Wednesday 21st of March 2018

travelling love at the crown's expense...


A note to Julie Bishop ("Free travel, but he's no spouse", March 1). If David Panton is not your "partner" we're not interested in seeing his assets on the parliamentary register, but equally, we're not interested in picking up the tab for his jaunts around the country with you. Thing is, you've charged us large sums for his appearance as your handbag at endless functions. Since 2015, every photo in the social pages (and they are legion) has captioned him as your partner. By our reckoning, that renders your relationship tight enough to warrant his inclusion on your parliamentary register. But you've always been the queen of the each-way bet, sailing through your parliamentary career pathologically incapable of committing to a position on anything, as non-committal now about your relationship as you've been about every other issue.

Kim Hatherly, Gymea


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love at the expense of the taxpayers is blind...

The MP who disclosed his girlfriend on the register of interests as a potential conflict is "bewildered" by Julie Bishop's insistence on avoiding scrutiny of her boyfriend.

Key points:
  • Reports highlight Julie Bishop has claimed tens of thousands in travel entitlements for David Panton
  • Ms Bishop argues Mr Panton is entitled to travel because he is her "nominated person"
  • Labor says Ms Bishop is walking a "very fine line"


David Panton, reported variously as a pharmacist, winemaker and property developer, has accompanied the Foreign Minister at functions she attended in an official capacity, including on the floor of the United Nations.

Reports this week highlighted how Ms Bishop had claimed tens of thousands in travel entitlements for Mr Panton in the past three years.

Yet Ms Bishop argues Mr Panton is entitled to travel because he is her "nominated person".

She has told triple j she is "absolutely, 100 per cent compliant with the rules".

When asked whether her circumstances passed the "pub test", she was adamant she had done nothing wrong.

"These are the rules that apply to all members of parliament, and I comply with them," she said.

"That's the test that members have to meet in relation to the Register of Interests and appropriate declarations, and I've made them."


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See toon at top...

some cartoonists only dip a toe in...



Some cartoonists are more polite than Gus Leonisky. Considering the rort that David Panton and Julie Bishop represents, I did not hesitate to go the full monty... See toon at top.