Saturday 24th of August 2019

the same australian shit...

30th poll

Barnaby Joyce, a National, hasn't a vote for the Liberal leadership. But he's a man of opinions and now he's on the backbench there are no restraints on his expressing them.

On Monday night, amid the feeding frenzy over Newspoll, Mr Joyce declared that if, as Christmas approached, polling indicated Malcolm Turnbull was heading to electoral defeat, he should call it quits. There was an obligation "not to drive your party or the government off a cliff," he told Sky.

A new unhelpful spot fire erupted into flame.

With the fateful 30th Newspoll finally out there, the government on Monday descended into an orgy of destructive self-indulgence. It was a collective performance made up of individual bitterness, tactical misjudgement, and plain ill-discipline. Just the sort of thing to further disgust a public already turned off by the shambles of Canberra.

Abbott's primal scream

For Tony Abbott, Monday was the occasion for the primal scream. It might be two-and-a-half years since Mr Turnbull seized his job, but the former prime minister's pain hasn't abated a jot, nor his sense of what he sees as the injustice delivered to him.


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saving some turdbull bacon...

joy for joyce...

The foreign affairs minister and high-profile moderate Julie Bishop [whose dildo travels at the taxpayers' expenses] has attempted to dead bat questions about her ambitions to lead the Liberal party and rejected Barnaby Joyce’s suggestion that Malcolm Turnbull should go if polls didn’t improve by December.

The prime minister this week lost 30 consecutive Newspolls, a metric he invoked as justification for a move against Tony Abbott in 2015.

The milestone prompted two government conservatives, Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison, to articulate their future leadership ambitions while fronting the cameras to express loyalty to Turnbull.

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like a swimmer out of water...

Great to see our Trumble amongst the swimmers on the tele at the Commonwealth Games. He looked totally out of place like a fish out of water — or like an old man in a female bathing suit competition. Awaiting for the swimmers to thrown him in the pool at the end of the night to see if he sinks or swims... I guess someone would have to provide him with the regulation lifejacket which he forgot to wear when launching his motor yacht (a tinnie — a small aluminium (?) dinghy) at Point Piper — a feat of forgetfulness that got him a fine by the seashore police.