Sunday 9th of August 2020

travelling love at the crown's expense...


A note to Julie Bishop ("Free travel, but he's no spouse", March 1). If David Panton is not your "partner" we're not interested in seeing his assets on the parliamentary register, but equally, we're not interested in picking up the tab for his jaunts around the country with you. Thing is, you've charged us large sums for his appearance as your handbag at endless functions. Since 2015, every photo in the social pages (and they are legion) has captioned him as your partner. By our reckoning, that renders your relationship tight enough to warrant his inclusion on your parliamentary register. But you've always been the queen of the each-way bet, sailing through your parliamentary career pathologically incapable of committing to a position on anything, as non-committal now about your relationship as you've been about every other issue.

Kim Hatherly, Gymea


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love at the expense of the taxpayers is blind...

The MP who disclosed his girlfriend on the register of interests as a potential conflict is "bewildered" by Julie Bishop's insistence on avoiding scrutiny of her boyfriend.

Key points:
  • Reports highlight Julie Bishop has claimed tens of thousands in travel entitlements for David Panton
  • Ms Bishop argues Mr Panton is entitled to travel because he is her "nominated person"
  • Labor says Ms Bishop is walking a "very fine line"


David Panton, reported variously as a pharmacist, winemaker and property developer, has accompanied the Foreign Minister at functions she attended in an official capacity, including on the floor of the United Nations.

Reports this week highlighted how Ms Bishop had claimed tens of thousands in travel entitlements for Mr Panton in the past three years.

Yet Ms Bishop argues Mr Panton is entitled to travel because he is her "nominated person".

She has told triple j she is "absolutely, 100 per cent compliant with the rules".

When asked whether her circumstances passed the "pub test", she was adamant she had done nothing wrong.

"These are the rules that apply to all members of parliament, and I comply with them," she said.

"That's the test that members have to meet in relation to the Register of Interests and appropriate declarations, and I've made them."


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some cartoonists only dip a toe in...



Some cartoonists are more polite than Gus Leonisky. Considering the rort that David Panton and Julie Bishop represents, I did not hesitate to go the full monty... See toon at top.

an answer to saturday paper on saturday...

Luckily for them, Julie Bishop and Barnaby Joyce don’t have to explain their love lives to Centrelink.

Luckily, because as members of Australia’s political class they get to deal with much more accommodating regulators than do Australia’s welfare recipients.

Bishop’s “friend”, as she coyly described him when their relationship was new back in 2014, is David Panton, variously described in media articles as a winemaker and property developer.

Bishop keeps her friend close. The pair has posed for photographs at the Rio Olympics, on the floor of the United Nations, at a polo tournament in Portsea, at the Melbourne Cup, at Canberra’s Midwinter Ball.

Clearly, they are more than friends. In fact, when it comes to Bishop’s use of her travel entitlement, he is “family”. According to figures from the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority, Panton has cost the taxpayer some $32,000 since 2015.

But while he is “family” when it comes to claiming taxpayer-funded travel, he is not when it comes to parliament’s register of members’ interests.



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Answer: A dildo is a sex toy, often explicitly phallic in appearance, intended for sexual penetration or other sexual activity during masturbation or with sex partners

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See toon at top. Dildos always travel at government expense. 





afraid of giant chinese dildoes...

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has warned Beijing against militarising the South China Sea following reports that China has installed missile systems in the Spratley Islands for the first time.

Key points:
  • China reportedly installed anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missiles in South China Sea
  • The White House said it had raised its concerns directly with Beijing
  • Multiple countries have competing claims in the South China Sea


US news network CNBC reported yesterday that China had installed anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missile systems on three outposts in the South China Sea, citing sources with direct knowledge of US intelligence.

Ms Bishop would not say if the Australian Government had intelligence confirming that — but said if the reports were accurate, then the Government would be worried.


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And please ABC, stop using that word "multiple" instead of "several". It's ignoramus plus.

chinese made dildo...

Julie Bishop has hit back at former Australian ambassador to China Geoff Raby, who penned a damning opinion piece overnight claiming that relations with Beijing can only improve with the Foreign Minister's sacking.

Key points:
  • Geoff Raby slammed Julie Bishop saying Australia's foreign policy is missing in action
  • PM Malcolm Turnbull said the article is "utterly wrong" and disappointing
  • Ms Bishop appeared to question China's leadership abilities last year


In the piece, Mr Raby slams Ms Bishop for not having visited China in more than two years while angering Beijing with "strident public comments on the South China Sea" and an "utterly bizarre" 2017 speech that he maintains questioned Beijing's regional leadership.

"It is a profoundly ignorant and ill-informed analysis of the China-Australia relationship," Ms Bishop told the ABC in a statement.


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I would be of the same learned opinion as former Australian ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, considering the Aussie government use the carbon copy it scavenges in the US paper bins of the White House... Julie Bishop of course knows more about dim-sins than my many local Chinese "westowants"... pun intended...

Ms Bishop appeared to question China's leadership abilities last year??? Bloody hell. That a bit dumb for a government — of which she is a free wheeling cog — that can't properly handle more than a quarter of 23 million people on a highly resourced rich land, when the Chinese Leadership manages 1.5 billion people quite successfully...

the self-winker does it again...

la belle...

our julie is dildoing with the fake truth...


Australia weighs stricter Russia sanctions -

21 hours ago - Australia is weighing up whether to impose stricter sanctions against ... Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was on Thursday asked if Australia would follow suit. ... attack on Salisbury Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in March.

I heard our Julie pontificate with gravitas on radio, as if the Skripal's was an open and shut case — with evidence that the Russians tried to kill the Skripals with their notorious poison... thus Australia should blahblah blah sanctions against Russia... blah blah blah support US on this... blah blah blah...

Yeah, our Julie knows where her bread is lubricated. 

It's all shit of course. The Skripal poisoning case has no evidence of Russia's hands, nor were the Skripals poisoned by a "notorious Russian poison" — otherwise they would be both dead and smelly like the rats in my attic. Inspector Clouseau would do a better job at finding the "truth" than the entire MI5 and MI6 and CIA teams put together. But then the "evidences" point to the STRONG possibility that this was a made up story by MI5 (or whatever number you wish to assign to this disinformation service) in order to embarrass Russia and "impose yet more sanctions" by letting the media run with the fake news about the Skripals. How do I know this was fabricated fake news? You don't need to know... but some other people know:

The US State Department decision to blame Russia for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal without any evidence amounts to “flicking matches in a gasoline-filled room,” former US diplomat Jim Jatras told RT.


The announcement of sanctions on Wednesday came despite the fact that the US is entirely aware that Russia was not responsible for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, UK in March, he said.


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at your service, sir...


Will "she" serve under yet another leader?... Read from top...



is she about to get married in a white dress?...

Julie Bishop gleams, so polished she seems to have a reflective surface. Reflective surfaces are like a shield in politics; they are handy things to stow yourself behind.

Bishop appeared in the chamber just before question time, walking in with Scott Morrison. She was dressed in white, an eventuality of absolutely no note at all, except Bishop periodically deploys costume for effect, and it can be observed (and was) that white is the colour of the suffragette movement, the colour worn by political women in America earlier this month to Donald Trump’s state of the union address.

Australia’s former foreign minister, the perennial deputy who forgot her place, briefly, last year, rashly running for Liberal leader, imagining her popularity and experience and external respect an asset for a political party seemingly intent on a death spiral before being trampled by the Blokes Who Knew Better – settled herself in the chamber for question time.

As the session, a grinding one, full of the snarling hostility of the final weeks of the 45th parliament, drew to a close, the word went out: Julie had something to say after question time.


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maid marian — the lover of the duke of nottingham...

Today, in a milder Terrorgraph than usual, Miranda Devine pans Tanya Plibersek for not getting up and for not applauding Julie — who was dressed in immaculate white sleeveless attire — on the day of her exit from Parliament. Good on you, Tanya... The superlative adjectives given to Julie Bishop by the media are a wonderment of crap  — as if Julie had been Maid Marian (Marion) herself...


Maid Marion (Marian) was the love interest of Robin Hood. She is typically portrayed as beautiful, confident, and sincere in her love of Robin Hood. A noblewoman or a commoner, we never know. She is an admirable woman. Marian's independence and relative equality to her lover, makes her one of the strong female characters in English literature.


I have news for you. The Liberal (CONservative) Party is NO ROBIN HOOD. The merry men of the Liberal (CONservative) Party are a bunch of thieves, robber barons, kings of debauchery who line their pockets instead of giving to the poor. And Maid Marion (Marian) — aka Julie Bishop — was hitched to the Duke of Nottingham, whoever he was, from Tony Abbott to that doctor Brendan, from Malcolm to Scummo. It was when she got the boot in her backside from the ruthless manly men she loved that Julie decided to quit the Kanbra "muppet show". 

So why was Julie "booted"? As long as she espoused the rotten ideas of the Liberal (CONservative) Party whichever these hypocritical ideas were at the time, she was like the eternal dancer/sidekick to the star of the show, whomever HE was — to distract us from the rotten smell and ugly appearance, with her beauty and steely eyes: look at me... don't look at him... he's about to steal your wallet. Yes "our" Julie was dancing with the application of a mirrored-selfie, WITHOUT A SINGLE ORIGINAL IDEA HERSELF. Suddenly she decided to take on the boys and claimed she could give that rabble lot of losing CONservative bandits/gangsters a bit of class to lead them to victory at the next battle: the elections — like a modern Joan of Arc, which she was not either. 

Boot. Julie was relegated to washing the dishes on the backbench. 


We wish her good luck and she might marry her beau (read from top).


And Tanya, good for you. You managed to show the truth, at least till the time that, urged by one of your weaker colleagues, you reluctantly applauded the eternal whiter than white sidekick...


PM has no more women problem...

It was Julie Bishop’s farewell. She was Australia’s first female Foreign Minister but what were her achievements in the role?

Cosying up to Saudi Arabia and its war crimes in Yemen? Keeping our lapdogs in Nauru and Papua New Guinea well fed? Downplaying on the global stage the reality of the offshore concentration camps Australia runs on Manus Island and Nauru? Continuing to support the murderous invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq with Australian troops?

She was also, according to the patronising and patriarchal Prime Minister, borrowing from the Bible, a "good and faithful servant". I would add, she was a good and faithful servant of the Liberal Party and the 1% it represents.

Yet her good service to her Party and class did not benefit working-class women. Nor did it win her the top job. She won just 11 votes in the first round of the contest for Liberal Party leadership in August last year. Why is that?

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Great cartoon there. Mark David is reaching new heights...:




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