham, who is the subject of ‘The Post’ [movie], “deliberately ignored” that story.

Robert Parry died a few days ago. 

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — Robert Parry, a longtime investigative journalist who was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 1985 for his Associated Press exclusives about the CIA's production of an assassination manual for Nicaraguan rebels, has died. He was 68.

Parry died Saturday in hospice care after a series of strokes brought on by undiagnosed pancreatic cancer, said his wife, Diane Duston.

Parry joined the AP in 1974 and went on to work in the Washington bureau, where he covered the Iran-Contra scandal as it rocked the Reagan administration. His work on the scandal also brought a George Polk Award in 1984.

After leaving the AP in 1987, Parry worked for Newsweek until 1990 and then became an investigative reporter for the PBS series "Frontline."

In 1995, frustrated with what he saw as dwindling venues for serious investigative reporting, Parry founded the Consortium for Independent Journalism. Its website,, sought to provide a home for such reporting in the early days of the internet, though it struggled financially and relied on contributions.


This leads us to the “Washington Times”…
As an investigative journalist, I’m not much for catchy political metaphors, but the revelation that snakes and rodents are infesting the Washington Times building as the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s newspaper [Washington Times] sinks into a financial swamp does have some poetic justice about it.
This was the beginning of a long fascinating article on Moon by Robert Parry published in 2010 (

The Washington Times is a rag in the same vein of politically slanted news as the New York Post, though it does not have the presentation brashness and clever crassness of such Murdoch paper. So how come, in the days of a "Soros driven world-media" for “journalistic truth”, someone like Parry was struggling to make a crust. Could Soros have funded Robert Parry’s operation? Would Parry have accepted cash from Soros? Does Soros like “independent News”? So many questions! To which the answers would have been NO, no and no...
The main problem for us, the educated public at large, is to find “real” information that has not gone through the sieve of “conspiracies” and/or partisan filters to defraud us from knowing the truth. Where are we going to find this? In the Soros media? in the Murdoch Media? In independent media? In the Voice Of America ( On the ABC (Australia)? At DemocracyNow!? In the Washington Times? Mother Jones? Under a rock? RT? Sputnik? On Mars?

The “war” on fake news is as fake as the news itself. This is why Robert Parry struggled. He exposed the rotten hidden undercurrents of governments, which, themselves, are battling other hidden undercurrents from opponents. There are fiddles and fake news galore floating like turds on an ocean of plastic sterile info.

Now the New York Post, possibly with a slithering tongue in its right-hand cheek, tells us:
America’s biggest tech giants are nothing if not popular. Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon rank as some of the most well-liked brands in the world. Pollsters find that 86 percent of Americans hold a favorable view of Google and 80 percent share a favorable impression of Amazon. The reason is simple — these companies’ products are entertaining, accessible and seemingly cheap.

But their growing dominance is giving rise to an insidious trend that we shouldn’t so happily accept. Just last week, billionaire philanthropist George Soros gave a speech in Davos, Switzerland, in which he attacked Facebook and Google for “inducing people to give up their autonomy” and driving inequality. He’s not wrong. In fact, tech giants are just like the monopolists and robber barons that ruled the American economy a century ago. But, while Standard Oil’s monopoly was as obvious as the smoke-belching refineries it controlled, the powers of Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are less transparent — if not entirely secret.

Yippee!  I hope you can spot the irony here of the Murdoch empire, usually versus the Soros empire, now united in battling the new kids on the block… 
Soros is a very rich "philanthropist” — with making money (dollars) on his mind. His main venture is currency trading while influencing the values of currencies through his media empire. Though he “is not allowed to do business in the USA” (except through “charities”), he does the bidding of spreading the US’s style of democracy — read “the world US empire” outside of the USA, through his  media outlets. This is why Soros hates Donald Trump and Bitcoin (

Soros is a supporter of "soft” hypocrisy as a means to get his wishes of a world government (read a world Big Brother), mainly by supporting the Clintons and Obama. To say the least, these geezers broke a few eggs, including fomenting the ugly US driven push against Russia, the destruction of Libya and the demolition of Syria to please Saudi Arabia. Soros supports the zionists (though he fights them openly) and Saudi Arabia — as well as fund McCain (, because this Republican is fiercely anti-Trump. 

In the same way that Soros supports the “Democrats”, Uncle Rupe supports the “Republicans”, including Donald Trump. All these major influencers will pick and choose information (news “interpretation" wrapped up in real events) that will further their causes. 
For example, a few entities that slipped under the radar of Soros who points out Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, there are other influencers including Murdoch as mentioned and … wait for it… Disney. While much of Hollywood influences adults, Google and Facebook influences young pimply adults, Disney influences the “kids”. Disney moulds the way kids will be receptive to some rightwing “philosophies”, including that of the hierarchical system in which kings and princesses rule the roost. Thus the Murdoch “sell” of his Hollywood assets to Disney is part of a “conservative” consolidation.
Back to the Washington Times, this ultra-conservative newspaper hates Soros. First because Soros supports Black Lives Matter, “idealist” news outlet like those that released the “Panama Papers”, but also because Soros supports Al Gore’s global warming efforts (

So does Soros "believe” in global warming”? I personally do not think so. He never made any noise about it. And it would not make any sense. So why would Soros support this “leftist” agenda (Note: global warming is real). Strangely enough Soros hates (I mean HATES) socialists, commies and to some extend the “left” in general — but he loves Nazis when profitable or to defeat socialism. Soros likes money. There is cash to be made by manipulating “unrest” in countries around the world. There is no unrest with the rich dudes. Unrests always comes from the “left” and/or loonie poor Nazis… Unrests tend to devalue currencies by a few notches… Play the currency game well and you make a billion overnight. 

Scandal: Leaked documents released a few days ago provide juicy insider details of how a fabulously rich businessman has been using his money to influence elections in Europe, underwrite an extremist group, target U.S. citizens who disagreed with him, dictate foreign policy, and try to sway a Supreme Court ruling, among other things. Pretty compelling stuff, right?

Not if it involves leftist billionaire George Soros. In this case, the mainstream press couldn't care less.

On Saturday, a group called DC Leaks posted more than 2,500 documents going back to 2008 that it pilfered from Soros' Open Society Foundations' servers. Since then, the mainstream media have shown zero interest in this gold mine of information.

We couldn't find a single story on the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, CBS News or other major news sites that even noted the existence of these leaked documents, let alone reported on what's in them.

Indeed, the only news organization that appears to be diligently sifting through all the documents is the conservative Daily Caller, which as a result has filed a series of eye-opening reports.

So what could possibly explain the mainstream media's disinterest?


Answer to this is self-explanatory. Soros supports the RICH “left” progressive liberals and most of the media in the USA from The Washington Post to The New York Times are on the same pathway. The liberal media hate the fact that Trump passed the post when they were ready to all celebrate “the first woman President” (and all ready to approve her bombing of Damascus). 
Other medias have a few skeletons in the closet, especially the very religious “The Washington Times” and too few will bash Soros, but most of the TV outlets in the English hegemony are on the side of “progressivedom”, TPPs and all that. 

But in Europe, one needs some rightwing balance, otherwise the socialists might take over. Thus Soros funded ultra-conservative Macron’s election to defeat the socialists (the left) and Marine LePen, the loony demolisher that would have brought unrest in Europe. At the time, Soros' cash would have been under “pressure” by being invested (gambled) in the “wrong” direction. (

nowtheendbegins’s EDITOR’S NOTE: His campaign slogan is ‘En Marche‘, which when translated to English means ‘Move On’. Just like the name of the Soros-sponsored Hmmm. His campaign received huge financial assistance from globalist George Soros. Hmmm again. New French president Emmanuel Macron was trained in the Jesuit school system. Hmmm again. Google and Facebook used Soros-funded groups to “help the French electorate make sense of what and who to trust” before casting their votes. That’s my final “hmmm”, and you wonder how Macron won in a landslide? Hmmm. 

Here we need to follow Meyssan:
Unnoticed in the Western world, the renewal of the Lancaster House Treaty by London and Paris creates a super « Entente cordiale » which is far more immersive than the Treaty of 1904. It participates in the re-institution of a bipolar world, and will inevitably provoke the exit of France from the European Union and the return of tension between Paris and Berlin.

Soros paid a lot of cash and spread a lot of “information" (read; disinformation) in the toppling of the Russian leaning Ukrainian government to be replaced by right-wing Nazi thugs. Soros is still leading the Crimea disinformation output.
Meanwhile, Murdoch plays the game of “news”, cunningly like a Fox. Murdoch is richer than Soros, but the “new kids on the block” are cramping his style. Apple, Google and others are making a mint by giving out “news” (pre-digested info about events in the world with the same emphasis as half-a-cat video) which they often steal by “repeating” (like we do here, in a way), making us bypass the paywalls. You know what I mean — Google news: AFP said that… AAP-London… etc. But they won’t go the Wikileaks or other “independent” route… This is most likely why Murdoch made a “deal” with Disney...
We have lost a MAJOR channel of underground information (that should have been main-stream) — as well as a good guy — with the death of Robert Parry. He had a very level headed view about the Trump/Russia connection… (

… We have few clarionists left… Say Julian Assange, Snowden, Thierry Meyssan and John Pilger. It’s dangerous work, I know, but we need more… And strangely, a few of them appear on the Russian media that are far closer to the truth than the “liberal” US media — but understandably, with this Russian media comes a necessary anti-US empire viewpoint... 
For example, the "revelations" which were known all along that the US did not respect the contract between Reagan and Gorbachev, that the US interfered with the Russian elections and tried to "rape Russia", now turned into a hate in full swing against Russia does not get more than a oh-hum (a cat video will definitely get more coverage) treatment in the liberal media... Relentless OUTRAGE at our hypocrisy should be the order of the day... But, it's like boxing — an ugly sport — when the opponent drops his guard. Boom... We applaud like monkeys. Anything goes until........ we manage to fall on our face for being too cocky... That day is on the cards.

Condolences to Robert Parry’s family. 

Gus Leonisky
Your local truth-seeker...

more deaths on the way...

A thousand people died in Afghanistan in January as a result of terror attacks committed by the Taliban. With the Taliban now active in 70 percent of Afghan territory, Radio Sputnik discussed the issue with Rahimullah Yusufzai, a political and security analyst,as well as an expert on the Taliban.

Sputnik: Over the years we have heard the White House say that there is no purely military solution against the Taliban. But the US continues to prioritize military action over diplomacy. Why is it so?

You know, the Americans say one thing and do another. This is what Trump is known for. He is very impulsive and can do very unexpected things. The Americans believe they can weaken the Taliban and then [force] it to agree to peace talks. […] The Taliban will never make a deal with the Americans.

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Gekaufte Journalisten...

not the truth...

what the western media DOESN'T WANT to tell you...

Consensus between the Syrians at Sotchiby  Thierry Meyssan

While the Congress for a Syrian National Dialogue has not solved the conflict, it has swept away the minor groups who were pretending to represent the Syrian People for the benefit of the Western powers. It has also cleared the way for a consensus, adopted by the representatives of almost all Syrians, and decided the creation of a Constituent Commission. The basis for peace has been established, but without the Western powers.

For the first time since the beginning of the conflict, in 2011, a conference uniting 1,500 Syrian delegates, of all origins, confessions, and almost all political opinions was held in Sotchi - the Congress for a Syrian National Dialogue.

This initiative by President Vladimir Putin was placed under the high patronage of Iran, Russia and Turkey [1]. It was denigrated, even rejected, for no reason, by the other powers implicated in the war. De facto, the idea of an inter-Syrian conference excluded them from the peace process.

Does the Congress represent the minorities?

Much pressure was brought to bear by the partisans of the war to ensure that the Congress would not be representative of the Syrian People. In the minds of foreigners, including Russia, Syria shelters minorities who aspire to autonomy – supposedly the case of the Kurds and the Druzes. However, this view of the situation ignores what the Syrian project has actually been for several thousands of years.

This Asian territory, which reaches from the West of the Euphrates to the Sinaï, is inhabited by a multitude of minorities – the Kurds and the Druzes of course, but also the Turkmen, the Chechens, the Georgians, the Bedouins, the Armenians, etc., etc. These ethnic minorities are themselves composed of religious minorities with antique confessions, such as the Alaouites (who were Christianised, then Islamised), Christians of all sorts of churches, and the Sunni Muslims. This territory is situated between the five seas, in such a way as to constitute an obligatory waypoint, not only for traders, but also for conquerors. Throughout their history, these peoples have adhered to a common project - Syria. They learned that they needed one another in order to resist all sorts of invaders. They mingled everywhere, to the point that at the start of the 20th century, no minority identified with any particular region. It took British and French colonisation to attempt to make Palestine a Jewish state, Lebanon Christian, and Jordan Muslim. Throughout this vast area, only what is now the Syrian Arab Republic still maintained, just ten years ago, this profound social diversity.

When they were preparing the Congress in Sotchi, the Russian diplomats at first believed, spontaneously, that it would be enough to federalise the country according to its minorities in order to bring peace. In its first version, the Conference was to be called the « Congress for the People of Syria ». Discussing this subject with various participants, they came to understand that the history of Syria is different from that of Russia, and that, geographically, it is not possible to federalise this diversified land. But on the contrary, the Israëlis pursued the idea of separating the Kurds from the Arabs, while France entertained the notion of distinguishing Christians and Muslims, etc. By doing so, they restricted their action to the continuity of the colonial Sykes-Picot-Sozonov agreements.

At their instigation, the Kurds of the PYD boycotted the Congress. But, contrary to a preconceived idea widely held in the West, while the PYD is the only exclusively Kurdish political party, it is nonetheless a minority amongst the Kurds of Syria. In the national culture, all ethnic parties are illegal - the PYD is an exception.

In any case, the people present at the Congress were either elected by direct universal suffrage, the leaders of associations, or recognised personalities. The invitations had been sent as widely as possible in order to leave no-one out.

Does the Congress represent political opinions?

Every power implicated in the war sponsors the Syrians who represent their interests. At first, Turkey and Saudi Arabia organised and financed the Syrian National Council in Istanbul. Then, with the entry of Qatar, it became the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces. As events evolved, several groups appeared, each one instrumentalised by a foreign party.

One group refused in advance to participate in the Congress in Sotchi – the High Negotiations Committee which, contrary to what its title may suggest, refuses all negotiation. It is based in Riyadh and represents Saudi interests (which, within the Syrian population, are supposed to correspond to the wishes of the Bedouin tribes of the Syria-Iraq-Saudi desert). Although it maintains its democratic rhetoric as long as the cameras are running, it promotes desert values - tribalism, a unique religion, and a refusal of History.


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the vietnam experience...

The US hawks still blame the US Vietnam defeat on the free press that exposed the shenanigans of war. Since this wallop, the free press (now "the media") has mostly rolled over into the same bed as the US government. Any military venture will be applauded with fanfares and trombones. This is why reporters were imbedded during the Iraq war, and the news became one sided, tightly controlled by the CIA. The whole MMMM (mediocre mass-media de shit) has been one-sided ever since, even though now there is a small hiccup with the non-existent Russian/Trump connection which the media froths up to keep an illusion of doing "its" job... It's fake as all get out and the more the media pushes, the more it emboldens DumbDumb. The reports on Syria in the "free media" are appallingly one sided to say the least, and designed to satisfy the urges of the Faustian US empire...


We deserve better that adverts for OfficeWorks being passed off as News on Channel Nine.

soros sorrows...

You’d have to have a real sense of humor failure not to laugh. The news that US billionaire Soros donated £400k to an anti-Brexit group came on the day that YouTube said they found no evidence of Russian interference in Brexit. 

Repeat After Me (with robotic arm movements): “Unproven Russian involvement in Brexit – terrible! Impose more sanctions on Moscow! A £400k check from an American billionaire for an anti-Brexit campaigning group – that’s no problem; it’s helping our democracy!”

You don’t have to own a brand new £999 state-of-the art Hypocrisy Detector from Harrods, to pick up on the double standards. Just having a few functioning brain cells and thinking for yourself will do. For months in the UK we’ve been bombarded with Establishment-approved conspiracy theories – peddled in all the ’best’ newspapers – that Russia somehow ‘fixed’ Brexit. Getting Britain to leave the EU was all part of a cunning plot by Vladimir Putin, aka Dr. Evil, to weaken Europe and the ‘free world.’

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protecting the source of his lies...

Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra has admitted that he lied when he claimed to have heard President Vladimir Putin describing an ambition to unify Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and Kazakhstan as a single country.

Zijlstra claimed at a party conference in 2016 that he had overheard Putin outlining the grand plan for a “Greater Russia” in 2006 during a gathering of businessmen. He was working for the oil company, Shell, at the time.

In the original retelling of the story, Zijlstra said he had been in a back room of a dacha (country house) when he heard Putin define “Great Russia” as “Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic states,” adding that “Kazakhstan was nice to have.”

The story was questioned by the newspaper Volkskrant, however, which discovered from Zijlstra’s colleagues that he had not been at the 2006 business meeting in Russia, despite being part of the Shell delegation. When confronted about this, the minister acknowledged lying and claimed he was simply trying to protect a source.

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His source was most likely to be a CIA disinformation specialist...

update on halbe zijlstra

Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra has resigned, a day after he admitted lying about overhearing Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. In 2016 Zijlstra alleged Putin had in 2006 expressed ambitions to create a “Greater Russia.”

The official admitted that his credibility had been damaged by the ongoing scandal to such an extent that his position had become untenable.

Halbe Zijlstra announced his resignation in an emotional speech to the House of Representatives. Zijlstra described the “Greater Russia” affair as the “biggest mistake” in his political career, adding that the country deserves a Foreign Minister who is beyond reproach.

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no, they didn’t...

The Guardian published this short opinion piece today, its headline reads:

America lost a cyberwar to Russia in 2016. When will we have truth? 

Refuting the stale claims repeated in the headline, and expanded upon in the prose, is but the work of a moment. Hitchens’ razor states that any claim made without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. A Yale professor should know that. Therefore the refutation of the claim “Russia hacked the election” can be made in three simple words: No, they didn’t.

Job done. I consider the article dealt with. But now we have to deal with the undertone. Now we have deal with why this article is scary.

The scary part of this article isn’t the war-like talk about Russia. 

The scary part isn’t that this seemingly delusional man is apparently a professor at one of the most auspicious institutes of learning in the Western world (although, that is cause for some concern).

The scary part isn’t an elitist “academic” sweepingly dismissing the electoral process of his own country, and ignoring the majority will of his countrymen.

No, the scary part is that he really, really means it. This isn’t propaganda, in the old sense of that word. This isn’t misinformation to spread an agenda. This is full-blown delusion. He genuinely believes the Russians are at “cyber war” with America.

To be crystal clear about this – there is literally ZERO evidence to support this. The Mueller investigation is limping along, revealing absolutely nothing (except that the FBI wanted Hillary to win). The Steele dossier is revealed to have been paid for by the DNC.

There is no evidence. And yet he believes.

Russia has become the great, Orwellian “enemy”. The unseen force behind all our ills. Russian trolls are to blame for Brexit (even though they’re not), and Catalonia (again, untrue) and Donald Trump. Russian trolls were even blamed for hacking the winter Olympics.

This is scary. Scary because it demonstrates that the liberal elite of the USA, and its vassal states, have totally lost their minds. They live in a fantasy world, an un-reality. And they will believe anything that is convenient, anything that supports their un-reality, even if it puts them on a path to real war.

That should terrify everybody.


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more delusions from the chief of spies...

WASHINGTON — Russia is already meddling in the midterm elections this year, the top American intelligence officials said on Tuesday, warning that Moscow is using a digital strategy to worsen the country’s political and social divisions.

Russia is using fake accounts on social media — many of them bots — to spread disinformation, the officials said. European elections are being targeted, too, and the attacks were not likely to end this year, they warned.

“We expect Russia to continue using propaganda, social media, false-flag personas, sympathetic spokespeople and other means of influence to try to exacerbate social and political fissures in the United States,” Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, told the Senate Intelligence Committee at its annual hearing on worldwide threats.

Mr. Coats and the other intelligence chiefs laid out a pair of central challenges for the United States: contending with the flow of Russian misinformation and shoring up the defenses of electoral systems, which are run by individual states and were seen as highly vulnerable in 2016.

“There should be no doubt that Russia perceives its past efforts as successful and views the 2018 U.S. midterm elections as a potential target for Russian influence operations,” said Mr. Coats, testifying alongside Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director; Christopher A. Wray, the F.B.I. director; and other leading intelligence officials.

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Please explain which way the Russians could sway the 2018 elections. Vote for the Trump Team? No advantage in that. Trump has already sold out to the military machine, contrarily to what he said he would do, and Putin "would not be impressed"... Vote for the Democrats? Hum...  Just to make politics unworkable in the USA?  Hum... why not. But the Democrats would resent any help from the Russians, would they not? So the only way the Russians can interfere in the 2018 mid-term US elections is to not interfere... like they did not interfere with the 2016 US Presidential elections...

like a google search in 0.37 seconds...

"Twitter doesn't make it easy to track Russian propaganda efforts — this database can help," the news agency wrote on their website.

The released database was created with the powers of "three sources familiar with Twitter's data systems" to cross-reference a partial list of names released by Congress with tweets from the accounts that Twitter suspended earlier for alleged association with ‘Kremlin trolls’. 

NBC states that Twitter has linked the tweets - all 200,000 of them - to "malicious activity" from Russia-linked accounts during the 2016 presidential election. 
A link is included in NBC's article which allows readers to examine some of the tweets in a Google document. 

After reading the database, one may reach a shocking revelation – the tweets do not show anything that cannot already be seen online every single day, and do not receive any attention whatsoever.

Most of the tweets are political (what a shock - politics being talked about on social media during a major US election), however, they take on both candidates and parties.

Some were pro-Trump, with one tweet saying "Sorry, Hillary: Trump's policies are clearly better for blacks."Another said that "Donald Trump has huge support from women" but "the media will never show this."Others criticized Trump: one said that "66% of voters are still voting against Trump," and was followed by smiling and winking emojis. Another called Trump an #AssClown, and included a link to "how Trump got his party to love Russia." Sound familiar?


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Yes it sounds familiar... When you do a "google" search, you often get a 2.3 million results in 0.397 seconds at most. The first ten results are barely relevant, though you might find what you are looking for at level 2 by adding an obscure parameter. The rest has basically nothing to do with what you want to know, but the number of "results" is impressive... It would take you a lifetime to check every single one of them for relevancy, but I can assure you, there is nothing relevant. This NBC thingy of course is based on the first few twits and no-one is going to check them all to the last 200,000 (except RT of course). NBC is banking on this (not on the RT investigation). But the large number gets implanted in the heads of the populace: there was 200,000 twits from "Russia" that influenced the 2016 Presidential elections, — AND THAT'S THE ONLY THING THAT NBC WANTS THE PUBLIC TO "ACCEPT", relevant or not. And I nearly forgot: when doing a "google" search, by page 5, there is a lot of "repeats", if you know what I mean...

dress the "fake news" in jewel tones...

A few days ago, every local news station in America owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group – a massive media conglomerate – read a short statement about the spread of “fake news”. The same statement, word-for-word. CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox, it didn’t matter. They were united in their chant.

As you watch the montage – put together by user “D” on youtube – you have to ask yourself: What is the mechanism behind this? Who wrote the statement, and what structure allows their words to be spoken by hundreds of mouths to millions of viewers?

Most importantly – how revealing is this of our media? How often has this united-front of opinion been present, but less obvious?

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The fuller script of the promo reads:

"The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media. More alarming, national media outlets are publishing these same fake stories without checking facts first.

"Unfortunately, some members of the national media are using their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control exactly what people think. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy."

The scripts for the promo, which were read by each local station's news team, came with this instruction: "Please produce the attached scripts exactly as they are written. This copy has been thoroughly tested and speaks to our journalistic responsibility as advocates to seek the truth on behalf of the audience."

The internal communications also included detailed instructions on how presenters were to dress.

"Talent should dress in jewel tones; they should not look political in their dress or attire," it said.

"Avoid total red, blue and purples dresses and suits; avoid totally red, blue and purple ties, the goal is to look apolitical, neutral, nonpartisan yet professional," the notes read.

"Black or charcoal suits for men; females should wear yellow, gold, magenta, cyan, but avoid red, blue or purple."

Even more disturbingly, the internal memo said the company's head office would "monitor" audience reaction and "send replies to your audience on your behalf."

The fallout comes as Sinclair is at a corporate crossroads, part-way through the acquisition of another company, Tribune, which will expand Sinclair's 193 stations to 233.

The FCC is expected to rule on that takeover soon.


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By its nature, all political news or social news is slanted, biased and partisan. This is unavoidable. For example, the headline for the murder of 15 Palestinians on Israel border with Gaza in the SMH is: "Israel "did what had to be done". The fact that the heading has quotes is ambiguous. Yesterday's SMH editorial was "Forget the politics, this is a catastrophe" in regard to Syria. I guess from the tone of the letters today that nowhere has been acknowledged that more than 140,000 people have been evacuated from East Goutha, nor that Damascus people are not under the threat of bombs coming from East Goutha anymore. 


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